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Zombie horror films
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Zombie horror films


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  • 1. Research: Subgenre
  • 2. Throughout this PowerPoint I will be looking atzombie horror films, when the genre was firstintroduced and how it has developed throughoutthe years.I will look at a variety of different zombiemovies, and what aspects of the films they havekept the same or similar and what they havechanged in the different movies.
  • 3. Horror films intentions are to play on the viewersprimal fears, to create tensions and play with theiremotions.The scenes played throughout the movie mainlyintend to startle the viewer, by using variousdifferent methods.
  • 4. Zombie: A term to giving to a mindless corpsethat has been brought back to life. Originallyassociated with being brought back to lifethrough magical powers; they are shown to feedoff of human flesh.The themes of zombies now appear in manyfictional books, games, comics and films.
  • 5. The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari was directed byRobert Wiene. It is a silent horror and consideredas one of the best silent horror films to be made inits era.Although this isn‟t actually a zombie movie, it‟scharacters show many behaviours to the viewerthat would be associated with the living dead.
  • 6. White Zombie was directed andproduced by brothers Victor Halperinwho is known for his work being basedaround romance and horror; andEdward Halperin.It focuses around a man who goes to awitch doctor to get help to lure thewomen he loves away from her fiancé.In White Zombie the zombies are seenare true voodoo zombies, playing onthe original meaning of how zombieswere brought back to life.
  • 7. I Walked With A Zombie was directedby Jacques Tourneur and written by CurtSchiodmak who is known for writinghorror and science fiction films.The plot of this movie is based on thenovel Jane Eyre, this movies still focuseson the classic voodoo zombies, but alsobrings new aspects of zombies to theviewers attention.
  • 8. The Last Man On Earth was directed byUbaldo Ragona and Sidney Salkow, it wasfilmed in Italy. The film was based on the novel„I Am Legend‟ by Richard Matheson.In The Last Man On Earth a disease turnseverybody into the living dead, this movieshows the theme of the human being a victimof the living dead.
  • 9. This film was directed by John Gilling andsticks to the traditional voodoo zombiemovies, but is now bringing in new behavioursof zombies which are closer to the behavioursthat are used in George A. Romero‟s films.
  • 10. George A. Romero is a famous filmdirector, screenwriter and editor.Romero made a huge impact on themodern day zombie films, and is wellknown for his zombie movies.Romero introduced zombies as flesheating cannibals, changing the zombiefilm industry, this took zombie filmsaway from voodoo witch doctorzombie movies.
  • 11. Night of the living dead was directed and writtenby George A. Romero.It is an American black and white zombie film, agroup of survivors are trapped in an old buildingand there has been an outbreak of zombiesputting their lives at risk.This film introduced us to the modern zombiemovies, redefining the term „zombie‟ in movies.Instead of the past voodoo zombies in movies,this was a scientific outbreak of zombies, theywere also flesh eating zombies.
  • 12. Dawn Of The Dead was another moviewritten by George A. RomeroThe world is being taken over by anarmy of zombies and a group of foursurvivors stick together to try and stayalive.The Zombies are similar to the ones inNight Of The Dead, they are part of thenew modern flesh eating zombies. In Themovie the zombies are very violent andhas scenes showing flesh. It is alsoshown in Dawn Of The Dead that thezombies should be attacked in the headto be killed.
  • 13. Day Of The Dead is the third movie made byGeorge A. Romero in his „Dead‟ series of films.Like Night Of The Dead and Dawn Of TheDead, this film portrays zombies as being flesheating corpses. The film contains scenes whichshow the zombies eating humans.
  • 14. By the 80‟s the sub-genre of zombie horror filmshad been defined. This was the flesh eating livingdead, defined in George A. Romero‟s movies.Throughout the 80‟s it was made clear whatzombie movies would have; this was a corpse thatate flesh and once a human was bitten by a zombiethey would also become one and to kill them theymust have an injury to the head cased.In this decade more gory horror films werereleased, such as „The Beyond‟ and „Dead andBuried‟.
  • 15. The Beyond was directed by LucioFulci and is an Italian zombie horrorfilm. By fans it was seen as one ofthe greatest horror films from anItalian director, however it wascriticised for it incredibly goryscenes.
  • 16. The 90‟s were seen as a disappointment to thezombie subgenre compared to the previoustriumph of the genre in the 80‟s.The 90‟s was criticised for poorly mademovies, which involved too much gore.
  • 17. Shaun Of The Dead is a zombie romantic comedy(Zom-Rom-Com) which was released in 2004 and wasa very successful zombie comedy movie.It involves the main character winning back his ex-girlfriend and trying to save the people closest to himfrom the outbreak of zombies.The zombies in this film are shown to be flesh eatingzombies, there is a scene in the film where they have alesson how to appear to be a zombie; describing thezombies as “look at the face, its vacant with a hint ofsadness”.
  • 18. There has been a range of zombie movies and zom-coms introduced in the 2000‟s. 28 Days Lter – 2002 Shaun Of The Dead - 2004 28 Weeks Later – 2007 Zombieland – 2009 ( Zom-Rom-Com)
  • 19. The Zombie horror movie genre has changed a lotthroughout the decades I have looked at (1920‟s –present). This has been shown in the way thatzombies are shown. Originally zombie movieswere based around voodoo magic bringing themback to life. However George A. Romerointroduced zombies as flesh eating zombies. InThe Plague Of The Zombies we saw theintroduction of the behaviours of zombies whichwere then developed more in Night Of TheLiving Dead.
  • 20. Zombies are now seen as Flesh eating corpse They are stupid or not smart To become one you must be bitten by one To defeat one you must cause injury to the head.