Personal Branding Presentation Kansas University, School of Business 4-6-2009


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Personal Branding Presentation Kansas University, School of Business 4-6-2009

  1. 1. The Brand “You” apart with Personal Branding Set yourself University of Kansas Alicia Falcone School of Business BrandWORKS April 6, 2009
  2. 2. What is a Brand?
  3. 3. BRAND A brand is a perception or emotion maintained by a buyer or prospective customer, describing the experience related to doing business with an organization or consuming its products and services
  4. 4. Do you think there is a little emotion for the brand, “KU” ? The Alumni Association is counting on it
  5. 5. Brands are what people say about you when you’re not in the room Personal Brand Company Brand Brand Identity Locate things Brand Attribute(s) Charismatic, Great Orator Brand Promise Fast, accurate, search results Change A Brand is also a promise to an audience
  6. 6. Brand Commodity $.99 $2.60 Differentiated brands can charge a premium
  7. 7. Personal BRAND A perception or emotion, maintained by somebody other than you describing the total experience of having a relationship with you.
  8. 8. According to Jerry Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer of Coca-Cola: Promise + Experience = Relationship Brands are relationships!
  9. 9. Personal BRANDING The process by which individuals and entrepreneurs differentiate themselves by identifying and articulating their unique value proposition and then leveraging it across platforms with a consistent message and image to achieve a specific goal.
  10. 10. Rihanna Oprah Obama Tiger Miley Lindsay Bill
  11. 11. Media made these personal brands household names Media is no longer just for the rich and famous
  12. 12. What a Personal Brand is NOT! 1. What you say about yourself 2. An extension of your employer’s brand 3. Your presence in social media 4. Anything you can ask for 5. A perk 6. Something you’re entitled to 7. A gift someone can give you 8. About power 9. Permanent or Guaranteed Source; Scott Ginsburg:
  13. 13. You ARE being “Googled” so why not manage Brand “You”? Benefits to Personal Branding: • Creates differentiation • Improves confidence •Increases your visibility •Helps you achieve your goals •Allows you to pick and choose jobs and assignments
  14. 14. The Keys to Successful Personal Branding: Be Authentic, Be Consistent and Be Seen! Clarity Consistency Constancy A Successful Your Unique “Walk Your Constant Brand Promise of Talk” visibility to “YOU” Value your target audience
  15. 15. Four Step Brand Process Step 1 Discover Your Brand Step 2 Develop Your Brand Step 3 Communicate Your Brand Maintain Your Brand Step 4
  16. 16. Four Step Brand Process Discover Your Brand Step 1 Personal Brand Assessment Insights about YOU • Goals • Personal Drivers • Values • What are you passionate about? • What are you known for? • What do you have answers to? Insights from others • How do others describe you? • What are the three compliments people make about you? • What about you makes people stop, watch and say WOW?
  17. 17. Four Step Brand Process Step 2 Develop Your Brand • Identify your target audience • Write a “day in the life” for a member of your target audience “You are the only person on earth who can • Understand your “unique value proposition” use your own ability” •Answer why are you the “go-to-person” for M. Kathleen Casey your field/area of expertise? • Choose three personal brand attributes • Align with your goals • Are authentic for you • Relevant to your audience
  18. 18. What are your brand attributes? Organized Efficient Reliable Detail Oriented Persistent Organized Prolific Adaptable Driven Facilitator Methodical Creative Punctual Easy Going Diligent Helpful Energetic Self Starter Hilarious Adaptable Results Driven Trustworthy Thoughtful Consistent Likeable Continuous Strategic Motivated Learner Quick Study Genuine Innovative Dynamic Choose ones that are authentic for you and relevant to your goals
  19. 19. Four Step Brand Process Step 2 Develop Your Brand Finish with a written, one-sentence Brand Promise that describes: •what value you offer •whom it is intended for • your differentiation A Good Brand Promise is: • short • easily memorized • simple and easily understood A Good Brand Promise: • a guide for decisions •provides focus for decision making • helps you prioritize work and activities •is a communication tool
  20. 20. Four Step Brand Process Step 3 Communicate Your Brand Create a Communications Plan • Select a combination of vehicles to reach your Brand Communications Wheel target audience and that play to your strengths Public Bio & • Choose key messages that support your brand Speaking Resume attributes and unique value proposition Social Media Volunteer •Develop a timeline to implement that supports constancy in your communications Articles Networking •Remember Clarity, Consistency, Constancy • Be clear on your messages for your audience • Be consistent in your message across vehicles • Be constant in your communications
  21. 21. Personal Brand Toolkit for the Job Search Visual CV Resume Networking Tool Box Cover Letter Personal Website Business Card CD Portfolio
  22. 22. Four Step Branding Process Maintain Your Brand Step 4 • “Google” yourself; set up Google Alert • Be consistent ; “walk your talk” “When you’re finished • Assess your brand at regular changing, you’re finished” Ben Franklin intervals •Establish metrics for measurement • Gather feedback • Evolve to stay relevant • The best brands are flexible
  23. 23. 101
  24. 24. Optimize Your Profile
  25. 25. Put your HEADLINE to work
  26. 26. Brand Your Profile
  27. 27. Tell ‘em what you’re doing
  28. 28. Speak for yourself! About you About what you do for your company Use Adwords to optimize Search
  29. 29. Find and Invite People to Join Your Network
  30. 30. Give First! Recommend Others
  31. 31. Give First! Answer Questions
  32. 32. Give First! Make Introductions
  33. 33. Join Groups
  34. 34. Question and Answers
  35. 35. Ask and Answer Questions
  36. 36. Groups are also good for Q&A
  37. 37. Add Content with Applications
  38. 38. Looking for a Pay Check
  39. 39. Find Job Openings
  40. 40. Research Prospective Companies
  41. 41. Connect with Hiring Managers
  42. 42. Next Steps • Learn more about Personal Branding – • Dan Schwabel’s blog: •Get a professional picture taken • Sign-up for Linkedin • Review your pictures and content on other sites • Learn more about Linkedin •2009 Linkedin Grad Guide: • Linkedin Group for College Seniors
  43. 43.