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Wallept fi print

  1. 1. Future Implementations Wallept. Loyalty the way it should be.
  2. 2. OVERVIEW 1. Customer Acquisition Campaigns 2. Loyalty Campaigns 3. Wallept White-Label 4. Point of Sale Integration
  3. 3. Cross Marketing: Unlocking Gift Cards Businesses invite their customers to unlock incentives from local merchants right after their transaction. This allows customer engage- ment rate to increase dramatically since customers love free stuff. Participating customers attract customers from other local merchants by giving them an incentives. Co-marketing with other merchants re- sults new customers trying out businesses. 1Customer Acquisition Campaigns
  4. 4. Cross Marketing: Sponsored Stamps A marketing concept in which merchants pay to give users free digital stamps which they can then redeem for rewards. Cross selling: Such as users who get a stamp from Merchant A will receive an extra stamp for free from Merchant B. Featured sponsored stamps: Businesses can offer in-app featured sponsored stamps/rewards for Wallept users in specific day and time to attract new customers.
  5. 5. Refer-A-Friend Campaign Businesses can reward their customers for introducing their friends to your business with a refer-a-friend campaign. Enable customers to give an incentive to their friends and then reward them with that incentive when that friend makes their first transaction at your busi- ness.
  6. 6. Viral customer acquisition campaigns Businesses build and grow customer base with a viral customer ac- quisition campaign on Wallept. Wallept prompts customers to share businesses’ campaign with their friends on Facebook and Twitter after each transaction. Even better, businesses can track these custom- ers from point- of-discovery to first transaction and repeat transactions thereafter to calculate the true ROI of the advertising spend.
  7. 7. Facebook co-marketing When businesses run a customer acquisition campaign, each time their customers transact at any of their locations, they’ll be prompted from their in-app notification to share that incentive out to their friends on Facebook and Twitter. Wallept pays to promote those posts so that more of their friends see them. Customer acquisition campaigns along with our Facebook and Twitter ad budgets turn each of your customers transaction into a viral hotspot to promote your business.
  8. 8. Email Placement Campaign When users sign up for Wallept, we can recommend businesses for them to check out. If a business is running a customer acquisition campaign, we can constantly be promoting the business to new members of our community.
  9. 9. 2Loyalty Campaigns Motivate customers to come back more often and send more on each visit with a loyalty programs on Wallept. Users will see the loyalty construct in the app, in their emails, push notifications, on Facebook, Twitter and more. We will have all the tools to automatically keep the customers engaged and make the business a habitual part of their life.
  10. 10. Push Notifications Informative messages such as “Happy hour between 5-7pm every week day” or an offer for VIP customers to increase the value of the loyal customers. Examples include; • Offers, Coupons and deals • Gift cards to be shared with friends Sponsored Stamps • Informative personalized messages Push notifications are sent location based and time sensitively according to customer’s loyalty status.
  11. 11. Time & Location-Shift Campaign Businesses invite customers to try out their business at a new time of day or at a different location. For example, they might have hundreds of customers who visit every day for their morning coffee fix, but how many of them have tried them out for lunch? Pinging them right on their phone, right after they purchase their morning coffee with an incentive to come back that day for lunch often double the value of their customers by exposing a new aspect of their business to loyal customers.
  12. 12. 3Wallept White-Label Wallept white label app will be a collection of the most advanced loyalty and consumer engagement tools on the market in a custom-branded app for the businesses. We put our experience for businesses to launch as a brand new engagement app.
  13. 13. Best of Wallept With White Label, businesses get everything Wallept has to offer along with many benefits and customization opportunities unique to White-Label apps Analytics Engine Our platform provides real-time insight into loyalty sta- tus, customer demographics and more for businesses to know their customers better than before. Campaign and Loyalty Infrastructure Target customers intelligently and encourage repeated visits with best-in-class campaign and loyalty infra- structure. Mailing list Grow your brand’s mailing list by incentivizing Wallept customers to opt in, directly from the Wallept app. Busi- nesses will be able to download their email addresses and start contacting them instantly. Dedicated Support Running a mobile app will create questions from busi- nesses’ customers. Wallept will handle that. We’ll pro- vide branded support to businesses’ customer base with our support team.
  14. 14. Custom Features Businesses’ entire app on Wallept is custom, but they can always take it further. Here’s a list of the some of the custom features we can provide. Businesses can build (or hire us to build) anything they can imagine. Examples are followings: • Custom Loyalty Status • Custom Badges • Custom Customer Surveys • Custom Feedback Modules
  15. 15. 4Integration of Point of Sale Wallept loyalty scheme can fully integrate into existing Point of Sale Systems. • Integration enables SKU-level data capture and utilizes Wallept app scanners. • Integration allows businesses to see the customer visits and redeems in real time. • Loyalty on the amount spent creates an opportunity for mobile payment where customers pay and collect loyalty points at the same time.
  16. 16. For further information and questions info@wallept.com