Botanical name of Different Trees


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Botanical name of Different Trees

  1. 1. 1 Forest TreesBotanical Name: Abies pindrow RoyleLocal Name: AcharCommon Names: Zarnab (U); West Himalayan Silver Fir (Eng.)Habit: Tall coniferous tree of temperate regionsBotanical Name: Acacia modesta WallLocal Name: PalosaCommon Names: Phulai (U)Habit: TreeBotanical Name: Achyranthus aspera L.Local Name: GishkayCommon Names: Puthkanda (U)Habit: A perennial wasteland herbBotanical name: Acorus calamus L.Local Name: Skhawaja.Common names: Warch (U); Sweet flag (Engl.)Habit: Herb of moist placesBotanical Name: Adiantum venestum D.Don.Local Name: SumbalCommon Names: Persoshan (U); Maiden Hair Fern (Eng.)Habit: Shade and moisture loving small fernBotanical Name: Adiantum nigrum L.Local Name: SumbalHabit: Shade and moisture loving fernBotanical Name: Aesculus indica (Wall. ex. Cambl.) Hk.f.Local Name: JawazCommon Names: Horse Chestnut (Eng.)Habit: A large deciduous tree of temperate areasBotanical Name: Ailanthus altissima (Mill) SwingleLocal Name: BackyanraCommon Names: Tree of Heaven (Eng.)Habit: Large size fast growing cultivated treeBotanical Name: Ajuga bracteosa Wall. ex. Benth.
  2. 2. 2Local Name: Khwaga BooteiCommon Names: Kauri Booti & Neel Khanti (U)Habit: Shade loving herb growing in crevicesBotanical Name: Allium cepa Linn,Local Name: PiazHabit: A cultivated vegetableBotanical Name: Allium sativum LinnLocal Name: OogaHabit: A common cultivated vegetableBotanical Name: Alnus nitida EndlLocal Name: GeirayHabit: Tree growing along water courses.Botanical Name: Amaratus viridis Linn. Syn: Amaranthus gracilis LinnLocal Name: ChalwaeyHabit: Annual herb every common in summer.Botanical Name: Andrancne cordifolia Muell.Local Name: KrachayHabit: A perennial herbBotanical Name: Amaranthus spinosus LinnLocal Name: ChalwaeyHabit: A common annual weed at waste placesBotanical Name: Apluda mutica LinnLocal Name: WakhaHabit: Common grassBotanical Name: Arisaema flavum schottLocal Name: MarjaraiHabit: Perennial herb of moist shady habitat.Botanical Name: Artemisia scoporia Waldst and Ket. Syn: Artemisia trichophylla Wall. Ex DCLocal Name: JaukayHabit: Leaves, shoots,seeds
  3. 3. 3Botanical Name: Aristida cyanatha Neez ex SteudLocal Name: WakhaHabit: Common grass growing everywhere in plains and foot hills.Botanical Name: Asparagus officinalis Linn.Local Name: TendoraiHabit: Perennial herb.Botanical Name: Asphodelus tenuifolius CavanLocal Name: Piazakay, OogakaeyHabit: Common spring weedBotanical Name: Avena sativa Linn.Local Name: JamdarHabit: An annual weed of wheat field.Botanical Name: Berberis lycium RoyleLocal Name: KwarayHabit: Spiny shrub of exposed placesBotanical Name: Bergenia himalyca BorissLocal Name: MakanpatHabit: Rhizomatous plant of shady moist habitat.Botanical Name: Brassica camapestris Linn.Local Name: SharshumHabit: A cultivated vegetable and oil seed crop.Botanical Name: Brassica campestris Linn . Var. rapa.Local Name: TeparHabit: A cultivated vegetableBotanical Name: Brassica olaraceae Linn . Var. botrytisLocal Name: GhobiHabit: A cultivated vegetable.Botanical Name: Buxus sempervirense HK.f.Local Name: ShamshadHabit: Shrub growing under treesBotanical Name: Calotropic procera (Willd.) R.Br. Syn: Asciepias procera Willd.
