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Free UK UFO National Archives Documents


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Free documents from the UK UFO National Archives. You have to pay for these now, but we have them! You can get all of them at no cost here: …

Free documents from the UK UFO National Archives. You have to pay for these now, but we have them! You can get all of them at no cost here:

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  • 1. ~f~ r ~~ , d r ~ ;;’< ;y Z_. g k .~
  • 2. (227 .ORT 1. I I OF AN UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT Date, time & duration of sighting ! 2. 3. Description of object (No of objects, size, shape, colour, brightness, noise) Exact position of observer (Indoors/outdoors, stationary/moving) 4. Direction in which object first seen (A landmark may be more useful than a roughly estimated bearing) 9’" fa ; "50/’1 ; r ~ fw’ """.<k., I 7A.<t< J.fJI frr""" 5’hvft- 1 h~. I M- fn.JJ f I w;l~x-i j...~Ih-t ,n.; .. ~L.M’? P; kA-mr,t~ ~ Tbuk.,-. Ji / rv Distance (By reference to a known landmark) 111* - i I 9. ,II i 10. Met conditions during observations (Moving clouds, haze, mist etc) Nearby objects (Telephone lines, high voltage lines, reservoir, lake or dam, swamp or marsh, river, high buildings, tall chimneys, steeples, spires, TV or radio masts, airfields, generating plant, factories, pits or other sites with floodlights or night lighting) . {,. ~!.l :: 11M fl. h..~ . ’ IV’" II I /vJt t;c. N/k Movements (Changes in 5, 6 & 7 may be of more use than estimates of course and speed) c.-"fl , I Angle of sight (Estimated heights are unreliable) 8. L 4 M flr ft1L I W t1 (.rlj "J rf,J) (<< Id!v M. 7. I , 5’ 6. I I. i c How observed (Naked eye, binoculars, other optical device, camera or camcorder) 5. ~ Cr~’t I~ },Iv -+ I I l’ I I "’lfi"" t tff1JE t J~t J’J;< I I I . 1> Jk I I I I I I I Htvtrrd , T hi. 0’) .fM:{f I I/Vw ( ’fl4 I I fA{ :’ I I I I I I I I I IJll I I I I I ,J "Af Il.,.d. /,. . 1, I Prr1. .~ l-
  • 3. 4~-&~ ~ - ~ ~/~/ l A~~<- Nf~ ~-vG) ~!~/w;{~ T~~ ()~ UFo b ’13 /(;J$-/b3S. (,(~/Se,J;w 4 ~ q Dee. ~ T~ t~~ }?{Sec C-4:?’!:L=_ft , M.
  • 4. -~~~r’~ VI 2:: -. ~. ’) C)
  • 5. ~ ~~ ~ ~.:t. .j~ ~ ’J ~ "0 ,? y,"X ~<t N.-j iJ o ~-v<. p. J I ~g~~J~~ ~ ~ . - ~ () ~ ~’ ’’ _ i1j f’1’) ct ’":’1
  • 6. . . Commissioner will not investigate your case until the MOD internal review process has been completed. Further details of the role and powers of the Information Commissioner can be found on the Commissioner’s website, htto:/ Yours sincerely,
  • 7. . . 7. 3. With regards tp the two short passages deleted rrom the DSI/JTIC Report No I note that the extracted passages are currently to subject of discussions between the MOD and the relevant party (presumably the US Air Force rrom the context). If a decision is made to release these redacted sentences, would it be possible to notify me ofthe content. Ifthe decision is to withhold the passages, I would appreciate knowledge of the reasons why this is felt necessary in the public interest after the passage of 50 years.
  • 8. . .,.~’ ~’,"’:~ . Main Building Whitehall London SWIA 2HB 15 January 2001 Your ref: D/DAS (Sec)64/311 containing copies oft.!:te files I Many thanks for your letter of 5 Ja.’1uary. The parcel return I enclose a crossed cheque requested arrived here at the end of last week, and in could let me have a receipt made out for the amount agreed. It would be helpful if you accounts. specifying the work done for use in my end of year the holiday. before I wish to thank you and the staff who worked to process my request of great ilelp as pan sent wiij be material you Your helpis very much appreciated and the the assistance the M()D ,,"Vi> ,.,,~";n~n,. my ongoing research, which will aclmowledge c. Wlth regards to my question regarding the location DSI/JTIC missing ofr..’1ereasonabkfile locate t.’1is Report to No . I’m satisfied that your staff have done everything rule om the document, but it is encouraging that you do not appear to complet~ly meaI1time, I v"ill be found. In the possibility that it could have survived and may one d, -y -.:) ..</’--/ / "
  • 9. . continue to pursue other lines of inquiry to locate the provide the MOD with a new copy for your records. look forward to hearing from you, docUL-nent a"d if successful will
  • 10. . Extract from Ministry of Defence letter to XXXXXX dated 11 October 2000 "D51/JTIC Report No 7 "Unidentified Flying Objects" (1952)and related reports on "UFO" 1951-52 - I can confirm that a review of closed files has taken place v but none were found to contain the report you seek. As a consequence of this. and earlier searches which failed to locate the report, we conclude it has not survive the passage of time."
  • 11. , . ~> -;. .~ J ] ! ] Main HuiJd ng Whitehall London SWIA 2HB Your ref: DAS(Sec)/64/3 10 October 2000
  • 12. . Finally, with Jegards to my request for access to DSI/JTIC Report No 7 on UFOs (1952).It is disappointing that this document has not been located during your review of closed files. The attachment I enclosed with my letter of September 4 clearly demonstrated this document existed in 1967 when it was referred to by an officer of the DSTI branch, DI55. It seems improbable that such an important document (the basis of a briefing by the Secretary of State for Air to Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1952) would have been lost or ’not have survived the passage of time’ when other material of lesser interest hassurvived and is available in the Public Record Office today. From the DSI/JTIC committee minutes availah]e at the PRO it is stated that a ’watered down’ copy of the Report No.7 was being considered for release to the Press during October 1952 by DDI (Security),so it is possible copies may have been sent to a number of different MOD departments. As it is also noted that the Americans (presumably the US Air Force) would have to be consulted before any Press release, copies of Report No 7 mav also have heen sent to the US Embassy in 1952-53. In addition. there is a note in the of this report had bOt;>! se!1L Lv Sit Henry , wi!vsc pape > stating are preserved at the Imperial War Museum. I intend to visit the Museum to research Tizard’s papers in the near future, and will notify you if! find the document among these papers. mi~utes thaL~oPY
  • 13. . 0. .~1- ~ I-t . ’%~- !Sb- ~ ~ ~ -c- - . ~,.~.h-: I~kl . . . . . t>~1 O....A ~ ";."’0/... ..Mb (") ~)P- r.1" "’^-~ rIA-"’~eLe..~ ~’7 w~..j..... . .~,:P~’.rl/~ ~ W,..,....~Je. :. . ., ’,j ~M~"~’b.sI/::rn~(S011~ ’"-1,J S’b:. "1i~ /4-Cl ......(. It-I..’l~) ,.~U+.) o. .Je.o.~...... -.f’ M~ oe. ~e ( t:.SI /-;r"T’SC ($"0)lOw.... M!J lq) /Ti’Tc(SD) bSI/J"TlC I I LM: (oJ ( 10 Lt. .
  • 14. . 4-1~1 - jco Dear Sir or Madam, I wonder if you could assist me with the following query: I am researching material for an academic book on the subject ofthe UK Government’s involvement with the subject ofUFOsIFlying Saucers, you know there has been much material released into the PRO over recent years concerning this subject, and I have been able to work with this materiaL However, whilst searching for one particular document I have experienced difficulties, as follows. N, The document is question is called DSI/JTIC Report No 7 On Unidentified FIving Objects. It was created in 1952 by a ’Flying Saucer Working Party’, There are several instances ofminutes where this report and the composition ofthe working party are discussed yet the actual report itself is missing from the relevant files held at the PRO. However the file must be in existence because evidence exists that it was retrieved in 1967 by a member ofthe DSTI branch, DI55, That this is the case is demonstrated by lE.Dickison’s note in file AIR 2/18117 where he states, "we have recovered all but two ofthe files on UFOs for the period 1951-52_....we consider that the report DSI/JTIC Report No, 7,Unidentified Flying Objects covers the situation as a whole for such activity at that time." As I have been told that all UFO files from 1967 have been retained, and as DSI/JTIC Report No.7 is clearly mentioned as having been retrieved in 1967 it should have been lodged in the UFO files for 1967 which have now been released. Close scrutiny ofthese files revealed that report No, 7 does not appear to be there, nor is there any mention ofthe file, As it was created in 1952 surely it has long since passed the 30 Year Rule marker and should be available to members ofthe public. Based on the above information and current legislation about the release of documents I am therefore requesting any information you have about Report No. 7 and if at all possible to see a copy of the file. I am quite prepared to pay any costs incurred. If, however, you deny any knowledge ofthis report I would like an explanation as to how it was retrieved in 1967 yet appears to be missing_ If you have the report but are withholding it from public scrutiny I would be interested to know why.
  • 15. . . From my own research I am satisfied that the government position on UFOs,ie that they are ofno defence sigpificance, misperceptions etc is valid. But from an academic point ofview being able to see this report would Lvow considerable light on TR’( UFO policy in the ealy 1950s and it is for this reason I wish to see the report. I realise that this sort of enquiry may not be a high priority for you but having spent many weeks at the PRO looking for this document and being unable to locate it I am obviously trying any avenues which appear re]evant.
  • 16. . II MaIn DUJ.J"*’.....~ Whitehall London SW IA 2HB Your reference: D/Sec(AS)64/3 4 September 200U
  • 17. . In the meantime, as new information has come to light I am now in a position to be more specific in terms of my request for access to files addressed to the MOD Record Officer on 27 July and 7 I am now able to precisely specify the name and what I suspect to be the current location ofthe fUels to which I referred in my earlier requests to the Record Officer. The document I am seeking is known as DSIfJTIC Report No.7 on Unidentified Flying Objects. It was created in 1952 by the ’Flying Saucer Working Party’ set up in August 1950 at the request of Sir Henry Tizard. DSUJTIC minutes I have viewed at the Public Record Office (DEFE4/74-76) ’0 +q demonstrate that the Working Party consisted of representatives from DSTI,ADNI (Tech),MI 10 and ADI (Tech).Report No 7 is referred to in a minute of7 October 1952 and is listed on a register ofDSUJTIC reports in DEFE 41/76 (see enclosed, Attachment A). However, the document is missing from the DSUJTIC reports and papers which are contained within DEFE 152-54. This is not because the file has been destroyed, but rather because it was "retrieved" (moved to another file?) by a member’ ) ofthe DSTI branch, DI55, in December 1967. In evidence for this assertion, I attach a copy (enclosed,Attachment B)of an internal memo, copied from PRO file Air 2/18117, where IE Dickison ofDI55 states that: "we [DI55]have recovered all but two ofthe Metropole (ie Intelligence)files on UFOsfor the period I95I-2...we consider that the report DSl/JnC Report No. 7 Unidentified Flying Objects covers the situation as a whole for such activity at that time." August. - "b11i:~ ’I-~l. (, _<( ~*" It is accepted that all files and papers relating to UFOs have been permanently preserved by the MOD from 1967 at the request ofthe Secretary ofthe State for Defence. Attachment B demonstrates that DSUJTIC Report No 7 existed in 1967, and should therefore still exist today if that policy has been followed. r would suggest a
  • 18. . capy af the repart will be faund in the DIS/DSTI Intelligence Papers fram the periad 1967-70 (possibly DEFE 31119,64 and/ar DEFE 44/1), which caver th" period dUr:Li’1g which it was ’retrieved’ by DI55. Further capies may well exist in ather MOD departments, and I wauld be surprised if even taday Air Staff are nat aware afthis dacument, as its canclusians (that UFOs do net exist) appear farm the erigin afthe MOD’s palicy an UFOs fram 1952 right up the present day! to. to. As the eriginal repart was created in 1952, it sheuld be available far public scmtiny to. under the 30 year rule and I request access a cepy ofthis document plus any attached appendices uIlder the Freedem efInfarmatian Act. To summarise my request far access to UFO-related dacuments, set aut in my letters to the MOD Recard Officer on 27 July and 7 August and Sec (AS)2 af 1 and 11 August, these are: to. No. 1. DSVJTIC Report 7,Unidentified Flying Objects (1952),plus related Intelligence reports an UFOs, 1951-2 (see attachment).
  • 19. . . , cd- which relate to Intelligence papers on references in some of the PRO files enclosing a copy There For example, the DSTI staff during this’period. to Depa!1ment S4 (Air)by UFOs generated by bAir 2/18117 sent of a loose minute found in PRO file1967. It des ribes how staff had "recovered’~two"U Dickison ofDI55 on 13 December 1951-52, and refers to one of these specifically files on UFOs for the period Intelligence Flying Objects." This is good evidence Report No.7 U! entifiedsurvive from this period. as "report DSI/JTIC on UFOs did that at least some Intelligence files would appear these files - if they still exist "1ation of the PRO catalogue, itwhich is a register of JSTI/DSTI/DSI From an 44/1 should be listed under DEFE class 1946 onwards. ] from reDorts and memoranda for the period ~e I’m J.E. - _ exa.m t.1}e documents I have described and I assists in your rereview of the I hope this info=ation in due course, look forward to hearing from you
  • 20. . 1 Departmental Record Officer Defence Records Room 7/40 Metropole Building Northumberland Avenue London WC2N 5BL 21 July 2000 Dear SirlMadam, Defence Intelligence Staff Registered Files that I write to you in order the Public Record Office have suggested files which are The Enquiry staff at the status of a group of MOD to follow up an enquiry concerning UTId~r section 3 (4)oftne Public Record Act currentIy "retained by the Depar=ent 1958." They deposited at the Public Record Office. question all appear to have been papers generated by the work of the The flies in contain fall under the class reference DEFE andinclude: MOD Defence Intelligence Staff. They DEFE 44/1 Memoranda; Register of JSTl/DSTI/DSI and DSI, later DSTI: Reports1946-1991. reports and memoranda, t. 1-)e until be retained un(e.r the 30 year n e should from the PRO that records would in which case J bove I understand the file, date ill the sequence covered by ",at is case? "" latesi I January 2001. Could you COIlWll1 be avcilable for public scrutiny on t. 1-)e lvlore,- .
