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    Based on the results of population census, the unemployment rate around 10% of the total
    population of 238 million people on Indonesia
    Economic growth 4-5% in 2009
    Educated unemployment rate that reached 1.4% of
    total unemployment4. Indonesia became one of the best of asia the
    number of young businesspeople 2009, that 9
    people out of 25 nominees
  • 4. MalariantikaYulianggi
    MalariantikaYulianggi, 19 years, the company ShoyuCake.KetikaPia are doing research about local food, and he saw that guava has not been developed extensively by the people of Indonesia. Then he made Shoyupia cake. We have had to hire six employees. Income reaches 7-11 million per month
  • 5. Aziz Setyawijaya
    Setyawijaya Aziz, 19 years, the company Nomad Artworks.Seorang Experimental photographer who lived in Yogyakarta, which has been successful in a short time to produce income reaches $ 7,000.
  • 6. AndinaIrvani Nabila
    AndinaIrvani Nabila, 19 Year, Spotlight company, revenue: $ 1.5 to 2 Million. BINUS visual communication design student with her sister opened a shoe painting (painted shoes) which will be developed for painted and painted t-shirt bag
  • 7. WahyuAditya, 29 year, the company Hellomotion Scholl. One of the winners of IYCEY Design and Screen Award in 2007. Currently, plans to use the $ 12,000 prize acquired to study the film industry in London and Bristol.
    Wahyu Aditya
  • 8. Oscar Lawalata
    Oscar Lawalata (32) Company: Oscar OscarLawalata Culture Lawalata known as a young fashion designer and entrepreneur Indonesia. Earlier this year, Oscar Lawalata have first won the award "International Young Creative entrepreneur (IYCE) held by the British Council, to get rid of designers from Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam Tunia. Oscar Lawalata Culture itself is a fashion house founded by Oscar Lawalataproduksnya where nearly 90% is the result of hand-made crafts
  • 9. RoihatulJannah
    RoihatulJannah (30), Company: Helmiat kid ride on a bicycle is a child's attempt to lift products for motor vehicles. Business opportunities are captured by RoihatulJannah jelly originated from his experience delivering the child pick up a motorcycle. Anxiety for the safety of the child while riding a motorcycle eventually bring the idea to create a tool that can ensure the child sit more comfortably and safely during the ride, which was well received warning from the neighbors and the wider community.
  • 10. Iim Fahima Jachja
    Iim Fahima Jachja (31)Perusahaan: Virus CommunicationsHasil intipan mbah Google : Virus Communications merupakan konsultan marketing online yang didirikan oleh Iim Fahima Jachja dan sang suami, Adithia Sofyan. Sebagai leader konsultan bisnis online Indonesia, hanya dalam waktu 3 tahun Virus Communications mampu memenangkan berbagai proyek besar dan memegang lebih dari 10 klien seperti Hewlett Packard, Toyota, Auto 2000, Telkom, XL, Smart Telco, Lippo Group, Tupperware dan Sosro.
  • 11. Kebab Turki Baba Rafi
    Hendy Setiono, president Kebab Turki Baba Rafi. His achievement is not only recognized in the country, but also in foreign countries .. He has been named as one of ten figures which assessed options to change Indonesia. Of course, a recognition of the plume for Hendy. Moreover, businesses that he struggled quite a business that is not familiar to the ear. He was still 23 years old! still very young for a boss who has 100 outlets in 16 cities in Indonesia. Now his income of about Rp. 1 billion per month
  • 12. Entrepreneurial Defenition
    Entrepreneurs are:"Someone who has the ability to see and assess opportunities, manage the necessary resources and take appropriate action to ensure sustainable success."
  • 13. Entrepreneurial Characteristics
  • 14. BE CREATIVE !!!
  • 15. Entrepreneurial Role in Indonesian Economy
    Adding manpower capacity, so as to reduce nemployment
    As a generator of development environments in the production, distribution, environmental maintenance, welfare and so forth.
    Trying to give help to others and social development in accordance with their capabilities
    Trying to educate its employees become independent, disciplined, honest, persevering in the face of work
    Giving an example to others, how we should work hard
    Living in an efficient, does not dissipate and not wasteful
  • 16. Reach for your dreams So Entrepreneur!
    Book XII class economics, 2010, Erlangga, Jakarta
    Entrepreneurship, SlametAhadi MM
    Entrepreneurship: the opportunity to change lives better, Henri Yanto The
    Being a successful entrepreneur and enterpreuner, www.rajapresentasi.com
    Characteristics and nature of entrepreneurship, www.adesyams.blogspot.com
    Various sources