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Youth policy recommendations


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  • 1. Perspectives on Youth Policy National Youth Summit 2008 [email_address] Ali Salman
  • 2. Outline
    • Overall idea (what it means for youth)
    • Weak areas (concerns)
    • Key points to be taken up in MoYA
    National Youth Summit 2008
  • 3. Framework for youth development
    • Ten Year Perspective Development Plan
    • Millennium Development Goals
    • Pakistan Poverty Reductions Strategy
    National Youth Summit 2008
  • 4. Process of Consultation
    • Various government agencies, provincial governments (including the Government of AJK and the members of the Northern Areas Council)
    • The youth, their organisations and youth-serving agencies, civil society organizations, district and provincial governments.
    • National consultation workshop on 29th January 2005
    National Youth Summit 2008
  • 5. Values in PYP
    • Pakistaniat (love for the country, fellow citizens and respect for Pakistani citizenship)
    • rawadaari (tolerance combined with mutual respect) demonstrated through enlightened moderation
    • vigour for honesty and hard work
    • rigour for excellence
    • informed and broader outlooks and healthy lifestyles.
    National Youth Summit 2008
  • 6. Vision of PYP
    • “ to achieve a future for all young Pakistanis, which is free from any type of discrimination in promoting a democratic, enlightened and prosperous Islamic Republic of Pakistan, where young women and men can enjoy a full, abundant, free and safe life enabling them to become active participants in all those activities that fulfill their potential, hopes, dreams and ambitions leading to full integration in economic, social, cultural and spiritual life of society.”
    National Youth Summit 2008
  • 7. Action Plans (Short term 2005-06)
    • Capacity building of the Ministry and provincial partners
    • National and provincial youth conventions
    • Institutionalization of implementation and monitoring activities
    • Pakistan Youth Survey 2005
    • Pakistan Youth Diversity Express
    • SAARC Youth Ministers Moot
    National Youth Summit 2008
  • 8. Action Plans (Medium: 05-08)
    • Youth Empowerment Programmes
      • Culture, Arts
      • Enterprise
      • Vocational Training
    • Youth organizations, volunteerism and leadership programme
    • Youth Support infrastructure programmes
    National Youth Summit 2008
  • 9. Action Plan (Long Term 05-10)
    • Youth TV and radio
    • Social Inclusion of youth & mainstreaming of youth issues
    • Financing for the Youth Development
    National Youth Summit 2008
  • 10. Concerns National Youth Summit 2008 Area Conventional Approach Modern Approach Role of Youth Affairs Div. Projects and Problems Supportive and Catalytic Role of Youth in Policy Eye Agents of Reform Focus of Reform (Understanding) View of Youth ‘ Youth is Future’ ‘ Youth is Present’ Emphasis of Policy Commands and Demands Consults and Rewards Concern of Planning National Development Youth Development Delivery Mechanism Centralized, Physical Infrastructure Decentralized, Public-Private Partnership
  • 11. Alternate Vision
    • “ To enable a sustainable process of understanding of youth culture, youth voice, and youth development leading to their self-development and unleashing their capabilities to create a Better Pakistan.”
    National Youth Summit 2008
  • 12. Options for MoYA National Youth Summit 2008   FOCUS IMPLICATION ACTION OPTION 1 Problem Approach Duplication, conflicts, Irrelevance Centralized Projects & Plans OPTION 2 Catalyst Approach Linkages with other agencies Youth Windows OPTION 3 Mentor Approach Partnerships, Alliances Youth Scenario & Network
  • 13. Action Points for Policy Dialogue
    • Understanding: Monitoring and Evaluation Wing for Youth Indicators at MoYA/ Planning Commission
    • Reaching out: Mainstreaming of divergent youth elements in national polity
    • Building partnerships: Should endorse NWS for building linkages with private sector to steer public-private partnerships
    National Youth Summit 2008