  4. 4. 4Local Name: SpulmaeyHabit: Common weed of waste, dry and exposed.Botanical Name: Calendula arvensis Linn.Local Name: Zair gulae.Habit: An annual wild herb.Botanical Name: Calendula officinale Linn.Local Name: Zair gulaeHabit: A cultivated ornamental herb.Botanical Name: Canabis sativa Linn. Syn: Canabis indica Lamk.Local Name: BhangHabit: An annual wild herb of waste places.Botanical Name: Caralluma edulis (Edgew.) Bth ex HK.f. Syn: Boucerosia edulis Edgew.Local Name: PamankayHabit: A succulent perennial herb.Botanical Name: Conyza canadensis ConquistLocal Name: MallochHabit: Common wild herb.Botanical Name: Capsella bursa-pastoris (Linn.) Medic.Local Name: BambaisaHabit: An annual weed.Botanical Name: Capsicum annum Linn.Local Name: Ghat MarchakayHabit: An annual cultivated herb.Botanical Name: Celtis caucasica Linn.Local Name: TaghaHabit: A medium to tall size tree of foot hillsBotanical Name: Clematis grata Wall.Local Name: GhrazelaHabit: Common wild climbing herb.Botanical Name: Chenopodium album Linn.
  5. 5. 5Local Name: SarmayHabit: An annual wild weed of fields.Botanical Name: Convolulus arvensis Linn.Local Name: PrewataiHabit: An annual climbing herb.Botanical Name: Colocasia esculentum Linn.Local Name: KachalooHabit: Cultivated vegetableBotanical Name: Cotonester microphylla WallLocal Name: KharawaHabit: A medium sized shrub.Botanical Name: Colchicum Luteum Baker.Local Name: Suranjan-e-sherinHabit: Rhizomatous plant of moist temperate forests.Botanical Name: Citrulus colocynthis Shard. Syn: Cucumis colocynthis LinnLocal Name: KalkundaeyHabit: A prostrate herb found in dry maize fields.Botanical Name: Coriandrum sativum Linn.Local Name: DhanyalHabit: An annual cultivated herbBotanical Name: Cucumis sativus Linn.Local Name: BadrangHabit: Prostrate to climbing herb.Botanical Name: Cucurbita Spp.Local Name: BindolHabit: A cultivated climbing herb.Botanical Name: Cucurbita maxima Linn.Local Name: Khog KadooHabit: A cultivated prostrate to climbing herb.Botanical Name: Cucurbita pepo Linn.
  6. 6. 6Local Name: Gharangy KadooHabit: An annual prostrate to climbing cultivated herb.Botanical Name: Daphne oloides Schreb. Syn: Daphne mucronata RoyleLocal Name: LaighonaiHabit: Common chrub.Botanical Name: Datura innoxia MillLocal Name: Dhatura/MangazHabit: Common waste land herb.Botanical Name: Debregeasia salicifolia (D. Don) Rendle Syn: Boehmeriasalicifollia D.DonLocal Name: AjlaiHabit: A water course shrub.Botanical Name: Dactyloctenium aegyptium (L.) P.Beauv.Local Name: Wakha.Habit: A common grass.Botanical Name: Dicanthium annulatum (Forssk)Local Name: WahkaHabit: Common medium sized grass.Botanical Name: Diospyrus lotus Linn. (Fig. 3)Local Name: Toor amlookHabit: A wild medium sized tree.Botanical Name: Diospyrus kaki Linn .(Fig. 4)Local Name: Ziar AmlookHabit: This Japanese persimmon is grafted in the local Diospyruslotus.Botanical Name: Diplachne fusca (L.) P. Beauv.Local Name: BangayaHabit: A medium sized grass of dry habitat.Botanical Name: Dodonea viscosa (L.) Jacq. (Fig. 5)Local Name: Ghwaraskay.Habit: A shrubby plant of exposed dry habitat.Botanical Name: Dryopteris stewartii More K ze.
