Blessings book for Wayne Dyer


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  • There is enough love and healing in this book to fill the oceans of the world and beyond thank you so much of compiling such a wonderful healing book. Cynthiax
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  • Aliason wow and double wow! Just reading all of the prayer filled thoughts and words strengthened me immensely! What an awesome job you did for Dr. Dyer! He so truly deserves this book and you my fellow fb family member deserve a stnding ovation for labors beyond duty! One thought came through while reading many of the many responses of healing Light, Love and Peace of God send Dr. Dyer is this...'Whip it, Whip it Good!' If this doesn't provide a change within him...nothing will...powerful book and we all have you to thank. thank you! blessings of Light, Love and Peace of God always! Namaste!
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Blessings book for Wayne Dyer

  1. 1. A Book Of Blessings & Healing Messages Created with love For Dr Wayne Dyer A Book Of Blessings
  2. 2. For Dr Wayne Dyer This book has been compiled using the 100’s of messages received on the Facebook group ‘wall’ Send Love & Smiles To Dr Wayne Dyer I would like to send huge thanks to all the people who have contributed to this book; you are all amazing and you are very much appreciated. To Wayne This is our way of showing you how much we care about you. We all have your books, now you have one of ours! Enjoy…… Compiled with lots of love by Alison Hamlin-Hughes Cheshire UK First Edition Feb 2010 Second Edition May 2010
  3. 3. Sending loving serene thoughts & a million rainbows your way x Alison Hamlin-Hughes we will be holding him close in our hearts and sending healing, strength & light to him! thanks for the invite! :-) Faith Hagle light and healing thoughts for the good Doctor. Cynthia Meisk Healing thoughts and prayers on their way. Love and Light. Col Taylor Wayne is bathed in the healing light and love from all around the planet. Kim Lewis Sending Reiki.. Wanda Amos Blessings and prayers to Dr Wayne Dyer! Will forward this on to other Pranic Healers and prayer groups! Namaste! Bob Bicknall I love Dr Wayne Dyer and his wonderful soul dearly and send all my warmest, most powerful vibrations of healing authentic love, and prayers of an abundance of universal healing energies. My deepest, strongest vibes of love go out to him ♥ Helen Storslev
  4. 4. Blessings of Love light & prayers sending you all my strength in healing in abundance of universal energy,, sending reiki....... Heather Graham Being a Therapeutic touchTM teacher/practitioner I will hold Wayne in our healing circle held monthly and send T.T. daily in compassionate healimg.Linda Woznica (Taking care of Your Soles in Edmonton AB Canada) Linda Waznika Sending love and healing energy ♥ ♥ ♥ Many Blessings from the heart Luisa Nunes .•*¨`*• L VE •*¨`*• Lorina Marie I have never had the opportunity to thank you until now Wayne for the story, and the time you took that helped me heal my life. I AM sending Love, Light, Blessings and yes Healing. Dwayne Hartman Dr Dyer has been my Inspiration, my Light, my Beacon, my Wayshower...he is what I have always wanted to be when I grow up...and at 57 I am just starting to become that person that he has helped to mold...he and he alone is the reason that I have chosen to follow this same path as a motivational speaker, spiritual mento...r and writer in the Light... I see him only as the Shinning Star that He is now and will always be... It is Done...He is Whole, Well and Free of all appearances of physical challenge... May the Love that you have shared so freely for so many years, come back to you now, million and billion fold...How could it Not? You are greatly, greatly Loved...God Bless You!!! Linda Lorenzo I recall Dr. Dyer saying it is the ordinary people who will change our world. We all have a power greater than we can imagine and his words have inspired me to reach further. Diane Cherwonka
  5. 5. I know that there is One Source, One Spirit, One Energy and that energy flows through the life of Wayne Dyer so brilliantly that all who have met or known of him are warmed and brightened, guided and comforted by that light that is in all of us, and which he shares so abundantly with the universe. Wayne Dyer is whole,... healthy and complete in his vibrant mental, spiritual and physical expression of the One. I place my word in the Law, which can only answer "yes". With humble gratitude and expectancy, I simply say "And so it is"! Elaine June Ginn I've just recently begun to read Wayne Dyers books, thanks to my great friends advice (thanks linda!) and am inspired to be what i am supposed to be, my path, my purpose and make it all happen! Beth Frankin Wilson God Bless you Dr. Wayne Dyer. Sending you Love and Healing. ~The Healing Intuit. Lauren Larson May you heal quickly and painlessly Cecelia Tecza Mr. Dyer, you have helped me so much when my mother was battling with a blood cancer, so I know, I have no doubt you will come out of this. Love you so much and sending you and your family healing, love, strenght, compassion and all that is!!! get better!!! Emine Dilek Izmirli Sending enormous love and healing light to a man who I honor and respect with every fiber of my being... You saved my life, Dr. Dyer, and I will surround you with the same powerful love with which you surrounded me. Love and blessings to those you love and to the millions in this world who love you... Heather O’hara Our Dear Wayne Dyer...may the Universe with all it's healing abundant angels, ascendant masters and all our collective love and thoughts, prayers and healing manifest each cell healing the other in divine love light and wisdom now!
  6. 6. You are such an inspiration to our planet...thankyou for all you do. Pamela Junck Sending love, blessings and good vibes to you Wayne. We all love you so... Edward Namerdy sending healing out to you Wayne...god bless you xxx Mandy Jooste sending you all the beautiful healing blessings from here in NZ, we love you. Sheree Carbury May Gods healing light and angels of light surround you.... miracles do happen and we should expect them..... May you be surrounded with much love and light. Remember that each of us has the potential to be a walking answer to prayer. Dr. Dyer, if you can percieve it, you can become it. With all of the energy being sent your way and all of the loving thoughts, please show us that you can become THAT answer to a prayer. Espavo. Shane Cutino Sending love, light and laughter.... be well. Cheryl Heimer Hey Wayne, you got me on the path, changed my life forever, LOVE YOU, sending lots of love n light . Carl Stedmond
  7. 7. I have followed Wayne Dyer's blooming career for many years now. There is no one I can think of more deserving of mass healing than him. I see him recovering and growing stronger from this unfortunate experience. Craig Musgrove Wayne, you are in my thoughts. Check out my health radio interviews with Suzanne Somers about her latest #1 NY Times Best Seller, KNOCKOUT. I think it could really help. Also, I'd be honored to have you on my show. Best, Lisa Davis I love you Wayne! You are in my heart and my prayers! XOXO . Diana Haronis Sending you Reiki Distance Healing Energy!! And all my Love as well! Kathy xoxoxo Kathy Almond Sending healing blessings, Light & Love... Renee Waltzer I am in awe of this response, Dr Wayne Dyer ~ you have touched the hearts of millions ~ Simply Amazing. Alison Hamlin-Hughes From my Reiki Training Center here in the Bay Area, Earth Touch Wisdom Center, myself and all of my students send you Reiki Healing for a deep and profound healing. Great Love and Blessings to you and your family. Terry Vacek There is still another important book inside of you waiting to be written. May God bless you with the wisdom, and the stamina to complete your life journey. Lots of love and healing sent your way. Kim Somora
  8. 8. Love your positive messages of ....LOVE and HOPE. Thank You. BLESSINGS. Grace Fuster Wayne: How much you have achieved and given to all of us. You have helped saved my life so many times I cannot count. You helped give faith to go on. Thank you. Just a note to let you know you are in my prayers continually, along with your family. We love you and support you; you, who have done so much for all of us. ...We need you. Thanks again, we are here for you. God bless you. Judith Barraks You know that you are more, and so rest in that space of more and all is perfect ♥ Richard Schooping May Love and Light surround you Dear One♥ May the positive energy that you have shared with so many return to you now and flow through you♥ May you always remember that you are connected to the source of all healing...LOVE♥ Amy White Decker Love flows thru you Waynel Let it bring you peace and mass healing. Jane Mcdonald May love and positive energy surround you. Hilary Sontag Dearest Wayne - may the divine light in you keep shining in the planet....sending you much love and healing light...may all of the light and love you have given all of us be returned to you 10,000 times. I call upon my guides and angels and your guides and angels along with AA Raphael to be at your side right now fil...ling you with love and green light of health...and as Dr. Darren Wisseman says "INFINITE LOVE AND GRATITUDE". Soraya Regalado
  9. 9. Wayne: You have been such an inspiration in my life and I cannot thank you enough. May peace and health be yours. Helen Petritis Wayne, you have shared so much light with so may people that now is our time to return the favor. It is an honor that I can add you to my prayers and distance reiki work. May the light and love of the universe guide you through this journey. And may you come to a peaceful and loving resolution of this dis-ease. Blessings to you and your family. You are loved by us all. ♥ Jane Waters All the Love you have given .... everyone is sending back... messages of healing to you Dear Wayne.... Sending you the love ...GOD is with my brother, and I know he is at peace ♥ ♥ ♥ Cynthia Porter My prayers are with you. You've been an inspiration and hope to so many. I am being overwhelmed by the insistence of Divine Source to offer my services. The Presence of God has worked through me many times through the years and many miracles have taken place. If it is Divine Will, and your Will, please know that yo...u can contact me and I will be there for you to offer healing energy in whatever way I am called to do. In humble service and prayer. Blessings to you, dear soul. Lauren Zimmerman Sending blessings and postive energy your have shared so much with so many people over the world...may you find comfort in all the blessings and light from all of us! Rachel Smith Bachace Sending every prayer and blessings there is to give. Zeta Marie May thy will be done, I join you in love for whatever you may wish. Ginny Ciszeck
  10. 10. Beaming you the infinite Light and Love that you Are and all that you have so graciously and powerfully shared. You Are Love and you are so dearly loved!! ♥ . Lumina Love. Love and angel healing from a fellow-Hay author Jacky x Jacky Newcomb Blessings Wayne. Holding you in the light. Pamela Klibarger Holding the Most Benevolent Outcome for your desired healing. I am sending with deepest gratitude for all the help you have provided through the years. Blessings, Dr Dyer. Karen Kolors There is no Greater Power than the Power of Love...sending YOU Endless Love. Louise Spetman Sending tons of love and positiver energy your way. We can look at illness as "The End" or "The Beginning" I know you will turn this into a positive! Denise Pilon Morrison Sending waves of love♥ deep bow to my teacher....♥ Pam Richmond sending healing energy and prayers. imagining you surrounded by light and love. Debby Polis Carter I will pray for you tonight and send healing rainbow waves to you surrounding you with health and recovery so that you may spend more time with you loving family. ‘Cascading River’.
