Daze Of Our Legacy. Chapter 3


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It's here, it's most likely queer and it's making your tow look like a sissy! What are you going to do?

Read it. Duh!

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Daze Of Our Legacy. Chapter 3

  1. 1. We start with a glitch. After graduation, everything was hunky dory for young Miss Daze and her Admiral Alice. The future was full of such hope and dreams of a better tomorrow than the day before it. Well, then I started to move her onto an empty lot and saw this. That’s not right, I thought. How weird. But I thought that it might be okay when we got started.
  2. 2. I was wrong. ‘Alice, I feel all wrong.’ I have a feeling that her magic red hair has backfired on her, destroying her pretty face. Luckily, I am, if nothing else, a resourceful and creative being, and with help of all holy Boolprop, I managed to fix Teal. After a lengthy makeover and a whole new wardrobe, we were finally ready to get this show on the road.
  3. 3. ‘*cackle* Alice, I feel something evil approaching.’ I doubt it, Teal, darling. This is a happy legacy, full of light and love and all things wonderful. ‘You’re kidding, right?’ Of course. I’m in charge. Something wicked this way comes.
  4. 4. Since I was not in the mood to build a new house, I threw Teal and her fiancé, Lore, into this Maxis made thing. After gutting and redecorating it, it was fit for the couple, if a little bare due to lack of funds. On top of the money Teal already had, Lore brought in $17,000, cementing my love for him.
  5. 5. Three guesses what the happy couple got straight to doing. ‘Get lost Alice. You want us to have all these babies, then at least let them be made in privacy.’ Since when have you been worried about your sexual exploits being posted about on the internet. ‘Since always. Now scram.’ Scram?
  6. 6. *wolf whistles* Get in there my son! ‘ALICE!’ Sorry, Teal. I was just leaving. Honest.
  7. 7. Houston, we have contact. ‘ALICE! GET LOST!’ Fine. Whatevers. Spoil all my perverted fun why don’t you?
  8. 8. Teal is loosing her Romance ways. She actually spun up the wants for a restorable car, and to max the Tinkering hobby. What happened to you Teal? We were going to take over the world. ‘I guess that I just love my little Martian Man too much.’ Freak. And should you really be doing that in your undies? Looks potentially disastrous. ‘I’ll survive…I hope.’ Me too.
  9. 9. ‘Hello half naked green man. I’m still not seeing why Alice sent me over here.’ *eye roll* Knowledge sims. Smart as they may be, they really do lack the sight to see the really important things in life. Like half naked men. Anyways, that is Darcy, a pal of mine who is an awesome person and writer who doesn’t seem to write enough. Not at all. I’m still in the middle or redownloading simselves into my game, so they are currently few and far between.
  10. 10. ‘Nipples at full salute.’ ‘Oh…crap. Sorry. I should get dressed.’ No! Don’t you dare, Lore! Put on one more item of clothing and it’s the cowplant for you, boy!
  11. 11. Keep walking Marisa. No naked alien is going to be greeting you anytime soon. You and your beak are not welcome in these parts.
  12. 12. I just realized that Lore hasn’t had his stats read yet, so here we go. Name : Lore Marsden-Daze (former NPC bartender) Aspiration : Knowledge Secondary Aspiration : Family LTW : Become The Hand Of Poseidon Turn Ons : Fatness/Full Face Makeup Turn Off : Mechanical Skill Personality : Pisces (6,2,9,4,4) Hobby : Sports And I love his shirt. After all that Captain/Admiral/ Commodore talk before, I had to give it to him. Nobody is perfect, except the captain. Darn tooting, and don’t any of you forget it.
  13. 13. The arse end of the welcome wagon shows up, and it’s more simselves. On the right is me, and on the left is Linn, another friend of mine. ‘I hate you.’ Why? The outfit? Well, I thought it was amusing. And it serves you right. Those shorts you had me in in our joint legacy gave me frost bite. I do feel kinda bad about this now, and will feel worse if she decides to kill me. I hope she doesn’t. It’s all just fun and games… right? RIGHT?