  7. 7. 7Local Name: Unknown.Habit: A fern of moist shady areas.Botanical Name: Fragaria indica Andrew.Local Name: Da Zamki Toot.Botanical Name: Echinops graffithianus Boiss.Local Name: UnknownHabit: A common spiny weed of exposed sites.Botanical Name: Equisetum arvense Linn.Local Name: Bandakay.Habit: A tall narrow herb of moist habitat.Botanical Name: Ehretia obtusifolia Hochst . ex DC. (Fig . 6) Syn: Ehretia obvata R. Br.Local Name: Ghada botay.Habit: A medium sized shrub.Botanical Name: Euphorbia helioscopa Linn.Local Name: Prewatka.Habit: An annual weed of fields.Botanical Name: Euphoriba prostrata Ait.Local Name: Warmaga.Habit: A prostrate annual herb.Botanical Name: Euphorbia wallichii Hk.f.Local Name: ShanglaHabit: A common herb in moist temperate forests.Botanical Name: Eriophorum comosum (Wall ex Roxb) Nees.Local Name: WakhaHabit: Grass of dry habitat.Botanical Name: Eucalptus globulus.Local Name: Lachi.Habit: Tall cultivated tree.Botanical Name: Ficus carica ForskLocal Name: InzarHabit: Medium sized cultivated tree.
  8. 8. 8Botanical Name: Ficus palmate Forsk Syn: Ficus varigata Roxb.Local Name: InzarHabit: A medium sized wild tree growing on slopes.Botanical Name: Gentiana kurroo Royle.Local Name: UnknownHabit: Small herb is exposed habitat.Botanical Name: Geranium collinum Steph ex Willd.Local Name: SrazellaHabit: A perennial herb.Botanical Name: Gymnosporia royleana Wall ex LawsonLocal Name: Soor azghay.Habit: A spiny shrub of foot hillsBotanical Name: Hedera nepalensis K. Koch.Local Name: Da Wano kalay.Habit: Tall liana climbing trees.Botanical Name: Helianthus annuus Linn.Local Name: Nwar parast.Habit: A tall cultivated herb.Botanical Name: Heteropogon contortus (L.) P. Beauv. Ex. Roem. & Schult.Local Name: Barwaza.Habit: A medium sized grass.Botanical Name: Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench. Syn: Hibiscus esculentus Linn.Local Name: Bhindi.Habit: A cultivated vegetable in summer.Botanical Name: Indigeofera heterantha Wall. Ex Brand. Syn: Indigeofera gerardiana Wall ex Baker.Local Name: Ghoureja.Habit: A medium sized shrub of exposed habitat.Botanical Name: Ipomoea carica Jacq. Syn: Ipomoea palmata Forssk.
  9. 9. 9Local Name: Unknown.Habit: A wild climbing weed in maize field.Botanical Name: Jasminum humile Linn.Local Name: Zair Rambail Chambail/Yasmin.Habit: A wild ornamental climbing shrub.Uses: It is ornamental. Root decoction is used for curing ringworms.Botanical Name: Jasminum officinale Linn.Local Name: Spin Rambail Chambail, Yasmin.Habit: A wild cultivated ornamental plant.Botanical Name: Justicia adhatoda L.Synonym: Adhatoda vasica Nees .Family: AcanthaceaeLocal Name: BaikarCommon Names: Arusa & Bhekar (U); Malabar Nut & Casaka (Eng.)Habit: Non palatable shrubBotanical Name: Juglans regia Linn.Local Name: GhuzHabit: A wild/cultivated large deciduous tree.Botanical Name: Limmonium gilesii (Hemsl. & Aitch) Rech. f.Local Name: Watwatakay.Habit: Succulent herb of dry exposed hills.Botanical Name: Lathyrus sativus Linn.Local Name: Chillo.Habit: A prostrate herb.Botanical Name: Lathyrus apache Linn.Local Name: Kurkamanay.Habit: Prostrate herb.Botanical Name: Luffa cylindrica (L.) Room. Syn: Luffa aegyptica Miller. ex Hk. f.Local Name: Torai.Habit: A cultivated climbing vegetable.Botanical Name: Malus pumila Mill. Syn: Pyrus malus Linn.