  11. 11. Dr. Dyer is in my thoughts and prayers. Much love to him. SallyAnne Seigfreid I am sending you lotsof love and healing....You have GOD and The Angels watching over you.You are strong and possitive..You will pull through this..xoxoxo Jill Levy To someone who has helped thousands or even millions heal, the least I can do is repay the favor.. Search deep, there is a blessing wanting to unfold! Damon Clinch Allow the Light to flow through each and every cell cursing through your body... healing is always available to us on some level.... Namaste' Dr. Dyer. Barbara Sinor Blessings to Ü Dr Wayne.. all will be fine.. just time to rest some.. : ) Olivia Martinez Bless you Wayne! Suzanne Kuntz Erroneous Zones changed my life many years ago, setting me on the path i was meant to walk...much love to you Wayne; healing, longevity and peace i pray for you. Lee Dube Every One has someone who speaks to them. Your words unlocked doorways within my soul that I never knew could open. I AM grateful for the gift of you..♥ Craig W Powel I have sent my love, may you recieve it. Eric Bryson
  12. 12. Blessings of Love & Light! Carrie Jackson Blessings and love... peace and healing... love and light to Wayne at this time. Wayne, may you journey through this time with the beauty and grace you offer so many people across the world. Namaste. Beth Temple-Holmes Thank you Dr Dyer, I want to bless you, sending love and light! Fran Powers please meditate for 1 or 2 min with all the joy and gratitude you can muster on blessings of love and light and thanks for a quick and miraculous healing for Dr wayne dyer and all your loved ones and all those that need your blessings.out of time and space yet in all dementions, we are one. god bless Farhoud Farhoumand Karen Mayson of the "Indigo healing center" in cobourg, People around the world have had their lives and futures changed by your words, your future will be fueled by a never ending supply of positive energy, love and light bless you. Miles Hughes Mayson Dyer started it all for me in this lifetime. 3 cheers to you! I will send a prayer this evening! You are love. Jan Tjmes Wayne Dyer is a wonderful person...we had the joy to see him in London at the "I Ca Do It" conference last September. He mentioned the condition during the seminar and we were amazed by how at peace he was with this. He has such a loving energy and we are sure he is going to be a great example with this experience. We love him, he has given so much to many. We wish him all the best and send lots of Love & Light! ♥ ‘Spirit Library’
  13. 13. * ♥ * * ♥ * * ♥(¯`•´¯) Sending you `•.¸.•´¸¸.¸. ¨¯`♥´ ¸¸. ¨¯`♥´ ¸¸. ¨¯`♥¸¸.¸. ¨¯`♥´ ¸¸. ¨¯`♥´ ¸¸. ¨¯`♥ HEALING Light and Love. Margaret Ring thank you for the music dude , your a very cool guy. Shirl Mckenna Healing love and light sir,and may the force be with you and the Bio- chemical matrix be in balance very soon sweet man. Xxx Gaye Smith Thank you for a life. Clint O Baxley Sending Love, Healing and thanks for the wonderful wisdom of a true Master that has helped me in so many areas of my life. Bless you, Wayne, and may you find strength and positivity from your own spiritual convictions. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones. Susan Murray Prayerful....let us all around the world surround him with God's healing light just as Wayne has so generously been a light for us all these years. Will look to learn what Wayne has to share from this healing experience. Love and peace ♥ Donna Vail To Wayne, I send volumes of loving and humble gratitude for how you have helped to change my life. I wouldn't be living the life I live without your words. I send you love and healing energy. We are one in the Universal mind. Remember how you healed your heart condition that you spoke of in Spiritual Solutions... The T...AO is with you! Do the TAO NOW. The world loves Wayne Dyer. Julian Vail
  14. 14. Dr. Dyer, you inspired me to live a life of love and to see all as one. I send you love and peace . Grace Nadeau Without a shadow of a doubt, Dr.Wayne Dyer is a major infleuence in my life. His understanding of Oneness & Love has reached deep into my inner being and retreaved my true self, bringing it to surface forever. He is an amazing man, and I will share all of my loving energy with him to assist with his well being. Darrel MacPherson Quantum Prayers to you! We know you can beat this. Your power of intention, your calling and mission to show the world what your mind and connection to the source can accomplish. Namaskar Wayne! Robert J Harrington Dr.Wayne Dyer is a role model and a huge influence in my life. Sending you lots of love and healing energy. May you be truly blessed and live a long and healthy life. With much appreciation and deep gratitude for sharing your loving thoughts with the world. Shareen Iqbal I believe exactly what Wayne said on the Bonnie Hunt show. I know he is okay with his diagnosis. I love him deeply. More than anyone knows. I love that there is so much love out there for him and that someone created this group. Thank you! and Thank you to Sandra for inviting me. Lynette Alexander It is a great time for everyone's heart to open, express love, open the mind to intend healing and release fears for a miracle and for the Universal Life Force to do its energy healing work. Sat nam . Sonia Pasqual
  15. 15. Dear Wayne, You have inspired and helped me profoundly with your talks, books, tapes, etc.! Now I am here for you as a Healer and a friend. Sending positive healing vibes and prayers your way. PeaceLoveLight, Agnes Napenas I can say without hesitation that I owe my life in the NOW to Wayne Dyer. In the moments when I stumble, when I fall, all I ever have to do is Listen, watch, read any of the brilliant works from his soul and I Am high, all things seem possible and perfectly timed. I can go from tears of despair to hope that makes my so...ul soar with possability in mere moments. What a gift and blessing Wayne is to the world. So much Love, Soul Deep! With Gratitude, Love~N~Light Jeannine Sanderson Wayne, for all you have done for others, now is the time! Alison's posting here I have added to iPeace, the worlds largest Peace network on the web. Prayers and healing be they yours brother. We Love You, Graham George. I'm in and been sending mass High frequencey healing thru the Vortex of Source from Emanuel Solaris and the Ascended Masters I hope and trust he can apply his teachings of creating to un-creating , may we all be of service. God Blessings and I trust to stay in tune and my heart of hearts goes out to assist and serve. Namaste Joey Gonzales
  16. 16. I learned that Disease can be cured by our self,, I was a nurse and may be have more understanding about the causer of any type of desease,,,, Your help to so much poeples inspired me and help me too living in my journey of life,,, The persons you helped helping me,,,it is just like chain reactions,,,, I am from Indones...ia,, Praying for good health and your good faith,, Your faith of your own ability,, your mind power will change your body cell to cure any type disease you have,,, I wish good health always to you Dr. Wayne... many peoples still need your help here,, especially in my country... Send praying, Love and blessings... Namaste' Pandu Dwi Noto I added some pics, the Wolf is my guide, friend and teacher. He walks at my side and I at his. Sent and still sending healing with love Sidhewolf x x x We love you Wayne and you are in our prayers. Thank you for all that you have done consistently through your life to better humanity. One of your books was pivotal in my life, having discovered it and read it in my teens. Thank you again - know that we are with you and wishing you healing and peace. Gwendolin Pogrowski I have no doubt that Dr Dyre is of the understanding that "to know how to manage illness" and "to actually manage illness" are two different things....We on the spiritual path unfortunately have to practice what we know and preach... and am sure he will recover and positively use his experiences to yet again help others... Melanie Moore Blessings of light and understanding so that true deep healing comes on all levels! Many Prayers, and if it is okay with your spirit I will come into your dreams tonight and do some psychic healing work with you! *Namesta* ‘Tamare White Wolf’
  17. 17. Your work has been an inspiration and served as a paradigm shifting catalyst to me and many others around the world and will continue to do so. My thoughts are with you and your family at this time. I hope you stay on this side of the curtain a while longer but if you do decide to take this exit window your amazing legacy is beyond words. Im sure I speak for many people when I say thank you Dr Wayne Dyer, thank you for the light, love, joy and inspiration you have brought into this world and that I hope that you will pull through this illness. Love & Light Rick George. ♫.•´*♥.¸.•´*♪♫ I am SO IN support of this ♫.•´*♥.¸.•´*♪♫ Dr Wayne is an incredible man ♫.•´*♥.¸.•´*♪♫ I have never met ANYONE who has brought such LOVE, WARMTH, TRUTH, PEACE & JOY into the world ♫.•´*♥.¸.•´*♪♫ I Love you Dr Wayne and I HOLD YOU in sacred space surrounded with the Cosmic I AM essence of Abundant Healing ♫.•´*♥.¸.•´*♪♫ XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX ‘TheRoad Less Travelled’ Dr. Dyer deserves the love and blessings from all of us. He has helped so many people. Patti Lacey Everything in the universe has a purpose. Indeed, the invisible intelligence that flows through everything in a purposeful fashion is also flowing through you. Get Well.... Dinah Tarot Many blessings to you, Dr. Dyer... :C) Louis Charles You are such an inspiration to many! You have been a life raft for me during different times in my life. I think I have just about every book
  18. 18. you have ever written and keep them close and refer to them often! May the universe bless you and return the love that you have bestowed on so many! ♥ ♥ ♥ Wendy Boissevain My dear Wayne!! I'm so sorry to hear of your poor health. You are such a blessing to so many people and your message has made so many people feel happier and live a better life. God has truly sent you to help mankind. It makes me so sad that you must go through this. I send you non-ending love and healing powers and li...ght to your soul. God Bless you Wayne. May the Angels surround you. You are loved and cherished by so many. Don't forget that. :) Thank you for everything you've said and written Wayne! God Speed! Peace and Light! Kelly Mullis Dear Wayne, I heard you mention this in passing to a caller on a British TV show a month or two ago, and was deeply touched by how everything you said was so completely in alignment with the message of your book "Excuses Begone" which you were talking about. I know this is yet another opportunity for you to inspire us ...all through your extraordinary being ness. Love and blessings, Stephen Michael Marcus Go Raw! Danielle Diberadino Dear Wayne, You are an incredible inspiration to so many of us. We know you can heal yourself. Melinder Elliot Dear Wayne ... I was so sad to hear of your condition...but want to add you can beat are in good hands with Depak Chopra..You have been a wonderful inspiration to me over the years and have helped me through some very tough times ..going through a divoirce many years ago. Your books pulled me through a lot... of I am here for you...I am a Reiki Healer myself and send to you long distance healing surrounding your body with a pyramid of golden light ...cleansing and healing your body every cell
  19. 19. re-knewing .. I will continue this on a daily basis...and so it is . In love and light Susan Brandt much love, light and healing on your journey to wellness... onelove sofree Teresa jasinski Peace, Love and Light to you Dr Dyer! ♥ Dana Raphael Peshka He's doing the Keynote at Celebrate Your Life in Phoenix as I write this. It was full so left after my morning workshop with Dr Brian Weiss. I did see him and his energy is on high vibration. Susan Doolin Webber Dr W.D. you're the best!! One of my goals is to meet you in person so that I can tell you how much you contributed to my life. Today I wish you great health and lots of love. God speed on this new adventure. You are in my heart prayers. All my love. Bernadette Charles My thoughts and prayers are with you, Dr. Dyer! You have been so inspirational to me through the years & continue to be so. Love & Light to you, from my heart, Linda Dayley Dr. Dyer, I join the many who will walk with you as you DO THE NEXT STEP in your life. I really understand your comment about being, "excited about the prospect of dealing with it". The challenges that we are given to overcome are our blessings. It seems you understand this. As I scan the comments on this page, I see... that this is a gathering of the many healing ways available today. As I walked to health through two cancers I was given SO many ideas of how to heal myself. I was appreciative but had to trust my inner guidance, as I know you will also. Gwen Rust.
