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The health care reform bill

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  • Public Policy Presentation

    1. 1. Public Policy in America The Health Insurance Issue By Ali Ivkovic
    2. 2. What is the health insurance problem? The United States is the one of the only wealthy nations not to have health insurance for all it’s citizens. The nature of the industry has become unfriendly toward the consumer and favors the insurers making money over Americans well being.
    3. 3. Why is health care reform important? According to the New York Times in 2007 the United States spent 2.24 trillion dollars on health care. With no cohesive form of insurance many people can’t afford the incredibly high prices of receiving medical care. Health care reform is needed in order to ensure all Americans are able to receive the advanced medical technology that this country offers. Gambling with having insurance isn’t safe for this country.
    4. 4. Where do Americans stand on the issues?
    5. 5. Who are the major stakeholders? First and foremost the American public holds a great stake in health care reform. Their safety and financial stability are greatly at risk. The government also has a large stake in health care reform as their previous policy has clearly failed and they must now provide subsidies to insurers and tax breaks to people who can’t afford insurance. The insurance agencies also have a lot of stake in this issue because when new reform is passed they don’t want to lose the profits they have been making.
    6. 6. Some images with varying opinions on the bill,
    7. 7. How did this issue arrive on the agenda? Health care reform is something that has been discussed and debated for many years. Overall it arrived on the agenda because of demand from American citizens as well as pressure from the media. The current system is failing Americans. People can’t afford to get treatment necessary for them to live their lives. It’s too easy for private insurers to turn people down and as a result Americans have paid the price. The issue arrived on the agenda out of necessity from a situation that couldn’t continue any longer.
    8. 8. As this graph shows American’s who don’t work for large companies have a large disadvantage in receiving health insurance.
    9. 9. What policies have been created to address this issue? As many know President Obama’s administration put together a health care reform bill that different versions of which passed through both the House and the Senate Some key aspects of the bill are: It would cost 940 Billion dollars over ten years. 32 Million Americans who are currently uninsured would receive coverage. Subsidies would be available for people who can’t afford insurance with the income they make. The bill will take place in stages over the next 8 years.
    10. 10. This video breaks down a few key components of the health care reform bill.
    11. 11. How is this policy implemented? Perhaps one of the biggest arguments against this policy is it’s implementation. What the governments role really is in healthcare is difficult to determine. Overall the federal government offers subsidies and tax cuts to people in order to try and provide them with the ability to purchase insurance. Both the state and federal government have to be involved in the implementation of the bill.
    12. 12. How Important is health care to Americans?
    13. 13. How does the health care reform bill solve the original problem? The current health care reform bill only takes some steps in solving the original problem of health care reform. With so many people disagreeing on what is best for health care in the US reaching one conclusion seems impossible. Some argue that nationalized insurance would be better while others argue against the delays this can cause in medical care. Others believe that the government shouldn’t interfere with health care and it should continue to be privately run. Many fall in between which is what this bill attempts to accomplish.
    14. 14. Is this policy true reform? Overall yes, this policy is true reform. Perhaps the length over which it’s effects take place is the greatest testament to this. The later parts of this bill are scheduled to take place in 2018. The bill’s goal is to help American’s obtain insurance and not allow individual insurers to charge too much for insurance. The bill’s intent is also to make lasting changes not temporary fixes.
    15. 15. This video provides a summary of the pros and cons of the health care bill for the long term
    16. 16. Will this bill be changed? Considering that the bill only passed through the house of representatives by a vote of 219-212 it is very likely that the bill will be changed over time. The bill has gained underwhelming support from much of America and no Republican support. Many debates for the upcoming elections have included ideas of trying to repeal the act. While it is unlikely the act will be repealed it is likely that changes to the United States health care reform will continue to appear.
    17. 17. Should this policy be stopped? No I don’t believe that this policy should be stopped or repealed. America’s healthcare industry needs some reforming and at the minimum this bill provides the beginning of this. However it is necessary that the bill continues to grow and change in order to try and gain more support from American citizens as well as a small amount of bipartisan support. Health insurance will continue to be a key issue for the foreseeable future.
    18. 18. Conclusions Overall this bill provides the beginning of what is sure to be a long lasting debate over healthcare. Like many issues there isn’t one sure answer as to what is the best way to handle the problem and as administrations change parties it is likely we will continue to see different approaches to the issue. As with all public policy issues in America and world wide is unlikely a clear solution and an agreement will ever be reached. In the meantime America will continue to expand and try new things with the ultimate goal of being able to provide as many Americans health insurance as possible. One of the biggest things I discovered during this presentation is that everyone has a strong opinion on how health care should be handled but agree that the ultimate goal is providing everyone with the ability to get the best health care possible.