  10. 10. 10Local Name: Manra.Habit: A cultivated fruit trtee with many varities.Botanical Name: Mentha longifolia (L.) Huds. Syn: Mentha sylvestris Linn.Local Name: Villanay.Habit: A perennial herb of moist area.Botanical Name: Mentha spicata Linn. Syn: Mentha viridus Linn.Local Name: Podina.Habit: A perennial cultivated herb.Botanical Name: Melia azedarach Linn.Local Name: Tora Bikyana, Shandai.Habit: A medium sized wild/cultivated tree.Botanical Name: Malva neglecta Wall.Local Name: Panerak, SamchalHabit: A cultivated hurbBotanical Name: Mirabilis jalapa Linn.Local Name: Gul-e-Bada.Habit: A perennial ornamental herb.Botanical Name: Morchella esculenta (Linn.) Pers ex Fr.Local Name: GoujaiHabit: Mushroom of moist temperate habitat.Botanical Name: Micromeria biflora (Bunhi Ham ex D. Don. Benth)Local Name: UnknownHabit: Small herb of crevices.Botanical Name: Morus alba Linn.Local Name: Spin toot.Habit: A cultivated or wild deciduous tree.Botanical Name: Morus nigra Linn.Local Name: Toor Toot.Habit: A cultivated or wild deciduous tree.Botanical Name: Myrsine Africana Linn.
  11. 11. 11Local Name: Maru-rangHabit: A medium sized shrub.Botanical Name: Myrtus cummunis Linn.Local Name: ManroHabit: A medium sized shrub.Botanical Name: Memordica charantia Linn.Local Name: KarelaHabit: A cultivated prostrate to climbing herb.Botanical Name: Narcissus tazetta Linn.Local Name: Gul-e-Gangass, Gul-e-Nargis.Habit: A perennial herb of graveyards flowering in early spring.Botanical Name: Nasturtium officinale R. Br.Local Name: Talmeera.Habit: A perennial herb of moist habitat.Botanical Name: Nerium indicum Mill .(Fig.7) Syn: Nerium odorum Soland.Local Name: GanderayHabit: A huge shrub of water courses.Botanical Name: Nicotiana tabaccum Linn.Local Name: TambaccoHabit: Cultivated herb.Botanical Name: Olea ferrugenea RoyleLocal Name: KhonaHabit: Tall evergreen tree specified to graveyards.Botanical Name: Origanum vulgare Linn. Syn: origanum normal D.DonLocal Name: ShamakayHabit: A perennial herb.Botanical Name: Oryza sativa Linn.Local Name: SholyHabit: Cultivated staple crop where there is plenty of water.Botanical Name: Onychium japonicum (Thunb.). Kze
  12. 12. 12Local Name: Not knownHabit: Fern of moist temperate forests.Botanical Name: Otostegia limbata (Bth.) Boiss Syn: Ballota limbata Bth.Local Name: Spin azghay, Pishkanr.Habit: A small sized shrub.Botanical Name: Oxalis corniculata Linn.Local Name: Manzakay Tarookay.Habit: A perennial herb.Botanical Name: Papaver rhoeas LinnLocal Name: Alak JanaeyHabit: An annual plant flowering early in spring.Botanical Name: Papaver somniferum Linn.Local Name: Qash-QashHabit: A rarely cultivated herb on margins of gardensBotanical Name: Paeonia emodi Wall ex Hk. f.Local Name: MamaikhHabit: A perennial herb.Botanical Name: Plantago lanceolatum Linn.Local Name: JabaiHabit: An annual herb.Botanical Name: Polygonum arenastrum boreauLocal Name: Not knownHabit: A perennial herb of moist habitat.Botanical Name: Polygonum barbatum Linn.Local Name: PulpulakHabit: A perennial herb of moist habitat.Botanical Name: Polygonum amplexicaulis HK. f.Local Name: Tarva parna.Habit: A perennial herb of temperate habitat.0Botanical Name: Portulaca olearacea Linn.Local Name: Warkharae.
