Effective PowerPoint Presentations


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Effective PowerPoint Presentations

  1. 1. Effective PowerPointOverview of Workshop Tips for effective and accessible PowerPoint slides Creating a Master Template (demonstration) Optimising images Embedding YouTube video clips Embedding web site addresses Saving as PDF handoutsGriffith Business School
  2. 2. TIPS FOR EFFECTIVE SLIDES First or second slide is an outline of your presentation Follow the order of your outline Only main points are needed on the outline slide
  3. 3. TIPS FOR EFFECTIVE SLIDES Point form 4 – 6 points per slide Avoid wordiness:  use key words and phrases only  aim for no more than 6 – 8 words per line Showing one point at a time will:  help audience concentrate on what you are saying  prevent the audience reading ahead  keep your presentation focused
  4. 4. TIPS FOR EFFECTIVE SLIDES Use at least an 18-point font Use different size fonts for main points and secondary points  This font is 18-point  The main font is 24-point  The title is 32-point Use a standard font such as Arial, Helvetica or Calibri
  5. 5. TIPS FOR EFFECTIVE SLIDES Avoid italicised fonts Only use all capitals for titles Use a font colour that contrasts with the background  Black text on white background  White text on dark blue background Limit the number of colours on a single slide Be consistent with colours throughout
  6. 6. TIPS FOR EFFECTIVE SLIDES Keep the background consistent and subtle Keep the design clean and uncluttered:  Leave white space around text and graphics Be consistent with graphic styles Limit the number of graphics on each slide Avoid using multiple and distracting animations/transitions Be consistent with the animations/transitions that you use
  7. 7. CREATING A MASTER TEMPLATE A slide master stores information about:  theme  layout  background  colour  fonts  effects  positioning Make universal style changes to every slide Allows for consistency in style across slides
  8. 8. IMAGES, VIDEOS, WEB SITES Optimising Images  Reduce file size  Smaller files = quicker downloads  Be sure to follow Copyright guidelines Embedding YouTube videos  Show a YouTube video directly from within your presentation Embedding web site addresses  Create a hyperlink to connect to a website from within your presentation Save as a PDF
  9. 9. WORKSHOP EVAULATION Please go to the following web site and complete a short evaluation of this workshop:https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZC7BLZZ
  10. 10. FURTHER SUPPORT Contact your Blended Learning Advisor. My contact details: Alice Manning a.manning@griffith.edu.au Ext. 56019 N72_0.03