Media powerpoint final


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Media powerpoint final

  1. 1. Front cover analysis<br />
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  3. 3. Reversed out masthead – part of the masthead is behind the photo of the celebrity, this makes the magazine seem better known as the whole masthead doesn’t need to be seen to be recognised<br />There is a white/black/yellow colour scheme running throughout the front cover. This keeps the magazine colourful and eye catching, without being overly complicated or look messy<br />The celebrity is eye catching from all of his tattoos- he’s not looking at the camera which makes it look less staged- the picture is put in front of the mast head, but behind the subheadings. This makes the text stand out to the audience<br />This magazine will appeal to a wide, but younger, audience as it is about TV, celebrities, music and gossip<br />
  4. 4. The masthead is a dark red font on a lighter grey background which makes it stand out <br />Dark writing on a lighter grey background<br />Graduated masthead<br />Main celebrity is put over writing, makes it stand out more and the celebrity seems more important compared to the other covers where they are put behind the text- looking directly at the camera<br />Basic black/red colour scheme for the text<br />
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  6. 6. Unconventional masthead, it is more effective- different colour from background so it stands out <br />Not much text, audience focuses on the celebrity <br />Reversed out text- stands out from grey background<br />Medium close up of celebrity, powerful shot, looking directly into the camera<br />V stands for Visionaire- about celebrities and what you need to know about people and places<br />
  7. 7. Bold masthead, different colour to the rest of the cover, over laps the celebrity<br />Bold masthead, different colour to the rest of the cover, over laps the celebrity<br />Famous celebrity, medium close up but put into background- all the text over laps her<br />Reversed out text for the more important and bigger text subheadings <br />Fashion/celebrity gossip magazine<br />
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  9. 9. The masthead is bold and in capital letters which attracts attention even from a distance. The text over laps the picture of the celebrity making it stand out over the rest of the front cover<br />The golden colours portray a mood of glamour and wealth which instantly attracts a specific audience. These colours would appeal more to a female audience<br />The image is very large to attract the customer. They can straight away realise who the celebrity is. Customers that look up to the celebrity as a role model or someone the admire will want to buy the magazine more<br />This text is in a different colour to the rest of the cover, making it stand out above the other text. This may be used to attract the attention of their readers by writing about topics that they are interested in<br />This magazine shows more story topics that will appeal to a female audience, for example spring fashion preview <br />
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  11. 11. Masthead is the same colour as some of the text on the cover and it over laps the picture of the celebrity so it stands out more<br />This appears to be a fashion magazine judging by the subheadings- for example “Ageless style” “60 great pieces to wear..” This shows that the magazine offers fashion advice for women as the target audience is women<br />Famous attractive, well known celebrity used on the front cover but she’s been put in the back ground- (all of the text around over laps her)<br />There is a basic colour scheme throughout the cover, using pink and black and keeping the background a pale colour to make the picture and text stand out. The pastel colours, and the gold jacket on the celebrity stands out against the other colours<br />