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  • The point of this slide and the next is to show how much information is currently displayed in a Start Center and App page of Maximo. This can be OK when you’re sitting in front of a large monitor, but there are users who only need to perform particular tasks or see specific information on the go. Those folks don’t need to see so much information, and it wouldn’t be appropriate to show them so much on a mobile device. In the same way that a site like Amazon shows a scaled back screen that’s specially designed for a mobile device, Maximo should do that, too.
  • Same problem as previous – too much information for a mobile user who needs to see and interact with specific information quickly on a small screen.
  • The problem is that, it’s currently difficult to design a Maximo app for viewing in a mobile device. How much real estate is available? The current screen template has a big banner and some really small navigation buttons. Those won’t be easy to use on an iPhone…
  • With Maximo Everyplace, use the screen viewer in App Designer (the red box) to show you how much real estate is available on an iPhone. You can add as many screen resolutions as you like for the screen viewer to represent, so that you can configure screens for other devices that use Maximo-supported browsers (like tablets or toughbooks). Open an existing application, and rework the screen so that the elements you need are visible – eliminate the extra functionality that mobile users won’t need. The resulting app is shown on an iPhone.
  • The idea is that you’d typically start with an existing application, clone it, then start deleting screen elements to make the app fit on the smaller, mobile device screen. You also have the option to create apps from scratch.
  • All the same elements from the Start Center still work in the iPhone; they just are shown in a way that’s more appropriate to the device and user experience.
  • August 16, 2011 This information was taken from the Gartner Group report, The EAM Market Shows Growth and Consolidation , published in 2004. The next slide gives examples of IBM Maximo customers who have achieved these types of benefits.


  • 1. Maximo Everyplace 7.1 Lori Landesman Pradeep Nair Ken Rawlings
  • 2. Agenda
    • Overview
    • Product Details
    • Sales Overview
      • Ordering & Licensing Details
    • Q & A
  • 3. Overview Pradeep Nair
  • 4. IBM Maximo Everyplace
    • Enhanced Maximo Application Designer toolkit for running current Maximo desktop applications (UIs) on additional PC based systems (tablets, netbooks) and Apple’s iPhone & iPod Touch
      • Facilitates designing web browser based user interfaces supporting various screen sizes and layouts
      • Specific focus on mobile screens, layouts and controls
  • 5. Important Considerations
    • Maximo Everyplace does not replace Maximo Mobile
      • Customers may purchase both Maximo Mobile and Maximo Everyplace
        • Maximo Everyplace is for users who are connected “always”
          • No offline capabilities
        • Maximo Mobile is for users who can be disconnected and requires Maximo data while disconnected
          • A set of work orders
          • Additional related information
      • Maximo Mobile is the mobile solution for remote/disconnected work
    • Maximo Everyplace is a PRPQ release
      • Limited / controlled release
        • Maximo
        • English only
        • iPhone / iPod Touch only
  • 6. Positioning At a Glance
    • IBM Maximo Mobile
    • Maximo 6 or 7
    • Connected or Disconnected
    • Maximo
    • Calibration and Service Desk
    • Embedded single point of service and administration on the server
    • Windows Mobile Client
    • PDA devices
    • Syclo SMART
    • Maximo 4, 5, 6 or 7
    • Connected or Disconnected
    • Maximo Industry Solutions
    • Multiple enterprise applications
    • Integrated mapping, GIS and GPS
    • Dynamic screen flows and custom forms
    • Windows Mobile Client
    • PDA devices, full screen laptop or tablet support
    • IBM Maximo Everyplace
    • Maximo
    • Connected
    • All of Maximo (including industry solutions) screens extended to mobile devices
    • Embedded single point of service and administration on the server
    • IE, Firefox and Mobile Safari browsers
    • Apple iPhone / iPod touch
  • 7. Product Details Lori Landesman
  • 8. What is Maximo Everyplace?
