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Hello, we are Manuel Alejo and Alicia Llera from 3ºA, here is our project of electric power plants

Hello, we are Manuel Alejo and Alicia Llera from 3ºA, here is our project of electric power plants

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  • 1. ELECTRIC POWER PLANT Manuel Alejo y Alicia Llera 3ºA Curso: 2011-2012
  • 2. INDEXCONVENTIONAL ELECTRIC NON-CONVENTIONAL POWER PLANT. ELECTRIC POWER PLANT.Nuclear Power Plants. Wind Power Plants.Fossil Fuel Thermal Solar Power Plants. Power Plants. Geothermal PowerHydroelectric Power Plants. Plants. Biomass Thermal Power Plants. Ocean Power Plants.
  • 3. Conventional Power Plants ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGESThey generate lot of They produce pollution. energy. They use non-renewable energy sources.
  • 4. Nuclear Power PlantsThey produce heat by fission of uranium atoms,some of them use plutonium.To produceelectricity, a power plant needs a source of heat toboil water which becomes steam. The steam thenturns a turbine which turns an electrical generatorto produce electricity. The most important part isthe nuclear reactor.
  • 5. Fossil Fuel Thermal Power PlantsFirst, water is heated in a boiler by the heat generated from the combustion of fossil fuels. Next, the steam that was generated, moves the turbine connected to the generator.Combine cycle power plant: The steam that was generated is recycle (instead of relaised it to the atmosphere) and use to produce electricity again.
  • 6. Hydroelectric Power PlantIt uses the force of water to produce electricity. First, reservoirs collect rainwater, when the water flows throught the turbines they porduce electricity.
  • 7. Non Conventional Electric Power Plant ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGESThey are less polluting. They generate muchThey use renewable less energy. sources. They are veryThey reduce the energy expensive. dependence.
  • 8. Wind Power PlantThe wind turns the blades, which spin a shaft,which connects to a generator and makeselectricity
  • 9. Solar Power PlantsPhoto-Thermal PhotovoltaicHeat generated by the It produces energy sun produced steel directly from the that move the motor sunlight. in the generator.They use especial mirrors (heliostats).
  • 10. Geothermal Power PlantThe plants use the heat founded at deep levels in the earth. This heat may rich the surface in the form of steel gases of hot water.It can be used:1. Directly (hot water and heating indistrial uses and so on).2. Indirectly; it generates steel which produce electricity
  • 11. Biomass Thermal Power PlantsUrban and agricultural organic waste is burned. The heat and gases produced by decomposing waste are then used to move turbine echich generate electricity.
  • 12. Ocean Power PlantThey use the waves, the tides and the differences of temperature in the water to produce energy:Waves: Energy is form of the kinetic energy that exists in the moving waves. First, the wave raises into a chamber, then the water forces the air out of the chamber, moving air spins a turbine which then turns a generator.Tides:When tides comes into the shore, they can be trapped in reservoirs behind dams. Then when the tide drops, the water behind the dam can be let out just like in a regular hydroelectric power plant.Difference of temperature: 1. Warm surface water is hot enough to boil a fluid with a low boiling point. 2. The gas from the boiling fluid creates enough pressure to drive a turbine that generates electricity. 3. The gas is then cooled by passing it through cold water pumped up from the ocean depths. 4. The gas condenses back into a liquid that can be used again. 5. The water is returned to the deep ocean.
  • 13. Enviromental Impact Extraction of natural Fuel Transport resourcesExtraction processes are Oil is transported by means of sometimes harmnfully to oil pipelines and oil tankers the environment in oil, so pipelines can suffer particular some accidents caused by nature techniques extraction or human erros which result which led to the in uncontrolled spills. disappearance of large ares of forest.
  • 14. Wind turbine creates waterIt´s a beneficial project which we can give it a great support, also, it would be a solution for the zones with problems of abstinence of water. What the WMS1000 does is to transform the air humidity into drinking water, and to this great idea, we add one more thing, we don`t need traditional or electric energy for this transformation because it does through a wind turbine. So, it is right because it does not damage the environment. Many people would benefit from this project because they do not have direct access to water and have to travel miles just to have much water to drink. The problem is that it is very expensive, but the effort of all countries will be great, although they do not benefit directly from them