Innovative approaches to youth entrepreneurship in schools


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Innovative approaches to youth entrepreneurship in schools

  1. 1. Established in Southeast Asia since 2003 Innovative Approaches to Youth Entrepreneurship in SchoolsNurturing Young Leaders in Enterprise and Innovation
  2. 2. We envisionEntrepreneurship Education to Provide an alternative route to empowerment and success for students with different talents and aptitudes Grow and leverage every school’s entrepreneurial alumni network Support Singapore’s strategy to be a knowledge-based economy by positioning schools as hubs of open innovation Nurture future leaders who are motivated and competent in pursuing positive change for global or macro-level issues
  3. 3. We measureEntrepreneurial Performance with Number of students competent in entrepreneurial leadership and innovation thinking Experiential Learning & Discovery Number of innovations generated by the school Internal Startup Challenges Number of student-led spinoffs and social change initiatives Startup Incubation Club & Social Enterprise Programme Number of entrepreneurial success stories in alumni network Sustained Long-Term Entrepreneurial Success
  4. 4. Proposed Areas forCollaboration with Schools Experiential Learning & Discovery Enrichment Startup Incubation Club Co-curricular Activities Internal Startup Challenges Intra-school Competitions Youth Social Enterprise Programme Enrichment “Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.”
  5. 5. Simulation GamesStartup Angel Valley Funding Marketplace"This is a game of strategy, persuasion andcharisma. Startups struggle to win over thehearts of investors to raise funding for theirbusinesses while investors strive to grow theirportfolio with the most attractive investmentdeals in the simulated marketplace. Playerscompete within and between roles to Interpersonal Dynamics"structure funding deal terms, maneuverchanging market conditions as well as devisestrategies to negotiate for win-win outcomes.Minimum 8 players. 2 to 4 hour game playdepending on number of players.
  6. 6. Simulation GamesManagement Mahjong Organizational Hierarchy"This is a game of trust, communication andteamwork – key elements for the successfulpursuit of innovation and change. Playersadopt the role of the upper management,middle management or workers. Conflictingincentives and obstacles in the workplaceenable players to draw lessons and insights Team Vision & Values"into coping with failures and uncertainty.Minimum 9 players. 2 to 4 hour game playdepending on number of players.
  7. 7. Boot Camps and WorkshopsIdea to Investment – Plan, Pitch & Prototype"Entrepreneurship 101Get started on your innovative and scalablebusiness idea through the experiential LeanStartup approach. Turn your passion/dreams/ideas into an investable business bydeveloping your problem identification,innovation, value proposition, market & Ranking & Feedback"competitive analysis, market strategy,sustainable competitive advantage,operational plan, team, business model &basic financial plan.Length: 4-day boot camp or 10 weekly 2-hrworkshops.
  8. 8. Boot Camps and WorkshopsSocial Innovation – Design Social Solutions"Entrepreneurship 102Learn how youths around the world arecoming together to solve our socialproblems and join the community of changeagents. Develop your team’s action plan forsocial change through design thinking,impact mission & measurement, business Plan, Pitch & Prototype"model innovation and sustainability.Length: 3-day boot camp or 6 weekly 2-hrworkshops.
  9. 9. Boot Camps and WorkshopsEntrepreneurial Leadership – Plan, Pitch & Prototype"Entrepreneurship 201Empower ing youths with theentrepreneurial mindset and ability toinspire and lead teams to pursue change.Participants will leave the final session witha concrete implementation plan to effectchange upon returning to their teams. Industry Mentors"Length: 2 full days or 4 weekly 2-hr workshops.
  10. 10. Boot Camps and WorkshopsEntrepreneurial Finance – Case Discussions"Entrepreneurship 202Developing profitable business models,pricing strategies, managing budgets(Revenue/Cost forecast, P/L statements),pivoting in crisis and growth fundingstrategies.Length: 2 full days or 4 weekly 2-hr workshops. Strategy & Analysis"
  11. 11. Boot Camps and WorkshopsStartup Takes Flight – Tips from Industry Experts"Entrepreneurship 301Founders ready to take the next step tolaunch their businesses will benefit from theunderstanding of the business climate inSingapore; public and private venturefunding options available; tips on managinginvestor-company expectations; preparing Tools & Network"grant proposals; and negotiating for win-win outcomes with their initial investorsand customers. Founders will leave the finalsession with practical tools and a supportnetwork to kick-start their business.Length: 2-day boot camp or 4 weekly 2-hrworkshops.
  12. 12. Innovation ChallengesEngage and empower your students to generate ideasand lead teams in solving real world problems:Harness iteration and collaboration Help your students developwith the Lean Startup approach the skills to take their ideasStudents work in teams to refine their to marketideas progressively at each checkpoint Students learn how to pitch ideas, build prototypes andManage your challenges and track meet customer needs throughyour students’ performance our hands-on workshops andIdea submissions, audience voting, judge coaching by industry mentorsevaluation and crowd-sourced feedback aremanaged seamlessly online viaExparas Innovation Engine
  13. 13. Online Innovation SoftwareYour School’s Very Own Innovation Social NetworkPowered by Expara’s Innovation Engine Software Set up and access your innovation challenges anywhere from your iPhone, tablet or desktop computer Engage and reward the community of change agents within your school to solve real world challenges Use the real time data reports to help you identify and nurture high potential individuals, ideas and teams to bring these ideas fruition.
  14. 14. Inspirational Talks Finding your passion and pursuing your dreams Why is entrepreneurship so important? Who is an entrepreneur? How can I become an entrepreneur? What are social enterprises? How are they changing the world? Real stories of youth entrepreneurs
  15. 15. Mentorship & Advisory Government Grant Application To raise funding for your entrepreneurship school programs and student projects through SPRING, Ministry of Social and Family Development, Media Development Authority, National Youth Council, Citibank-YMCA Business Plan, Financial Plan & Investor Presentation For Internal/Inter-school/National Competitions & Fund Raising Project Mentorship For Startup Incubation Club & Youth Social Enterprise Programme
  16. 16. Our Team Suwida " Douglas Abrams 
 CEO & Founder of Expara! Kingmuangkow" Managing Director! •  Extream Ventures – Co-founder and MD S$20 million VC fund! •  NUS – Adjunct Associate Professor, Business School, Entrepreneurship! •  Parallax Capital Mgmt – Co-founder and MD Venture investing! Rosalind Tan" •  JP Morgan – Vice President of 
 Incubation Manager! IB Technology, GM Internet Marketing!
  17. 17. Our Team Alicia Lye
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