  20. 20. Wayne, your PBS fund raising brought light to me four years ago when I was beginning to find my divine self. I'm sending you blessings and love now to you and your loved ones. Its a joy to read the guidence, love and light others have received through you. Gene Parbst. Wayne, you came to Calgary a few years back, and you called me up to the front of the audience because I was the youngest one there. I wanted to thank you for the signed book you gave me, and all that I have learned from you. ♥ Rob Albus Dear Dr. Dyer...I have a picture that my husband took of you and me hugging at the Book Review in Huntington, LI, NY. You signed a copy of your book for me and I treasure it...along with that picture. I have read all of your books and have many on audio. May all of the healing that you have created for others be re...turned to you today. You are a wonderful, kind and loving spirit having this human experience. I will be praying for your good health. God bless you! Marie Reis " All their love and light surround you, angels & heavnes might around you. And healing light of love surround you: Unity of Love & light.-AMEN- *NAMASTE* " *♥ ***NAMASTE*** ♥ *" *NAMASTE*-AMEN-":"-AMEN- *NAMASTE* " *♥ ***NAMASTE***♥ *" *NAMASTE*-AMEN- ":"-AMEN- *NAMASTE* " *♥ ***NAMASTE**...* ♥ *" *NAMASTE*-AMEN-" David Cambrigde Dr. Wayne Dyer is in my prayer - Nam Myoho Renge Kyo! Brenki Domic I Love this Man. Your in my prayers Dr. Wayne Dyer. Sam Oliver
  21. 21. Best wishes from Greece. You will be in our prayers!!! Tersea Greyling Athanosellis Love and Light to you...x Tania Nachtigal Love and peace to Dr. Dyer and his family!! Rebecca Perry I had the privilege of being Dr. Dyer's gopher during his talk at the Heart of Happiness Conference several years ago in Austin, TX. He was so humble and peaceful. I love his talks so much. Blessed be and may the Healing Light touch you Wayne. Scott Carpenter God Bless You, Dr. Dyer. My prayers are with you. May Angels Surround You. Xoxo Cathy Murphey Lets all keep him in our prayers. Mark chapter 16 (TEV)17 "Believers will be given the power to perform miracles: they will drive out demons in my name; they will speak in strange tongues; 18 if they pick up snakes or drink any poison, they will not be harmed; they will place their hands on sick people, and these will get well." Samantha M sending blessings of love and light..xx Alison Cole Love, light and healing... ♥ Melissa Lawson
  22. 22. May love and illuminating light surround, lift and heal you. Blessings, Wendy Nelson Thank Love for this human experience in it's perfection. Fawna Bews Jesus our Lord, we ask you to have mercy on Dr. Dyer who is sick. Give him your strength and love, and help him to carry this cross with faith. May his sufferings overcome the power of evil and lead him back to full health, we pray, through Christ our Lord. Amen........God's blessing be with you now and always.^ Morget Levy Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this group, sending love and light from Edmonton, Canada Fran Powers I hope Dr. Dyer will somehow connect with Dr. Carlos Garcia the Medical Director of Utopia Wellness in Clearwater, Fl. According to Dr. Garcia, "no one Has to die of anykind of cancer if they don't want to" and he has a measureable method for determining if they really want to or not so don't call Dr. Garcia unless yo...u REALLY do want to get well and are NOT tired of life on this earth! I say this with complete love and integrity and so does Dr. Garcia. Alexandra Barrett Dr. Wayne Dyer has been my hero and teacher many times over the years and I feel he has many books left in him if he decides to get well and stay awhile longer! I can only see you as whole and healthy and perfect Dr. Dyer. May LOVE and LIGHT infuse your every cell...all 50 trillion of them! Alexandra Barrett ♥ Michelle Harper
  23. 23. ♥ Suzanne Weber Peleri Sending an Abundance of Loving Light & Deep Appreciation for such a precious divine gift throughout my life..Namaste' My Friend. Colleen Chanel Sending much love and light to Dr. Dyer and his loved ones. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Henri Coleman He will be fine. God loves him, Dr Carmen Harra He has touched my life in such a way, I have read his books, CD and finally got to meet him two years ago Nov in Fort Collins/Loveland and I will always be honored by that special hug and words he chose for me. My prayers go out to him and I do believe he will be healed!! Miriam Gay Sending love and light. You are in the care of the Gods and the energy of millions you have touched over the years. Many blessings. Nameste Vicci Burr Sending love and prayers to Wayne. Hilary Sontag He is an amazing soul and I know Divine grace surrounds him...all ways! Blessings to all who choose to help.♥ Sharon L Tucker Caldararo My thoughts, prayers and love reach out to Dr Wayne Dyer. Thank you for this group and the opportunity to give. Eugenia Burklin
  24. 24. My you be blessed with whatever God sees to be for your highest & best...♥ LuoAnne Edwards I feel in my heart for Dr Wayne Dyer....but believe he's a fighter and with so much light around him. he's such a soft and positive being that I'm sure the universe and the angels are with him every second ..I wish him a very speedy recovery and my prayers and my thoughts are with him...keep us posted please....Love an...d Healing Energy....There's always Hope....♥ Cristina Casanova With Love... Radmila Majatovic Miskovic ♥ HEALING LOVE & LIGHT TO YOU DR. WAYNE ♥ NAMASTE ♥ Sussan Madsen I have read all Wayne Dyer's books and I think he is one of the best non-fiction writers alive today if not the best. He has changed me and the way I look at things, taught me to be always positive. There are no challenges we can't overcome, and through his books Wayne has given me the courage to go on even when my lif...e seems a mess. One of his most powerful sayings is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way round. God bless you Wayne I will pray for you morning and night because you have changed my life and without you, I most probably would have gone crazy! All my love from Isabell Kratz Tindale My thoughts and prayers are with Dr. Wayne Dyer. He has all the right stuff to pull this one off...for I know that he has done so much for mankind...and perhaps it might be his time to graduate, yet I don't feel that it is time...I wonder if Dr. Wayne Dyer has heard about Kangen water filtering system...there is a lot... to taking ones body from the acid to alkaline state...I just got one and I love it. blessings of Light Love and Peace of God always. Namaste! Toni Wallace
  25. 25. All my love light & healing to him.. it all gonna be fine........ :) Parash Eusuf sending you love, light and healing........... Beverly O’brian We believe in you, Wayne! ♥ Michy Knops WE're with you on this Wayne, Love Peace and Strength Russel Mclelland Sending love and healing Heather Jean Hunter blessing each and every one of your perfect cells...x Ceri Goode Hey Dr. D - sending a big positive wave of laughter & Love you way 【ツ】Jim Pelley Sending healing thoughts and prayers to such a wonderful man. He has most definitely helped me and many people I know.. Sending positive energy, Love and Light.. let the healing process begin.. ♥ Patrica De La Fosse Sending prayers of healing to a great man, a great insprirational writer and speaker. May strength be with you. Patti Perkins No mountain to high..... Love and Hugs to a great man. I Will be sending healing thoughts and prayers. May all the love in the world surround you! Gail Stroble
  26. 26. Wayne, I have a treasured picture of you and I in your beloved Maui ! Signed copys of your books and you also signed my iPod which is full of over 60 hrs. of your audio. All treasures... You are such an inspiration to so many, so humble & peaceful. Blessings of healing light and love. With Deepak's help may you regain ...radiant health. I know that you will use this life experience to yet again help others. ~~ Love & Light ~~ Helen McClain Sending much love and light to an incredible man! What a pure spirit! Laura Walker From God all healing and blessings flow! I pray they flow into your sol and all of your cells, healing your body with His love and Light. Thank you for your beautiful soul and mission on earth. You are an inspiration to us all. You are an example of what God's love looks life in reality. My faith and prayers in your... behalf are with you Dr. Dyer and with your beautiful family. Miracles come from faith. I know that you know this. Love. Anne Clark You are deeply loved. Recover and thank you for being the angel that you are. *****Lots of hugs and blessings***** Marlena L Sharpe You were my first foray into new thought. I remember bursting inside while watching your PBS specials! Thank you so much for your energy, ideas & inspiration. You were the first one to hold up such a clearly visioned mirror to me in the outside world. Thank you deeply for your convictions. Many blessings and healing sent your way! Jennifer Sieck We need to celebrate Dr.Wayne Dyer as an amazing friend, and not waist any energy trying to heel a dis-ease that can't exist. He is the most influential person to ever come into my existence, and he will