  14. 14. ‘So, you’re the cause of all this?’ ‘Admiral LeQuia at your service.’ ‘You’re not as evil looking as I was expecting.’ ‘I am a master of disguise. Deep down I am pure evil. It’s just hidden under 10 nice points, dimples and a round face of freckles.’
  15. 15. Ladies, you are fooling no one with this false display of brains. ‘We are Knowledge sims, you know.’ I do know. You’re staying in my house at the moment. Chatting about skilling and what not. I need more Romance sims to chat to. Teal is bust and I’m all alone. *sniffle*
  16. 16. Simple minds are easily amused. While the others skill, my simself makes straight for the coffee cups to juggle. It’s uncanny just how like me she really is.
  17. 17. See? As soon as Lore gets home, she stalks him to the bedroom. ‘That bed looks soft.’ ‘It is.’ ‘Mind if I try it?’ ‘Uhhh…sure?’ ‘Want to join me?’ ‘TEAL! HELP!’ ‘*sigh* Will my want panel go forever unfulfilled?’ It seems so.
  18. 18. How can you turn down that face? She looks like a fricking womrat for goodness sake.
  19. 19. Okay, I have apparently gone into stalker mode. Wherever Lore goes, she goes. I expect this behaviour of Linn, but not me. Linn : ‘I’m not even in the shot! Leave me alone!’ Sorry, sorry. But she did stalk the Pokecy V2 until I married her in. And she also stalked a few of my other legacies. But I am the kind of person who gets stalked, not the other way around.
  20. 20. Teal, just to warn you, my simself may have blown a fuse. She’s following Lore about with what can only be called unwavering devotion. ‘No worries. I have a ruddy great wrench here and I know how to use it.’ *gulp*
  21. 21. ‘Come on Alice, time to go home and take care of Mini you.’ ‘But I wanna stay and oggle the man candy. There’s no men folk at my house.’ Go home, me, and I’ll arrange for those hot male dancers from Chicago to come and visit you. I saw Chicago the other day, live, and it was awesome, even with the annoying couple sat in front of me. I’ve been singing “Call Block Tango” for the best part of three days now. Little tangent there to make you all feel involved in my life.
  22. 22. ‘Lore, I feel kinda sick.’ ‘Maybe you had bad beans. Now, more woo hoo?’ ‘Pretend to care or you never get woo hoo again. I have other guys to make babies with.’ ‘*gulp* Yes ma’am. Sorry ma’am. You okay honey? Want some cake and a foot rub?’ ‘Much better.’ Whipped! *whip sound*
  23. 23. ‘This is the first time in forever that I’ve gotten the post without there being a load of love letters.’ Well, we can go out on the town and throw out a few dates…please? ‘No. I will never cheat on my little Lore again.’ Great. I just hope the kids are more interesting than their parents.
  24. 24. ‘My fiancé is so hot when she’s parading around outside in her undies.’ And that kids is about as good as this chapter gets.
  25. 25. Not wanting the kid to be born a bastard, I have the couple finally get married. No party or anything, because I’m lazy. Just the pair, an arch and me and my camera.
  26. 26. Overly cute slides without a real caption to lend itself to them. But I had to use this picture. It’s so freaking adorable. I do have a soft side too.
  27. 27. More cuteness. Sorry, but it’s almost over now. Honest.
  28. 28. ‘Woah! Honey! What’s with the red rings?’ ‘Ummm…’ ‘Do you not want to be married?’ ‘Hey, don’t judge me. I am a Romance/Pleasure sim!’ This is more like it. ‘But I’ll never cheat on you. Honest.’ Darn it!
  29. 29. ‘He he he he. Gullible husband.’ Say what now? ‘I have to have three kids, right?’ Five. ‘What?!?!?!?’ Personal preference. Three is the minimum, but I want five. ‘So, five. Whatever. Well, five kids, and then it’s back to being me! I just don’t want the paternity of any of my kids to be questioned. They will all be Lore’s but after that…’ Teal Daze, you are pure evil. ‘Why thank you.’