  • 21. . .s for DEFE 44/1, although this file contains material more than 50 years old, it might not be released until 2021 because it also contains material dating from In the case of files held under class DEFE 21, these apparently contain files created by both the old Directorate of Scientific Intelligence between 1950-1964, which should be open; DSTI relating to the period 1964-1991, however, they also contain later material from which under the tenms of the 1967 Act would remain closed until 202], 1991. In these circumstances, would it not be possible to make an exception and allow access to the reports and memoranda contained within those files which specifically relate to the period 1946-1969, which would fal1 under the tenms of the 30 year rule? or I hope you are able to help and look forward to hearing from you,
  • 22. Everything is bigger in texas
  • 23. . 2118873)- File AIR 20/12556 4t) AIR 20/12556 ’UFO’reports January 1974 (additionally AIR’UFOs’covering the period June is not 1973 a ’UFO’file. AIR 2/18873 contains public enquiries concerning to February 1974 and amounts to some 109 enclosures. Additionally, AF/584 contains ’UFO’reports for January 1974 amounting to some 100 enclosures. It would be possible to sanitise and photocopy the contents ofboth files (see below). As I mentioned in my letter of29 September,the Ministry of Defence is bound by the Code ofPractice on Access to Government Information. This means that we are committed to providing you with the information you require, as long as it is not exempted under the Code. However,to ensure this does not create an extra burden on the taxpayer,we have a charging regime for more complicated requests. If a request is likely to require over four hours’ work, each hour’s work over four hours (orpart thereof) is charged at U5.00 per hour. 1-4 We estimate that the number of documents to be copied in the files mentioned in and 6 above is in the region of 800 pages. Assuming it will take two minutes to check,sanitise and photocopy each page our calculation is that, after the first 4 hours, 22 hours of work at U5.00 per hour will remain totalling some B30.00. To copy the full 800 pages would be a four day task spread over eight half days. As the fairly small section likely to take on the work will also be heavily involved in checking material to be released in January 2001, those eight half days would be spread over an eight week period. The material could be made available to you during December 2000. Ifyou decide to wait to view the contents of file BJ 5/311 until its release to the Public Records Office in January 2001,then the cost of copying the remaining files falls, after deducting the first four hours of work,to around U60.00. I would be grateful for confirmation that you wish to proceed with this enquiry, indicating whether including or excluding BJ 5/311, and that you are willing to meet the appropriate charge. Ifthe cost of obtaining the information is likely to be significantly greater than our estimate suggests we will contact you again before proceeding further. I look forward to hearing from you in due course.
  • 24. . That caveat aside, I do understand and sympathise with the MOD’s position on the subject of UFOs. My ongoing research into the social history ofthe subject at the PRO and the British Library has demonstrated how dealing with inquiries about UFOs has become an on-going public relations problem for your staff dating back to the early 50s. On the subject of"UFOs"themselves, I completely concur with the MOD’s conclusions that the vast majority if not all observations can be explained as n sindentifications ofnatural phenomena, balloons, planets and stars etc. However,the ongoing ’will to believe’ in the existence of ’exotic’ UFOs intruding into li’K airspace on the part ofUFOlogists and the attitude ofthe media, which you note observers often seek out to promote their alleged experiences, has meant the UFO myth has continued to develop and will not go away. - - - It is precisely these social and psychological contexts particularly periods ofPress interest and Parliamentary Questions which I am examining as part ofmy on-going research based at the National Centre for English Cultural Tradition and Language, University of Sheffield. The paperwork generated by the various MOD departments which have dealt with tbr UFO both in terms ofpublic and internal pdicy since 1950 are a crucial source ofinformation for my project, hence my request for access to documents which currently fall within the 30 year rule. - issu... - _ I am grateful that you are taking the trouble to retrieve and review the UFO-related files to which I have requested access, and look forward to your progress report at the end of September. In the meantime, as new information has come to light I am now in a position to be more specific in terms ofmy request for access to files addressed to the MOD Record Officer on 27 July and 7 I am now able to precisely specifY the name and what I suspect to be the current location ofthe filels to which I referred in my earlier requests to the Record Officer. The document I am seeking is known as DSI/JTIC Report No.7 on Unidentified Flying Objects. It was created in 1952 the by ’Flying Saucer Working Party’ set up in August 1950 at the request of Sir Henry Tizard. DSI/JTIC n nutes I have viewed at the Public Record Office (DEFE4/74-76) ’b1E,:c.o demonstrate that the Working Party consisted ofrepresentatives ftom DSTI, ADNI (Tech),MI 10 and ADI (Tech).Report No 7 is referred to in a n nute of7 October 1952 and is listed on a register ofDSI/JTIC reports in DEFE 41/76 (see Attachment A). However, the document is missing ftom the DSI/JTIC enclosed, reports papers which are contained within DEFE 152-54. This is not because the file and destroyed, but rather because it was "retrieved" (moved to another file?) a has been? 1) by member’ ofth DSTI branch, DI55,in December 1967. In evidence for this assertion, I attach a copy (enclosed,Attachment B)ofan internal memo, copied ftom PRO file Air 2/18117, where JE Dickison ofDI55 states that: "we [DI55]have recovered all but two ofthe Metropole (ie Intelligence)files on UFOsfor the period 1951-2...we consider that the report DSI/JTIC Report No. 7 Unidentified Flying Objects covers the situation as a whole for such activity at that time." August. _ ,."1 .’t"~(, . ’l-1 It is accepted that all files and papers relating to UFOs have been permanently preserved by the MOD ftom 1967 at the request ofthe Secretary ofthe State for Defence. Attachment B demonstrates that DSI/JTIC Report No 7 existed in 1967,and should therefore still exist today ifthat policy has been followed. I would suggest a
  • 26. "r-’:’ .,::,"i (:r’E5:’:< /,-,/"" ENCLOSURE TRANSFERRED TO FILE D/DAS/10/2/8/16 PART D
  • 27. .. preserved for The National Archives. A few have survived before 1967 and these together with aecords up to 1977 are now available for viewing. The National Archives can be contacted at Avenue, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 4DU or telephone, 020 8876 3444. The National Archives also have a website giving information about the records they hold and how to access them. This can be found on the internet at htto:// The Ministry of Defence Freedom of Information Publication Scheme also contains documents relating to UFO’s. These can be accessed via the internet at htto:// A search in the Scheme under ’UFO’will take you to this information. ~uskin With regard to crop circles, alien abduction and cattle mutilation, occasionally a member of the public does write to us about these issues, but there is no evidence to suggest that these phenomena are caused by anything of military concern and the MOD does not therefore investigate reported sightings or carry out research into them. Also the MOD’s policy and view in relation to the alien abduction phenomenon, is that we are not aware of any evidence which substantiate the existence of extraterrestrial activity. The matter of abduction by alien lifeforms is a non-issue as far as the MOD is concerned. Abductionlkidnap and cattle mutilation in the general sense is, of course, a criminal offence and as such would be a matter for the civil police. I hope this is helpful. If this information does not address your requirements or you wish to complain about any aspect ofthe handling ofthis request, then you should contact the undersigned in the first instance. Should you remain dissatisfied, then you may apply for an internal review by contacting the Director of Information Exploitation, 6th Floor, MOD Main Building, Whitehall, SWIA 2HB. If you are still unhappy following an internal review, you may wish to take your complaint to the Information Commissioner under the provisions of Section 50 ofthe Freedom of Information Please note that the Information Commissioner will not investigate your case until the MOD internal review process has been completed. Further details of the role and powers of the Act. Information Commissioner can be found httD:// Yours sincerely on the Commissioner’s website,
  • 28. . ~ ~ jlike flare. I a parachute I hope this is helpful. If this information does not address your requirements or you wish to complain about any aspect ofthe handling ofthis request, then you should contact the undersigned in the first instance. Should you remain dissatisfied, then you may apply for an intemal review by contacting the Director of Information Exploitation, 6th Floor, MOD Main Building, Whitehall, SWIA 2HB. If you are still unhappy following an internal review, you may wish to take your complaint to the Information Commissioner under the provisions of Section 50 ofthe Freedom of Information Please note that the Information Commissioner will not investigate your case until the MOD internal review process has been completed. Further details of the role and powers of the Information Commissioner can be found on the Commissioner’s website, Act. httu:// Yours sincerely
  • 29. ,. . . 14/06/03 21:35 12/07/03 22:05 Llandrindod Wells Rhonda Powys Very big, red light balls hoverin". Mid- Two round objects with legs, which were black and Glamorgan sninninn. 13/08/03 22:55 Maesteg MidGlamorgan 14/08/03 23:09 Newport Gwent 24/09/03 19:25 Barry South Glamorgan Roundish, football shaped object. The flashing lights were multi-coloured. Orange circular object seen. Staved stationarv. Saw an unusual object, falling from a cloud, like it was burning and was very fast. Reports for 2004:18/02/04 05/09/04 16:02 15:20 Rh I Barry Clw d South Glamorgan 08109/04 20:15 Cardiff South Glamorgan 24/09/04 06:30 Newport Dyfed I. Lar e black ob’ect over Rh The object was a bright light at first and then looked like a box kite. Large flash of light which tu rned into a grey object descendin over Cardiff Ba . One object that looked like a disc, with a tail and was shinin . Reports for 2005:Port Talbot Swansea 31/01/05 05:00 West Glamorgan West Glamorgan Port Talbot West Glamorgan Briton Ferry West Glamorgan Cardiff South Glamorgan Cardiff Pontyclun Croesycelliog North Wales South Wales South Wales Gwent Said it looked like a parachute flare. (Seen in Januarv Said it looked like a parachute flare. (Seen in Januarv Looked like an orange ball of light. like a big star in the sky and it had sDiderish leas. Just said saw something in the sky. (Seen in February 05. 05. 05. 20/02/05 09:50 20/03/05 19:35 Bright blue object, that broke into three to four segments and then disaDDeared. Just said saw a UFO. A UFO. (Seen in 2005), A UFO. (Seen in 2005). Witness saw five to six white lights flying very fast overhead. They looked a bit like bright stars. (Seen in 2005. I hope this helpful. If this infonmation does not address your requirements or you wish to complain about any aspect of the handling of this request. then you should contact the undersigned in the first instance. Should you remain dissatisfied, then you may apply for an
  • 30. . . . infosubject: I am writing to make a further open govermnent request for all the In order to information to which I am entitled under the fteedom ofinformation assist you with this request, I am outlining my query as specifically as possible. If however this request is too wide or too unclear, I would be grateful if you could contact me as I understand that under the act, you are required to advise and assist requesters. act. I wish to know how many reported sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects in Wales have been made by members ofthe public to the Ministry ofDefence during the last five years. I would also like full details ofthe dates, times and whereabouts of each of these sightings and the outcomes ofany Miistry of Defence investigations into the sightings. I understand that under the act, I should be entitled to a response within 20 working days. I would be grateful if you could confirm in writing that you have received this request. I look forward to hearing ftom you in the near future.
  • 31. .bsite at With regard to events on 24 March 1997 I can confirm that our records show that loud bangs were heard northwest of Sheffield in the Peak District between 2145Z and 2215Z and local people believed that an aircraft had crashed in the area. The Police and RAF Search and Rescue undertook a search ofthe area but no crash site was found. Over a year later, in May 1998,there was renewed interest in these events ITom journalists and MPs and the RAF Provost and Security Services (RAFPolice)were asked to investigate whether a military aircraft could have caused sonic booms. The RAF Police concluded that although there had been a sonic event, there were no military aircraft operating in the area at speeds at which a sonic boom could be generated. I enclose for your information a copy ofthe RAF Police report containing full details oftheir findings. Details ofthe parliamentary question asked about these events can be found on the parliamentary website at You may wish to be aware that despite rumours of an RAF Tornado crashing into a reservoir in Derbyshire, the MOD has no record of such an event. You also requested information regarding MAJESTIC 12 and Project JEHOVAH. I understand it is alleged that these were projects set up in the USA,you therefore need to direct your enquiries to the US Government. We are not aware ofany information about these projects held by the MOD. Finally, you requested information regarding our investigations into UFOs ITom the 1940s onwards. The MOD does not hold any documents about the history ofthe handling of UFO reports since the 1940s. Weare however aware that a working party was set up in August 1950 (at the suggestion of Sir Henry Tizard) who thought "flying saucers should be investigated". This All the was aptly named the Flying Saucer Working Party and was dissolved in June now open for public surviving MOD papers produced by the Flying Saucer Working Party are viewing at The National Archives, Ruskin Avenue, Kew,Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4DU.The final report ofthe Flying Saucer Working Party detailing their conclusions can be viewed in the MOD Freedom ofInformation Publication Scheme at For ease ofreference, please find a copy enclosed with this letter. In more recent times, a standard form was introduced for reporting UFO sightings and these were sent to Air Defence staff(to check whether there was any evidence of a threat to UK airspace), and Defence Intelligence staff(DIS)(in case they contained any information of value in DIS’s task of analysing the performance and threat of foreign weapons systems, nuclear, chemical and biological warfare programmes and technologies and emerging technologies). In December 2000 DIS decided that as none of the reports they had received over a period of 50 years had yielded any valuable information whatsoever they did not wish to receive these reports any longer. Air Defence staffdo not now receive every report but may be consulted as described above. 1951. I hope this is helpful. Ifthis information does not address your requirements or you wish to complain about any aspect ofthe handling ofthis request, then you should contact the undersigned in the first instance. Should you remain dissatisfied, then you may apply for an internal review by contacting the Director of Information Exploitation, 6th Floor, MOD Main Building, Whitehall, SWIA 2HB. If you are still unhappy following an internal review, you may take your complaint to the Information Commissioner under the provisions of Section 50 ofthe Freedom of Information Please note that the Information Commissioner will not investigate your case until the MOD internal review process has been completed. Further details ofthe role and powers ofthe Information Commissioner can be found on the Commissioner’s website, httD:// Yours sincerely, Act.