  27. 27. continue to be very infuential for millions, for years to come. Daryl McPherson Our beacon of light is shining very brightly ~ over 1500 members in 3 days ~ amazing stuff ~ Keep spreading the word :) Alison Hamlin- Hughes We, from Nova Scotia, Canada, are all sending you our healing! You have been there for me on several occasions, having been able to speak to you on two of those occasions (once on your Hay House Radio show, and once in person in Toronto at the Hay House event) I know that no matter what happens, you know that this is ...exactly how it was supposed to happen. And I know your excited of what is in store for you! God Speed! Terri Lyne Fraser Young Dear Dr Wayne Dyer, I send you the most beautiful loving healing and "see" you well again and in tip top shape, you are truly loved :-))) Nicola Kibble He will just manifest it away :D I believe in you Wayne! And send you lots of healing light from Denmark, Bianca Marie Berg I'm so happy you are well. I am spending time with you in this wellness I know is yours. Sherry Stuart Wayne, You have always been a treasured teacher and guide to myself and so many others. I fell so blessed to know you. May the light of love and compassion you show others surround you ten fold. I only see you as healthy and well. Blessings always Dear One. Aloha and a hui hou. Laura L Barry
  28. 28. Dearest Wayne, Sending you your loving butterfly friend (Jack) with my intention of complete wholeness for you. Remember? ˙·٠•●♥ ♥●•٠·˙ Sharon L Tucker Calderado Dearest Wayne.. I love you as so many of my friends do.. Sending you positive vibes and good healing energy. May the Light and Love you have shown the masses be returned to you .. Love and Light, Always. God Bless! Nora Pettite Stay strong as you always have are truly my inspiration with your achievements, loving light is coming to you! Marilia Sharpe About 23 years ago, when I was in early recovery, I attended one of your book signings in San Jose CA and you gave me a warm hug. For several years my car never went anywhere without your "You'll See It When You Believe It" tapes playing. You changed my life. Sending prayers and love and positive thoughts your way. Laura Bland franklin The Western physcians try to heal from the outside first, where the Eastern physican always looks at the inside first. Both ways have values. Jack Silver Thank you for a wonderful evening tonight in Boston. You were inspiring and amazing as usual. Sending you love and positive thoughts. LeeAnn Mulno Spiess was just watching, only moments ago... the PBS Broadcast of Excuses Begone! Divine Synchronicities! So clearly there are no excuses for delaying prayers for this incredible and inspiring being! Many blessings to you and your family Wayne...may you be blessed a thousand fold for all that you have gifted this world! Deep bows.... Jennifer field
  29. 29. Sending you love, light and healing prayers from Cairo Hoda Ismail Sending Reiki engery and healing, to a wonderful person. Blessing Geralidne Carablo Love and light to you for healing. Much love from Chicago Geri Hearn I have seen you many times and I am honored to send you Reiki & Love. God Bless you and your family,Patricia Power In Full & Focused Intention, Accepting & Holding Sacred Space for your Co-Created Transformative Experience. Aloha "V" Vitor Dvas Wayne I send you love and gratitude every day, you changed my life.....♥ Suzanne peables You are in my thoughts & prayers , Wayne. Xoxo Cathy Murphy Thank you from Boston, back at you for all you have given me over the years Liz Perry O’Brian You have impacted my life so much, Wayne. You are truly an inspiration to us all. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Xoxoxo Teresa Martini
  30. 30. Dr. Dyer, I have followed your work for years. You have been one of my best teachers. I am surrounding you with healing light and abundant energy. Blessings to you and your family. Christopher Gargoline ♥ ya !! Sending you Love & Light Jeanese Braun Thank you Wayne for all the blessings you have brought to my life! I have spent years working with the "grandmother" and have seen absolute miracles in very little time. I am available if you are interested. Much Love and Many Blessings to you and your family, Patricia Gonzales Giving back what I have been given....The Power of Intention.......Thank you, Wayne!!!!! Blanche McCarthy As Wayne Dyer knows...he can live with this or die from this. He knows his own power. Blessings always come to those who know their own power. Dava Pirzada ♥ Jo Dance Love, Peace and Light to your Path :) Pantha Magno My teacher, there is so much love and light in that dis-ease.. I know you will learn from it and transcend it and move on.... Namaste.. Robert Mathisen Thank you for all of your inspired teachings Wayne. Sending loving thoughts and prayers for your highest good ♥ Heather Jean Hunter
  31. 31. I have learned a lot from Dr. Dyer. His words helped me get through some trying times in my life. God Bless. Scott Watson Dear Wayne .....We see the divinity in you and know that every one of your cells are striving for balance and vitality.....We see your light and know your power as you move through this lesson with love and wisdom in your heart....We believe in your ability to heal and transform yourself...All is well....♥ Gail Dell To Dr Wayne Dyer I send you thoughts of Love, Peace, Healing, Understanding, Belief, Strength, Wisdom, Nurturing, Rest, Angels, Gratitude, Respect, Light and Faith ♥ Rae Threnoworth Wayne, I see you as you are in this picture. Healthy, strong, vital and at ease with all things. I know you will do what is best for you. Tune into the love brought forth in this group. We all love you. YOU are LOVE♥ Sharon L Tucker Calderado I know that God already has surrounded you, Wayne, with his healing/loving light. All our prayers will strengthen that even more. How powerful that is !!! Love, light peace & joy to you always Norine Gilly Dr. Wayne Dyer, I am sending you healing light and surrounding you with much high vibrations to speed your healing. Peace, Prayers, Light & Love Always ♥ Nicole Ruisell Lots of love and light to you, Dr.Wayne Dyer! You are in my thoughts and prayers always!! You've touched my heart!! Many blessings!!!!! Heather Westphal
  32. 32. Love and light from Istanbul... Z.selin Esin I too have learnt lots about myself and life through this amazing man. I'm happy to be part of your wonderful initiative of healing ♥ Houroon Kola Wishing you love, happiness and peace in abundance Wayne ... with love from Georgie xox May love, light, and divine healing be yours. Your dream, passion and light radiates throughout the universe. I look forward to seeing you in person. Much loving kindness, Nicholas Franklin Bray I wish you a day full of Sun Shine and happyness. thank you. Vincent Scidurlo My prayers, love and healing reach out to Dr. Wayne Dyer. God's blessings be with you now and always. Hermese Duran much love and light being sent to you always Dr. Wayne Dyer. Everything IS in divine and perfect order right now..... Namaste Barbara Donely-Lamb Dr. Dyer, Words can not express my love for you. Because of your writings & my ability to listen my life has changed towards the positive & I live in the "NOW". I pray for you everyday. You are my mentor. I'll see you tomorrow night in Tampa! Trust in your journey. Bonnie Tanous
  33. 33. My hope is that our attention and prayers for Dr. Dyer will lead to eradication and prevention as to cancer. Robert Burns I believe his experience with this disease will bring complimentary therapies to the forefront. I found yoga, meditation and healing touch very beneficial to me while going through cancer treatment. His has been given this journey for a reason... Jacci Savy Cannon I see Wayne's body in perfect health and all the cell of his body have now been restored to perfect harmony. Be well Wayne. Peace, love and health to you. Ian Paul Marshall I see you as Source Energy in a perfect body that wants to hear you laugh, be happy and know all is well. Laughter does cure - it has been proven, and you know this Wayne. Try to focus on the perfect body you reside in and allow it to be, you know you ICE SKATER, you! Remember the love for ice skating that... allowed you to do so after 34 years of not doing have a KNOWING.....know it now! Relax and allow your cells to return your body to its natural state of good health and well BEing. Much love, light and wonderful good thoughts for you, Dr. Dyer! Joyce Menard Simply yet another avenue to understand, offer compassion, accept grace, & love... & obviously another avenue to continue to share, teach, mentor, & support. I have no doubt that you will heal. What amazing paths we choose. I am so utterly grateful. I love you so~ THANK YOU for YOU. Hillary K Mally I see you whole, healed, surrounded by light and radiating life force. You are continuing to walk your amazing path with amazing Grace. Blessed BE xoxo David Jenny De Salvio Dear Wayne, We all have the ability to work Miracles Wayne. I wish you a total recovery to perfect health, should you make it possible for it to be in your Divine Mission for you, your Guardian Angel and our Supreme Being to co-create this! Love and Light, Dianne Knight
