Voyager 1


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Voyager 1

  1. 1. History The voyager 1 was launched on September 5, 1977 At Cape Canaveral, Florida It took the voyager 1 1 to 2 years to be made It took the voyager 1 4 to 7 minutes to reach out of our atmosphere The voyager 1 was launched in Florida in 1977
  2. 2. Mission To investigate the circulation, dynamics, structure, and composition of the other planets atmosphere To characterize the morphology, geology, and physical state of the satellites of the planet To provide improved values for the mass, size, and shape of the planet, and its satellites, and any rings And to determine the magnetic field, structure, and characterize the composition and distribution of energetic trapped particles and plasma therein
  3. 3. Structure The structure of the voyager1 is the science instrument boom, high gain antenna, camerous and spacemeter , cosmic ray detector, low gain antenna, star trackers, radio generations , and magnetometer boom The structure was made to be unbreakable by the meteors and asteroids and many other things in the solar system The structure of the voyager 1 was made to last and not to freeze or to burn up The structure was made to last to send earth the images it took for the scientists to discover the atmosphere in the outer planets
  4. 4. Manned or unmanned The voyager 1 was unmanned because the voyager 1 was made to travel the solar system to see the other planets atmosphere The voyager could not travel with anybody because it travel the solar system If the voyager was manned they would have not survived long enough to explore the solar system The voyager was unmanned because no one could survive the heat and cool weather in the solar system
  5. 5. Important information Together the voyager 1 and 2 have discovered the outer planets to see the atmospheres of each outer planet As the voyager 1 went in a different direction the voyager 2 discovered the atmospheres of Uranus and Neptune The was launched to discover the outer planets and if there was any other planets or meoters in the solar system The voyager was made in Florida
  6. 6. Important information
  7. 7. Interesting information It took 13 hours to find its sensor to send images back to the space station It took 4 to 7 minutes to travel out of our atmosphere It took 4 minutes to reach Boston The voyager 1 traveled to Jupiter and Saturn and took a different direction to the heliosheath and still is traveling to this day
  8. 8. Interesting information The voyager 2 traveled to Uranus and Neptune and went to a different direction
  9. 9. Team Rebecca Mendoza, Sh’Raud Holmes, Leslie Martinez
  10. 10. Citing Resourceswww.spacecraftsvoyager