  30. 30. Teal finishes off maxing the few skills she didn’t have time to get in college. ‘Oh Mr Mirror, you breath is so minty fresh.’ Let’s leave her to it.
  31. 31. ‘ALICE!’ What? What? I was throwing gummy bears at my cat. ‘Alice, my awesome dress disappeared and I got fat!’ It’s a baby. Why are all sims so shocked. Woo hoo = babies. Say it with me now. ‘Woo hoo = babies?’ Yes.
  32. 32. ‘This being pregnant thing isn’t too bad, actually.’ Good to know. So you don’t mind doing it up to five times. ‘I guess not. But I’d rather not, really. Can’t we keep it at three?’ We’ll see what the first three look like. In this house, looks are everything.
  33. 33. Stupidly I left Teal’s cauldron and spell book at college, in the Greek House. I may go and buy new ones soon, but for now the only magic we have is here teleporting about. ‘Super special red-haired magical sparkles!’
  34. 34. Wow, you saved all of three seconds doing that rather than walking. ‘Time is money, my friend, and I need to see if my dream job is here yet.’ Annoyingly neither Teal or Lore’s dream job has come up yet, but I am cheating (kinda) by having Teal take every job just to get the career rewards. Ain’t I a stinker?
  35. 35. Lore, I’m bored. So something interesting. ‘No can do Alice. I’m learning about machines and screw drivers and other manly things.’ *eye roll* I guess if you want drama, you have to do it yourself, not rely on nerdy aliens to amuse you.
  36. 36. Teal! I’m bored! Entertain me! ‘So the finding your own drama went well?’ I’m too tired to bother. I stayed up all night watching both seasons of The Tudors on DVD. ‘Well I’m too pregnant. It’s your own fault, really.’ I preferred you when you were stupid and danced a lot. I never should have let you max all those skills.
  37. 37. It’s like the bodysnatchers have been. Teal is…doing house work. Call Mulder and Scully. They are going to want to see this. *plays X Files theme*
  38. 38. ‘Ahhh! An earthquake!’ No, just another bump. Sims don’t have earthquakes. ‘Oh…crap.’
  39. 39. Lore, you may be boring, but you do have your moments of manly charm. Men are never more manly than when they are beating pipes into submission with wrenches.
  40. 40. COME ON GUYS! I am so tempted to send you back to college, for the fun! ‘How would that work?’ Boolprop. ‘I’m sure things will get more interesting soon.’ They’d better, or I’ll have to make things interesting the only way I know how. With pain, misery, adultery and death! *lightning and thunder*
  41. 41. And Teal has maxed all of her skills. ‘I am so smart! S-M-R-T!’ You did that last chapter too.
  42. 42. ‘So, this is what it feels like to be you?’ Yup. ‘It’s kinda nice, really. I like the power.’ But remember, you’re only experiencing it because I told you to. ‘Oh.’ Uh huh.
  43. 43. ‘Have you been on that game all night?’ ‘Umm…what’s the right answer?’ Poor Teal. But we’ve all been there, right? The sleepless nights where you just have to get something done, and then something else and then you’ve played through college in one straight 24 hour block of Red Bull endorsed playing. For me that’s every night.
  44. 44. ‘Owwwie! You never said it would hurt!’ What did you expect? You know how big a baby is. It’s going to hurt. It’s the curse we bear for walking upright. ‘Huh?’ Well, birth is less painful for animals that walk on four legs. Have you seen a zebra give birth? Plop and it’s done. Humans gave up that ease of birth to walk upright. Yes, I am a nerd and I do watch the Discovery Channel too much.
  45. 45. ‘Oh my gosh! It’s a-’ I get to say what it is. Not you! ‘Sorry.’