  34. 34. Blessings and light emanate from the eternal single Source to the being of Wayne Dyer, healing, clearing and renewing. Susan Rumack when Wayne is fully healed his health will be yet another motivational affirmation to the world that Love Light Prayer Faith Belief Trust result in Miracles ♥ Rory Aurora Dear Wayne, lots of light sending your way, love Tanya Watching and listening to you many years ago on TV has made a difference in my life. I passed on a tape that was passed on to me and then from me to a close family member who greatly benefited from listening to you. Never did get that tape back!! : ) I'm thinking of you , as are many others , praying and hoping you being healed. YOU have made such an impact in this world. Alexis Podas Dr. Wayne, I will add you to my prayer list Les Linzy Dr. Wayne Dyer We are knowing and feeling that you are enfolded and embraced by the healing love of Great Spirit! All my Relations Leonard & Angelaya I believe wholeheartedly that the Lord's Hand is upon Dr. Wayne, our beloved teacher. ShuiLei Tong GRACIAS AMIGO . Mario Ascruto
  35. 35. I love your latest book and thank you for making such a loving difference in everybodies lives. Barbara Hunt I wish you well my friend your words help me and I hope my prayers help you thinking of you and respect you all the best Garry Wood Your words, lectures, wisdom, kindness and love resonate around the globe. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you continue your life's work! I know Deepak will give you all that he can. ♥ Both of you have helped so many lives..May you know your loved and healing♥ Nancy Davis Love & Light ♥ get well soon x Becky York Love and gratitude to you. I know we will call continue to learn from you and your magnificent spirit. Sarah Marr Sending HEALING and PRAYERS to one of the kindest men on this earth ♥ ♥ Barbi Varadi BLESSINGS *** LOVE *** LIGHT *** GRATITUDE ... are in my prayers to you ... ♥ Daniela Haskara Blessings Dear Wayne. I am so grateful for all that you have given to so many. The wisdom and love you have shared with all of us. I believe you are one of the Angels here on Earth. Thank You. In Peace and Light to All Dorothy Biagioni ϊ :¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) healing, love and prayers are sent to you ♥ ♥ ♥... ♥..`*.¸.* ♥..`*. Alexa
  36. 36. Love and blessing to an amaziing man! Ed McDonugh Dear Dr Wayne..You and your books and words saved my I pray for you too..I healed 2 ruptured disks in my back using your philosophy of "knowing we can heal" YOU CAN TOO!! I will sorround you with white light. A Fan and Healer Carrol A Doyle Also, one of my teachers is Maria Lucia Holloman (she was the resident Healer at Esalen Institute in California)..Now she and her brother Carlos live in Brazil..she healed a man in the final stages of AIDS. She was one of my teachers, along with you as I learned to heal myself and others. I remember the story of your... Daughter with can do it and then with your credentials can share how we all can heal (I do so with meditation and energy healing). Carrol A Doyle You Have touched many lives. I thank you and bless you. I will hold you in my thoughts and prayers. Kathleen Cermac Dr. Wayne Dyer will once again demonstrate the power of intention...and model what we are all capable of.. wishing you infinite love and gratitude Heather Gassman Love, light, peace, and comfort to you, dear soul! Many blessings making their way to you! Heather Thomas Dr. Dyer~ my prayers full of light, love and an abundance of healing go out to you! You can beat this!! You have been my and so many million of others' mentor and guide, now we can be and are here for you. God Speed, God speed, to your gentle and mighty soul...and so it begins. Rene Lowery
  37. 37. Dr. Wayne Dyer, not having had the opportunity to follow your career, nor to read your books as of yet, nor having had the opportunity to watch your video presentations, I remain sensitive to the extraordinary spiritual character with which you have brought about a true and manifest re-creation in the lives of so many ...across the world. Your work is sure testament to the brilliance of your heart and thus your soul. It stands without any doubt, that you have affected so many souls in such wonderful ways and surely I will stand as one amongst many who will both pray for and will consciously keep you in my meditations for your quick and speedy recovery. I truly send you my most sincere best wishes! - WD Allan Having met you briefly in 2007 on Maui, you touched my soul. You have touched so many lives with your blessings... now it's our turn to bless you and reach to you with our love and gratitude. Sending you love and light, peace, and beautiful healing on your journey ♥ ... blessings, Beth Temple Holmes You are a good man Dr. Wayne Dyer and I will keep you in my heart and thoughts. Stay strong. Mary Bailes You have helped so many people move through challenges. We are grateful for you and hold you in our hearts as we envision you in perfect health. Aricia LaFrance every cell,fiber of your being brought to high energy and restoration. Miracles and blessings and a supernatural healing to you.we know not the cause,we come together with a request that is synergistically here and will bring about a special healing.♥ I live on Maui .. ‘Cookie Lady’ Power of Intention is my all time favorite! You have made a positive difference to so many. You are receiving an abundance of love, light and laughter! Becky Daily
  38. 38. Wayne Dyer is such a lovely unassuming man who has helped so much with his work, I love his works and use many as my bibles for how we should live life and appreciate it's beauty in all things. He has helped so many people. May he now receive the Love and Healing in Abundance and be blessed with a full recovery, All th...ose who have heard him speak and read his books must number beyond count. Together we can send him the a little of that Healing to him. We could never measure up to such a beautiful man. Bless You Wayne in Love and Light. Mary Hilary Noonan Wayne Dyer you have given me so much throughout my life. You have sustained me as I have assimilated into life in Egypt over the past 8 years. You gave me strength and guidance and laughter when I needed it most. Your words of wisdom echo in my mind and filter through my being as needed like rain to a river...You have ...nutured and fed my soul...I send you Love & healing light and see you in perfect health ♥ Thank you for BE-ing.... Kerry Guy Thank-you for making a difference! Toni Lee Johnston Love, Light, Healing & Blessings to a great man, a great soul.... may it be a wonderful journey.... xx Michelle Forest Wayne, I will add you to my Healing llist. We have not met or spoken, but from one Soul to another I will send you Healing. Love and Light to you. Xx Susie Matthews lots of LOVE. I dont know you, but I feel that you are a great man. Xxx Keide Hein Ellis love and Light to you Phillip Corswarem
  39. 39. A friend of mine beat this form of cancer and I shall pray for you and hope the light is bright and constant. God Bless Will Butler Dr. Wayne Dyer has inspired me for many years. Last year I started the FB Group POSITIVE ATTITUDES as a direct result of reading his book "a Spiritual Solution to every problem". He has helped thousands upon thousands of people. We all send you love, light and Health ~~ as you have done for us. (not to mention gratitude) Maureen Ball Bernard strongly believe that Dr Dyer will get through this, i send him my love. . . . . I never imagined i will ever have this much peace in my life, These days I don't worry About a single thing i trust the forces of the universe, which are always working, to take Care of me and i know they will always will "You will it, when you Believe it" if you haven't read that Book by the Good Doctor try it out its life changing thank you Again, for this Group and to Dr Dyer i love you And god bless you . . . Long live Chips Sithole Much love, light and healing for the amazing Mr. Dyer. Ian Paul Marshall. ♥ Dr wayne Dyre is an icon. He will have manifested his illness for a good reason. It will inspire him in some way. He will get through it then share his inspiration. ♥ Melanie Moore Tolerance-Acceptance-Love. Ho oponopono.Blessings . Dagmara Rutkowska
  40. 40. I am positive Dr Dyre will get thru his illness and continue to be an inspiration to all of us ....I send him all my love and blessings and prayers.... Farah Pasha Dr. Dyer has been my teacher and has been instrumental in saving my life. I will include him several times daily in healing visions and send love his way. Thank you, Dr. Dyer! Kimberly Norton Wayne Dyer is such an inspiration and I have learnt so much from his teachings. I will continue to learn from him through his books and CD's. I wonder is he thinking.... Every challenge you meet in life, I ask myself what can I learn from this..... I wish him all the best on this next stage of his amazing journey. Olive Murry As a survivor of 11 years, Bill for 8...I know what he as done for me.... Time to give back for all of us. Liz O’Brian Dearest Dr. Wayne Dyer....sending you loving, healing energy. May you be in perfect, divine health. Lorri Carra THANK YOU Dr Dyer for all you have given the world. I wish to give back in Love Peace and Healing energy to you and all who surround you. I Love you Tracey Coluzzi Seeing you with a healing white light all around you. Tammi Brey Quinn My humble blessing to Dr Wayne Dyer and his family. Deep in my heart, I know Dr Wayne Dyer will again show us a way, be our model and inspiration to meet such challenge. Andew Wong.
