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  1. 1. The Only Way Is EssexUsing YouTube I was able toresearch existing soaps whichwere similar to the one I created.Watching other soaps helped meunderstand the conventions of Desperatemy genre of soap. Scousewives Made In Chelsea
  2. 2. After creating an account onYouTube, I was able to regularlyupload my trailer from the AppleMac’s iMovie. This was good for mebecause I was able to post this onmy blog to show others and askfor improvements, therefore Iuploaded several versions.
  3. 3. This software allowed me to edit my trailer by:•Cutting and cropping the clips precisely•The speed of the clip•Cropping in on the clip•Create transition slides to join the clips together eg) dissolve,fade•Changing of the order of the clips•Delete selected parts of the audio•Add a soundtrack•Change the volume of the audio/soundtrack•Fade in the audio/soundtrack
  4. 4. This is how youcreate a newproject. The nextscreen you canselect whichtheme you want,and to name yourproject. I selectedno themebecause I simplydid not need one. To import footage, I clicked file, import, import movies. This was very easy as I just selected a folder full of all my footage.
  5. 5. After importing To cut down a clip,footage, I then I simply highlightselected the the part of the clipfootage and I wish to keep, rightdragged it into my click, then trim totimeline. selection. Splitting the clip enables me to cut the clip in half,for a more precise cut.
  6. 6. This is the icon forviewing the This is the icon I This is the icon Imovie full screen. use to add sound use to add or music. transitions. This is the icon for This is the icon I cropping the use to add title footage. I simply cards. just draw a box around the footage I wish to crop.
  7. 7. These are the types This is how you of transitions slow down the available. I mainly clips. To increase or used cross dissolves decrease the speed and fade to black. I dragged the icon left or right.To fade the music out or in, Isimply drag the small handdown to the direction I wish tofade the music.
  8. 8. This is the musiclibrary once clickedon the sound icon.A list of songs areavailable fromitunes. However, I chose a soundtrack from YouTube. I copied and pasted the link into a convertor. After converting the soundtrack, I then added it into itunes library and dragged it into my timeline.
  9. 9. This software allowed me to edit my soundtrack by:the music This is library once clicked•Create a whole new soundtrack on the sound icon. A list of songs are•Looping the soundtrack available from•Cutting the sound which is not needed itunes.•Increase or decrease particular parts of the track soundI had to use garageband to edit my chosen song due to the dialogue from mycharacters overlapping with the singing in the song, therefore the singing in thesong needed removing in order to hear the dialogue.
  10. 10. To begin editing thesoundtrack, I simplyclicked ‘new track’. Once added my soundtrack, using this arrow I am able to cut the soundtrack down.
  11. 11. To loop my track, means to select a partof my track and basically copy and pasteit, so the music ‘loops’. To do this, Iselected the part of the track and clickedthe loop button. This is what my soundtrack would look like once looped- it’s just like one track. Once finishing my soundtrack, I then saved and renamed it, imported into itunes and added to my timeline in iMovie.
  12. 12. I created an account onslideshare which allowed meto upload MicrosoftPowerpoint and MicrosoftWord documents to my blog.
  13. 13. To add a new post, I simply click “NEW POST”.I then went onto YouTubeand beneath the video is abutton which says “Embed”.I then clicked on this buttonand copied and pasted thecode into my blog. I then published my video onto my blog.
  14. 14. To add a new post, I simply click “NEW POST”.To add an image, I simplyclicked the ‘insert image’icon and selected an imagefrom my desktop. I then published it onto my blog.
  15. 15. I used Microsoft Powerpoint to produce parts of my evalutation. Thissoftware enabled me to:• Add a theme/background colour•Change font styles/colours/bold/italics etc•Format text boxes into different colours•Add borders to images and text boxes•Add arrows for annotating images and for following structure•Add images from the computer
  16. 16. These tabs along the top change when clicking the different ones. I mainly use Insert to insert text and images.Adding Adding Adding a Addingimages Shapes text box Wordart The most common shape I use in powerpoint is the arrows.
  17. 17. Design tab- for the design of the powerpoint.Changing Selecting a theme Choosing a plainwhether for the whole backgroundthe slide is powerpoint. colour insteadlandscape of the themes.or portrait. If choosing a theme, you are able to choose a built in colour.