Introducing the websumers


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In 2011, all marketers are convinced of the Internet’s indisputable power for brands. But how should one communicate? How can one integrate this new set of rules inherent to the World Wide Web.
Keystone Network has defined 5 profiles typifying the so-called websumers’ behaviors: Actives: the star, the sharer, the player // Passives: the observer, the inspector.

This segmentation defines the inherent motivations and reasons for Internet navigation, which are then linked to specific behaviors and attitudes on the web.
Thanks to the thorough understanding of the websumer, Keystone Network is able to help brands connect with their consumers on the Internet.

Partnering with Emakina and Keysteps, Keystone Network has developed the Web-Engine, a module for every marketing organization. In a 1-day workshop, the marketers will have access to a “social media online briefing” integrated with the overall marketing strategy.

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Introducing the websumers

  1. 1. As the Belgian leader In 2011, all marketers are convinced of the in qualitative market Internet’s indisputable power for research, Keystone brands. Network has been an expert for over 20 But there are still wide areas of uncertainty years in understanding about how to tackle this new challenge: consumers and brandsOver the past years, the company has How should one communicate?developed its digital expertise through How can one integrate the new set of rulesnew online interaction techniques, as well inherent to the Web?as through the study of online consumer How does one know which target to reach?behavior.
  2. 2. ACTIVE PLAYERNowadays, targeting the ‘internet users’ has STAR SHARERlost all sense. With over 65% of the Belgianpopulation connected to the Web, it has SHOW SHAREbecome essential to segment. OBSERVER INSPECTOR PASSIVE This segmentation defines the inherent motivations and reasons for InternetOnline studies have enabled Keystone navigation, which are then linked toNetwork in developing 5 profiles typifying specific behaviors and attitudes on thethe so-called websumers’ behaviors. Web. Let us introduce them …
  3. 3. •Love to be the center of interest and •Love having fun, playing games andfeel good in the spotlight doing contests are their passion and a way•The Web is a virtual window display to shake-off real lifewhere they can present themselves, their •The Web is a virtual playgroundpassions and expertise where they can always do something•They make the Web so active, creating •Take the Web easy and cooluser-generated content •Favorite touchpoints: Contests and •Favorite touchpoints: games platforms/websites one’s own blog, Twitter
  4. 4. •Social beings who love permanent •Love all type of information, no specificcontact with others (giving and receiving) goal, no need for seriousness•The Web is a virtual café where they •The Web is a virtual theater where theyshare their lives and opinions with their can enjoy the shownetwork •They prefer to stand in the background•They are a relay- not necessarily producing of the Web, while enjoying watchinga lot but sharing like crazy, making the others and being abreast of their lives. They Web buzzing feel safer in the anonymity of a group • Favorite •Favorite touchpoint: Facebook touchpoints: Facebook and Forum
  5. 5. •Control freaks who like to know what is Integrating the roles and influences of eachhappening. They always want to be well profile helps understanding the motivationposted and well informed and drivers behind the surf patterns.•The Web is a virtual library where What is the most represented profileinexhaustible sources are available in 1-click within your core target?•They see the Web as a folder : comparing,ordering and selecting everything Who are they? What are they interested in?•Favorite touchpoints: Information and What do they do? How to talk with them? comparator sites Where to find them? How to activate them? Which profiles should you leverage in order to reach yours? With which message? Through which touchpoints? We can help you find the answers!
  6. 6. At the present time, a brand needs to reach 80% of marketersbeyond its brand website by building a admit that they don’tmultifaceted online strategy, with the have the experienceimmediate goal of reaching the aforesaid needed to go beyondprofiles. the classical brand website. Do you?Partnering with Keysteps, Keystone hasdeveloped the Web-Engine module for Go beyond your brand website whileevery marketing organization. learning how to use social media adapted toThis module is preceded by a websumer your brand’s target.quali research that defines the typical At the end of the day, we will have builtprofiles of a brand’s target to focus on. together the “social media onlineThe results of the research are implemented briefing” for your brand, integrated within a rich and powerful 1-day workshop. the overall marketing strategy. Together let’s take action!