  41. 41. Trust in God, and all will go well. Let us all pray together. Samantha MMy life changed tonight because of what you said. From this day on I send my father love. I love you Dr. D. You are my hero! I was so happy to see you & hear you. I'll be there all weekend. Peace my friend! Bonnie Tanous Prayers with unlimited Love that shall flow upon you like a waterfall of healing, joy and Laughter. Deniz Kella Namaste Dr. Wayne Dyer and family. Pipa Purdon Love Love Love. Quintaro Ahalia Our humble blessings and prayers to you and your family Dr. Dyer. Namaste, John and Tracy Selfridge Blessings and healing to your body. You already have a magnificent spirit. I have a great deal of gratitude and respect for your teachings and what you have brought to the world. ♥ Christine Borusso Keep this group growing, and let our wonderful teacher, Dr. Wayne Dyer heal, so he can set another example of what "we can do, once we KNOW how". I suffered through spinal problems and other physical ailments, but with his knowledge and that of others like him, had full recovery without Medical Intervention. He is too... vibrant and has so much love he shares, sorround him with White Light and send him the healing energy he now needs. Carrol Doyle I found you on my way home... one day. It was very cloudy and then the sun came out and there you extended your thoughts to me... And to this day I continue on my path..... of love & light... we are spiritual beings have a human experience.. you said one day... I send you now and every day the spirit from my heart....Love & light, Lorraine Stoffa
  42. 42. Om! Ahkeeno Musa Our healing and prayers are with and light. Rhona Craig Love to you this day and every day. Visualizing you as perfect whole and complete. ~dahlia Malama pono ia oe e me kealoha pumehana . Kehau Kali Wayne Dyer understands that we are all ONE energy. Our prayers and healing energy is as much for ourselves and those we know as it may be for him. I beleive that Dr. Dyer has taught the world that we are all here to Love one another and to BE the love that we are. NAMASTE to you and all that are on this journey. Jeff Stevenson I have grown so very much spiritually learning from him....I really and truly wish him total healing! Zebunissa Junaid Sending glorious light and radiant healing energy to you for complete recovery and restoration....many blessings. Jennifer Baily Wishing Wayne a complete recovery and return to perfect health. Janet Andrews. Sending healing and love to Dr. Dyer. Carol Enliger Porter Wayne thank you for living your life big, and living from a place of love. By your example you show the way that we are truly one. Your
  43. 43. presence has been in my life for many years now being a guide to know our true selves. I see you living passionately and with vitality for as long as you choose to grace us here. Thank you. Faith Barnard Dear Dr. Dyer, I just want you to know how very grateful that I have been so priveledged to be alive at the same time as you in this vast universe. I literally have tears in my eyes and so much love in my heart as I think of how miraculous it is to be here at this very time, and to be able to learn so very much from y...ou. You are such a great example of love and caring and nonjudgement. Thank you from the depths of my heart and being for sharing yourself with all of us. God bless you, and your family, Dr. Dyer ♥ ♥ ♥ Cindy Erikson It is time everything to transform with Love in Love. Blessings. Dagmara Sending healing energy of prayers and wishing you a complete recovery and return to perfect health......many blessings . We need you to guide us and insires us the way you have been doing so powerfully !! Wishing you well !!! ♥ Sherry Shereen Sending you all healing love and warm ♥ Sophie Glansberg I see your wholeness and health vibrantly. Good to be well and loved. Shery Stewart, Am sending and mirroring the glow of solid, centered health in mind, body and spirit. Breathe in the energy of perfect health, friend! Xo ‘Danita Wind Song’ ♥ Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared ♥ Buddha ♥ Alison Hamlin-Hughes
  44. 44. and so it is x Ceri Goode ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Sarah Margolis Love you helped to change my life 3 years ago...I am grateful....xoxoxo Terah Cavagnaro peace to you wayne ... though i think you may have already found it :) Bob Laboot ♥ ♥LOVE ♥ ♥ Kikue Mugen. ♥ ♥ ♥ LOOOOOOOOOVE ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Margerita Falt May the healing - energy do the best for you, your health ...together with your deep wish and admission. Thank you! Keiki Maart Divine Love...Abundant Joy....Radiant Healing Blessings to You My Cherished Friend...I Love You...Namaste'...Colleen Channell ♥ ♥ ♥ ....♥ ♥ ♥ Patricia Rosardo Sending you love and healing energy Dr. Dyer! Namaste. ♥ Tanya Snowdon
  45. 45. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Mara Karpel Bundels of Healing Angels are there for you ♥ ♥ ♥ LOVE & INSpIrAtIoN Gina Filipa You saved my life....I give it back and wish you all my survivor skills....its all what you manifest..its all about destiny... and you are destined to continue to do great things . Thank you and you are in my prayers. Liz O’brian I am sure as we become one with intention we will heal Wayne!!!!!! Oh what a powerful nation we are!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ Love and healing!!!!!!!! Rennee Drummond Sending a lot of positive wibes to Dr Wayne Dyer ♥ ♥ ♥ Anne Marie MullerLord Jesus, during your life on our planet you have demonstrated your love, you have moved in the face of suffering and many times you have reincluded health patients returning families joy. Our dear.Wayne Dyer.. It is (seriously) ill, we are neighbours with everything that is humanly possible. But we feel powerless: l...ife really isn't in the our hands. Almighty God, source of life and every evil remedy donami the security of your presence because it can only have confidence in you. For this reason, wrapped your love and your power can receive the healing and salvation according to your free will. Between my pain you're only my strength. Thank you, Lord, because you're with me. Amen. Zia More Boomerang - All the ~Love~ you have shown, given, informed, shared is swirling back to you surround you, lift you, move through you, fill you with so much luminous Light that it radiates out from each and every pore. Know that we are all sending much Love to you, Wayne. ♥ Nancy Hall
  46. 46. His books have literally changed my life for the better. All my love, healing energy and gratitude are sent to Dr. Dyer today and always. May you transcend to better health. Maria D’Amato Healing energy coming your way Dr. Dyer. Thank you for everything. You are loved:) Lynn Cornell Prepare yourself, Dr. Dyer, for yet another opportunity for a miracle. the world is watching and consciously seeing your healing. (it must feel quite rewarding to know that you've inspired an army of healers to give back when you need it most!) Jason Allan Millar Sending you Reiki Healing, Love, Light And Peace..Dr. Dyer..Namaste Jeanette Andrea Jackson Dr Dyer, you have so many positive thoughts, prayers and healing energy coming your way that the outcome cannot be anything less than miraculous. I believe in miracles because you taught me to believe it before I see it. love and light to you Dr Dyer. Nancy Wylde Sending Dr. Dyer, such a beautiful, loving healer, many blessings and much healing energy from Australia's magical and powerful Red Centre, Uluru.. Lisa Papp Dr. Wayne, I write books from much you have taught me. We ask the Al-Mighty Creator to heal you NOW for the sake of all humanity. This old cowboy says you are not done giving!!! Don Decker
  47. 47. Dr. Wayne Dyer...For all the good that you have done for the world, you will be blessed with massive healing from around the world. Thank you for all you have done... and continue to do. Joy Edgerton Have not seen you in about 15 years. just like yesterday your healing gifts to me. Makes me want to get back to helping others. Thank You . THE HEALING IS ALREADY HAPPENING!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don Decker Dr. Dyer, It was wonderful meeting you at the "I can Do It Convention" You inspire and heal so many people.God's love and healing energy is happening now. God Bless you . Melissa Samartono sending love peace healing and golden light out to the world xx Ann Rich No problem Wayne, just get BETTER!!!!!! Brian Elmes If there is a purpose in everything, then Dr Wayne is going to use this silly illness that he will generate a movement of lightworkers to gather via this media for a purpose that is bigger than his disease. So, if it is a Mass General World Healing Session..then so be it. Be well Dr. Dyer, for you have made me well. Carrol Doyle Re-reading "Inspiration Your Ultimate Calling" ....while being in that magical SPACE of beautiful pure perfect love surrounding us all within as without...and focusing in on waves and waves and waves washing the system clean.... Robert Schuler
  48. 48. I remember reading in A spiritual Solution to Every Problem that Dr. Dyer feel while he was running... and his explanation was that he allowed negative thoughts into his mind (about his children, etc.) and I think he is a great example (on purpose spiritually) to all of us that we are all human with human frailties, th...oughts and feelings. We came here to be human and that is what we are doing. I love Dr. Dyer! Linda Millar In the begining i was shock with the idea of Dr. Wayne being sick........but then, i shake my head and say to, i am not going to give energy to the CLL, instead, i am going to visualize Dr. Wayne Dyer as already healed... This is the time to use all the tools that Dr. Wayne give to us. First......let's vi...sualize him healthy, and dont bring into our meditations the word leukemia or cll......Let's talk in our minds in present time: Dr. Wayne is already healed !!! This is the best prayer ever !! He is healed !! Wendi Sprader Love & Healing Dr Dyer, May you fullfill your life plan. Nick Calandrino your offerings all these years have truly changed my Life....I have so much love for you. thank you for saving my life...quite literally. ♥ ♥ ♥ Heidi Beecher Sending Love Light and Rosetta Broy The "general world healing" idea is plan awesome Alison !!! What a wonderful idea. All of us a force together sending out our love, healing thoughts & positive energies. Together we can be very powerful to bring loving & peaceful energy to the world. What marvelous things we can do !! Bless you, Alison, for thinking of ...this.
