Pomodoro: 2 years after...


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Presentation from IT Brunch "Time Management" conference (online, February 2012) about my 2 years experience and lessons learned in Podomoro time management technique.

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  • Спасибо за хитрость со Skype. Обязательно попробую на практике. Сидеть в наушниках не очень люблю, но раньше когда-то сидел. Мне кажется, что придумать для себя знак 'занят' очень просто. Важнее донести это до коллег и не потерять при этом важную информацию.
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  • Привет, Николай. Тоже мучался со скайпом - решение в команде /alertsoff . Это первое что я ввожу в любой новый чат. Лично пишут редко, а вот чаты кипят. Об этом я поподробнее писал у себя блоге http://ssergeje.wordpress.com/2011/01/02/alertsoff/

    За помодоро - спасибо, за год использования скрама, появилась мысль, что это самый простой и хороший фреймовкр управления своим времен. Из анонса ИТ бранча узнал о помодоро и велосипед изобретать не пришлось :)

    По поводу синхронизации есть офисное правило - если надеты наушники - не беспокоить. Где-то читал или от кого-то слышал про метод с с двусторонним листиком А4 на столе с зелёной и красной стороной - зелёное свободен, красное - не тревожить.
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Pomodoro: 2 years after...

  1. 1. Pomodoro: 2 years after… Mikalai Alimenkou http://xpinjection.com 04.02.2012
  2. 2. Background• Java Technical Lead/Scrum Master at Zoral Labs• 7+ years in software development• 5+ years of working by Agile methodologies• Expert in Agile engineering practices• Founder and coach at XP Injection (http://xpinjection.com)• Organizer of Selenium Camp, JEEConf, XP Days Ukraine, IT Brunch conferences
  3. 3. Am I efficient enough?• Что изменилось в бизнесе? Он стал быстрее.
  4. 4. Yes, definitely yes! Skills Experience Time management Clear goals Help others
  5. 5. Why do I need to change? I feel stressed and tired at work I have no or small breaks
  6. 6. More symptoms• Reduced performance• Communication breakdown• Lower job satisfaction• Poor decision making• Focus on unproductive tasks
  7. 7. What are the reasons? Working • Cluttered workspace • Many interruptions environment • Too noisy • No clear priorities Poor • To many responsibilities planning • Inefficient delegation • Chaotic meetings • Huge email flow Social factors • Social networks • No rhythm
  8. 8. Parkinson’s Law Work expands to fill thetime available for doing it
  9. 9. I decided to try Pomodoro…
  10. 10. Simple rules • A Pomodoro is indivisible • Once a Pomodoro Choose Task begins, it has to ring • The next Pomodoro will go better 4x Take 5 Work 25minutes break minutes on it
  11. 11. What to do during breaks? Walking Drinking Relaxing Eating Smoking SleepingChatting Discussing Reading news
  12. 12. Pomodoro artifactsInventory sheetToday tasks sheet
  13. 13. Pomodoro estimation From to
  14. 14. Pomodoro normal cycle Take top priority task from Today Sheet Reprioritize Start Pomodoro tasks Focus on task Take a break until Pomodoro rings Mark Pomodoro as done
  15. 15. Interruptions workflow Void Start new Pomodoro Pomodoro Try to reschedule interruption Manage Finish current interruption Pomodoro during breakInterruption Try to protect happens Pomodoro Can interruption become a task? Create task in Increment Today Sheet counter
  16. 16. Working day schedule 4 Pomodoro Organizational 10 minutes (25 + 5 Pomodoro break minutes)10:00 10:30 12:30 12:40 4 Pomodoro 4 Pomodoro (25 + 5 Lunch (25 + 5 minutes) minutes)17:20 15:20 14:40 10 minutes Pomospective break 17:30 18:00
  17. 17. Pomodoro metrics • Pomodoros done per task type/tag • Pomodoros done per day • Number of interruptions • Percent of unplanned tasks • Estimations reality factor
  18. 18. It looks like Scrum Pomodoro Inventory Sheet Today Sheet Day VelocityOrganizational Pomodoro Task starting Pomospective
  19. 19. Pomodoro tools evolution1. + 4. +2. + 5.3. +
  20. 20. is based on continuousimprovement
  21. 21. Lesson learned #1Organizational Pomodoro is great idea
  22. 22. Lesson learned #2 Every activity should be measured in Pomodoro
  23. 23. Lesson learned #3 + = Interruptions evil
  24. 24. Lesson learned #4 Your lie is visible to othersBe honest with yourself
  25. 25. Lesson learned #5Perform estimation analysis
  26. 26. You can win with Pomodoro!• Daily Scrum preparation• Improved estimations precision• Improved productivity• Increased self-discipline
  27. 27. Pomodoro tools• http://www.focusboosterapp.com/• http://www.itlanddata.no/the-pomodoro-technique/• http://beatpoints.com/cherrytomato/• http://code.google.com/p/pomodairo/• http://www.vivasoftware.it/PomodoroTimer/MaToMaTo/• https://github.com/reborg/pomodori• http://alternativeto.net/software/pomodoro-desktop/• http://www.tomighty.org/• http://pomodoro.ugolandini.com/• http://reborg.github.com/pomodori/• http://flowkeeper.org/
  28. 28. Services and resources• Technique website: – http://www.pomodorotechnique.com/• Services: – http://www.pomodorohelper.com/ – http://www.pomodorotool.com/ – http://25minut.es/ – http://tomatoi.st – http://www.tomatoday.dk/
  29. 29. @xpinjection http://xpinjection.commikalai.alimenkou@xpinjection.com