  • 32. " . I. , .J ~. ~~~c,.,,,, TIllS DOCUMENT IS TIllE DISCREET ’SECRET GOVERNMENT 0’ UNIPlWr;"’lI!u "LYING OIlJECTS ...1 . 1. l1ep~rt . i by Ihe"["yillg Salleer" WorkingPany . IlItroductlon: HISlonca/ I’ . ob~c[s" I Unidentified Oying were first reported alter the ’wat (tom Sweden in the summer of 1946.~and rOf. .some Ihonfh.S’lhere ’was .a’considerab~ nlJmber ot alleged sightings. mosUy in Sweden, but a few also in Norway, lI’inland and Germany. The descri tions given were usuaJly of som,e sort or wingless missile t!a’eJlbtg. at high speed" lights. and occaslonally’sound.c~gar-3haped:or circular, so.mclimcs.emlU!ng The:reports attracted comnderabJ.e press, where the objects ghost :rockets" or ,"atte uon"l the bortlbs." reporl8 died awayaCler lbe .uonmcr." c 1946, . . . ’.. . and. >itry .[ew have aPrared.lillCC end of Ihal year., ’.. " .’. .... ’.-. . : "Oying eam .Ul in 1947;.lbe naonc ar because Ihe..oh,erver .(Mr...[{. Arnold, IdAhq) .as what he .i; ’ved m h and w...qulckly’Co1owed by".a’.gr~t’ onore.’ Sonce lb. slghtings have been at I DUmberS, States, but .some ftom other p ts of,th .W inludiog.,Great"Britain, here .tKe:re rtJ; Was a notable outbreak during the ’summe :.aJid’ ~Jtumn 0(’1950.’ hc’.pbi reported have beq)me popularly known by’tkc..gcneric title Dying s uccrs:".b’ut descriptinos.givenhMe.i,c:1uded.nolonIY. YiI!g disc-lik. objecl8 of the ".aucer.. " Iype, but ’f!.n.gJrss. tnrp objects, BJ?d lummoLl:’ dn....or C. 19aNh~ped"bodles. ,ph.nea’ or of V8nous . ,I ....The reported .ob$erVation~ .3. e.e cXt:lusiveJy ot associated sound have been rare, In DOl ,case ,-h~s tangible,. ~terial. or objective evidence. been submilted. It is therefore extremely difficult. i ,not- impos~ 10 al ver~ Th. lb. 2. h~d~sce desc~n?ed ~ub~IIY, m~dc I.h. ~right .spok. .. .~u.;.i" a.’~~~u~r~~ke.dis oc~’ m08t1Y’from~~e.UDl~ t.dS’~les ):un~ is., ~ repor~?C terva~s In.l~ II al.o ~riginal )la~e,. ~lmost ~y~.. af!.Y: ,YiSUalr.reports arrive. anylhing like .d.ntific prooC oC the n.tur. of Ihe Ph.romena. ballo~n-sh~ped ’p~~,?meJ1a . IIn.)’ , .ible, -~:- - we RevIew 01 prevIOus ev,dencf: ..". .of . 4. A systematio..and’:cXlensive, inv.C6tigalion . all the:Uniled States was carried out betwecn.194S.and 1-95.0the reported cido::nts in by,. the U.S.Nf..-in conjunction with Rand Corporation" Dr.’ a ~eIl-kn:own ---"-’’’--- --Ohio Sial. Universily, and olber consultanl8. . have been.enabled (Project". n aqd Project "1. Grud2e -up the ’.of .lh~ as~omer..f!..9JiL lo..tudy-two.r.poris i~n"~..!....inv~ia:.tiQnJlLlncidet1ts- .to- gll1ni 2 ~o,oI!Ilr.. .peciali.t Hyn~k,j ’~[~R,~i~? --~k~<vN CoIlo;5: ":’.. I SI~I,lt~ ~:~iJ;LJ .~’ ?r,ud~~’[. . ~n u~ ~can~il1~vl ~,946. .. ._....’ COinp~e.l)si~ Sl.u~y B. ~:~~n~tc8,~:Jki~’fC’ !~. ~ . 6. Dealing with W!"quoI.. .~ ~ .tb ~ reporl8. Cronnh.’.Unil ’Sllcs;. Projecl’" Orud the opinion of’lbe Rand’<:orpotati n Rfler .nexamination ’of 172 dale, have’roo. nd ser~ously siJ;11p explanations of the vatl.OuS phenomena ui.’ lenns of b lloQn~~, q nVen’lo . i ~~th~..W.hIC~-;.~OU~d. . .’ ." Swedisli’[)efence Stalf ( n Ucled a’ The ’M mCldcllta:. Several tJlousand reports were IhoroughJy mvestlgated ahdthel riY pJotted, mullaot onclusiODI. .,tIl8t....n ce PtiC8ble ,eVid.en. In lcrms DC astrollomical:phenomena.... .b.tained.Of hlings. I. . .:. .’ ’,..... :-’t’Hh . .., H.lreporls "as Project .’ ’U’i...O . con~_v~~.l llOi;,",t."..’OI. ~1id e’-’atrcN.f~. .r~ r~li ~)j.O. to I’ o! ’. ,:1>s. . ".c .OS’. Dr. Hynek U1VC8ttgaled-Z2II1cld.ntnnd ,j>. ,o1._. ..’. co~cludOd .Ihat 1apprOxlm e1y g. ioper r. P.I. were astrod cal-witlt"Vatyii’ij"deg’ree8 of e~obabi’ity:; 31 per. cen. werc’n,or but ba"o.ons. . ordinary alrcraJl. &d.i th. f,,e 30 per cent either. lacked suffice t ’evldence exp] ~I.!liQ1Jgh. at -, ig ,.t CQlIM cerv.ably be.astro l11.lcal’:..,-~~"" ..’.’ _’. ~.,..,,,,j.,. . .", ~1 in,~.~ olf~ sugges~ ’" ~. . . r. cent. asu:onom":al sugge.sli.~rcm,jmng-. xphll:’a~ions~ s~cJ . 40744 ,. ~ati .C.: -_ .’ SECRET . "’,," ,._, OJ$CRE T ..,". _ " ’ . 33. bif~~i Tock~ . .t~~~’ Q.m~ ’.’.’ IJ . ’ .
  • 33. " . ~’;;j;",<~ ’;J>~;:" ,"’.." "’-’:," " , , "-" R_I~W~~,~T’~~t . o~ L2 I.!a~ ~ "8 e.ih)wJ, Usi s ,~riJ’th~:.~f ’thc r>>nsu;iJ.’n : i~ei<lCl1i!<l, .9(.theuG;~dge:~.f.epo;t IirnUy,;l,tha~~!. I~an. "al’.. ihirti’ iDlJSt be dl~ga~4cd Jotl pk.’9("w9~~I~’,oY~~.’QfI’;_IV Ih~ ~nce.,~ .acp!~;.....~e~urat.. ~Qd .’(~~ori,ly xplii~. ,.Fo.t I",,’~’~ncc?( th.e" ’OW~.~ ;91~!~’~8,~"’e et’d~n"",!li.ere ’.is nO’apparent readY’expla~ Qn,I(. reliable.. WheQ p’.YC.’. hOo~l alan.d.PhYS’O. Io.g.,cal.faef. 9. rs a~.e t~ ~n. :I.n.lo nSld. ~ral.’on. ’ .,9pi?IQ",.I~ .wes~_ed,tha,.11,den~.’i!’:~ al,o "1"’J,Uo~~1,11~e~PIa"~"4:,. 7~J"AII :the -:no~:spe ul~r J.1 id,enti;’o ~hk:h>n:mch,h~s ’been: ’ade’~~ntly ;’. .I~O. ’;: ’: "Th ntal- Fort KnQx.K,entucky. In .Jan~ary’194gi whlc~ ~a~sed the dea~h :<of Lieutena,nt M~~JJ, U.S,A,F., .fully..l.lnalysed"and ~lIthe eVldenpe; collated In ,. ,’. . ’;u’p’t Sihn II.,,~ .v ’lhe; }~~.~ ~ B~i~ ~r:s ,r~;:P~b~ ~ ti~ s~,~ ~.~".~.~t’,_:~ 1. ~’: ~xpl~i~ e.x~ ,~ l~ .’ "’.:’" ., . ~c IS . the"~ Grud,te_’:’:repor. I.’"Th. e conclusion IS e.hed. that without dqubt whatever enus,_ c-Lieut~n nt.’M&n,teU,.tnet- h,is..deat,~ .while.p.rea.UlSU.’JJ;lg, Plane.I V.any ,1wChiCh was of . .’ ’unusual bnghtnes.s,on’the.mght.ID,queshon,.,_..,. ’" We have’been informed, in’conversatiori with" metnbe.r of the the mQre repor.t 01. the "inves .’gating.. of the’remains of’vc;ry small ,crashed 1’,flY ng,.sauce . a admiued by its ’?1uthor to. have,_ ’ niled Srares or a ~fs~overy’ :~t~m.Jhat eve.n ,~’}ull, beirigs.-,as. uhimately comp~et fa~rica,tion.’. ’ ’r~ 8;"):11ie,’~. Grudec’)’; report)b;een a r~"e1:icy,di$tributioo:’,,-This shOw, a curve of the ocludes, .. .~ - , report$ l incidentS recivcd between.May:1947 and December 1948,. in the few weeks immediately ColloM g ’marked1ende:rtcy’lowards ,: ~aks or. sightings.may be_’psycholog"ical ,n ~J~ ~. In~e$’itat;~~ o{i~~i,j~ts ’. " , , , ~lther- : -: " rcac,hed by, ,.the,A, O.’canS’:iS ". reports, of t". may. be categon~1 .co’ 0).n1i.IinterpreJatj n 01 various eo,wentional objects . an;,baUoons, .-""." ",. meteors.or.m.teorit....tars. 6~baJIs);’" (e,g., .ai , - .,:::-’ , an incident is wh,ich ’received :wid . publicity, andorigin, interest in _ indicating the ex ent to which ;. . . -9:~ ih.~’:Q9 unldenti~~)fY;lDg; f1 , ~s. IUS.ion (2):a fonn of mills :" (~):deli,beat~h hysteria; or ’’’6 . " ~t . l :. ’ Uni,ed Kingdom in 10. During the summer and autumn of 1950 the British presS"~av considerable - publicity,to reports’or,alleged ~ighlin s of luminous bodies,tTavellms high s , received! a Miniltry., a ref In at. or tetter~,{r~m.membets,of,-thedaylight.... Th.e,~ir reporlS. ,One of these,. so. similar . ~,number. ’a careful and accurate ,at,Derby,..who ,w,s’ clearly.. ’frorp: a:"loComoh~:f .o(’.whlll.wa. undoubtedly a’meteorite. We . .’ob:iervet:’gavc;a ve,;l atteniptC4,iny :syslematic investigation’or idt the evidence’ presented, but ":’can’6nd nO’reasOo’for suppOOog.ihat .ny’ol the’phenomena. cannot be r’ $imilarly’ ned;’in ,cet;~incases;,whe~obSrvations ’were. reporlCd at" approxia the widely sepatated localiti~, this ~ dark., ot~ public’~i~h re~n x,,",l~rdescri.ption n~ ,’,.R.AF.Stations...inti,dents Were reported ,officially Plpch detail ~, by eXpe’r These have bc~ mvest;gared in as "._’ ,", t~ reporF. w.. un~oubtcdlY ~p’rll ’,matelrt~e;s ,m.:ti",~}rom’ ,.~xp!~~auon. . ,’, ’,’ ,""’: ’,., ’_:.’..’ ’11.’-.Three I. . officer.s Cro’m 8$-;$ possible with rcperlS or visual observaUons, . 12. On 1st June; 1950; the pilot of a Meteor’ rCpi?rled on landing al Tangmere that at l:iJJO, while ying at 20,000 feel on an easterly cOurse over Portsmouth he had sighted pbject travelling at very.high Spee9 on a reci roeal course, reet above and roughly 1,200 to ’tarboard.. H d~cribed the ncc’. He could’ not give any real as circular, and of bright " object but thqught’ it,l11ight’be ahout 800 kn t$. He had ohsried tiInate onts .1 it for’ab’out’15’JeJlds,during whi lookcd’liway to porI.’.and ’ba , i ’j’.’/;":.::;:" ~;_:., ;1 ’".:;:::; "no ".: : ..:"".,11 .add l’9n: olo!’, ’repor;"lhe’ DUIi: C nti lter ’and’three tbe’ ’lit at’rcsP "’ i ’the’ P’P.l’:’whic!1-’ :’hid-’obSti’Y . J’rad tJ’ ar~l 1,UW-2,OOO I .~hi’1’ yard. mctaIHc- ’peed, ’.~a~m’ i1~;",!,~~nll I~~U/er~3ar: ?/at,,?,artl!~, l....,.nlOrriled ,~p h’.periOd’h...had ~"",~! : ’~( ".lba!; ...Bout Jam.’tnne’.....!iie. ~tat ’,~i,’-targCt:~ m~v tr,’a~’!-u~u. ’laoJ~~’,"fi~~t/’~pr9-ab~ilJg;’:’ aPPeared d then ’:to ig’:’,’ i ,~1~659. .~if i~ .~y:-i 1~ ,i~ g’ ~h o~ ~ i ~~, tW~lati :’,; C9nttolf~stat’!d t’:’ ’:bc’.dllc " "II~ke<l I The’ to be ’:.reCedi $’trOin. ’hatit1lt:resi> . ver’y’ thick.’ leavmg’mort:aftetglow rhan’t usual’rcs~iI":-behiiid:’~"’;iTh ’ operator. observing a separate djsplay, said that jt was ’,.slim} sh’ rf-and’weaker than ~n ’- ,’~ , ~ ~,L..’ ":Diis:tREET’ ~ ~;.~:~:8:,_’;’~ . j", . .’ ~,~i}’i; :. () ., I ’)
