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Zuberance Overview  General
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Zuberance Overview General


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What is Zuberance?

What is Zuberance?

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  • 1. Energizing Brand AdvocatesZuberance IntroductionAlicia Molnar, Regional Sales Director, East January5th, 2011
  • 2. Overview CompanyBackground Brand Advocates and How They Impact Your Business The Zuberance Solution Identification Mobilization Tracking Case Studies and ROI Getting Started & Next Steps
  • 3. Zuberance Background The leading Brand Advocacy company providing the first Word of Mouth Marketing platform delivering measurable ROI by energizing Brand Advocates across email, social media and influential 3rd Party Sites. Turnkey solution helping world-class brands: Identifytheir most passionate customers (aka Advocates) Engageandmobilizetheir Advocates Monitorandtrackthe results in real-time
  • 4. Zuberance Customers
  • 5. Brand Advocates
  • 6. Why Brand Advocates? Highly-satisfied customers and others who pro-actively recommend brands or products without being paid to do so Advocates are 5x more valuable than loyal customers Advocates have an emotionalconnectionto the brand Advocates want to express themselves Advocates want to connect with others Advocates want to help Value to your Business Sources: Harvard Business Review, Satmetrix, Bain & Company, Comscore, Yahoo!
  • 7. Advocates have Massive Reach Social Media Amplifies Brand Advocates =60M Trusted WOMImpressions X 4 # Posts Per Advocate Per Year = 15M # Impressions X150 # People Reached Per “Post” 100,000 Energized Advocates Sources: Forrester, Comscore Note: Estimated # of Trusted WOM Impressions over 12-month period
  • 8. Advocates are Most Trusted Source 90% Consumers Trust Advocates; 33% Trust Online Ads
  • 9. Advocacy happens across all platforms Over 85%f happens offline
  • 10. Benefits of Energizing Advocates
  • 11. Zuberance
  • 12. Our Approach The Zuberance Advocate Platform is a hosted Word of Mouth marketing solution and fully integrated brand advocacy system  Identify Advocate Responses Advocate Actions Paid Media  Mobilize Ratings & Reviews Stories & Testimonials Offers Answers  Track Clicks, Conversions Impressions Review & comment moderation Z Score, NPS® Advocate Profile Data
  • 13. Identify Brand Advocates… “Ultimate Question” Recommend Badges Brand Advocates
  • 14. Mobilize Brand Advocates… Advocate Stories Advocate Ratings & Reviews Advocate Answers Advocate Offers
  • 15. Track Brand Advocates… Clicks Leads Sales Impressions
  • 16. Leverage the Zuberance WOM Platform to Identify, Mobilize and Track Brand Advocates Email Database (i.e. newsletter, single CTA) Brand Social Web (.com, community, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In) Other (i.e. In-Store, Paid Media) Sources Tracking on Zuberance Platform Advocate ID Identify 7-8 0-6 9-10 Thank You (end) Mobilize Offers Review/Story Share Influential 3rd Party Sites: Amazon, Trip Advisor, Yelp
  • 17. Case Studies
  • 18. Case Study: Chili’s
  • 19. Case Study: Club One
  • 20. Case Study: Norton
  • 21. Zuberance is a end-to-end solution What end-to-end really means… Advocate Strategy Development Use of Zuberance Social Marketing Technology Platform On Demand, Advocate Analytics Dashboard Creative services Weekly planning meetings 24x7 technical support …why it matters Know your Advocates by name & email Enable positive WOM in the marketplace Drive sales and revenue via Advocates
  • 22. 3rd Party Publishing Work Flow 1. Advocate clicks on banner 2. Advocate rates & reviews Chili’s… 3. Advocate clicks on integrated social publishing tools 4. Zuberance automatically brings Advocate to Yelp page 5. Advocate’s review published on Yelp
  • 23. Contact Information Alicia Molnar, Sales Director, East 908-334-7918