    • Access to the same Maximo you use from desktop browsers, but with expanded browser support
      • Mobile Safari (for iPhone and iPod touch)
    • Ability to configure screens for mobile devices running supported browsers through special App Designer features
      • Configuration happens on a desktop machine, not a mobile device
  • 9. Why do it?
    • Customers want quick access to specific Maximo functionality on a mobile device
    • They don’t want to have to download anything on to the device in order to get access to Maximo (Everyplace is entirely browser based; nothing to install on the device)
    • They want the WYSIWYG configuration capabilities that the Maximo Application Designer provides
    • They don’t want to invest heavily in the devices (you can get an iPhone starting at US$200 in US)
  • 10. Does it work on a Blackberry?
    • No
    • Only adds support for the Mobile Safari browser, so the iPhone and iPod Touch are the only mobile devices we’ve added support for
    • Maximo Everyplace will work on devices using browsers we currently support like IE, so devices like the Panasonic Toughbook as well as many tablet PCs are supported
    • We intend to add support for more browsers and devices going forward.
      • Browsers using the webkit engine are the most likely targets as they seem to handle Maximo best.
      • Blackberry does not currently use a webkit-based browser
  • 11. Details and requirements for Maximo Everyplace
    • September 2009 release as a PRPQ
    • English only
    • Requires Maximo
    • Supported browsers:
      • Mozilla Firefox 3.0+ for Windows XP and Redhat Linux desktop
      • Internet Explorer 7.x – Windows XP
      • Vista O/S Client w/Internet Explorer 7.x
      • Mobile Safari for iPod touch and iPhone
    • Requires Internet connectivity on devices where Maximo is used
      • Nothing to install on the devices (aside from the browser, where necessary)
      • No offline support
  • 12. What’s included and not included
    • New Application Designer functionality to make designing for different screen sizes easier
    • A new look for Maximo applications that can be applied on a per-application basis. It makes interacting with Maximo easier on a touch screen
    • No new apps are included. Rather, we’re delivering the toolkit in the Application Designer to help customers make their own applications easier to use across a range of devices.
    • All the functionality of Maximo is available for use in Maximo Everyplace applications
  • 13. Where to get information
    • Three 3-min video demos are available on GSA (requires GSA username and password) at:
    • The three guides that ship with the product as well as the sample applications (requires GSA username and password):
    • Everyplace VMs are currently being created and will be available in the next few weeks at:
  • 14. Current Maximo Start Center
  • 15.
  • 16. Work Order Tracking in Application Designer
  • 17. Application Designer – Create Mobile Applications
  • 18. Choose the appropriate viewport size in App Designer iPhone size comes pre-loaded; add others via a domain. The Viewport size corresponds to the size of the red box
  • 19. Use appropriate look for a touchscreen Select Is Mobile checkbox to switch to a look that includes larger fonts and screen elements that are easier to control with your finger instead of a mouse
  • 20. Use the new application on any device with a supported browser The Viewport size is saved in the presentation and helps you design better apps in the Application Designer, but it doesn’t limit the user’s ability to use the same app on different devices. Shown here: a Work Order clone designed for an iPhone screen, but viewed at 1024x768 resolution on a laptop.
  • 21. Start Center
  • 22. Work Order Clone: List Page
  • 23.
