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Risk Assessment – Motel
Risk Assessment – Motel
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Risk Assessment – Motel


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Risk Assessment – Motel Potential Risk Standing on/falling on glass. Falling through uneven flooring. Cutting themselves on any sharp objects i.e. broken bath. Trip over in the dark. Rope burns, carpet burns. Someone getting hurt due to miss use of props such as knifes and other sharp objects. Precaution Emergency Clear any glass and other sharp objects before If someone does injure themselves, allowing any cast and crew on area. depending on wound, clean it and bandage it or take to a and e. If flooring is clearly unstable, stay away and If the floor did fall through, it wouldn’t be avoid putting too much weight on area. very far, so there wouldn’t be too much injury other than a sprained leg etc. However, shooting may have to stop and go hospital depending on the injury. Do not go near any obviously dangerous areas Check wound and assess how it should be where there are sharp and dangerous objects treated appropriately. around. Always use a torch or go in well light areas or If someone tripped over, then we would have areas that you are familiar with, being careful to see what injury they got – i.e. sprained with where you tread. wrist or cut. And take appropriate action. Do not drag anyone too harshly or tie rope Apply cold water to burn and allow the too tight. person to take a break and rest. Make sure all the props are secure and out of If someone did get injured, the wound would the way when they are not needed, and use have to be assessed to see if it just needs on fake/replica props instead of real ones if and site first aid or hospital/paramedic treatment. when possible. When in use, make sure that they are being handled correctly and causing no physical harm.
  • 2. Suffocation from any bags used. If bags are used for props – i.e. body bags then they will not be done up fully or tight to prevent suffocation. If someone does get trapped or starts to suffocate, take the bag off immediately/undo it and make sure they rest and have some water to calm down and get their breath back.