Evaluation 3


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What Have You Learned From Your Audience Feedback?

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Evaluation 3

  1. 1. What Have You Learned From Your Audience Feedback?
  2. 2. The main audience for my music video and ancillarytasks are females around the ages of 14 to 26. Luckily Iam within the is age group which means I have beenopen to a lot of advice and opinions on my products.Whilst creating my music video I often asked for helpfrom the people surrounding me. One big aspect Iwasn’t sure on was the different effects I put over thetop of some of the clips in the video. However the ideasof people around me said that this worked well andthey also encouraged me to use the effects more andapply more than one at one time. Also fromresearching my demographic before I even startedproduction helped me decide how the video shouldpan out and what type of person it should include.Having my audience constantly giving me advicethroughout the production process allowed me tocreate the best product I could.
  3. 3. After completing my music video I showed it to a series of different people within my demographic and asked them two questions:1. What do you think worked well?2. What do you think I could have improved on/done better? And I recorded their answers...
  4. 4. Becca Age 16What Do You Think Worked Well?“I really liked the editing between theshots, I think it worked quite well. Theoverall atmosphere of the shotscoincided with the song effectively.” What do you think I could have improved on/done better? “Used more advanced editing in some of the shots, and varied the transitions more.”
  5. 5. Molly Age 17What Do You Think Worked Well?“The main girl in the video was reallynatural and pretty and worked well withsong and location.”What do you think I could have improved on/donebetter?“I think you should have used a stronger narrative andincluded more characters instead of it just being about onegirl.”
  6. 6. Lauren Age 18What Do You Think Worked Well?“The colours and costumes really gowell together and I think the lyrics in thesong are really reflected in the locationof the shots, because its in rural places.” What do you think I could have improved on/done better? “I think you should have used a bigger variety of locations instead of it just either being outside or in a black room with some lights.”
  7. 7. Tokay Age 21What Do You Think Worked Well?“The video really followed theconvention of a Carrie Underwoodmusic video and I think the girl you usedreally suited the genre.” What do you think I could have improved on/done better? “At points in the video it gets a bit boring and repetitive and I think you should have maybe filled these with some narrative images to go along with story the song tells.”
  8. 8. These I feel were the most important commentsmade my the people I asked. I agree with a lot ofwhat they said. I think I remade the music video Iwould definitely include a stronger narrative andmore characters to add more depth to the video. Ialso agree with the point that the talent, location,song and costume al coincide with each other andlink well. I would have also liked to use a widervariety of locations, like one of my demographicsaid, I agree that at points it becomes boring. Idisagree with the comment that I should use awider variety of transitions because I think if I hadused more different ones it would have becomevery technical and unnatural and this isn’t the feel Iwanted to create.
  9. 9. Overall..I think that I could have used the availability of my demographic when I was creating the video more affectively which would have allowed me to create a better video pleasing more people. I also agree with a lot of the comments made by the audience I showed my video too after I completed the video. I would used a lot of their advice and change what they suggested if I was to remake the music video.