  • 34. , , . I;}. " .....r.. ,": . .ii’ ~ "fjl~~ET . ’- .~i1t.s,’ .,1. ."’k.l~~iIt. .~,tb.hcr~r.~~ t~. ~J" . " ’,,’J. COUI,!;:of (hO’rada.iargelP~~14iiJ~:’~lji"c ,’(it.ii i~tery!.",ed r,’ p,UOI,. .an ~h,~.,~. Plc.t. tic<crried r.~rllhc a ov. ]Jr.hch,l’i~htet Com!riarid, [’010,whq"e mdlviduallf accural.lo 1 wcr~ f~p~ .~u:~ cit~bbelW~:)/..b~..~,u.k1r~ ’~h~ t~;,I~Ji~:;’~ !~ ~ cair.t.d;ere.d;~: ’~ ’ ,’. g,C mtnut., . 11 musllherefort be concluded wa, nusual.,P,I’., I;Clpot1SC.,...nd..lh....PiIO.’. V.i.’U’II~. Obs.rv.alion, po.c;on .on ,.:,:;."W. .be1ieve.tI)al:.Ihe, r..d..r,sll"~. ’Iy~plai.,*"..s. duc,lo interference rrom" another transmitl~r! a phenomenon which has’~’ ibl. b ~bserved, .lId ..hjclt ia,descri!,in.APPCndi~ i~)mp -merelytothe , ~ o~ v~c m~ proba~le ~plical sl-:nple re’~ pil~t. oth~ al~c ~as weari~g sun:gla~ 0 .nd ~ther c~.on pearl’~FY lpO~,;~o; $.t k.ept ." ; , Ii I- i i I conclude., traveU~ of’mOre. r~e v~, other.’:i~~~t~’,then~,"~t .. thewatch-tov.:er.’’lth’fiV~’ at, r~l.. . alilisc, light pearlrang. inHawk~)()~.!;.’obj",,!. 1.(}..15,)Di...: bDU!.th~size all’sa"’, mOmenl ’sa"",described theybei.!’.$:a’ !pu.(, i grey ti. ,~ i~. t~e. I’ ! ~o.ibelieve’~that;a II. ; I: 0 , 8()().-I,OOO t~t spec4. i ~: .1, nl’~ tugu.t, ,ubdu!’4,hulj)}ingl.noi....lik.;. ,Qvcrh~4....Jh. Ih.m)t~ip.&J ’ II ~ A,~I~ r~e ~lana~ ~:sp"~n :)( ~,:~~ich .’.i~’~~." nQt.. out;.,by entirely def te about the,pilot"s report. Assuming that he ,W8.$:’is, iIIus’n, the Circular." Jmpt:Y108:8 m of. l J c&_11$1.that he the ,," hls_ ~escnptlon ,~W.f’can fjnd~ no saw a. meteorologK:al baUo;on and pc. aU.y over-estlmat.ed. hypo~hC$,s’,;:’;I’ .: .’......" .1".’ . : reason whate~r for adoptml any Jess were reported (roth the- -R ya(’Aircr’sCt 13. The rema ning two -incidents officers conceme:;"W’ in iewcd by and the .-"1: ,I. Establishment, Famborough. .,’ ~..’~.~!t.;, ,J! :" members of this Working’Party,_ 1950, ,14th said Ihal I I . .1’/Ll.Hubba{p, all..~pcrienced the .irfieldhearda o two he weath.r model Diesel motor,.whlch eaused them 10 sea",hsaw. sky ,bl,it;f’ two ot:ficers was.fine and visi~ility good. The sta.tes that he sa.wHII)rn~t ,dirC!ltllY",overbcad who In colour, first slghtl an obJcct which he descrlbes as a Oat dlsc,’h&ht at he 50 feet n diameter,at an’ estimated, height.or;s;OOO".’(<<;et,"~He,at a about ,:jt1hav lled,"at it under observation for 30 seconds. during,which"ptri uti+g.a series of a heading of speed estimaled also lightm.p.h.. on care from diffet’ent,seg~e,nt;; as it moved. reftection S.turns, osc,Ualing ribed.his own We have DO reason to doubt that FlU. Hubbard hQn~tly..df!5 most what he. saw,’but we find it impossible; impression of. at no great could have of exceptional unconven on,al aircraft, altitude, in the middle of a fine summer marnin.c. over a pop:ulous a"d air.minded than:one attention I disricl like. FarnbofO’:Igh, wilhout Fattracting either that ILt. Hubbard. was _the .victim Jor an’. optical .observer. We him. iIIusiont or.that’he,Qbsc;rved.sbme quite normal type,of .aircr~ft’an c. self abolll sha!>,> and speed,.... ." .... ,. , If$09 . ther oIIIccn, 14. FlU. Hubbard was’ also concerned in the .tandin$on ’on $thSeptember, 1950, The ,ky’ .Iooking SQuth in.anl !pation or Ihe dISplay bY. the AI ;about Ihe Wllh stral!!:Cumul;u. cloud base 4,Q!X;ij aboul 3/8 obscured, wh.ich. of at a estimated ,; ,. i ~~ ...: "v’’’~ " ,. ’;",",’_’ .:..; ,-,,:.,._,.:,... ""’:~ aircraft;~ and thaL.a, serie,~ of’.’ sli~dow3" ap~red iRthc ,I..’, belw~n successive ,. ;I;L":;:~,,,:,,,,_ I reporl.db. Ih.Q.O. by a,member’of ." . . ~ s~ 3 , ~.’ fiitl pward bult~n," .hirl. succession They.1I observed it to rollow a .reelaDgular.fas path,.oon",very of a ., ramng leaf," sistinJl. leaf," another.horizontal stret~h.horizontal Rightlly it,’9ived the horn fin and so ’,~ faUmg be~excc.~~’:~o~c~ere ?~c~..the ~t.s~; The pattern esum~tcdobjects hc:..saw.,Qn.thc two- occasions Guddford-Farnham area. FrLL, Hu ~ard was satisfied that . viere:id~ l; .Ihe olher.Observers agreed’thai’the..~Rrid..objecl, fitted I)I. Ihey of a I., Ij in on;’ to ’was rat ","an ’ ’. "’.7.;, - I,",’ ,. ’. . ." ,. :;in;~ id i~ f""t,~:k~Yi~g4b~( ’dcscriJ~’biv~~ ~ ~ f:’r~d.lhch;ur.:;d<:ad,~rp9c>>~"0!.:.1)’ ~1~ ~l.ver. ,sor~ ~ly.;~..~’WXJ~’<’!.~. .. the . ’ Or;,some I, II. ..vlden,pr.Idenufical/09.or,l.hilobJect,,,,hich We cannot,)lOVCVF ,fini!-, ",11.h;!.bc. !.;~;nDPIISlb’.I<!:.hcJ’C’lc,ib~I.,I1’ y.e. Jw. J~i~!>’ ,aw~[t. .F,lh..,,1/. ti!De’ ov. er’i!!.: pop:~I., 4s..ft~.t; cp.’,u,tJ.,i~an~9",~enll~9’.~rap.Ulte n~"vnng.’oIh’1’ p~. W..oo,nc~l<Ic,’’’’c’’P!W<;(S,.’D:;ractJ’ ,!,/,.sqme ll;t~e tor. ..some :,alcJI’Wn..of.. ,~><II!.I,aircra(t;’IJI,n",~v""g,~at.l~g- ab.~<?Im..~I.-r:ra9 t~~Wg.(. .Io<I P,Yi./.be :pr"ll’o~’ , _e ~ll):me,vISllal,ra~gc,,~~d.’w, ,r."OJ)c;r4m>rt R:P9" .to..bel.i veI1t ;tq !ire~rem or .t~IS ,bc;her,by...~ q~fle~.I~f-’,Qfle, ,our jndu,cing ano;tp’’’!.YVe, ’Was, , ma. " . , ., , Jt:t. liT. h,~. !b, fI’:’, j,’1 ":.f, 10. q." ~ . 01. omlllaw!"q...I’o~I1l Y,: R.A,F.),whl"h 1S,’eP!’~,~,"PPCDdl~.B ,an IUustr~l.. c.,",’".,)’(It ,w lc)lmlSlakC11,"denldic"po!l’!..IIay.’~~’lIIa~e,,:~v.n;bY >’.J~ ~> ): :.,..:>~" ; ,~peri~~b:~~s. S;&q~::r’ 40744 QI"’’’flI!!’II!!)R’: :-i,. ,,_~. ,:~.~~;"’1’ .~.’,.....~’14, " ..,..., ’b1tiSO.. .I .1 1. , -, If!. c,DII",bq[:,(;Ving, t "d.,., :’;ij.,,~. ..’ r’ . .., "’1 ’/*",. .....,. 02
  • 35. ., ’,’ . .---- ~;~r;"" )~;Y<- DI~SORE. :r. S~ bl~l,t:wr,:rna:ss or a~ail a giv~apx~hing’ ~~,sci_~tiljy-.~r,lh~t ,p~en }~~i~J caused by:beings:’:I,nKnownnovcl~. mor~ enlirel or are. c,leveloped ’",.e id;(k-.~ "I. ;:......1.. ’J ,i .1 "’. " , Wi.l~iam,Q~to~R!.,which Slales,~hat,~h .nost.prob,a~le-hypo~~esiscsent case, and neceSsary CJC.plam the observations,should i)e app1ied to tbe I that this prin plc d’ . . ’ one. or Qther We believe. to ons reported were accordingly conclude that aU the observa o( the following causes:phenomena of known ypes. or other birds, (I) Astronomical or mereorologicak idenlHicaUon of conventional aircraft, (2) Mistak.en natural objects. . normal or delusions. (3) Optic,l illusions .and psychologiC<l1. (4) Deliberate hoaxes. attempting Cu her investigation could. only We consider that no progress will be made by and. subjective’ evidence; and-lhat OI.,the, arid. continuous o( throughout the., country.’ visual 0 rvers; equipped organising be. obtaiOcd observation or ,thc!.skies by.’network’o( network. of radar stations by a available, as a with photographic.:apparatus..and. supplemented evidence 50 on’the. no .and’sound locaton. . We regard th We accordiogly.recommend YO~..strongly that enterprise. singularly ’rcp.orted~’mystenous _aenal .phenomena ,be_undertaken. ..,’, "’,: (urther ’Investigation. of becomes avatiable. unless and until some’material eYlden<:e I I ~bs.erve t:,e usu’~lly . " I .. 4. Conclusiol1s cmd. Recommendaliolls; :. . ., ,: purely su ’cctive evidence, ii/ .. 15. When the only material .,mena the . tQ it ,is such as’ an’ 1rcrall of extra.;. somethIng’ .by nol;. advanct4 than are, to ,us on lines . terrestrial origin, satisfied thallthe bulk or the have thought or.. ’Weare;,.howeYOr; ~ccOunlw.’(or anytbing such’an,exp,la alioi1, and _ can attriouted "to, abserntions,reported’dp not need’ bid!scieniific’ prinCip1e; much;’mo~e’ simply:’ There is.a vtry is t11.e s.impl~t.’. i i balloonr POSilive-~ults unco-ordinaled ~y. ! i ~ar profi~ I !, MerropoleOuildin s. W.e.2. I .... .,, . i . I A NOTe ON - AN , . . M~_ 0’.Wartlin~ .H. Ju~~-19S0, observ~ UNUSUAL RA:DAR ReSpONse BY unusu~t .’ .. res~lt f~om’ are~~. ., J . .~ ~ery thick. JTIcntion~ sccondS;:"A.relaliVe1Y~Smi1l1 aloDI,~he fut~hc_r SECJ,tF,T.. ..’".’ . I "’;’~’:’,~:’. :1’ P.P.I. ~hic~ w~td. .tpetition ~Irec r~i.~ed .. ’,Yestern rget.~’.:.w.o~1d AP~r II ..’ ’I, p~lM: th~ tJ:ansm~uer-~pie.ab~ve.-, cl~ . .’ ’.’ ,~. ,;, Git ,::.;b:S,’I~.l .’.;.’I.!J’( on 1st radar .E. ’al response With reference to the another observed,was received directly the This .’Y’iU it is suggested tbat ! ship-borne. in the_ Portsmouth...lslo; of.Wight, transmitter. possibly I’ ’Western’" transmitter,.-" be termed the the’ modu1ation pulses’ o( the’,. Western" transmitter to be . Assuming of. the former set,. and that the isoChronous wiUl chose of the Wartlingmilliseconds minus. transmi$Jion time 1.2 on the was occurring anything’ up: to, say) ",ould he yisible rar away it is received later tban that. oC the.laUer. the Western"signal transmitter were display.,. Moreover,.unless the would be or large amplitude and would therefore, prob’abJc’.th t the received ’Signal lea.ving .more afte11glOW than a usual in the. ,report. ’appear very .’. as staled behind." response above would nol ," ,. It is reasonable, to suppose.that the repetition rates drift in the rOf’.more than"a few remain,identical ’cHange.iI the. ti interial.betwe will produce a considerableof the receiver tim e base. This’would repetition rates the.tranitniUcr:pube and-the firing instant. signal. .scan, i.n ’.a’:large.:disp~acemcnt.or ,the. s~.movc,"ent’or.the,.~I,taJJCt.. In thc,radlalrate.oC on. the be’l a high oCfirstoightmg the, 11",ill be arpreciated thatlr at the.inalanl’sowly.,appfoaching.tha~ .of thc;’Warlling t but, II.Wtstern rang ,rapldly; as the re litlOn rates became ’,~’.repctition’ set,.th’f,1 tatget stalonar.y~,’and’.M .the, ;equal:,.the’o’1 target’~,::’W to.,open of’.the"W.artling’ ~,..the’r1,t tate~ (ell, below! tl1at: -be:noted that.:one..would’,txPFt’ reflections from -be’ !ra’nge rapidly.?,’Jt may, to,_the"4 -Western :1,tr.ansmitter to ’of- sufficient objetuf {ttjlls, &cJ relaltvdy" close the P.P.I., ",hich"’’’lUld gi>eJthe Impression.or ., amplitude to he displayed .Isn on as described in the n shadows between successive points signa~ i ",’ AP,.ENDlX A .,..... ’j ! ~ I’,:,," I;’ . relrt. DISCREE"T ,I ii I I
  • 36. " ".". " . DISCREET." .r::i:,;t!;.;,". .......: " .. ~: ",’ ’. AfPENDlXB (’Whil.on tho rin.rangeat Tipner,P R,A:F, ’objoct having tho Saucer" wasobsorved inlh..:di,tance, Visibilitywas,go ,.thor. d locale<! ’and held by .unshine.;. The.’ objecr .an. bright. 20 magnificalion’,’ and .gave appearance’ 01 being a cjn:ular .hining disc’mov oD a r.gular: ght )>Ilth, !t’wa. only alter observation had n kept. for’ that did ncjt roOeet obieet minute&; and of.a being. a i’ . , 5 . F.YlN?~A~~"b.mouth;’ CO~MANDm<,FO~.yl ",ance ’t’ING ~"Flying .ky arei "’as, (. teIe.scopecloUdl.... th~’iltit~d"olthe ..v"!"al ~e~nb.ght. tl)e, ~~.s th~t ’~hanged .0’ i~ ’. ,OBSBRVAriON OF A" ,! ,~ ’SEGRoET . . ". to eye, It.waS Identified at bemg a" al~aft"’i,’ ,. i~ . .... ..." :. .1. .i’"," . .......’J.. , , :." "’:. . J. I ".’:,’ ..-j: ,I ., ., fY’ , ,’. i .- ~. . SECRET DISCREET .,..... pe~fectl}1 normal ’. I . , ’.
