10 uneditted photos, alice mutch (1)


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10 uneditted photos, alice mutch (1)

  1. 1. Commentary I asked my model to run across the grassed area to create a running effect, I put my camera on f8 and a short depth of field so all of the focus would be on my model running. I positioned myself waist level so I was eye level with my model. I took the picture just after my model started running, this would make it intoShooting Details a rule of thirds so it would lookLocation: Gardens as if my model is running into the space.Time/Date:3pm 1/12/2012 This image promotes my energyLighting Conditions: Winter, Late drink ‘infinity’ because it createsafternoon, overcast, outdoors the effect that energy lasts forever.Camera: Nikon d600 The bad things on this photo isAperture: f8 that you can see the houses in the backShutter Speed 1/60 Because the weather is dull itShort depth of field makes the colours in the picture
  2. 2. Commentary I got a bowl of water and asked my model to splash the water over her face. This was to create the effect the was tired and had just ran a race and is now refreshing herself by splashing water over her face. I sat opposite my model and put on a high shutter speed so I could catcher every drop of water. I think this photo can relate to myShooting Details brand because it shows the after effect of the race.Location: 10 Florida Close The bad points of this photo is that myTime/Date: 3:30pm 1/12/2012 model has no emotion on her face so you can’t tell that she has just won aLighting Conditions: indoor, flash on race.cameraCamera: Nikon d600Aperture: F8Shutter Speed 1/1000Short depth of field
  3. 3. Commentary For this picture I got my model to crouch down on the ground and go into a praying position and looking up at the sky, this was to symbolise an athlete praying to win the race, I used rule of thirds to create the sense of that she was alone and that this was her ritual before each race.Shooting Details I crouched down so I was the same height as my model and took theLocation: Gardens picture as she was being still so itTime/Date:3pm 1/12/2012 captured the moment of her praying and that she takes time out of her dayLighting Conditions: Winter, Late to pray to win.afternoon, overcast, outdoorsCamera: Nikon d600 This photo can relate to infinity energy because it shows the that theAperture: f8 model is about to need infinity energyShutter Speed 1/600 to run her upcoming race.Short depth of field
  4. 4. Commentary I took this photo because it should the athlete about to start the run, fully focused and only set on winner the race. I got my model to go into the running position and look straight ahead, to where the finishing line is. I also crouched down so I was on straight with my model, but tookShooting Details the picture from the side so to theLocation: Gardens person who was looking at the picture it would look like they wereTime/Date:3pm 1/12/2012 in the audience.Lighting Conditions: Winter, Late afternoon,overcast, outdoors This goes with my brand ‘infinity’ because it shows the amount ofCamera: Nikon d600 concentration that athletes haveAperture: f8 before they start the race.Shutter Speed 1/600Short depth of field
  5. 5. Shooting Details CommentaryLocation: Gardens This image shows theTime/Date:3pm 1/12/2012 pressure that athletes are under before they start aLighting Conditions: race, I got my model toWinter, stand against a wall andLate afternoon, overcast, bend down and like she’s just about to get warmedoutdoors up for a race.Camera: Nikon d600 I hid her facial expression on this one because IAperture: f8 believe all the drama isShutter Speed 1/600 inside of the athletes head and not on theShort depth of field outside.
  6. 6. Commentary This image represents the athlete after the race , showing that the athlete has won and is looking up to sky to thank god. I decided to put my model in this position because I believe this is the part when an athlete feels the best and it shows on the outside that the athlete can’t contain her excitement and doesn’t know who to talk toShooting Details first.Location: Gardens For this image I crouched down so it would make the athlete lookTime/Date:3pm 1/12/2012 bigger as it is her moment.Lighting Conditions: Winter, Lateafternoon, overcast, outdoorsCamera: Nikon d600Aperture: f8Shutter Speed 1/600Short depth of field
  7. 7. Commentary For this photo I got my model to crouch down on the ground and look down towards the camera, this would show that this is her last chance to pray before she ran the race. I got my model to put her hands on the ground and feels through the earth because this shows thatShooting Details she appreciated the ground she’sLocation: Gardens about to run on, it also shows how much she wants to win this race.Time/Date:3pm 1/12/2012 I crouched down to the side of myLighting Conditions: Winter, Late model just enough so I could seeafternoon, overcast, outdoors her faceCamera: Nikon d600Aperture: f8Shutter Speed 1/600Short depth of field
  8. 8. Commentary For this photo I have got my model to run toward the camera but put the camera on a slow shutter speed so there was action blur on the photo so it looked like the model was in mid action. I stood straight on with my model because I imagined that the model was running towards the finishing line, so I got my model to have herShooting Details eyes wide open and stare straightLocation: Gardens into the camera, because the athlete would be staring at the finishingTime/Date:3pm 1/12/2012 line being determined to win theLighting Conditions: Winter, Late race.afternoon, overcast, outdoors I think this advertises infinity energy because it shows how closeCamera: Nikon d600 she is to the finishing line andAperture: f8 shows that a boost of infinity energy is just kicking in.Shutter Speed 1/60Short depth of field
  9. 9. Commentary For this photo I got my model tosplash water on her face so itlooked as if she had just beenrunning and I put her against awhite wall so she was the mainpicture, I then got her to look downwith her arms by her side and a bitof a smile on her face, this was toshow that she was still in shockabout winning a race.I used flash on this photo so I couldcapture every drop of water, I alsodid this shoot inside so that therewas a soften light, and it looked asthough the athlete had gone backinside to take it all in.
  10. 10. For this image I got my model to jump in the air with her hands up and cheering as if she had just won a race, this was to represent that she was an athlete after a ace and celebrating because she won it. I put my camera on a slow shutter speed to create motion blur in the photo, the is to show that the athlete is high spirits after winning this race.Shooting Details This advertises infinity energyLocation: Gardens because it shows that after drinkingTime/Date:3pm 1/12/2012 infinity energy, that you will have energy that will last long enough toLighting Conditions: Winter, Late help you win a race.afternoon, overcast, outdoorsCamera: Nikon d600Aperture: f8Shutter Speed 1/60Short depth of field