Our Visit in Poland


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Our Visit in Poland

  1. 1. How to begin? …We are Marta and Era, from 3F. Last week (at the end of November 2010) we went to Poland, to a place called Opole with other four girls from our school (Vanessa, Alice, Valentina and Eleonora). We went there for a European project, a Comenius, and our topic was the “Wall Art over the centuries”. It was amazing because, as well as the Poles, there were also students from Sweden and France, so it was an intercultural event! Dzień dobry!
  2. 2. On Sunday 28 Nov , when we arrived to Opole, we met Alicja, the Polish teacher, and we went with her to a very nice café and finally we met our Polish partners. Our partner were Ewa and Magda, we went to their house and we met the family, after that we had a typical lunch all together. In the afternoon we had a walk through the village, we played bowling with other friends and people from Comenius. We also tried ice skating, and then we went to a pub all together. That’s what we did during the week:
  3. 3. we had 2 hours of maths at school with our partners, then we had a visit of Opole and a kind of game with some questions about monuments and churches, it was very difficult because it was snowing a lot and it was very cold, too! After the sightseeing we had lunch all together with French, Swedish and Polish people and later we went to the Institute of Art where we started our frescoes for the children’s hospital in Opole. It was a long work and we did a lot of beautiful frescoes. First, we thought about what to draw, and we had to choose between flowers and windows. Then we outlined our sketches on a piece of plastic paper, and put the plastic on our block of limestone. We traced out our drawing on the block and then we painted it. It was nice because the French instructors advised us about how to paint, and to choose the colours. After that we went to the cinema with some other friends, we saw a comedy called “Due Date” and had dinner at SubWay together. On Monday 29 Nov
  4. 4. we finished our frescoes and we went all together to a pizzeria; then we visited a museum in Opole, which is a great city; it is clean and not so crowded! There seems to be very little pollution. Then there was also a magic atmosphere because of the snow. We liked it very much because it’s a historical and religious city. After the visit at the museum we went shopping, and in spite of the snow we had an ice cream. On Tuesday 30 Nov
  5. 5. was our favorite day! We spent the morning at school, which is nearly like ours. It is big and homely. We had our presentations, with some sketches, songs and funny things; then we had an hour of Chinese and one of English. We ate Pierogi Ruskie, a typical Polish dish and we liked it very much! Then we came back to the school for a volleyball match, where we really had fun because we socialized with some very nice Poles! After that we did a karaoke and later we went to a pub and to the shopping centre, too. We had lunch at home and before packing our suitcase we took some pictures and we spent our last moments with the family. Wednesday 1st Dec
  6. 6. was our last day in Poland. We went to Krakow and we visited some interesting sites like the Castle, St Mary’s Church, squares and the cozy cobbled streets, then after a couple of free hours, our tour restarted. We visited the Jewish ghetto, where we had our farewell dinner all together, and it was horrible because we had to say goodbye to everyone! That was the worst moment of the week and all of us cried a lot! After that sad moment we left our baggage in a hotel and we went to the centre of Krakow again, we came back to the hotel where we waited for the bus to drive us to the airport and we flew back to Italy. Thursday 2nd Dec
  7. 7. Last year we did an exchange with Holland, and we loved it, but we must say that the week in Poland was so much better! It has been the best experience that we’ve ever done! We loved it, we loved everything, or better, everyone; yes, we think that the Poles are all extremely friendly and lovely, nice and funny! We can’t wait to meet all of them as soon as possible! We must thank everybody who let us participate to this beautiful project! Also, a giant thank youto Mrs Elisa Zambonin, our art teacher, for her invaluable support. Words are not enough to express our happiness for having been to a country like Poland, really! We will never forget this experience! Now we’ll be waiting for next year, when there will be the last meeting of our project… We just can’t wait! :)