Maximising Your Acquisition Performance Through Digital


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Delivered at ADMA’s (Australian Direct Marketing Association) Multi-Channel Acquisition seminar in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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  • has a 3.64% "share of search" prior to the campaign. What was it after?
  • The microsite
  • When an application was approved, a message was automatically posted on the person’s Facebook profile......and newsfeed where all their Facebook friends could see it
  • Importantly When people voted for an entrant the message then appeared on their Facebook Wall and Newsfeed as wellAnd Messages of support were automatically updated to newsfeeds after they were posted on the microsite
  • Maximising Your Acquisition Performance Through Digital

    1. 1. Maximising Your AcquisitionPerformance Through DigitalAllyson Hohman, Marketing Manager - Digital
    2. 2. Consumers Have Changed. Consumers no longer embark on a linear path to action, but rather move from place to place exploring content.2
    3. 3. 3
    4. 4. The Digital Landscape Has Changed. Consumer choices are made from information gathered in an ever expanding number of channels. It is our job to isolate the relevant combinations of message and medium.4
    5. 5. 5
    6. 6. Courtesy of David Armano
    7. 7. We Can Connect From Everywhere... Everywhere. 40% of mobile users use the internet in the bathroom -- Nielsen 20117
    8. 8. PHOTO BY ARNIE KUILMAN ON FLICKR.COMNot only is there a shift in mindset,but there is a shift in how we expectto communicate in digital platforms.We have evolved beyond websitesand now interact across a multitudeof digital touch points.
    9. 9. Data Supplied by Google
    10. 10. 10 Data Supplied by Google
    11. 11. 11 Data Supplied by Google
    12. 12. “Consumers don’t see the difference between marketing channels. They just see the brand and then use the channel that’s most convenient for them at that time” - eMarketer12
    13. 13. Sharing Drives Sessions Each AutoShared Tweet turns into an average of seven new sessions on YouTube.com
    14. 14. Crossing Channels – YouTube & Facebook 150 years of YouTube video is watched every day on Facebook
    15. 15. Change the Way We Plan CPM 3rd Party PPC Social Partnerships Media SEO CPC CPE Mobile CPM PPC CPA Old Way New Way Simple Diversified Mass Storytelling Small Conversations Controlled Transparent15
    16. 16. Where Is Your Audience?16
    17. 17. Map Out Your Strategy17
    18. 18. Create Digital Assets & Distribution Plans18
    19. 19. Implement Technology Radian6 • Listen, measure & engage • Connect with influencers • Manage content across multiple social platforms Omniture Suite of Products • Channel attribution • Test creative • Manage paid channels19
    20. 20. Channel Attribution Modelling What can be measured via ad server & site analytics: Impression Impression Impression Visit Visit Visit/ActionDAY 0 DAY 15 DAY 30 The direct navigation lead was preceded by 3 ads and 2 searches --Without this insight, a smart media buy may have been cut 20
    21. 21. There is no silver bullet
    22. 22. Test & Learn Process Insights Little LittleInsight Strategy A Strategy Plan D Plan Buy J Buy Little Launch U Launch S Little Strategy Measure Strategy Measure T Old: Big ideas, big launch and big budgets New: Micro strategies, big insights and rapid iterations22
    23. 23. Create New Micro Strategies & Tactics Group One: Passive Jobseekers in NSW Group Two: Active Jobseekers Looking for a Mining Role Group Three: 18-39 Females in VIC23
    24. 24. Campaign Measurement ExamplesGoal: Attract New CustomersGoal: Share Your Business Proposition • Visitor loyalty pre and post campaign • Visitor recency by channel 24
    25. 25. Campaign Measurement Examples Goal: To Beat the Competition – Share of Search25
    26. 26. Campaign: If It Exists TV Radio WEB Outdoor
    27. 27. Campaign Elements: Outdoor 28
    28. 28. Campaign Elements: Search Marketing 29
    29. 29. Campaign Elements: On SiteJob ads lead to the Keyword searches, plus a homepage tile, also leadcampaign pages on to the campaign pages on SEEK.SEEK – showingcharacter profilesand all advertising. 30
    30. 30. Consistent Across Co-Brands/Partnerships
    31. 31. MicrositeLocated at so UBs and Visits were captured via Neilsen
    32. 32. FacebookEntries and voting powered by Facebook Connect – any interaction by entrants or voters were linked to their Facebook account and ran in their newsfeed generating viral awareness of the campaign with their Facebook friends
    33. 33. Detailed applicant page – voting and viral begins
    34. 34. Applicants campaigned heavily for votes bygetting media coverage for their campaigns...
    35. 35. ... setting up their ownFacebook pages and events to get votes
    36. 36. ... and using Social Media in a variety of ways
    37. 37. In phase two, theTop 20 applicantsfrom public votingwere announcedand final votingstage commenced
    38. 38. The Top 20 produced 30 second videos tosupport their application and encourage voting...
    39. 39. And the campaign continued in earnest with loadsof celebrity support, including Sarah Murdoch
    40. 40. Amy Lou, a leading finalistwas interviewedseveral times by her local paper
    41. 41. As part of her prize, Amy was flown to SydneyAmy went on to win the competition... and pampered with a makeover
    42. 42. So what were the results?Over a three week period:Estimated FacebookNewsfeed Updates: 36,310,000Total Applications: 2,000+Total Votes: 126,858Profile Views: 1,027,806Video Views: 16,594** 15% uplift in unaided brand awareness among target 18-29 year olds