  13. 13. 13Habit: A cultivated herb.Botanical Name: Podophyllum emodi Wall. Ex RoyleLocal Name: KakoraHabit: A shade loving herbBotanical Name: Populus caspica Bornm Syn: Pinus longifolia Roxb. Ex LambLocal Name: NakhtarHabit: A characteristic tree of subtropical pine forest.Botanical Name: Pinus wallichiana A.B. Jackson Syn: Pinus excelsa WallLocal Name: PeeuchHabit: A characteristic tall tree of moist temperate habitat.Botanical Name: Picea smithiana (Wall) BoissLocal Name: MangazaeyHabit: Characteristic conifer of moist temperate forest.Botanical Name: Pisum sativum Linn.Local Name: MatarHabit: A cultivated climbing herbBotanical Name: Platanus orientalis LinnLocal Name: ChinarHabit: A cultivated/wild huge deciduous tree.Botanical Name: Plectranthus rugosus Wall. Ex BthLocal Name: Burtus, SpirkayHabit: A medium sized shrub of exposed dry places.Botanical Name: Prunus domestica Linn.Local Name: Alucha.Habit: A medium sized cultivated fruit tree with many varieties.Botanical Name: Prnus armeniaca Marsh.Local Name: KhubanaiHabit: A cultivated fruit tree with many varities.Botanical Name: Prunus persica Linn.
  14. 14. 14 Syn: Amagdalus persica LinnLocal Name: ShaltaluHabit: A small sized wild/cultivated fruit tree with many varieties.Botanical Name: Punica granatum Linn.Local Name: AnanghoraiHabit: A wild/cultivated fruit yielding small bush like tree.Botanical Name: Pteredium aquilinum (L.) Kuhn Syn: Pteris equilinum LinnLocal Name: KwanjaiHabit: A perennial fern of moist shady area.Botanical Name: Pyrus pashia Ham ex. D. DonLocal Name: TangaiHabit: A wild fruit treeBotanical Name: Quercus dialatata Lindle ex RoyleLocal Name: Spin banj.Habit: A slow growing tree.Botanical Name: Quercus incana Roxb.Local Name: Toor banjHabit: A slow growing tree.Botanical Name: Ranunculus aquatalis Linn.Local Name: JaghaghaHabit: An equatic herbBotanical Name: Raphanus sativus LinnLocal Name: Mooley.Habit: Cultivated herb.Botanical Name: Ricinis communis Linn.Local Name: HerhandaHabit: A perennial herbaceous shrub.Botanical Name: Rosa moschata J. Herm.Local Name: Zangaley GulabHabit: Climbing shrub of hilly areas.Botanical Name: Rosa spp.
