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Work Sample Spring 2010
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Work Sample Spring 2010


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  • 1. ALI GENS WORK SAMPLE + 2 College St. Box #462 / Providence, RI 02903
  • 2. Contact = Architecture ? 01 Modeling 03 Digital graphics 05 Digital drafting 07 Rendering 09 Hand drafting 11 Drafting Resume Please contact =
  • 3. ARCH Modeling " Chipboard model of a inter- vention along the ancient via Suburana in Rome. The project necessitated public, private, historical, residential, religious, mercantile (permanent and temporary) and transportation considerations. The uniform chipboard material was utilized to emphasis the landscape nature of the proposal. $ Material study on the transparency and color of wood for providing light but not sight. basswood + chipboard + plexiglass
  • 4. 02 Detail model for a rain screen addition to an existing building in Providence, RI. The interven- tion proposed: better light by opening apertures and by redesigning the fire escape, better electrical wiring that was easy to upkeep through removable panels, more floor space, and better insulation. (Designed and built with a group). wood + basswood + insulation + varnish + spray paint
  • 5. ARCH Digital graphics Mapping investigation of a proposal that would redirect urban flows. Each color path represents a dif- ferent type of inhabitant. AutoCad 3D " Illustrator " Photoshop
  • 6. 04 ! Diagrammatic axon of the circulation path and complex program of a community knowledge bank. $ Conceptual axon depicting moments where circulation (soft space) intersect with program (hard PROGRAMMABLE space) to create a hybrid condition conductive to interdisciplinary efforts. AutoCad 3D " Illustrator " Photoshop GATHERING RECORDING PERFORMANCE COMPUTER LAB bv PRINTSHOP / BINDERY LIBRARY METAL SHOP WOOD SHOP WELCOME / KITCHEN LOADING DOCK PERFORMANCE MARKET
  • 7. ARCH Digital drafting # Plans drafted in AutoCad and edited with acrylic + pen
  • 8. 06 ! Site plan for an energy efficient campus proposal for Nantucket Island School of Design and Art. CLASSROOMS LIBRARY STORAGE SPACES AutoCad + Illustrator CIRCULATION PERFORMANCE SPACE RESIDENCES PERFORMANCE SEATING OFFICE SPACES RA KHENGAR ARCHITECTURAL COMPLEXITY RA KHENGAR OCCUPATIONAL COMPLEXITY ALI GENS # Plans + sections + experiential studies of the Indian step well Ra Khengar. The intent of the project was to depict the ancient and orna- mental with a tool that is distinctly new and precise as means of pushing the medium. AutoCad + Illustrator
  • 9. ARCH Rendering Rhino renderings for a housing unit that explored the transition from sleep (horizontal) to urban (vertical) through six different spheres of living (sleep, wash, play, work, eat, social). " Material + floor plate + circulation diagrams ? Material study $ Light / time studies
  • 10. 08 RA KHENGAR : VIEW STUDY : A. GENS : DIGITAL REPRESENTATION : FINAL ASSIGNMENT 3 3 1 1 2 2 SOUTH NORTH ! Renderings of Ra Khengar to express the unique effect on view the water in the well would have on its inhabitants. Rhino + Illustrator
  • 11. ARCH Hand drafting # Conceptual plan + axon depicting the urban intervention of # Axon of floor plates, limited site context and void spaces intended a community knowledge bank being mirrored in the building’s for hybrid use between program and circulation. spatial organization pencil + pen + marker lead + pen + marker
  • 12. 10 # Drafted plans of a proposed urban housing complex that slowly shifted off of the city grid as it gained floors. # Axon + perspective + elevations of Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion. ! Exploded axon of the Barcelona Pavilion.
  • 13. ARCH Drawing # Walking transect of Matera, Italy in pencil # Travel Sketches of Rome and Naples in pencil + marker
  • 14. 12 # Scientific illustration investigating river morphology. # Pencil Drawings of a proposed urban high-rise that conceptu- ally resolved multi-use necessities by adopting logic inherent to ink + gouache + acrylic + pencil river morphology.