  46. 46. It’s a boy, which I was hoping for, as I have mostly boy names for this generation. He is called Rivers, after Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer/guitarist of Weezer, one of the best bands in the world. And it’s an awesome name too. My Rivers has Lore’s skintone and brow hair, and Teal’s eyes. And apparently Lore is not best thrilled with his firstborn. ‘He doesn’t seem to have superpowers.’ And that’s important to you? ‘Well…yeah. I want him to be smart like me and magical like Teal.’ Well, I rolled his aspirations at birth…and well, sorry Lore. Plus, he’s Teal’s kid. Brains are unlikely.
  47. 47. ‘Honey, stop shouting! You’re hurting his little ears!’ Wow, Teal is a good mother. Apparently Through The Looking Glass has come a few generations early. That’s the “T” theme.
  48. 48. Another hobby maxed. Yipee! More plaques for the wall to make it look super impressive and like this family isn’t a total failure.
  49. 49. It’s a terrible day for the Daze house. Teal finally got her dream job, and Lore is out earning pennies in a temporary job, so we had to call in the nanny to watch over little Rivers. Burn down the house and it’s a world of pain for you, comprendez?
  50. 50. ‘I’m home! And I got promoted! Again! Give Daddy some love!’ Your only child is an infant who cannot even lift his own head, let alone run out to hug you.
  51. 51. ‘Come on! Just one hug!’ I would, but my simself has been restrained to prevent wrench wounds to the head. Teal gets home in a few hours. ‘Then I’ll just wait here until she gets back.’ But…I want the nanny to go before Rivers gets hurt.
  52. 52. I sense a battle that you cannot win. ‘What? I can take this joker.’ Clearly you need to get a change of prescription for your glasses.
  53. 53. *choirs of angels singing* And Teal is perma-plat! Yay! Her new LTW is to become a Celebrity Chef, which isn’t too hard, is it now?
  54. 54. These two celebrate in their favourite way. ‘Alice. Out. Now!’ Going. There was a lullaby. Rivers won’t been an only child for too long.
  55. 55. ‘He is really cute, Alice. You never told me babies are cute!’ They aren’t. Their novelty wears off quick. Trust me. I’m the oldest of five kids. You’ll get bored of the little guy soon enough.
  56. 56. See? ‘Well, you just can’t compare a baby to a guitar.’ Indeed you cannot. Guitars are awesomesauce.
  57. 57. So are leaves, apparently. But is it impossible for you to wear clothes, Teal? ‘Clothes are too restricting.’ Great. If you become one of those elderly nudists, I will disown you.
  58. 58. ‘Are you going to tell me to wear more clothes too?’ Not in a moth of Sundays, dear Lore. You can walk around in as little as you like, because my simself has a soft spot for you, and so do I, in all honesty. You may have once been an overly moral bartender, but you’re okay now. ‘Cheers.’ Now back to robot making. Every legacy needs a badly wired Servo to wipe out half the population every time it freaks out.
  59. 59. Ladies and gentleman, the first time Lore has held his child, and only because Teal is at work. ‘He has no superpowers.’ Give him time. He’s only small.
  60. 60. One step closer to my Servo! I may hate Servos, but they can be hilarious at times.
  61. 61. ‘Who needs a car when you can fly?’ Double shifts. Teal just got home in the car, and I’m sending her straight back out for another promotion. ‘I’m overworked.’ Me too. I have to act as deity to all you guys. It’s no picnic, I can tell you that much.
  62. 62. While Teal is at work (lucky her) we reach the first in a long line of tedious and annoying birthday slides that will plague this legacy. ‘Humour him, Alice. He’s a baby.’ Fine. And he does look like we’ve thrown him a surprise party. Rivers’s expression so says “for me? You didn’t have to!’
  63. 63. Oh. My. Goodness. Teal, Lore, you have finally done something right. He’s beautiful. Change of hair and clothes, and he’s perfection. His personality is just as awesome. He’s a Virgo (10,1,9,10,3). Neat, shy, active, playful and mean. My kinda guy.
  64. 64. Postmakover and complete with ickle freckles. ‘What’s cooking good looking?’ Aww, stop it you. You’re two years old. That’s it for now. See you next time for more babies, more skilling and hopefully more drama.