  • 37. 24 . EVENING NEWS, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2005 ww. . . .lens or Ie In es More ’flying saucers’ have been reported,.but close encounters i BLUE and white circular objects reported in the sky, shooting stars falling to the ground, a silver grey rod flying over a small town - it sounds like a scene from Close Encounters of the TlIrd Kind. But an exclusive News investigation has discovered normally Quiet and unassuming smaIl towns such as Huntingdon, Girton, Ely and St Neots are a hotbed of extra terrestrial activity. Ten UFOs have been reported in MidAnglia in the past three years according to the Ministry of Defence, which revealed the figures after the News made a request under the Freedom of Information But is this an invasion of little green men or a figment of fertile imaginations? Four lights. one brighter than the others, seen in the skies over Ely in February last year could be a signal from extraterrestrials that has travelled millions of lightyears to get here using physics we do not yet understand. Or it could be a plane. The British UFO Research Association (BUI<’ORA)has investigated reports of fiying saucers. abduction, crop circles and all things alien since 1964. Robert Rosamond. the group’s chairman, said most sightings can be Act.. rationallyexpJained. "Some are everyday like aircraft, miJitary or civilian. or astronomical phenomena like shooting stars," he said. "And they can be very rare like geoJogical glowing balls of ’’All these can be mistaken by people for UFOs. We find that 95 per cent of all reports can be explained." Cambridgeshire seems to be a highway to the restaurant at the end of universe in the past 20 years, if reports are to be believed. Teenager Jamie Wilks said he saw a strange craft defy the laws of gravity in Vinery Road at 10.30pm in August 1994. The 14-year-old and his friends claimed they saw "strange pin-pricks" zipping light. ---- --- backwards and forwards in the sky. followed by what looked like some sort of craft emerging from behind a cloud. "I’m convinced it wasn’t a plane," said Jamie. "Planes don’t move like it was mov ing. It was defying the laws of physics. Leslie Woodbridge was convinced he saw an alien craft while driving across the Fens near Ely early one morning in November 1987. "I thought it was an aircraft. but its shape, speed and colour soon convinced me it was something far more strange," .. he said. "I wasn’t dreaming, It was incrediblethe most fascinating thing I’ve seen in my life." Mr Rosamond says BUFOHA tried to be as scientific as possible while investigating possible UFOs. "There are a few people who will hound you out a room if you say a sighting might not be UFO but we tried to be as objective as possible," he insists. "We are neither pro-UFO nor anti-UI<’O. We look at each case individually and we try to look at the broad aspects of the phenomenon." "urology",as it has been dubbed, takes in many other subjects, such as psychology, the sciences and astronomy. adds Mr Rosamond. "We have all had individual cases where there is no obvious rational explanation but they are very rare. "’Ve never close a case and as we learn more it is possible phenomena we don’t understand now can be explained later," he said. Hollywood has also played its part. BUFORA files from the 1980s are bulging following the release of Stephen Spielberg’s 1977 blockbuster Close Encounters of tlIe TlIird Kind and his later hit ET,says Mr Rosamond. "We have files going back to 1924, and -- -.- the stereotype image of grey aliens you can see on everything from the bottom of skateboards to TV commercials came from the US. "Prior to that there was nothing in the UK," he adds. Since Roswell, when an alien craft allegedly crashed in New Mexico in 1947, reports of UFOs grew but over the past 15.years interest in little green men has died and sightings have dwindled. Mr Rosamond says: "We are keeping an open mind. We will keep searching for answers. An Ministry of Defence spokeswoman said: combination of civil and military radar installations provide a continuous real-time ’picture’of UK airspace. "Any threat to the UK Air Defence Region would be handled in the light of the particular circumstances at the time (it might, if deemed appropriate, involve the scrambling or diversion of air defence aircraft). "Reports provided to us of ’UFO’ sightings are examined within this department, but consultation with air defence staff is considered only where there is sufficient evidence to suggest a breach of UK air space. "The vast majority of reports we receive are very sketchy and vague_ Only a handful of reports in recent years have warranted further investigation and none revealed any evidence of a threat. "The MoD does not have any expertise or role in respect of ’UFO/flying saucer’ matters or to the question of the existence or otherwise of extraterrestrial lifeforms. "We remain totally open-minded, but to date we know of no evidence which substantiates the existence of these alleged phenomena." ;:~. . IMAGES of alien-type ~ phenomenon. A picture in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, of the Baptism of Christ by Aert de Gelder shows a large disk shining mys of light down on John the Baptist and Christ. ~ was pajnted in 1710. theory of alien Interference has even been put forward that suggests human A ~ speculation. A flying disk was reported to have crashed landed near cameronramos the town in New Mexico on July 2, 1947. The TImes even reported US scientists had taken the object for further investigation. The government denied claims it was an aJien landing but stories continued that extraterrestrial remains were secretly transported to Hangar 18 a1 an air base in Ohio. The model of the autopsy, pictured, is in the town’s museum. Recently a film purporting to wes released, crash adding fuel to the show an alien found at the s~e ,, .l conspiracy theories. ’ But categorical evidence of outer space i forms from is still elusive. Credible scientific evidence suggests there is a chance of but no proof of superintelligent baings. The truth is out there . . . I~e I~e r .- .- r 1 ’’A .. evolution has been helped along the way by spacemen. But Roswell Is the most Infamous UFO story that sparked decades of fevertsh . .. Firing the imagination since ancient days creatures date back thousands ot years to when man lived in caves. But Is only in modem times thet extra1errestrials have become a major I~ War of the Worlds or an Easyjet flight to Malaga? CAMERON RAMOS makes contact and investigates UFO Cambridgeshire. ,1. r’~ " ( ,
  • 38. EVENING NEWS, WEDNESDAY, NDVEMBER 9, 2005 . I id Anglia may be more airborne than alien ~ !~ I~’ J~,.;;r~~t~ f> <I~~,it:’. ’.t1fl"’? ".~, ;;’:1~J::i~.-, -fiF;~~, ~~. ’.;~. . ’., .:’ , ,;,; MAD AB the House "’;j, ."’~.i J.t":>;......_:..,’<.T 7, 2. "Ii Parliamentary correspondent Bill Jacobs brings you all the latest from the Commons. --- Memoirs not so diplomatic CAMBIUDGE graduate Sir Christopher Meyer. the former ambassador to the United States. revealed an interesting aside about his former boss. John Major. in his controversial memoirs. The Peterhouse graduate was having coffee with the ex.Prime Minister and Huntingdon MP in Washington when news of the September 11 New York terrorist atrocity broke. He was with Mr Major on the terrace of his palatial residence in the American capital when details came in of the disaster. Meyer assumed that "some small private plane had wandered off course or got into mechanical difficulties". Then his wife Catherine called him to the TV to see the second aircraft hitting New. York’s trade tower. Both Mr Meyer. a former Downing Street Press Secretary to Mr Major. and his wife. tried to persuade the politician to go to a meeting of the Carlisle Group - one of the most powerfl private financial firms in the US. He came back to say there had been a brief meeting before his speech was abandoned but he had met a Mr Bin Laden not the Osama behind the massacre but one of his many brothers who was a major investor in the firm. MR Meyer was pretty scathing about Mr Blair’s Cabinet ministers. He brands Foreign Secretary Jack Straw as "tongue tied" and Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott as "blithering" . He does praise Cabinet rebels Clare Short and the late Mo Mowlem as able and also extols the virtues of Environment. Food and Rural affairs Secretary Margaret Beckett compared with her predecessor Nick Brown whom he brands ineffective and almost inaudible. It just shows you can take the diplomat out of Cambridge but never the Cambridge graduate’s superiority out of the - . diplomat. Malcolm has a ’whet’ while wets remember CAMBRIDGESHIRE South MP Andrew ’LanSley paid yesterday .,. his respects to the late Numbers of ’unexplained’aerial sightings reported to the MoD The figures below relate to the number of reports. received by the Ministry of Defence. of aerial activity which was not immediately identifiable to the witness. They should not be taken to reflect sightings of "UFOs/flying saucers". Figures from before 1959 are not available. 1991 117 1975 Z08 1959 ZZ ZOO 199Z 147 1976 1960 31 1977 435 1993 Z58 1961 71 1978 750 196Z 46 1994 Z50 1979 550 1963 51 1995 373 1980 350 1964 74 1996 609 1981 600 1965 56 1997 4Z5 198Z Z50 1966 95 1998 193 1983 390 1967 36Z 1999 ZZ9 1984 Z14 1968 Z80 ZOOO Z10 1985 177 1969 ZZ8 ZOOI Z03 1986 IZ0 1970 181 ZOOZ 100 1987 150 1971 379 Z003 99 1988 397 197Z ZOI Z004 85 1989 Z58 Z33 1973 Z005 90 1990 Z09 1974 177 . -- ------ -------- I ----- _ __~ 1ft - --------- Edwerd Heath at the former Prime Minister’s memorial service at Westminster Abbey. As a classic .wet" Conservative tlat was entirely appropriate. But Cambridgeshire North East MP Malcolm Moss. pictured left. was at a lunch with merchant bankers Coutts who look after the Royal Family’s finances. Bush-meat, Bird flu, it’s all the same to Jim MR Paice has been tied up at Westminster with bird flu in his role as agriclture spokesman. He’s been demanding that the Cabinet Minister responsible for tackling the issue. Margaret Beckett. take decisive action. I have taken the mickey out of Mr Paice before for his obsession of putting down Commons’ motions about Symian Foaming Virus - a disease that affects chimpanzees and - -- other apes which are sometimes imported illegally to Britain as "bush meat". But Mr Paice pointed out to me: "This is all about and stopping getting dangerous animal diseases in to the food chain and the human population. "It’s the same issue. The Government are not doing enough and they must Sorry. Jim! act." --- I, ~ ii ,
  • 39. . ail. been at bees. the it and have Didn1 spiderish a was trail. there white could had sounded it earth Sighting colour. the of in the towards Description saucer. and heading Brief round, lights, flying seen acros movina a was hoverina. which light, The as obiect, of light reported bright bright Two A clouds. Eiahteen Just shaDed Orange Ireland a as renorted Massive leos. Black Just V Yorkshire UFO. West skv. vel ow seen Laroe sky. very the a going had East from like seen. light aoina the Looked in sound, travel ina object, across it sky. colour like travelling liCht gre n/blue flash sky. was blue of amazing the liaht in blue meteorite. in liaht Object blue liaht disintearatina. disaD eared. ’swishing’ areen Bright a A Briaht an blue blue flash flvina flash Saw trail. A A obiect. flash flash of blue of A A A A Glamoroan Northants West across tail. the Glamornan Stat ordshire Northern that conical the Cambridaeshire Cornwal but broke in liaht. saucer, ball firework sky, shaDe. fast a into obiect like the It to then had a acros sky. the was big a was West. about briaht liahts County witnes shaped the star heard 3 liahts, in orange 4 or like sky. the had and said and an sky sky. it iron. and like Looked like through Left segments move a was bright then Leicestershire Somerset Somerset Strathclvde London London South Somerset Dorset Somerset Somerset Dorset MOD Yeovil the bv Vil age near
  • 40. . metal ic car. left estate turquoise of verY hour. of colours about the sky was the and sky. a the missile with in reflective, seen was skv. and seen object looked Silver Obiect light, Zoom briahter moved UFO. star a was disao earina. strange aot One then Just The was shaped, sphere East. A Late One the over soheres were red shaped to A Was an than eve. a arev like was the shaned. Three A was the and round lozenae trianaular bright, was silver, extremely which object A A speed sort looked easterlv iooked but white cigar of they Had ooint the rod. to direction. had lights, Was obiect, a ac elerated small black A object of binoculars like UFO/briaht uowards hovered a rounded. an it a dim saeed areat liaht triangular Three Was olane. arrow. by faster naked movino light. Through that was from obiects descending North identified. white object, It the was southern light. around. seen the zig to yel ow at looked would Zagging was left movina with paral el like Then within star night briaht changed that that reo rted object dancina huge an outstrio a that hoverino at that suburbs craft, seen witnes ed around. rotating in hiah was five into of Somethina a ain. silver a light minutes, shaped that in very the something altitude. the with to streaked ball, sky. of bright side. stayed the which obiect/bal The and all beams lights a a ShrewsburY. movino red in there disc of and It then tail. from around. ap eared light the an the for acros a Movina West fast. that briaht flying Was shaped. liahts. could the an the going side fiahter Moving had lenath on. iet. airliner. acros to shape, sky saucer It It stern. It from fast. North from not rainbow in an be before to colour, of the to dimmed, right, East. West and an object was obiect in The sky The shine Two them, The London Wales Derbvshire Shro shire Mid lesex Cambridaeshire Humberside Shronshire Berkshire Devon North Surrey Avrshire Avrshire Derbvshire Norfolk Northants South-East Cambridaeshire Not inahamshire Cleveland Kent
