80's decades


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  • 80's decades

    1. 1. The best of the 80’s “If you’ve Got It, flaunt It . . . you can have It all”
    2. 2. Sports Moments The USA hockey team celebrates the Miracle on Ice at the 1980 Winter Olympic Games. Doug Flutie's desperation touchdown throw to the end zone vs. the Miami Hurricanes on Thanksgiving day. Pete Rose broke Ty Cobb’s all time hit record in 1985. He was banned from baseball in 1986 for gambling on baseball. Michael Jordan entered the NBA in 1984, famous foul- line dunk in 1987 and “The Shot” in 1989. Scoring champion in 1986 to 1989.
    3. 3. TV SHOWS OF THE 1980s
    4. 4. 1980s Fashion • Fashion in the 80s was largely influenced by popular entertainers, television shows and movies of the time.
    5. 5. Madonna-Wannabes Fashion • Many girls in their teens and 20s wanted to look like Madonna – Layers – sexy – vixen look – Lots of accessories – Lace – pointed bustiers - bras – Crosses – Dangly earrings – Skirt over tight pants
    6. 6. TV Influences on Fashion • In this decade, materialism flourished with “the bigger the better” in these looks: • But don’t fret, there were also more wholesome looks such as the preppie look from Family Ties
    7. 7. Movie Influences on Fashion • In this decade, greed was good with slicked back hair. There was also big hair, oversized shirts, jocks, legwarmers, etc., all from 80s movies.
    8. 8. Fitness and Fashion • The fitness craze also affected fashion where leotards and tights with legwarmers flourished – headbands too!
    9. 9. Popular Female Entertainers
    10. 10. Popular Male Entertainers
    11. 11. Bruce Springsteen / "Born in the U.S.A." (1984) Bonnie Tyler / "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (1983) John Mellencamp / "Jack & Diane" (1982) Styx / "Mr. Roboto" (1983) Guns N' Roses / "Welcome to the Jungle" (1987) A-Ha/"TakeOnMe"(1985) Def Leppard / "Pour Some Sugar On Me" (1987) Cyndi Lauper / "Girls Just W ant to Have Fun" (1984) Journey / Don't Stop Believing (1981) Michael Jackson / "Billie Jean" (1982) Bon Jovi / "Livin' on a Prayer" (1986) Madonna /"Like a Virgin" (1984) Wham! / "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" (1984) Devo /"W hip It"(1980)
    12. 12. Atari Roos (Kangaroo tennis shoes) Legwarmers worn over jeans charm necklaces Yo-Yo Sandals jeans with the zippers up the legs Aqua Net Hairspray The British Invasion (U2, Duran Duran, Culture Club, A-Ha, etc) Swatch Watches Apple Computers Rubik's Cube Guys with one earring Care Bears Slinky Jelly Shoes Simon (the game) Shasta soda Neon (clothings, bracelets, signs, etc.) Scrunch Socks Spandex Schoolhouse Rock Friendship Bracelets
    13. 13. 80’s ACADEMY AWARDS
    14. 14. And the 80’s winners were . . .
    15. 15. HEAVY DRAMA
    16. 16.  
    17. 17. 80’s MOVIES ICONS
    18. 18. 80’s MOVIES ICONS
    19. 19. 80’s MOVIES ICONS
    20. 20. BIGGEST MOVIE STAR of the 80’s
    21. 21. 80’s ARNOLD MADNE$$
    22. 22. Quotes from 80’s TV • "Where's The Beef" • Totally Tubular! • "Yeah, that's the ticket!" • "It's better to look good than to feel good." • "like gag me with a spoon“ • "I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!!“ • Girls just want to have fun!
    23. 23. 80’s Quotes “I'm Gumby, damn it!” • Eddie Murphy's character, Gumby, from Saturday Night Live
    24. 24. June 12, 1987 Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!
    25. 25. 80’s Political Quotes • George Bush: Read my lips: NO NEW TAXES! • George Bush: "Wouldn't be prudent" • The Gipper: We will commence bombing in five minutes. • Lloyd Benson: You are no John Kennedy. • "I'm in charge." - Secretary of State A.Haig Said after Reagan was shot while George Bush was out of the
    26. 26. Inventions The birth of the compact discThe first of many space shuttles Space Shuttle Columbia
    27. 27. Military Conflict In 1989, the U.S. ousted General Noriega from power in Panama for drug trafficking, racketeering and money laundering. In 1983, the U.S. marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon was bombed. It killed 243 Americans In 1983 the U.S. invaded the island of Grenada in an effort to contain communism from Cuban influences
    28. 28. Books of the 80’s Fiction Books based on Publisher’s Weekly Best Selling
    29. 29. • Clothing manufacturer Calvin Klein features Brooke Shields in ads, launching a designer jeans fad. • Low-fare People Express Airline, founded by Donald Barr, begins no-frills service in the Northeast. • United Steelworkers and big steel manufacturers attempt to revitalize the steel industry by creating labor-management participation teams in imitation of Japanese practices.
    30. 30. • 1-Exxon Mobil • 2-General Motors • 3-Mobil • 4-Ford Motor • 5-Texaco • 6-ChevronTexaco • 7-Gulf Oil • 8-Intl. Business Machines • 9-General Electric • 10-Amoco
    31. 31. • In American politics the 1980s were the decade of Ronald Reagan, who was elected president in 1980 and succeeded by his vice president, George Bush, in 1989. Reagan's vision of the nation helped to shape the economic and political fortunes of the United States for most of the 1980s.
    32. 32. “Just Say NO” • The Reagan Administration accelerated the War on Drugs, publicized through anti-drug campaigns including the “Just Say No” campaign of First Lady Nancy Reagan. Drugs became a serious problem in the '80s. Cocaine was popular among celebrities and the young, sophisticated "yuppies", while crack, a cheaper and more potent offshoot of the drug, turned the inner cities into war zones.
    33. 33. 80’s - Technology, Science, and Inventions • 1980 • The hepatitis-B vaccine invented. • 1981 • MS-DOS invented. • The first IBM-PC invented. • The scanning tunneling microscope invented by Gerd Karl Binnig and Heinrich Rohrer.
    34. 34. Inventions in the 80’s • 1982 • Human growth hormone genetically engineered. 1983 • The Apple Lisa invented. • Soft bifocal contact lens • First Cabbage
    35. 35. Significant Scientific Achievement in the 80’s • 1984 • The CD-ROM invented. • The Apple Macintosh invented. • 1985 • Windows program invented by Microsoft. • 1986 • A high-temperature super- conductor invented by J. Georg Bednorz and Karl A. Muller. • Synthetic skin invented by G. Gregory Gallico, III. • Fuji introduced the disposable camera.
    36. 36. Inventions in the 80’s • 1987 • The first 3-D video game. • Disposable contact lenses. • 1988 • Digital cellular phones. • Doppler radar. • Prozac. • First genetically engineered animal. • Indiglo nightlight. • 1989 • High-definition television .
    37. 37. ART in the 80’s During the decade, huge numbers of people protested Artist Robert Mapplethorpe’s exhibit
    38. 38. Garden Grove Church, Los Angeles, California 80’s Architecture
    39. 39. The End