  15. 15. 15Local Name: PalwariHabit: Climbing to prostrate shrub.Botanical Name: Robinia pseudoaccacia Linn.Local Name: KikarHabit: A cultivated tree.Botanical Name: Rubus ellipticus Smith.Local Name: Sra karwaraHabit: A climbing shrub.Part Uses: Fruit, leaves.Uses: Leaves serve as fodder for goats, hedge plant.Botanical Name: Rubus fruticousus Hk. f.Local Name: KarwaraHabit: A prostrate to climbing shrub.Botanical Name: Rumex nepalensis Spreng.Local Name: ShalkhayHabit: A perennial herb.Botanical Name: Rumex hastatus LinnLocal Name: TarookayHabit: Common plant of cliffs.Botanical Name: Saccharum bengalnese Retz.Local Name: SharghashayHabit: A grass of water course and field margins.Botanical Name: Saccharum spontaneum Linn.Local Name: KahaiHabit: A grass of moist, marchy habitat.Botanical Name: Salix babylonica LinnLocal Name: Wala.Habit: Dicidous tree along water coursesBotanical Name: Salix tetrasperma Roxb.Local Name: WalaHabit: A deciduous tree along water courses.Botanical Name: Setaria viridis (L.) P. Beauv
  16. 16. 16Local Name: WakhaHabit: Small grass of fields and waste areas.Botanical Name: Senecio chrysenthemoides D.C.Local Name: Ziar gualay.Habit: A perennial herb.Botanical Name: Silene vulgaris Linn.Local Name: ManghotayBotanical Name: Solanum miniatum Benth. Ex Wild SYN: Solanum nigrum L.Local Name: KachmachuHabit: A wild herbBotanical Name: Solanum surratense Burm. f. Syn:Solanum xanthocrpum Schard-ex Whendl.Local Name: Manraghonay.Habit: A small spiny prostrate herb.Botanical Name: Solanum tuburosum Linn.Local Name: AlooHabit: A cultivated tuberous herb.Botanical Name: Solanum esculentum Linn.Local Name: Batinganr.Habit: A cultivated herb.Botanical Name: Sorgham halepense (Linn) BresLocal Name: DadumHabit: Perennial rhizomatous weed.Botanical Name: Spinacea oleracea Linn.Local Name: Palak.Habit: A cultivated vegetable of autumn.Botanical Name: Thalictrum foliosum D.C.Local Name: Mamera.Habit: A rhizomatous herb of temperate areas.Botanical Name: Taraxacum officinale Webber.Local Name: Zair gulae.
  17. 17. 17Habit: A perennial herb.Botanical Name: Taxus wallichianaLocal Name: BanyaHabit: Conifer of moist temperate forest.Botanical Name: Trifolium repense Linn.Local Name: ShautalHabit: A wild/cultivated herb.Botanical Name: Tagates minuta Linn.Local Name: Zangaley HamishaHabit: Annual wild/cultivated herbBotanical Name: Triticum aestivum Linn.Local Name: GhanamHabit: A cultivated cereal crop.Botanical Name: Teucrium stocksianum Boiss.Local Name: Kwandi botay.Habit: Herbaceous plant of exposed areas.Botanical Name: Urtica dioca Linn.Local Name: Sizunkay.Habit: An annual stinging herb of moist and shady habitat.Botanical Name: Valeriana jatamansi JonesLocal Name: Mushk-e-BalaHabit: A perennial herb of temperate forestsBotanical Name: Verbascum thapsus LinnLocal Name: KhardhagHabit: An annual herb.Botanical Name: Viburnum foetens (D.Don) Wall ex. D.C. (fig .8)Local Name: Ghaz meva.Habit: Shrub of exposed habitat in temperate forests.Botanical Name: Viola betonicifolia Sm. (Fig 9)Local Name: Banafsha.Habit: A perennial herb of temperate forests.
  18. 18. 18Botanical Name: Viola canscens Wall ex Roxb. (Fig. 10)Local Name: BanafshaHabit: A perennial herb of temperate areas.Botanical Name: Vitex negundo Linn Syn:Vitex incise LamLocal Name: MarvandaeyHabit: A medium sized shrub of water courses and graveyards.Botanical Name: Vitis jacquemontii ParkerLocal Name: Ghedar kwar.Habit: A perennial wild climber, sometimes covering whole tree.Botanical Name: Xanthium strumarium Linn.Local Name: Ghiskay.Habit: An annual herb of waste land.Botanical Name: Zanthoxylum armatum D.C.Local Name: DambaraHabit: A medium sized spiny shrub.Botanical Name: Zea mays LinnLocal Name: JawarHabit: A cultivated crop.Botanical Name: Zizyphus sativa Gaertn.Local Name: MarkhanaeyHabit: Spiny medium sized tree.