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  • 42. . the sitting very 2005. was Februarv be beam. then circles. no in linhts white torch a like briaht, six luminous but clockwise shape in Southwick. evenina. military and the aoin are n over liahts, all circles briaht a was witnes es white circles white Three Clear White Three Two-thre 2005, sky. above brown, liahts dark in UFO UFO a a as parachute oarachute the a a like movinQ. Four Just Just Strange was reported reo rted spacecraft star 2005). a in in a above like Somethina a 20 5. sometime sometime in sometime flashed fast was (Seen aircraft. spot ed, Julv circular of top (Seen Like (Seen slow on were looked sometime (Seen (Seen seen seen UFOs obiect GlamorQan A A ( UFO. was meduim a object the 2005. flying in thing lights Auaust white stars. a reo rted of Two (Seen sky. like in UFO. UFO. /Was /Was The very It Seen and sometime sometime it, in and in in April sideways. overhead. in dull in 2005). April bia in Glamora n 20 5T. 20 5. telearaph the was sho tin Looked Siahtina Auaust were Just Just a buna low. Saw The across orange 2005. 2005). they ilke Lo ked 2005. 20 5. a a with but seen the clearly object They not pole. sometime seen in oranae reo rted reported object, skv. in the siahtina six bubble The size Just A sometime to Perthshire Perthshire Wales Wales Berkshire Kent West West Essex . West Staf ordshire Somerset Essex Cumbria London Devon South South Somerset Suffolk briaht Five like Cambridgeshire shire Perth Fife aliens a too like flare. flare. the Glamorgan Fife fast aoinQ looked in that One looked sky. col url ight. UFO. UFO. in the lights to (the (Seen aeroplanes. (sometime sighting. skv. but to star, house. liahts moved greys), one. and circlina. a Was fast anti-clo kwise. bit Gwent
  • 43. . I at fast the a low. in hours. lights yellow, fadina. and - sky like very the sound. a Siahtlna it. of DescriDtion sighting. front. and with travel in rumblina one around for the at aircraft a was watched Hall. in pair house, liahts the Relford triangular There was that a black sauare Just A sky over with liahts seen formation. red reported above liaht obiect red dull large One of soundles a be obiect discernable ap eared the over brlahter like circular out. a went briaht trianale orange was at objects, liaht. black light Two briaht Larae Yellow light. and too. object. movina ball doughnut a the times, Saw and Fast Large svm etrical it of sliaht object the Flashina Stranae Round Liahts Object other Four Four One Sri 17:30 sound. light. Lo ked in liohts liahts, and whirrinQ No one white. Lankan formation. Rhvl. a as described in other time. had a the fast obiect ninht are n shaoe. to liahts obiect, UFO white The others, than flvina ainkish Brief in rocket. speeding pair Town 10 0-50 0ft No The of rings sound flash lights, the shot sometimes uo formation. all of object sky. three looked acros fast half bright colour general y, lights one a but sahere. lona sur oundin One 60ft ring I County Essex West Vil a e Lincolnshire Shro shire Strathclvde I Cambridaeshire Cambridaeshire Not inQhamshire Cambridaeshire Leicestershire Surrey Yorkshire Yorkshire North ian Clwvd Suffolk Loth Bedfordshire Lanka Avrshire Sri Essex
  • 44. . it. then eight on and shape disa aeared. over saeed. ring in a fast very lights stationary an have at May climbed coast. at sky. and four That in of flying liqht object. cluster a an flyinq was Just a Saw south Jel yfish of Very travelling side obiect disa aeared. briqht. a like the objects and round A Looked liahts Yellow Yellow Yellow Mersevside Northants West Ayrshire Avrshire Avrshire strobe a looked was a at saw aircraft plus An station. object obiect. a was lights, a round Just obiect bright North London East West liaht Looked A orange transparent without type an cylinder brinht verY Two A Two One Lame both aircraft white liaht, was a like witnes obiect windows The The Norfolk Cumbria Avrshire West Avrshire Avrshire Avrshire Lo ked were like objects looked black sinnle, Two Thev Lonn Yorkshire Yorkshire Derbyshire winas obiect rina. coiour be had saheres. sphere. about colour seen could briaht vel ow liahts Yorkshire Yorkshire seen sahere. a briaht. The Four saheres, like aoina ’chewy no and and aulsina-spider for in in briaht and the star an said Two sae d, The nower object aoinq also the rectanale 200ft were mint’ sa room and clockwise lookina and Yorkshire Yorkshire Kent was sahere. sahere. sahere. on Three headed obiect. shaae outer bo merang like white UFO, beams it together. movina tremendous direction. circlinq the with of was obiect. down cleariy, circle the shone overhead humans liahts of with They the it a very and the the lona. disc shaped. were that around white fit to speed. near round obiect. gro ves the like silent. within briaht a iiaht. was upwards a bright was said had then and flying object, shaped. and kite. incredible two it. had over fast very liaht. a bright Lancashire Surrey North Devon
  • 45. . a it it engine making making got and was and bright Methodist quite light, lost. each was beside obiect. flashing it first, and a at white shaped flvinQ an spheres seen bright, bright a One briaht noises. Five The One arew enaine Object obiect. completely shanA, lona, black ’UFO’ it as One A A One objects, ciaar plum eted direction. low a then a and like with light, unward strange, pulsatina flames yel ow on lona, seconds. were Bright obiect very vel ow came The Three of are n cylinder the hazv bright black minute white, very a as was was reported snheres obiect disc. was One object object house. red, Strange and spot ed, was colour and siahtinas looking blue, -n ioa rectangle was and alien an black large toaether. abject, of Ball shape and bright anain, looks Object round, flvinQ in One above and and than white orange bigger black, chanaed around the and then prop rtions. there biQ different was house. an level, solid was object, underneath, colours. shaped large, the liahts ap eared extremely about aircraft, the to followina ’UFO’ looked object object was biaaer. black, noises. snhere. iust like with long, before 70ft ciaar a a was siaht flvina comet earth. on from airliner. with the light it circular was had trianale brilliant over were chan ed was no the which flames was was horizon. nowhere bright the outside. went Church. flashing pther. mesh for size Large noise. quite out the lights. and and about lights in around large object The and ten on lighter to velocitv. and Onlv Five The Silver The a The of Tvne Manchester upon Hamoshire Midlands Lanarkshire Avrshire Avrshire Lanarkshire Northants Northants Mid lesex West Greater London Northants Berkshire Somerset Devon oor Hill Newcastle London Derbvshire Avrshire Essex Kent East
  • 46. . box a size like object a intense, together a had with descending looked piece. and then armear nce. sky around. fuselaoe. first in size metal ic at or light Was was bot om. grey it. towards a into behind town. were as turned smoke trailina objects, vao ur was no of left object was flash silvery great liahts fire a ranidlv of ball like There Large An too The Two and bav, big off looked a Snotted that soarks obiect Flashina Looked and like Glamora n West South moving a One Saw West. four colour to round and the East over looked object three East. orange/red from was liahts had liahts orobablv a Bright Just The South The red of flames very Had was hopper! saYS size the Now was obiects. meteorite! obiect obiect object object flashina direction, totally bright a mentioned round to a like silent sphere coming like was town. Stranae few A space The The a a The Gal owav ire & & Dumfries Flintshire South siahtina. orange and big different the very Wales Gal owav Glamora n object, wide beach was! like quite of sun, off test going ball it, noisy. rapidly a comina and it so and colour the tube from disc liahts. moon and to a looked and slowly. disc, like The Midlands shape, with East of like a object bia Cardiff the fire, looked of stranae ball liahts. thev and it. coming end light with a black. could it tail the over winos movina randomly West. of bright thev sound, down light were a pulling from like it that and and bright colour. silver movina. have Looked had was Said the they trails which the object moved the was object apart and ten seen the green changing been shinv. It of from the really moving a and the tail domed pence of was over kite. Somerset Leicestersh Dvfed/South Wiltshire Wiltshire Hamoshire Lancashire Dumfries Strathclvde Essex Yorkshire London East Northants Essex
  • 47. . they be flying wings. to heard. out five, no Had sky. the of groups turned but panels, aero lane. was noise moved the diameter in a solar a the stationary Euromanx disc, 25 Kilbride. when a was shaped object - twin were least at 42 over about formation December for tail chanaed sky in looked trianQular the in then weaker movina and a wilh oval it liQhts seen that discs, of fire, oranae was briaht A ’UFO’ Ball Briaht Three Three A slow. Moved flying auite four to North (Seen a around in IiQhts with Qroup of ATR Witnes ed The an to a West when across two ’04. the five oro el er silver skv. seen it the hours, shape seven oranae and yel ow skv. and into tail. then spheres, with became times discs briaht Meteorite? buzzina that the liaht. of flying in disc ball. side. objects aoina the Two were to Antrim Man of Isle Leicestershire Avrshire Northants Lothian Countv Northants Bedfordshire
  • 48. . two. liahts. landing had liahl. sighti blue an the of of areen, by then first, and joined the at sky, liaht in dimmer balls vivid Brief with obiect White a a object with One white Traveilina liQht, silver Jumbo liQhts. larae. Three Quite objects a shot auicklv. Changing pulsatinQ One Looked then trails. aircraft Two va our that shape sky. in Lights, the Oblong moving Went Dvfed areen. in large Distant than the objects, humming mavino chanaed liahts curtains, for Law the heading airliner. liahts Static. up be lit to briQht triangular briaht then any vel aw formina window. and from object star. round and a for white Three Twelve A syncronisation. seen. light com ercial ap eared Bright Two bana. Obiect Midlands Midlands Sussex Fife Carmarthen Airnart trianale. shaped disc, - split not Glamora n Lancashire West slightly Followed like flying noise a are n, Yorkshire County {Vil age with ail were type off like bright dim formed in side time smailer three flashina from a like shape. white than from in satel ite side. to side shaotina Strong time. vertical at a flying Jet in or with same the to worm star. re-entering, blue, perfect Hoverina side. Bright to next sized. object, smal er moving flashing second a the shape, by not moon. lights, each green line. hovering very a wriggling to an flashino bright normal time. red light Description other. acros taa like a red, light, lights ng loud movina. Creamy the moving briaht and aircraft’s brighter Both another red around sky, Balaonie Scotland Landon SaloP Tavside Lancashire Gramaian Cheshire South West West
  • 49. . - or jets star. (not the around. to fallina star and arms - a was flioht it of on not light the shaped silver olane, bright sho tina the in a Like circular rotatina), Oblect. A delta Two about Took the in very noise. Liohts An A object, shape. clouds. size. brioht, Delta very craft on One from fast chanaed very and glowing. behind quite bright colour, from with was and skY. looked fast. down of of Crafts to saucer that high triangle sinale that liaht. was a in briaht obiects object a back, lights A A tasseis shaDed. star, movino like flying direction. no trianoular ball ball trianaular underneath Lo ked a stars. or fire, light, very comino black to se med Massive with UD had the fast pas ed starboard with silver Two like no side. wino three sky. objects be abject Stranae verY lights Shape closer large refuel ina that obiect, hioh not size off yel ow than the in uo white planes. large a were and the it. into no colour. of the silently, under on was flying a and formation sky. cvlinder anti-col is on an portside between two fast. stationary other. jet objects, Goina fo tbal in spe d. middle and the like at through aircraft, of shaped close sky. circular sky. steady a red oath together, three dart. to front and three pitches, red on the One like not looked liaht. red lights a object, no the Two or obiect a as briaht the five ball was as in with liaht white cylindrical object orb object sky Saw six briaht The liahts. Laroe Huge iellYfish. The Black White Silver A ; Wear Ireland Northamntonshire Cambridneshire Cornwal London Mid-Glamora n NorthamDtonshire Kilbride HamDshire Somerset London Cornwal Essex London London Bush Northern Lanarkshire Humberside and Strathclvde East Dtonshire Norfolk Tvne Northam London
  • 50. . it to smal er Thought light silver and stars of One off white with shinina and Blue shaDe, balls out. object, was liaht light droaaed shaped as red metal, crescent two sets Very and was object reflective, seconds. non circular colour seen was white a object One a was something black. moving alona. . object sunshine. saecifv) right, A A the Just The balloon. the which a that skv. aos iblv legs, the in triangular star, slawlv and star remained Orange Moved skv the Two A from shooting Erratic about sky seen. to object. like circles. star NE a was in It for light. moving direction. object, hour an Moved a biggest shot object later. at about the in a Aa eared before. As umed Saw Saw hour. an an Moved the aaain in in white ht like the spin ina. movement sky off ball round stationary unbelievable side slowly, across be white a like Disap eared the ht l1 sae d. to and witnes then at of lights strina about poised first. stationary objects to other said 30 up stationarv. side, No had for with silvery shaped side. nuite light as was side once trail and and disa aeared. in group object doughnut Small shiny and were seen. minutes a three side circular of ever black The at and was was two big then Cylinder a liahts. and seen a motion. for of obiect. moon spot ed faint hovering. reflective and it. red heinht. (Didn’t moving translucent. around red with from it. hung strines. in and left white up and or ball returned li behind. Disc headed One Bright down Silver Silver then an Powvs London Yorkshire Yorkshire Northamatonshire Cambridneshire Herefordshire Kent London London Wiltshire Somerset Mid-Glamor Northants Cheshire Worcestershire London Norfolk Wells Sea East East Kent
