The Pros and Cons of Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer


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The Pros and Cons of Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer

  1. 1. ==== ====get this product with special price at : ====There are a bazillion exercise programs out there. Turn on the television and endless infomercialswill stream across the screen, ripped men and women using strange looking exercise devices ordangerous looking machines for obscure reasons. People marching and leaping and bending andpromising illimitable benefits if you just follow their latest exercise routine. Some of them look likethey might even be legit, while others are clearly making specious claims. Question is: how to tell?One such program that requires a little more examination to make sure that its not too good to betrue is Tony Hortons 10 Minute Trainer, that claims that it will deliver startling results if you followthe 10 minute workouts. Real, or bogus? Lets take a look.Lets examine the basic premise. 10 Minute Trainer makes the following claim: "The secret isSUPER STACKING. Youre getting a cardio workout, upper-body resistance, and lower body andabs strengthening all at the same time. It would have taken you 30 minutes to an hour to do thiswith traditional workouts." In the Getting Started section, the program lists three primary areas tofocus on:Do resistance training two or three times a week, preferably not two days in a row, focusing on thesame body part.Do cardio at least two or three times a weekGet your eating habits and portions under control. You dont need to starve yourself, but you doneed to eat slightly less than your body can burn off every day.All of that sounds pretty sensible, but is it feasible? Can you get good results if you Super Stack?On its face, this sounds like a feasible proposition: if you combine squats with a military press, youare in effect doing two exercises in half the time. Any standing exercise can be augmented bythrowing in squats, just as a number of ab exercises can be supplemented with chest flies orpresses. So yes, I buy that you can save a large amount of time if you carefully and cleverlycombine exercises so that you reap the benefit from both in much less time.Further, the fundamentals outlined in the three principles above all seem to adhere to basic, soundprinciples. Nothing revolutionary and outré there. Combine cardio and resistance training,and be careful but not radical about what you eat. That is the kind of basic advice given to anybeginning fitness enthusiast, and thus seems above the level.The question thus becomes: can you get good results in 10 minutes, even if you combineexercises? That is where the quality of Tonys exercises are called into play. Given the wideamount of respect and grudging admiration his other workout routines such as P90X havegarnered, it seems clear that at the very least he is no hack. Thus perhaps the best way to
  2. 2. examine this program is not by asking if its the best workout program ever, but if its an effectiveprogram for those who dont have the hour or so necessary to work out each day. Considered inthat light, and given the sound principles on which it seems to be based, the answer is that it isclearly better than nothing at all, and probably sound in its own right.If buying 10 Minute Trainer gets people who dont think they have the time to exercise to doexactly that, especially if Tony Horton is guiding them through sound and basic practices that havebeen stacked so as to fit in the shortest period of time, than I dont see whats not to like. Myself, Iprefer to dedicate more time to my exercise regimen, but were I a busy mother, businessprofessional or any other person without time, than I would definitely turn to Tony Hortons 10Minute Trainer as a possible way to get in my exercise as efficiently as possible.Philip Tucker is a Fitness Product Review specialist for Miami based Extreme Fitness ResultsLLC. He enjoys challenging himself with the 10 Minute Trainer, and often recommends that hisfriends try out Power 90.Article Source: