Top 10 Facebook Marketing Tips

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Learn tried and true Facebook marketing tips from some of the best Facebook pages around.

Learn tried and true Facebook marketing tips from some of the best Facebook pages around.

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  • 1. Top Facebook Marketing Tips 10 10 Facebook TipsFor Building Brand Marketing and Engaging Content Alison Zarrella @alison
  • 2. There are over 800 millionactive Facebook users around the
  • 3. Give ‘Em What They
  • 4. Make It Exclusive
  • 5. Crowdsource Your Content
  • 6. Facebook EdgeRank uses fan interaction to calculate a page’s engagement
  • 7. Focus on
  • 8. Make Sure They "Like” You
  • 9. Create Content for Comments
  • 10. More than 2 billion Facebook posts are liked and commented on every
  • 11. Pick a
  • 12. Brand Your Updates
  • 13. Be Predictable
  • 14. 61% of Facebook users who“like” a page say they are more likely to buy from the
  • 15. Don’t Push,
  • 16. Forget the Hard Sell
  • 17. Stay Subtle With Links
  • 18. The average Facebook user is connected to 80 pages, groups and
  • 19. Don’t Dilute Your Brand
  • 20. Stick to a Single Page
  • 21. Keep Spinoffs Simple
  • 22. Every month, more than 500million people use an app on Facebook or experienceFacebook on other
  • 23. Keep Your Options Open
  • 24. Cross-Promote Content
  • 25. Automate Some Stuff
  • 26. On average, over 250 million photos are uploaded toFacebook every single
  • 27. Keep It
  • 28. Go With the Flow
  • 29. Remember to Have
  • 30. There are over 900 million objects for users to interact with on Facebook, including pages, groups and
  • 31. Forget
  • 32. Keep Your Cool With Copycats
  • 33. Remember, Imitation is Flattery
  • 34. The average Facebook userhas 130 friends. Power users often have 1,000 or
  • 35. Watch
  • 36. Don’t Police Your Page
  • 37. Use Common
  • 38. Look for
  • 39. Ignore The Competition
  • 40. Watch Brands You Admire
  • 41. Remember…• Give ‘em what they want by crowdsourcing content and listening to feedback.• Focus on engagement: make sure they like you and aim for more post comments.• Pick a pattern and create predictable themes to brand your content.• Don’t push, persuade fans. A hard sell doesn’t work; you need interesting posts.• Don’t dilute your brand or waste time with multiple Pages. Create a cohesive brand.• Keep your options open and don’t forget other sites. Cross-promote your content.• Keep it light when it comes to your brand, and have some fun.• Forget fakers and remember, imitation is flattery. Don’t worry about community pages.• Watch yourself but don’t police your Page. Create guidelines and stick to them.• Look for inspiration in unexpected places. Watch brands you admire for good ideas.
  • 42. Let’s TalkBlog AlisonZarrella.comFacebook @AlisonLinkedIn