  49. 49. This is exactly what Dr. Dyer talks about - the power of intention & thought. Norrine Gill I was at your seminar in Chicago when you announced you had been diagnosed with CLL. Even then your spirit shone through and I knew you are going to be better for having lived through this experience. Jamie Stewart. Sending healing and loving thoughts to you Wayne. Your words have become so sought after. Your light shines ever so brightly. Namaste' Alan Oakley f the particles that we're made of can be in instantaneous communication with one another, be in two places at once, and even change the past through choices made in the present, then we can as well" (Gregg Braden, "The Spontaneous Healing of Belief: Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits") Michy Knops Having suffered CLL - then aggressive lymphoma B large cells (3 months of hell of course to complete remission) so I do want to share Just a couple of words of strong HOPE and POSITIVE thoughts ... "Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia" is one of 3 cancers that has excellent response to chemio and has the best chances to remi...ssion... Hang in there strong Dr. Dyer..... sending you all my profound love and healing energy ♥♥♥ ‘Cora Medium’ Knowing the Truth of Wholeness and Light and Love for you... and so it is! Patrick Feren Sending LOTS of LOVE, LIGHT, HEALING and Happy thoughts that leads to laughter - As we all know that LAUGHTER is the BEST medicine.... ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Nadja Okeef Be most well!!!♥ Terry Cummings
  50. 50. My thoughts are with you! Thanks for being so powerfully positive! Lexi Haberman Sending you lots of healing, light, love and blessings my friend... Get well soon ♥ x Angela Lordon In my thoughts ♥ at all times.....get well....quick ♥ ‘Tara Starbright’ are very special to me..when I read the first book I was so glad that there were people..thinking like you..and I must have had a rememering of home in my heart.. so I smile when I think about you...In Love and Light.. Tonneka Heesakkers For Dr. Wayne Dyer, this is an only an experience as a human being, that he knows quite well how to heal himself at a quanton level (cellular healing) He has all the love, the wisdon, experience and knowledge to get trough it. Sending all my love and healing to this extraordinary being. Tita Martelle I first was blessed to find you on PBS. My teens passed through the room...paused...and sat down with me. You captivated them:) Through a series of gifts I was able to experience your love at the Celebrate Your Life Convention in Phoenix. Thank you... I will pray through ArchAngel Rapheal for you. Brenda Johnson
  51. 51. ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*~ ♥ ~¨*•♫♪ BLESSINGS ♪♫•*~ ♥ ~*¨•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ , ♥ ℓ‫ ♥ ٥ﻻع‬ℓ‫ ♥ ٥ﻻع‬ℓ‫ ٥ﻻع‬ℓ‫ ♥ ٥ﻻع‬ℓ‫ ♥ ٥ﻻع‬ℓ‫ ♥ ٥ﻻع‬ℓ‫♥ ٥ﻻع‬ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*~ ♥ ~¨*•♫♪ GRATITUD ♪♫•*~ ♥ ~*¨•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ from Ishmi ((( ♥ ♥ ♥ ))) and the rest of Oslo and Norway. ♥ WORLDPEACE ♥ Dear Dr. Dyer, I first read your books as a young woman - they helped me. I then read them as a mother - they helped me and my daughters. My husband took an interest when he watched your PBS TV special and was blown away with the creation thoughts. Thank you for that. Now we are grandparents and if anyone wants to t...ell their grandchildren about "Ten ways to let your greatness shine through" your book "Incredible You" can help any child old enough to understand how special they are. At this time of Thanksgiving I gladly send loving energy your way and offer prayers for your restored health. Best of all things to you and your family. Harriet Kallenburg According to ACIM, the word 'healing' suggests that there is something that requires healing. To acknowledge this is to agree with it, thus perpetuating the belief that there is something wrong. Sending Love and Smiles is a wonderful way to move around this. And any way, which one of us would not wish to receive that much LOVE? Peace Love and Joy to you Alison, great name change! Love, Graham George Cheater (( I changed the name of the group at this point from ‘mass healing’ to ‘sending love & smiles to Wayne Dyer))
  52. 52. Blessings of love, light and smiles Dr. Dyer. Thank you for inspiring change and spiritual awakening in so many people. We love and appreciate you! Our family and loving community uphold you in complete wholeness and optimum well-being. With gratitude and grace Colleen Carrol Have A wonderful Thanksgiving my man.(: Carolyn Macke he is a well respected man in the new age community and we wish him well. ‘Realms Beyond’ During my own period of "dis-ease" and divorce, Dr Dyer's books and CDs were always nearby, as I worked through the lessons that were coming up for me. This period in my life was to be my "homework and apprenticeship" for my upcoming role as a Teacher and Healer. Sending Love and Healing to this wonderful man xx ‘Coaching with Angels’ All I can say is I Love you with all my heart for bringing such love to so many people. God Bless you are amazing. Terri uelman Ward Beauty is not in the face. Beauty is a light in the heart, Gibran said. We all need food, peace and love. We were all born naked. We are all the same. The differences we make are artificial, not real. Once we are connected with our heart, with our compassion, with that love, that keeps our breath going, we see only lov...e in others. The only thing we have to do is as Gibran advices us, to open the doors of our hearts Jos Van Larr I think that is a Lovely name and very apt for such a beautiful man as Wayne is, His way of life and his messages in his his books and
  53. 53. DVD'S and Audio's are Happy and full of Love. Sending you Love and Smiles and Healing Blessings in Abundace, May the Healing Light Shine on you so brightly that it's as if the whole sk...y is full of candle flames. Love to a very Special Man xxxx Mary Noonan What a wonderful idea, Alison, to change the name - it is so fitting for anything pertaining to Dr. Dyer. Love, peace & compassion are the corner stones to all that he has been teaching us. That's why it is our "intention" to send the same things back to him. He is truly an angel here on earth. Bless you Dr. Dyer ...for all the love you have given us. Norrine Gill I am sending Love & Smiles & Hugs to Wayne. I am thankful for all he has taught me through his books, his audios of "What Do You Really Want for Your Children?" and through the many times I've had the joy of hearing him speak in person. I am thankful for all he has taught me and for the love and joy he inspires me to s...hare with all who are in my Circle of Influence. Thank you everyone for sending Wayne Dyer the healing power of hugs, love, smiles, and sunshine. Namaste! ♥ Margaux :) WOw i just found out more about what has happened when I kept reading more in details. I had no Idea..he is just an enlightened soul. One of a kind. I am really shocked to find this out. Dr Wayne you have tought me so many leasons in my life at the right moment that has changed my life for the better. I have been b...lessed w/your unconditional love for the souls in need of spiritual growth. You are strong and I know that you will fight this for the sake of those who still need you on this planet. May GOd shower you with healing and love, peace, harmoney, love, prosperity. You will be always in our prayers. Please get well!!! We all love you and admire your strength.xoxoxoxoxoxoxox love and light~~~~~~~~~xoxoxoxox Rehelha Taherkhani sending love smiles and healing energy on thi day of thanks. PEACE LOVE and JOY Rick Horn
  54. 54. I am extremely grateful for your existence, thank you. Luv2u Richard Gerber YOUR TAPES & VOICE IS WITH ME TODAY. LOVING PRAYERS FOR THIS THANKSGIVING DAY & KNOWING YOU ARE WALKING A PATH TO EXCELLENT HEALTH IN SPIRIT. SO MUCH LOVE TO YOU DR. DYER. NAMASTE. Carol Khan Dr. Wayne - with gratitude and love for allowing God to guide you and use you so mightily. Thank you for being such a power of example of how to empty the vessel so that spirit can enter in and shine so brightly to light the way for others. Namaste and healing blessings. love & light, Kathleen Hassan♥ Happy Thanks Living, May we continue to create many moments of shared love and gratitude, Love and hugs, Cynthia Seagle Happy Thanksgiving with gratefulness for the Light you shine so brightly in all of our lives! Miriam Gay Aloha Brother Wayne, I'm practising the Ah.. Manifestation Meditation Daily and holding Your Healing up to the Universe.. Mahalo for all that you Be..!! Bart Keogh Thank you- for all the love, wisdom and guidance you share so openly. Wishing you a Joy filled Thanksgiving- It was such an honor and privilege to meet you this past weekend in Tampa. Wendy Klein Blum Love, love, love flying to you from Ireland......... jenny Grainger
  55. 55. Dear Wayne, Looks like you're being asked to show us all how to be the Miracle. Again! Can't wait. We're all with you. Love, Bob Much Love, Light and Blessings to you, our Dear Friend of Peace In Peace and Light to All Dorothy Blessings to you and happy thanksgiving:) david Lemk Wayne: May the Spirit continue to shower you with love, light and blessings. Your gifts shine like a bright beacon in our needy world! My prayers and positive affirmations sent your way daily. Paula Lowe May you heal...the same way you have healed others...All my blessings, prayers and love with you for your recovery xxxooo Mary Mavaleos LOve you! Holly Stephy Dearest Wayne, You are bathed in prayer by all of us who love and admire so much. Happy Thanks for Giving - I hope you had a great one! Donna Fowler HAPPY THANKSGIVING AND HOLIDAYS YOU ARE THE GREAT:)))))) Anna farari Hang in there Wayne, we're all here with you buddy. You're a huge inspiration to us all. Many blessings and best wishes. Theodosius Lazaridis (!)
  56. 56. Lets all see Wayne as already completely healthy as he is, he just need to remember that is all! Time to let go of our stories, to live in the present moment and bring our lovely Spirit back. Lets dance, sing and breathe!! Keep shining your pure white light Wayne as we all love you very much! You are definitely an ...inspiration to soooo many! Thank you for your Awesome Spirit!! Sylvie Robert Dear Dr.Wayne , great accept my love and admirations, God bless u with Long Life.Links below may help u more in the process of enlightenment and helping others achieving the same. Sri Nitya Sri Piyan I will pray and light you a candle. Maria Paxiola Dear Wayne ♥ we think about you with love in our hearts. ♥ Irmelin and Ane ♥ TWO THOUSAND NINE WORDS TO EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE NINE THOUSAND TWO TIMES I TELL YOU "I LOVE YOU" FOR THE ***ONE*** YOU ARE AND TO GOD TO ALLOW ME TO MEET YOU IN THIS LIFE, AND LET ME KNOW YOU. TWO THINGS ARE TO SAY IN THIS THANKSGIVING DAY: I CELEBRATE GOD I CELEBRATE LOVE I CELEBRATE WAYNE! IN ONENESS W...ITH SISTERS AND BROTHERS TODAY WE THANK YOU, OUR FATHER, FOR YOUR PERFECT WAY TO LOVE US AND GIVE US THROUGH DYER'S HANDS THE CODE TO LIVE HAPPY... HOW WONDERFUL IS! THANK YOU FATHER THANK YOU WAYNE! THANKS EVERY*ONE* HURRAY! CELEBRATE!