    • Demo
  • 24. Sales Overview Pradeep Nair
  • 25. Maximo Everyplace PRPQ Details
    • i-Listed PRPQ
      • Limited / controlled release
        • Maximo
        • English only
        • iPhone / iPod Touch only
      • Available in the AAS system (not in PA or FCT)
      • PID: 5799-MEA
        • OTC Feature #: US: 0001 AP/CAN: F6ED EMEA/LA: VNLLBG
      • All orders require approval by Product Management
        • Pradeep Nair
        • Ken Rawlings
        • Don Busiek
        • Lori Landesman
  • 26. PRPQ Order Process
    • Order Process for IBM Sellers
      • Create quote thru the Request for Price Quotation (RPQ) system
        • (Notes DB US: D03DBL02/03/A/IBM, and r_dirrpqdpt.nsf ) search for ref # P04823 or Maximo
      • Work with your rep to enter the order into the AAS system
        • Order will be routed to us for approval
      • We will forward the Support Statement of Work (SOW) with the approval
        • SOW must be approved/accepted by the customer before the order is fulfilled
    • Business Partner process being looked into
  • 27. Maximo Everyplace Licensing & Support
    • Maximo Everyplace is licensed on a per user basis for the total number of Authorized/Primary + Limited Use/Secondary Maximo users
      • Basically an uplift to their user license for the added functionality
      • For example:
        • Customer has 100 Authorized Maximo User and 300 Limited Use Maximo User
        • Total # of Maximo Everyplace license required = 400
    • Product is supported thru SOW
      • Development provides support
      • Doesn’t go thru regular support
  • 28. Key Differentiators
    • Extends Maximo’s applications to “connected” mobile devices
    • Requires no additional server hardware or software components
      • Further improves Maximo’s overall TCO
    • Uses web browsers already on the devices
      • No additional client software component is required
    • Constant connectivity provides real-time updates
      • Enables faster responses and quicker resolutions.
    • Maximo look & feel
      • Provides the same UI look and feel across devices
      • Reduces user training and errors related to switching between UIs.
  • 29. Maximo Everyplace Value Propositions
    • IBM Maximo Mobile
    • Separate install on mobile devices
    • No WYSIWYG configuration capabilities
    • Access limited to Maximo functionality delivered on mobile by IBM
    • Embedded single point of service and administration on the server
    • Syclo SMART
    • Separate install on mobile devices
    • Separate WYSIWYG tooling
    • Access Maximo functionality from mobile device but 1 st develop the mobile equivalent apps
    • Separate server installation
    • Separate administration for Agentry server
    • IBM Maximo Everyplace
    • Install nothing on the mobile devices
    • Configure any Maximo application for mobile use using the Maximo Application Designer WYSIWYG tooling
    • Access any Maximo functionality from the mobile device
    • Embedded single point of service and administration on the server
  • 30. Business Values
    • Can make the difference in competitive situations
      • EAM competitors do not have similar full-breadth access option
      • ERP (SAP) relies on 3rd party
    • Another factor for customers to upgrade to v7
    • Something you can sell back into the v7 install base
    Use Maximo Everyplace as a differentiator for New Sales and Upgrades
  • 31. Mobile Dis/Connected Decision Process Maximo 4 Maximo 5 Maximo 6 Maximo 7 IBM Maximo Everyplace SMART for Maximo IBM Maximo Mobile Always connected Mobile Access to Multiple Enterprise Systems Mobile Dev Platform Mobile Industry Sols*** Yes No No No No Yes Yes Yes
  • 32. Summary
    • Determine the best solution for the customer
      • Connected
        • IBM Maximo Everyplace (for Maximo
      • Connected / Disconnected
        • IBM Maximo Mobile (for Maximo 6+, and certain Industry Solutions)
        • SMART for Maximo (for Maximo 4, 5 and certain Industry Solutions)
    • Maximo Everyplace is a PRPQ
      • Controlled release: Maximo 7.1.15, English, iPhone / iTouch
      • Different PRPQ ordering process for IBM Sellers
        • Business Partners process tbd
      • Product is supported by development thru SOW
  • 33. Help Resources
    • Tools and Help Resources
      • Tivoli Virtual Sales Academy (TVSA)
      • Maximo Mobile Sales Landing Page
      • EAM in Tivoli Talk
      • Customer References
      • Tivoli Competitive Action Portal
      • IBM Business Value Analyst Tool
      • Tivoli Integrated Demo Environment
      • Analyst InSight
    • EAM Sales Enablement Team
      • Toni Hodge, Manager –
      • Theo Winkelmann –
      • Jim Li –