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A. Glass, Tim O'Brien Slide Show


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Slide Show recap about Tim O'Brien, Author.

Slide Show recap about Tim O'Brien, Author.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Tim O’Brien Paying It Forward Alison C. Glass ENG 1102, March 09’
  • 2. Accomplished Educator
    • Tim O’Brien
      • Graduate of Macalester College: 1968
        • Summa Cum Laude.
      • Continued his education at Harvard: 1970
        • Published his first book while at Harvard.
      • Professor at Texas Sate University-San Marcos: 1968-Present
        • Continues to educate the public with his fiction and non-fiction stories about Vietnam.
  • 3. Veteran
    • Enlisted in the United States Army:
      • Did not agree with the US presence overseas in Vietnam .
        • Wanted to flee to Canada to avoid the draft in the late 60’s. After College, he joined the Army, voluntarily.
      • Served in Alpha company in Vietnam and uses his experiences to share knowledge with his readers.
        • Charlie Company was later investigated for the My Lai Massacre.
        • Dozens of Charlie Soldiers investigated and held accountable.
      • Awarded the Purple heart after being wounded with shrapnel in Vietnam.
        • Given to soldiers wounded in any war time conflict.
      • Got out of the service in the early 1970’s.
        • Separated at the rant of Sergeant.
        • Went back to school at Harvard .
  • 4. Novelist
    • Famous Writings you may know:
      • If I Die in a Combat Zone, Box Me Up and Ship Me Home
        • Published in 1973
      • Going After Cacciato
        • Published in 1978
        • Awarded the National Book Award.
      • The Things They Carried
        • Published in 1990
      • In the Lake of the Woods
        • Published in 1994.
  • 5. Unpredictable Approaches to Story Telling
    • Uses multiple approaches:
      • If I Die in a Combat Zone, Box Me up and Ship Me Home:
        • Cradle to Grave approach. Non-Fiction story starting in Basic Training and ending in War time conflict aftermath.
      • The Things They Carried:
        • Immediately starts the reader off in combat, dealing with harsh realities of war.
      • In the Lake of the Woods:
        • Post War relations dealing with flashbacks of war and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
        • Allows for the reader to determine the ending.
  • 6. Paying It Forward
    • O’Brien has spent most of his adult life:
      • Sharing his Vietnam stories to whomever will listen .
        • Multiple stories written about his experiences at war.
      • Re-Telling stories in different approaches, to relate to as many people he can; civilians and veterans.
        • Understanding the needs to use tailored approaches.
      • Takes responsibilities for sharing and assisting his readers to find their truth.
        • Provides stories with fiction and non-fiction support. Using memories of his time as guidance.
        • Helps others heal, by keeping the memories alive.
  • 7. Conclusion
    • Although blunt at times, very enjoyable stories to read.
      • Left me wanting to know more about Vietnam and O’Brien’s other books yet discovered.
    • Shared knowledge of Vietnam and our Veterans struggles.
      • Better understanding of what our Veterans went through AND…
      • What our government did to “cover” our pre and post Vietnam.
    • A definite read for all Military and Veterans and I recommend this book for civilians with open minds.
      • After reading about the My Lai Massacre, I was left in tears.