  • 51. . in skv. The orange minutes, coloured. the in UP like a lights-multi bomb. 2000ft watched seen the quickly sun. star, the lights Witness skv spheres. Flashing stationarv. aiven. of ball oranae round shaped. a football shaped dropped see A A light, on object, saucer north Very siahtina. Flvina Just of slow. shaped, with a Kent Worcester. balloon, moving Object verv Cigar Gwent becoming doina point about one type lights, helium red and A and south Wiltshire Central Perthshire vel ow. split, in objects, and area oranae An Northamntonshire objects, another White Verv bril iant than copper White brighter obiect, size bv Mars. star as small, followed white object. lights Oranae the circular other light. liahts that coloured. light, in dull red ball the colour. stars two skv. Six Yorkshire Two moon. Hovered flickering much Dim. about seen around Moved half Worcestershire the Worcestershire Avrshire Avrshire darker ap arent at grey middle, Oranae 2000lt in two both circular diminishina Mid-Glamora n Northants size white bright Unusual liahts No white in more were Could Raund liahts then shaped size like flashina. obiect with it star colour lights until reflections then top few brilliant along it. in UP of obiect. it a with with detaiis the object. from seen. bigger moon, the the over orange manoeuvres. yel ow a the in and Moving South size eight the than completelv Staved flashing w~h line damed from moved skv. red. or of lights. of one but like ends, red a A38 house from rust East the flashing the and but not around a disap eared. No blue was one trait. obiect. few for liaht aircraft over silent Round, Bright direction. Yorkshire Two colour, side. Extremely to Trianaular One side Northamot nshire Manchester Lincolnshire West West Greater Norfolk London London
  • 52. . . a aero lane. burning, an as was like Dull sky it recognisable disap eared. house. obiect, from liahts. above five that falling Was soin ina unidentified a unusual obiect for red A A fast. in oUrDle An Verv Two lights the red a in travelling obiect liahts oranaelred but were larqe and Very objects Two briaht colour. Two black/dark ac ompanied was seen. object World bal o n A An A it, sky Was Feb/March in The see Could weeks lights six balloon three other 17 bright strobe five weird sky. (Seen A the in colours. bellies. barraoe for sky. for steady helicopter. was V green around from spaceships. weeks light. aliens shaped, Feb - in stranae loud 2. were War 2003). that light noise unusual Nothing There ft a briaht was lettina 2003). the like were Very about but air. hot oblong, with Twa acros . air aircraft, seen, out 20-30 bv cream bright the with with loud wings moving. 60 balloon a Lo ked strange resembling stranae noise of pairs front was liaht flashing whir ina with objects object, about sky. side colour. flvina viewed in noise. along was by were for minute the lights side flashina a then liahts. not white heard, sky. the overhead. minutes. a of the Very heard, In definitelv cloud, high and light lights a but not like in side nothing a red the and in aircraft (Seen with a 2003). (Seen ditferent coloured like Glamora n Northamptonshire Sussex Lincolnshire East Northamot nshire Buckinahamshire Oxfordshire Shronshlre Mersevside South Kent Oxfordshire Berkshire Devon Nr 11 A Launde, the on La Lancashire Edinburah Suffolk Park
  • 53. . NUMBERS OF "UNEXPLAINED"AERIAL SIGHTINGS REPORTED TO THE MINISTRY OF DEFENCE Figures ITom before 1959 are not available. N .B.The figures below relate to the number ofreports, received by the Ministry of Defence, of aerial activity which was not immediately identifiable to the witness. They should not be taken to reflect sightings of"UFOs/flying saucers". 1959 - 22 1960 - 31 1961 -71 1962 - 46 1963-51 1964-74 1965 - 56 1966 - 95 1967 - 362 1968 - 280 1969 - 228 1970 -181 1971-379 1972 - 201 1973 - 233 1974-177 1975 - 208 1976 - 200 1977 - 435 1978 -750 1979 - 550 1980 - 350 1981-600 1982 - 250 1983 - 390 1984 - 214 1985 - 177 1986 -120 1987 -150 1988 - 397 1989 - 258 1990 - 209 1991-117 1992-147 1993 - 258 1994 - 250 1995 - 373
  • 54. . . 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 - 609 425 193 229 210 203 100 99 85 90
  • 55. Peterborough Carobs c’ur dull red lights above the house, travelling fast and low. 28/01/2004 18.30 peterborough Carobs Flashing green lights, 1000-5000ft up in the sky. 08/02/2004 45 Ely 21. Carobs Four lights, one brighter than the others, sometimes fading. Chatteris Carobs Just said that it was a ’UFO’. (Seen sometime in 2005) . 11/02/2005 Huntingdon Carobs The witness just said that it was a ’UFO’. 04/06/2005 00.30 St Neots Carobs The object looked like a dim red light. 08/06/2005 16.45 St Neots Carobs The object looked like a rod, that was silvery/grey. Reports for Hertfordshire:- Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire One disc shaped object that was tangerine colour. 2
  • 56. . :4 , , ’ ," ENCLOSURE TRANSFERRED TO FILE D/DAS/1 0/2/8/16 PART D
  • 57. . 3 " ENCLOSURE TRANSFERRED TO FILE D/DAS/1 0/2/8/16 PART D """,
  • 58. . ~ ....’_.....,...".. -~ ~+_.,..;,’. (’.’: r).",s",;".’ ;Z:t~ -":~::’";I ,/" . ."’~{’ ; ; -.. {.....:’~ I.’ "~" ""’(.~ "’,-r"1’~"’- i ~~~~:~::,:,,:~,/’ A.." ENCLOSURE TRANSFERRED TO FILE D/DAS/10/2/8/16 PART D _,;1 ,, ; I I
  • 59. . . HARD COPY LETTER dd 16/6, REC’D 27/6 Act. Please use above address for correspondence. This is a request under the FO! Firstly I should make clear although my application relates to the period in which the Rendlesham UFO incident occurred my request does not relate specifically to this incident per se. I am aware the MOF file is available on the pub scheme on line but my request relates to a related occurrence not dealt with by the contents ofthis file. My request is for copies oforiginal docs and any corespondence generated by MOD or related departments specific to the info listed below Any info (documents papers logbooks)relating to the level ofalert status in force at RAFIUSAF tenated air bases in GB during 25- 30 Dee 1980 I Copies of any papers, reports or correspondence generated relating to reports of aerial phenomina reported by the public, civ aircrew and MOD sources on the evening of25/12/80. My request relates to the re entry ofthe Russian Cosmos 749 rocket body shortly after 2100 on 25/12/80. I understand this object was sighted by numerous civilans over SE England including the crew ofa civy airliner and reported to RAF West Drayton on 25/26.12.80. 2 3 Copies of papers reports correspondence relating to satellite debris detected sighted or reported to MOD/RAF by RAF Fylingdales or other MOD agencies between 25/30.12.80. Copy of Op record book & any other surving logbooks for Sector Operation Centre/control and Reporting Centre RAF Neatishead, Dec 80 & Jan 4 81. 5 Copy of Ops Record Book & any other surviving logbooks for Eastern radar (RAF Watton) Dec 80 & Jan 81. 6 Copy of Ops Record Book for RAF Bawdsey and/or units operating from RAF Bawdsey Dec 80 & J an 81. 7 Copy ofthe report on Exercise Proper Watch which took place at RAF Bentwaters, May 89 and "testeD the procedures in place for responding to the crash of a US transport alc carrying nuclear weapons" (Hansard 30 Jun 98 <L- ck.~ 1)11 )
  • 60. ~ ~. . Oll/M’/’"_ ~. . ., J. ";f",-. .., 1....<f ,. .q",.-.r.~,. ’_’ I’C I ~’.. ’~_;’ ~y ,,_.,~.,f ’~w’;’,~;.;"’~:~:’;’:’:t:.;""’’’’’;’ H~ "’’’;’’~’’’’’’~ "Jt:"’" ;,1!:J’;~’T ,-’~>;>~ ~;,.~~, ?-: :,c::Y-;f, (1;l{’i, "If"’’)"",,,,," ""’~.tI’Y. ~..CC’)I’ P.,.,C+’" JJ""’C,t"’’’"~~ Hrr """’I""’" .:.. ’/w.r~"’7. I.VAl~"I#’" ~’.I ~"’~"" ,., cO_:’"t:",,,.) lire A,.t.,.iI",r )~t C ._..,.,~ q~ "’FIN (.~~,’:~’"...::-’~’~::,’-~ ~ ~ 64~_- fw.t-~’, .. "-- ~ If.’;’" A" ’ftw C<oI"" ’,- . ,Q5’~De~ (’180 Yit)SC6/7S/~/s D 10) P< - e-fE ;L<+{ 1)R) . . "df:;,J’,~:?t.i$’Y ,i.ji;:;;:~~; ’; ,;i. ; -,~",’:’ti~>4’T0; : ;. ,- JI.v ~tiJrlrl t .tlC eOf’QJ- ",:;"." ~~ ,I’?~:~’;~ 1. ".,-." "’,~,..,. " IS ’beG 1’1’80. . ,’. " ’ ’:":{::;~_:’,:: -~.":.,:i;,,,’,. . (r".~~>~;;.r~ if. .- " It ’. . -’ ,>,Y<’:,~,’< "’AA"~.., .. .. ’ ,’0’ 4-~ OIN_. . . . . c ~N "’f..,r ,. . . ’:,’ ~ ",-","-. 0 ur: Ref~ . ,.1:" 0<,’ ’,i ,.,.:".....’...,..,...’;.:;, ’::::;’;’;’’tJi;;(:’ ,"<._;,:,,".’, : ;,’j.t ~; ,’~,: ’~i:,’/: ’:"{;"’: _.:-..r._.’."_’ :.:);~ ,..,.’....,’:.:’". .. ..’ ’r.,;’ , ;,
  • 61. . Y. I mfSSo REPORT OF AN UJJID TIFIED FLYING OB’J:ECT ",."’)Ie. A. DATE. TH.’iE,1JUEATION OF SIC’mrrNG to be used) (Looal ti~es B. ,10.".,.... ,..,,,.,, DESORIPTION OF OBJECT )illtber Size Shape Brightness Sound 4/.,- .. J.-lIeJ,.... -.1.0/11).’" ,.,...,...<<. .;vN’II’’’’’", !Jtj+’.h~~./Moving ( .IiFr D.!t9W 9:B~. Nl!!kedeye 1.t-IjO/.] a-a ,~. i ! l useful badly ’ , ~.". ".,"’*’. ._Jt ,. II/~ _ {I.’" ",",~..,,, estimat,ib.. ANGLE OF SIGHT. (Estiwated heights are unreliable) ~. G. DISTANCE. (By reference to a H. ~A) Otk__’-"’;"I"L d~.l....e [:1’-11>..._ ,~.:. ~. . ~~__~~ DIP.ECTION IN WIiICH OBJEOT WAS F]Jt~~SEEN than a (.4 landmark may wore be F. . mKAOT POSItrON OF OBSErNE!’! JiRi..../Outdoors E. ... /II Gaogrephioal looation . t known landmark if possible) : "’I. :;",,,,:’. OkJ:ulQl!ooc MET CONDITIONS c.""", ",~"’’’4~ DUB.ING OBSERVATION Moving clQuds ," .’ .....c. ;:’.:./.-,,,,, ... " .,Y",...’ x:~;. ~’ik. . ’1’ ,. ,...,., ’,." ,<";,,,,’) , .,. . >t:::;),tr~;_~+::(~_.’_:’-)~3)~:’~’" ,j’-;:_’::’~; <.’.;’" ;" "’:~~’.> ~ : !h.;.I,.a,,,,J.,.u ;:/<4’ ’ .,~i’fF~,:W-::_:’;t:.;::!~1Jt,;:~."’}~ :,-i; . -’;:’:,y’- ;~.:, :i’~:; ;’.’)~’,:~:;i~;j ,,’ . Steady J, "’,,’:", It.. Smell O. , .""7’ "/IIM", t.H’rH "rillA’ ";II,rlf’ 11". 11./~"’T H/~ Colous ,. _ .,. . " ~,O’t ",.~ 1 ’,’ .>. ,,’ :: ~ <," ...’ ’".. ....,,:. ’.....;;..,., Hase Mist 1’1/1. K. !tw.A11:BY OBJECTS/BUILDINGS me L. TO WHOM F.EPORTED #1Klt;._W ’PIr... /If Polioe ~""9 II. ,II".,1!" ~~8rRL__Ll~n k’r<’ C/T’/1;,4NJ NAME AND ADDRESS OF IIIFORMANT ./’iPtT "’_I.""’" () ,> N. ANY B40KGROUND ON THE INFOHlWIT THAT MAY B:lli O. P. OTHER WITNESSES. VOL~;;m .",,4" 0"’".""", :IM’.rE AND TIME OF RECEIPT OF REPORT. ~"I’i"’" 1r ......t ;"i ,., IL ~ ,
  • 62. .ORT FORIl ~~{St- ~~ S(;J;-_ O)(~ .J. ~ ~ PM.~w.-ve..r ~ ~-+ .s.~ ’E-’.f4-J, 1.s-t~ UNIDm1TIFIED .. .B"4 c; .2 . (Io,)k:i~ Sew:c:I.~ ~k~r ~.."’-,{. FLYI~G .1 i D.ut~~ D..gj~ E. w~t F. G. H. J. K. L. H. N. o. P. 1000’ :’ rt’o:>< . 1 . O,,~~J. .~ . I~O "’:".p~ c...~- ~.’ , ). ~3 k .~~t b’ r~ ((tMb~ p~. <:!..~-,,-+ .p~~ . cJ...:(~ .~.’ o -.A.4-r-~ ’/>~J ~: ~~ . "’J>:J:LJ. Q. . OBJBCT Copy sent to b~ p~’ . .. !: . !!t~IS ...................... dato/time ~
  • 63. ~J’~ f.a:....~. 8- 0’" ~ _ &,.0 c;.,...~. ]."i’.’.."~~ ~~. r- ~ . ~ . .f .’ - . . . .Iffr’ . . . ~.. . . .~"’!!IJL’"- ’": ’-. 6..c~~.~ ~ f...,.. -3~ FORI1 . QtflDm:IFIBD. FLYD!G , OBJECT , A. . ’. ~~.i.f.t. -, 1Ia.’ . . . .. .. . . ,.....,- ~ _ II.. ~ - "’1:1’. . . . . 4.’, . , -V OF’" ~. ..~JJ,~. ~.. . . - ~~ .’0’ ~. ~ .,,~. C),c ..’r’ o. ~ . o .,. ...(/’~."’~~: ’~~.~.~,~ t .", ,’,; ’_’0’>">""_" L ".,. -’" _,r , ’.~;j. , -o r};..I. . ’ ,. . - ~ . .17"..........,,-..... date/time sont to t:!IS:Z.;" I . 0 ’.. , ’ .-
  • 64. ’,’ ;Ii j~: ,~,:~ ~ORT FORI! . " I1>BtITD’IEP FLYDIG OBJECT ’1...’-14>’- 2-(~ c. F. t".I.tJ~ tfPIl.1’S 08:rEc."1"$ I/1t1.’htJ FhM SH.t!-ri(l)6 ~"#R.$ ’"1#.> P.c 0;:.,8t.. y It I-rtiH-r ’It II..C/t..ItFr c./t..ltsH ,. - , ";; E:tE . tif’ . ""’’’ Ilctf5"1’E./i. F~"’" . 1’H S#t ’ -’r’. E1t~.,. /k.:.hs.:.$’t’C ,..,.,’ w ’ Ltc.r:. -rEA t:6 .’, ; : H $ "- Y .J l.s T’E . I~ 2-/.7...$7.->/7:7... ,.~’ . , /10 ". :tQfi CoJr80ntto-l~1S ..!.........~..~.... datc/t1me ’,’,’ " , . ..,:>.,-,. . ,.
  • 65. .PORT FORJ.i ~ -1. .’ ~ UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT A. z.S’"LItol.." 87’ . , .lO ’’*’It.. t:HIILM.’!JNf,p QS~6c"n. ., ~1. . !blts.’-’P.N "f.’’’’EJlSy. 2. . -:fEc."f’s ~:’$t’l.-;L.l!./S."F.F"’", ’2. -"fH4t.,$ , ",sf< It c. I ’1Ge.""f I/E.~ 4Jt.-e,HES "’-E./t D.. ""’fl!c.-rs f..E. . . . ,. ,.,., ,"’~A,&.,tJ4 E.’ N frI(O E’"/e 11. 3 _ - , 1-’ 5" H. . e . _- .J. E. ; 1:; _ .... L. H. , t II I’Z. tit/Sit. P...... G. , ’!’" ’ E ..;E. $SE..’lK ftl ’ 1t~’1’/l$ HEll lAY , : N. , ’ -, " .. " o. P. Q. ",}e. ~1-- I , SE-f..1/61t’<tit..)G~ A’’;’ vJh$ ~ d FiF-"1J iJ"1"," / ., (ISO""./(:. "NS 2..>/,7.. ,I’fc) i.,. . <t:;’ .;’ 1 .;."".f,’ L-: > ~ ’ . ~" ......... ..’. . . ... dato/hme , Copy sont to !u.IS (’ ";.’.. ’).J~ :.’ , . .... .,~ ’.’ .,.._." .7,,’ " . ,
  • 66. . ..REPORT FORI! . . " UliIDE//TIFIED FLYI:t OBJECT , ’J..S’/’2-l~o 7-/.10 1$.11 l-rE. ~" w,1-(,f. E.IUl.I-SIt.,,’" t..tfH-r: ~t’:f’H E~ tl4"1’e,t;.-r ". ’-/114 ,."l.i!"""Rk4. c~ ’)11/EP. . HRI..t t S. -re.t.~ .. B. ’" $ e’It sH T "’1t~ .J1 ff:t/!!. E~ .-P. G. . . . . . . B. ’p;, * t/, 6 J. <:l..f&/t x. D. . U . . --. . -r NtI-’-r’H R. - L. H. N. o. - -: I P. Q. IAIlSs -r - :1’,tIe.((. . ; FIJtI1 CtPJt5 rr~A(t . . ’lEI. . C"~5""(j-IIt~ 3 . ’;’5 ,t4,...../tk .I.~.;i i. ". rJ ’1"H/S. H’t-rrlE.. -])flN5E(l.tJl$~. ’/l-I-f i.;j;" .~ . ....,’,> ,,;, ,.;; .HR:P’ .~" . ’,......- .c_..’.;_,.......;.. . . 2.S"I ,7. .-................~.... / ~o.J- .....~.:t/.lc. -’:> u:’ C opy sont t 0 I"IS’ 9’-’~ . ’""I,,’ . . J.m dat It’ .,-0, . ’,’ .