  57. 57. In prayer for Dr. Wayne Dyer MY HERO From who I learn, and grow, and fun The ONE I admire, the ONE I LOVE, to let him to know: YOU ARE "THE ONE" for who I asked God to come! Loving you: LUPITA VILLALVAZO . Arena mar All my best thoughts go out to him. He is an inspiration. Janne Jon Wow! I just saw him on "Bonnie Hunt" today! He's amazing! God, how I'd love to have lunch with this man and listen to what he has to say! I wish him good health and happiness. He was awesome and so was Bonnie Hunt! Great team they make. Marcia More Dr. Dyer, I listen to your CD's all the time when I walk. You are my mentor and I feel so fortunate to have you in my life. Thank you for your inspiration! You are in my thoughts and prayers! Jan Sherman I am your loving, devoted fan and I pray and visualize complete healing. May the healing light of the Universe enter you and wash Golden Spirit through you. Namaste and Love, Suzi Dunetz Sending you lots of love and healing prayers, as well as some help from the Ministry of Healers your way!!! Thank you for your wisdom and teachings! You are an instrument of Peace... and inspiration! I see you strong, healthy and whole... Enjoying the rest of your beautiful journey! :) Kirsten Hanson inspiration, light, beauty, soothing voice, humor, shift, all is one, these are the few words that come up when I think of you, Source Energy Healing goes to you, all my love, in infinite gratitude. Sameen D’hall
  58. 58. Your work is not complete. You will be blessed as you have blessed us with your life! Deborah Ot Blade You are amazing -- sending all the positive vibes and energy that I can your way!! Mindy Starly wow. there are not words to say. you and my dad could have been twins. (except he was not famous, except to me) thank you for all the teachings, esp. the talk at celebrate your life in phoenix. i know w/o even accessing my shamic powers of vision that you are, and always have been, completely healed. what you chose to next only your heart knows, but all of us would love for you to stay in physical form. it is said 1 enlightened being, vibrating at the level of god's love is enough to overcome the combined negativity of the entire world. you are that vibration. we love you. Elizabeth Cogan You have changed my life, by changing my life you have changed my familie's life... thank you just does not seem enough. I am grateful every day and I am grateful to my friend who showed me your your books and your cd's. You are my inspiration, your dedication is beautiful your love and compassion for everyone, lif...e has touched me and I am amazed. YOu have a beautiful soul and I wish that uppon everyone! Patricia Maricio I have all your books, read them over and over, watched you relentlessly on PBSand try to practice what you've taught us. You've made such a difference in my life. I wish you all the best. Betty Jung You have helped and inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the world - thank you. Blessings Maria, Adelaide, Australia
  59. 59. Your presence and love has touched so many lives. Sending positive vibrations and much love and blessings. Dianasue Holland Yes, everything is for a reason and I believe that you will help others once again to help them on their path! May God Bless you always and I will remember you in my thoughts and prayers! Thanks for all that you do for all of us. And now we send all our love and prayers for you on your journey! Many Blessings to you! Maria Perucci Years ago you helped to plant a seed in me that led me to a more enlightened spiritual path. Hearing you speak on PBS about things in which I knew nothing: intention, connecting to source, and quantum physics (I thought what does physics have to do with any of this stuff??!!). Remembering the book my mother had-"Your... Erroneous Zones" (a guy friend saw it and did a double take- he thought it said "Your Erogenous Zones"!!!). Thank you for your inspiring words. Many healing thoughts to you. ♥ ♥ ♥ Beth Hanley Wayne, you are love, you are light & you are laughter. You know what you are and what you have to do! His will be done. I dont know how to tell you this but i love you very much and your voice conforts me but you dont even know me and yet you have helped me. Gods faith will guide you always. With Love, Monica♥ Garcia Dear Dr. Wayne: May your body respond to all the wonderful healing energy of your great spirit and mind, and we all pray for your immediate recovery. Love Light and Laughter to You. Carroll Doyle Sending you Dr. Wayne lots of love, light and good energy with lots of laughter. You are truly an inspiration to all. God Bless You. Gloria garza May all the blessings you have brought to me return in kind to you tenfold. The ways are too numerous to elaborate. May Divine Love
  60. 60. vibrate within the gap, healing for the good of all concerned. All will be well for your greatest good. Love, beingness, joy and gratitude. Namaskara. Suzzane Sherako You have my love , blessings and smiles. Peace. Carolyn J Green I believe that we are always in a healing space and healing place no matter what outward circumstances may appear to be. We are all on a journey together on the infinite evolutionary spiral of the great benevolent spirit of the all that is. We are all one intersecting with one another in the great web of love and light... Kimberly Kent Sending Huge Reiki Hugs to Wayne ~ what a light you are to the Planet!!! Diona Bishop So much gratitude and peace you bring to many. So much light and healing we return to you. Love and blessings from our hearts, Angela Mendola Peace & much health to a Dr. Wayne Dyer....This is a shift in your life, one to learn much from...With great gratitute from someone whom you have taught so much....Alfredo Zamora Love and brightest blessings to a wonderul man !!! Beth Gauthia ♥ :-) to Dr Wayen i send my energy towards him and i will think only goodthing for him. ♥ :-) Theuns Serfontain I believe. Love will find a way! XOXO Wayne♥ Sharon Calderado
  61. 61. ...i am sorry, but my english is not so good...if i well enderstand, M. Dr. Wayne Dyer is ill . So, i am going to send to him my bests positives and loving thinking. Best regards for all of you. Ama Anne- Marie Aeberhard Hugs, Love and Angels Blessings coming your way Dr Wayne ♥ ♥ ♥ Sylvia Richardson Sending Dr. Wayne Dyer healing love joy peace and blessings... Dennis Millar From my Soul to Yours.....Healing...Love and Pure Light....Gratitude for all I have been opened to by you....growing me..Dear Wayne Dyer....I only see you healthy and happy Now.....NOW..........................Always, JanaChristine Sending healing vibes to you, Dr. Wayne! Thanks for all you've done for me! Florence Bernard We send our love and energy and healing to him and thank him for his many years of love and teaching that he has and given to others...... Janet Thompson Sending my light and love and healing to Wayne Dyer. He has helped me more than he can ever know. I owe him my humble gratitude for sharing his wisdom. Darleen Brown sending love, hope your way as you have always sent it to all of us with no strings attached! I love you Dr. Dyer :) Bonnie tanous
  62. 62. I send all my love and blessings to Dr. Dyer. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, love of life and triumphs with us all. Thank you and many blessings. You are health and your body is healing with each passing moment. Anna Rosario the got dr dyer book and cd's i had in my without listening i went to my kitchen broke all my cigrates and binned them and have never looked back now i have whole selection of them life is better i am happy and more spiritual everyday. thank dr wayne. i send u love and smiles. your name make me peaceful. god bless u .Simona Lewis The picture of Wayne with Healing Hands, Light and colours is quite beautiful, It would be lovely to have one, It radiates so much Love, and I almost feel as if it draws you into it I ...send Love & Smiles and ask for Healing for him, He is a very Beautiful Being and has inspired so many. Bless You Wayne in Love and Light Mary Hilary Noonan With all that I have..I send my light given to me... Heartbeats....Danielle Jackson Dear Wayne, I first learned about you back in the early 80's through Nightingale Conant. You rocked my world, in a good way, and thanks to your influences, I made it through some really tough challenges to my physcial health. Now, steady and strong, I am here, sending you plenty of light and love, with a touch of Lau...ghter Medicine thrown in, to boost your spirits, and your immune system! With unmeasurable love and appreciation, Shakuntala Lynn l love your meditations they have helped in so many ways thank u! Alicia Marchilden wayne I am reading Excuses be gone, thanks its helping allot, Byron Akey
  63. 63. Dear Dr. Dyer, My first experience with you was reading Pulling your own Strings when I was mother put it in my hands and said "it is time for you to read this"...and I have been following you ever since. I am 46 years old now...and you are in my prayers. I can't ever express how much insight you have helped... me gain...I am grateful for your expressions. I am sending lots of prayers and love your way.... Donna Wright Dear Dr. Dyer, 3 cucumber spears and half a lemon juiced in a glass of water, repeat until the shivers start, Stop the cucumber lemon, then drink ginger tea might be useful as I used this when I was working with an 80 year old man with lymphatic cancer in New Jersey (he is 84 now and cancer free). The acid/alkaline he...lps change the chemistry of the blood enough to help the body jumpstart the healing process. I will gladly share more info with you if interested. You are in my prayers and much Gratitude to you. William King Gutsall My journey started about 15 years ago when i read "YOU WILL SEE IT WHEN YOU BELIEVE IT" whatever inspired me to pick up that book changed my life forever and I am SO grateful to have you in my life... i will never forget that HUG when i finally met you... Namaste Suzanne Peebles Dr. Dyer ~ you have changed my life. I love you ! Bobbie Flatt I love purely. I live conciously. I laugh loudly. Thanks Dr. Wayne Dyer for being my source of inspiration. Nicole Storozuc Dr. Wayne, you have been my "spiritual guru" for several years. When I was a teenager I read "Im Okay, Your Okay" and Pulling your Own Strings" , I have seen you transform over the years from a very talented psychologist to a light footed, light filled, generous, magical, ,and spiritually holy prophet who has helped s...o many of us find our path, and have given us the tools to remain on our path, by letting go of outside influences and just allowing ourselves to be. As he said, "does the whale wake in the morning and wonder what he will do that day"? I love that quote and I love you Dr Wayne. Tons of Love and Healing Light! Lori Ford
  64. 64. Sending you Love Wayne. Chad Brown Sending much love and healing light to Wayne Dyer. Shari Covens Sending lots of universal love and compassion enegies to Dr. Wayne Dyes with Karuna. Your books has been as a big inspiration for me on my own journy to my inner self and soul. Thank you for that. Karrina Nirrow Today as always, I send my "healed" thoughts to you Dear Dr Wayne, you taught me how to heal my own Body, and then I went on to learn so much more - because of the Path I started, I needed to know "who I became" (before, a PTA MOM) traditional thinker in Poor Health...but thanks to you, I love to share the "good Mind ...Viruses" and work with my Gift of Healing to anybody who may have such a need!!! Namaste Carroll Doyle Dr. Dyer... May love flood into your heart and penetrate every cell in your body and every electrical impulse flowing through you...and rejuvinate all that is your shell to perfect balance. You have healed so many that surely this will be your journey. I am so grateful for your beautiful love and spirit. All my love,... light, blessings and intention for healing, Kiva from Chicago :) Wayne: I send you a piece of holy FIRE to rekindle your spirit, so that you know how much you are loved, by us, by Spirit, by the Universe which you showed us how to connect with: be LOVE d Marriane YoungBlood
  65. 65. Sending you Love Dr Dyer. You have and continue to be one of those who have cleared the path and set an example for me. I honor you. Maria Corazon Placido