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Sheep lesson plan
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  • 1. I. Objectives:A. Cognitive:- The child should be able to identify the sheep.- The children should be able to know the characteristics of a sheep.B. Psychomotor:- The child should be able to complete the puzzle given.- The child should be able to lace the sheep.C. Affective:- The child shows empathy to the animal- Knows how to take care of the sheep.D. Social- The child should be able to communicate with his fellowclassmates.- Expresses his or her ideas freely.II. Materials:- Puzzles (sheep)- Big poster with the characteristics of a sheep.- Worksheet (lacing the sheep)- Cards with a sheep on it.- Box.- Ribbons (brown, black, white)
  • 2. III. Procedure:A. After circle time, the teacher shows her students a video (Ba BaBlack Sheep), after that she gets a big poster with a sheep on it andthey discuss it with some question. These questions are about thecharacteristics of the sheep.B. After this observation, the teachers has many cards all around theclassroom, she asks the children what do they think theyre goingto do? The answer is to find a card that has the sheep and put it inthe box located in the middle of the classroom.The teacher picks two children, she shows a card with a sheep on itand the children have to find the similar sheep in the classroom.C. When children are done with this dependent practice, they aredivided into three groups, one group is doing the puzzles (sheep)these cards are handmade just put a picture of a sheep on acardboard then cut it into tall rectangular shapes , the other one isplaying with dough, and the last one is lacing the sheep(worksheet).D. Each student has a sheep worksheet with pinched holes in it. Thechildren have to lace the sheep with the ribbon of their choice(brown, black, and white).IV. Evaluation:Student: the child must be able to finish the puzzle, as a formativeassessment I will be using observation and taking notes.