  • 67. . ,REPORT FORI! ".’,,’" ~ UNIDENTIFIED FLYIBG OBJECT A. B. c. 2. ?-S/I2-/’B- ;Pe.SC~1"07 tfl.J> ’5’ -:f6: "(’S ,.Jl6H,. ,,,.,. (fLt. flt-rc,.,It,., "’"we]) ’. 6 F __ D.. . , IAIKS., c. IJ$ I ’’’1.’",4 I.#d<e""~.~ ’..., ."’:<~+ SL4l’IiJ ",#’f’ull.,., .. .";-~;i-:’{;’:;: .’,,’,.-. "-<~’-’ . , d"EI.HEItY F. E. .,., . ,H’FI.#M fH"’1c.HItt1 ~vJllb$ L;~1>?N 3. I’ CI,..t:IT" ’5’c/, Ii._’ . M#!/./I/# . L. H. N. L,.( SU.SSE>< f L.l ~ ~-r"tL.# fd cl!! C IS. . . . O. ,. .1.’ . -. , P. Q. 2. 15" r. 2:5’/’-1-/’80 ~)~L’ (. J;sJ C;:opy sent to !1i’.IS .. ,,{’. . , ( " , . . ..~".. date/ time ’
  • 68. . ,REPORT FOrnI -z. ( -- 2..(15 s. ’-’C~ .s.,,-W/~H ~I!"’~ ~tLltJP~e.1H-J1-’~"’EC."’ ".t..IIH-rS r J. S-I1-R. ~ ,~. -f’ UNIDID!TIFmD FLYIHG OBJECT’ <t 2>/ n.’; A. B. . .s((ss~>C to t==tAt1ffSS, C. V’hft, totS D.. E~ , F. G. H. J. --- E’IE Plh)(t! ,it.: Sl!l/el.ltL. FIfJ’~ P . I. I S.,. 51!.E.,JI!PPIS/rfi..lS:.P. ,. -r’e> ,~..,,. .,-r,W to d’" Its I!II$ . Go willEN c~e:".1t --- "x. L. }l. $’t : -S 5 ~ ~ ft,L. i t;’>’ c. .,{ . N. " o. ’5~. ’2" I. P. Q. ~""" 7.. !~,z1’c7 !?/1:"ft;..,,:f’rw.1 S’111../*[t:j Z. ,~/ ’?;:.,!/.’~2:;.."...... " Copy sont to !![t"IS ^.",- , " , date/time .t ,
  • 70. ~. . WI ...’. ,~ . ’ r ~.j~ ’tit,;.~ W;:e)..JW:...!J . ~. ~ : er o.Y$."~’-1-1--<’&" .-J;: Mf ’REP6.a’l OF All UIiIDENTIFIEDFLYING A. E. ~~. DATE, TUm, DUPcATION OF SIGHmiG. (Local ~imes to be used) DESCRIPTION OF OBJECT Shap!! Colouxs BriglltDess Sound ’ ,.....,)’.’ . - .. "j c"""," ::vJf1 KIl’Ic; uP c _ VViff ) I . ’?,1<’ ’-’ /I1~1h1 NI k . . E. c’~M.~ ~ ~: ~’~ i~o~ ~ation tli:ffz { Smell C- c. JiJJCT POSITION OF OBSERVER MOV 1# Stationary/Moving D. HOV 6 j!ri ;rl.5r OBSERVED. Naked eye , 1)!u.Quul~.LO OtR~~ nrci" J~qme;a ~ti11 ~p+’9&1 4ice E. DIPJ1’C~’ION IN WHICH .r~f1f~’, -~"’:!";~r, ,<. OBJECT WAS F~t ~!l ", . . (A landmark may be more useful than a baa1y is ~: F. ANGLE OF SIGHT. (Estimated heights are unreliable) G. ’.t:"!’j ,i’- ~Ji.’: "C.",-" ";’.’,C. DISTANCE. (By referenoe to a known land1lark 1f was1ble) H. :;~ :’; MOVJiMENT. , Steady OR8~gi.Ug ]g:",.. b 111’ J, MET C. Moving. clouds Hase Mist K. L. ~ CCNJJITIONS DUHING OBSERVATION NEAHBY OBJECTS/BUILDINGS mc . o-u;)LP ~ Pu/t-l’ o;Ej.j TO WHOM HEPORTED Poli9~ . .- uag-’ J litary Organisation 1J.’ti"" 1’... M. NAME AND ADDRES~ OF IHFORMAI.!T N. O. OTHER WITNESSES. DATE N ~ A:!;ID TIME OF RECEIPT OF REPORT. 7-7 ,..>., ~_~1,~1-;~ if~:l~,;~:~t:lY:; i7i!1;’ . ;’; -fil’:’:;’ . . "- , ,: ,. m_~_ ~__ --.-.- ",’,J <. ---:,’:;.:_:"’:_’7 "-’" .......,...;
  • 71. .AN EXES _.2 AGES NO. -. PAGE TO AND REF -.’"OF. ~_.P .-, -. -.,’_-~~_." !>t; lJhantofl1s . ;:~ tlll’ oneH i te ’ta@i!_ EVENTS _. OF SUMMARY . }~9_qu ._, ~_ TIQ ~ (X2). . to_ _ _~.1osglit" - - -,. ~Jun_.,~ .Iil()fj{ ~ ~_ .() o~Jq_?I’ CLASSIFICA .JaIl 7 a. _L 1. .J-"Il _ e JU:tl 16 ~-_. l,"aeroec: on SECURITY _~}9-!L l"i1’:>F~-;J:2_ " :’c:,.’( ~ ~If.’P - ~ra.nuarl -~ ,Yie ,:l rl)Y’ig.-the_~1J;j-a Mos,!ui .C’,. fee ~.)_~1uito’" ~ ~B ill COf’ffl& _~ ,-_. _~=i(!.qU?, .~?,1’ci_x!ta.6 . 21 d. e.,. Jan 22 ~"- dan i. . ’ ")-z: g tla.n 2h .t:r. _ ?? . ,ran _.: -. _ ltas r> ~ceTI’Jbe (I) Ji:!.’fliIL_. "’$’!:.’rrU:D" 2 ’~ :~.?{[ .8(~rU .J. -.G!lJ1~I M,. .’a:!(.;,>l~ identified .’A tho total to of and t scramble Profi intercepted the VH an -. -_.’~ detached l J"ightnil1gs 1. ’i ’iJ ’as increase i~:0:.l~_:~:?,y Th&l’t~ d . B tCl~ !1 north D during l ~l~. f~)r Go Jail the ".Qi} squi fo~_.their 0,,( me,n _"’_ .. . (-) the - .. -~,_. FILES (1) ,~_. ,’,.f CLAS IF CATION SECURITY Cmnp. .. Bi:nln’oc)k "’;",: ", .
  • 72. ~_unO. -,’_6.aES No._L PAGE ,- FILES AND .. . OF Tvaintean7-_E:t_ _. fol o~.ring _un Modification (IJarconi) - )_0 . the _.-’L BUT Head on Hadar "the -). ) OF invoked was DEIfj~t!1QSALC plan -. I’jastern at.flastem at Contingenoy month: fail fail _ , ) ) -. TB2 ) ) Hadar ) ) Hadar Rahr r HadaI’ .-R!,Gf3:1JUCn~D .- Ba,stern jijastem .- at fail - -- -. _n tern 8EJ,stern H.P"~RDS during HPERDS Ja.stem at at at fail fail fail fail at fail -~ at faD ’CEJ,S Eastern at C;:astern at HP.8RDS HPJ,HDfo HPERDS fail RPEHDS HPTGRDS . 0741 l!ig,stern .- 1103 1405 1541 2338 0948 an~L.HeXusal~C?f .3519 3457 ’r82 . 24 Hada:r) Hada.r Hadar I1adar on !lov ) ,:)e J:’v Dail;T K:tstern 1041 2032 HPERDS RP.E~RDS 31.4_ Rad:;J,.t’._ Radar mets.a~,_’!: - - .- - - - - .-- -- - ()_14.2 the RP’,RDS SECURITY I Rad8,r) SUMMARY -.r - ) :,oUd.. by EVENTS - _.0 - -. Dee c~h B.outine 6 rotate Unit -T. -=_I:~. -I ,_. Jai~_.’: 8,-ten= r:H’ " Given irspB-ce (i:! ",;’.W1f"t’: . S~r-l[ . ; Airspae p:’Jid le/1ovJ8T. Handlj_ng~ fan HF"ROS CLAS IF CATION Upper in "flIJS in Aircraft Aireraft of 234L_.J To_tal; :] .- SECURITY aT;)’ o. li-t .,1" fJ .. "’/. ;,. : ,~
  • 73. 4nY views expressed in this message are those of the individual sender, except where the message states otherwise and the sender is authorized to state them to be the views of any such entity. Than~u. #####1T############################################################################## ##################################################################################### This e-mail message has been scanned for Viruses and Content and cleared by NetIQ MailMarshal ##################################################################################### 4
  • 74. . . Ho.."s ~vr;J. S’Cf c:>-L.",^: 3’ .00,.)~ ., I () Exercise Proper Watch Mr. Matthew Taylor: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what was the scenario ofthe exercise, Proper Watch, in 1989; on what dates and where it took place; if the United States Department of Defense took part; and ifhe will place a copy ofthe results ofthe exercise in the Library. [46819] Dr. Reid: Exercise Proper Watcb took place at RAF Bentwaters in May 1989. The exercise tested the procedures in place for responding to the crash of a US transport aircraft carrying nuclear weapons. The United States response forces participated in this exercise. A classified report on the exercise does exist, but for the reasons my bon. Friend the Under-Secretary of State for Defence gave to the hon. Member on 31 July 1997, Official Report, column 470, and under Exemption 2 ofthe Code of Practice of Access to Government Information, I am not prepared to release the report.
  • 75. The RAF Fylingdales Mission Page 1 of 1 Royal Air Force I Publishing I Help Contact: Last Update: 17 Oct 2003 Review Date: 08 Jun 2005 Local News: Defence Internal Brief Home I Contacts r~] I OrganIsation L~j I Local Information [Y.J I Orders & Publications The RAF Fylinodales Mission t~J ~.. Print Version The mission of RAF FYLINGDALES is to provide Missile Warning, Space Surveiiiance and Air Defence capabilities to meet the operational requirements of UK, US and NATO Joint forces. Missile Warning - reflects our primary strategic role to provide early warning of Ballistic Missile attack against UK, US and NATO areas of interest. Space Surveillance - reflects the key secondary role in providing satellite data In support of the Space Surveillance Network and our tertiary role to provide a Satellite Warning Service to UK forces. - Air Defence records the capability provided to the Air Surveillance and Control System by the Remote Radar Head at Staxton Wold ~ The mission statement does not suggest that we should strive to at the provision of these capabilities we take that for granted. - 04/10/2005
  • 76. . Rendlesham Forest UFO - the rocket re-entry Page 1 of2 Rendlesham Forest UFO - the rocket re-entry THE ROCKET RE-ENTRY 21.07 At on the evening of 1980 December 25 (i.e. a mere six hours before the supposed UFO ianding in Rendlesham Forest) the Russian Cosmos 749 rocket re-entered over north-west Europe and was widely reported as a UFO. A report on this re-entry can be found in the Journal of the British Astronomical Association (1981,vol. 91, page 561). It broke up during re-entry, and the last fragment is thought to have burnt out somewhere east of Clacton. Any surviving fragments would have fallen Into the North Sea, and hence have been unrecoverable. As far as I am aware, no fragments from this re-entry were ever detected on radar, but it is possible that the radar tapes were examined to see if anything did get through and this may explain some of the stories about radar checks that were later attributed to the Rendlesham Forest UFO. In her 1998 book UFO Crash Landing?, Jenny Randles suggests that the NSA on Orford Ness had fired an energy beam into space to "jam the electronics on the Soviet military satellite and deflect its orbital path causing it to burn up in a controlled fashion". She names the source of this energy beam as a secret radar project called Cobra Mist. And in a subsequent book, The UFOs That Never Were, she goes on to claim that the flightpath of the incoming debris altered "as if something caused the trajectory to be deflected". Exciting stuff, if true. To assess the credibility of that idea requires some background information. Firstly, the object that re-entered was not what most people would think of as a ’real’satellite. It was in fact the upper stage of the carrier rocket that launched Cosmos 749 over five years earlier, in July 1975. (It is usual for the top stage of a launch rocket to go into orbit with the satellite, and is a major contributor to the amount of ’junk’in orbit). As such it was a dead, inert cylinder of metal, and there would have been no way to command it down even if anyone had wanted to do so. What’s more, the re-entry started 1,500 miles away over North Africa. The real Cosmos 749 satellite had in fact re-entered three months earlier, in September 1980. It was an electronic eavesdroppin9 satellite but it was not the type of satellite designed to be brought back to Earth, nor was it nuclear-powered. And the British Astronomical Association research paper referenced in paragraph one makes it clear that Jenny’s claim that the incoming object somehow changed course Is simply wrong. Now for some information about Cobra Mist. It was an over-the-horizon radar and as such was designed to detect missiles coming from Russia and the eastern bloc over azimuths from 19.50 to 110.50 clockwise from true north, whereas Cosmos 749 came in from the southwest. What would have been needed here was not an over-the-horizon but an over-the-shoulder radar. According to FOIA documents made available on http; the radar never worked successfully. It was closed at the end of June 1973, over seven years before the Rendlesham Forest UFO sighting, and the hardware dismantled. The closure was publicly announced by the MoD that same month (not 1983, as Jenny has it on page 189 of UFO Crash Landing). Although the Cosmos 749 re-entry sparked a rash of UFO sightings that were reported on radio that night and could well have put the airmen at RAF Woodbridge on "UFO alert", there is no evidence to suggest that it had any other connection with the later events in Rendlesham Forest. Content last updated: 2002 November 6 @ Ian Ridpath. All rights reserved J ) Return to Ian Ridpath’s UFQ page 30/0812005