Classical Comedy Movie Given New Life Through Black Widows - Mad Or Not


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Classical Comedy Movie Given New Life Through Black Widows - Mad Or Not

  1. 1. ==== ====get this product with special price at : ====Dubbed the Black Widows, the two women, from Los Angelos, were originally natives of Hungary.As they were sentenced to life in prison, Helen Golay, 77 and Olga Rutterschmidt, 75, sat stonyfaced in court. There would be no possibility of parole. (Whatever that means to women in theirlate seventies?)The duo were found guilty, after having met two homeless men, aged 73 and 50, whom theybefriended at an Eastern European church. They found accommodation for the men to live in andthen took out life policies, (insurance-with-intent-to-murder). They had found an insurancecompany which would pay, regardless of illness, or accidental cause. The company slogan is NoHassle, No investigations.The two women signed the forms, using rubber stamps, onto which they had transferred the menssignatures. The grannies then arranged to have the two men to be accidentally killed in hit-and-runaccidents, in a dark alley.Both women claimed relationship with the victims. Rutterschmidt said she was a cousin, whileGolay claimed she was the fiancée of both men. The women collected just under$US3million, before their deadly scheme was disclosed. The homeless men had only been lookingfor some neighborly assistance. Sadly they received a lot more than they bargained for."The two men you killed needed a helping hand. They thought they were getting this from you.Instead these unfortunate men were sacrificed on your altar of greed," Judge Wesley said in hisclosing comments. He had researched the word greed and among other things, found thedefinition, A selfish desire for money, not to purchase anything, but just to have it.What were women, so late in life, going to do with all that money? Even more terrifying is theunanswered question of whether or not the women are responsible for other deaths, involving sixlife policies which remain unpaid, due to suspicious circumstances. Paul Vados and KennethMcDavid were also insured by Golay and Rutterschmidt. In 1999 and 2005 they were inexplicablycrushed by cars.Arsenic and Old Lace, was a startling break-through from the usual theatre of the day. Theproducers, Mr. Lindsay and Mr. Crouse, knew what all successful entrepreneurs know - it takesonly one whacky idea to either make or break you. They were fully aware of the huge risk theywere taking. Either they would be run out of town by outraged citizens, or the play would be a riproaring success."Arsenic and Old Lace", with 1,444 performances, proudly takes its place among some of thelongest running shows on Broadway. It paid its backers 40 to 1. It has constantly been ranked
  2. 2. among the most constantly reproduced plays over the last four decades, even in countries as faraway as Brazil and Rumania. In 1986 it was seen once more on Broadway, costing far more thanthe original play.The Brewsters were the central figures of the plot. They were renowned for their devotion to eachother and their charities. They liberally lavished neighborly attentions on all who needed them.They helped up to a dozen old men who had no families, kindly putting the lonely men out of theirmiserable existence. The sisters self-appointed task was to help the men to attain eternal peace,thanks to the delicious concoction of homemade elderberry wine, liberally laced with strychnine,arsenic and cyanide. They buried the bodies of their victims in their cellar, in graves dug by theirunsuspecting nephew. The sisters gave them a proper funeral, complete with appropriate hymns,according to the victims religious preference.Arsenic and Old Lace was converted into the much watched movie by Frank Capra, starringCarey Grant. The film made considerable alterations to the original script. It included a sugar-coating ending, whereas the original play had a definite feeling of blackness to the comedy.Thousands have enjoyed a good laugh watching the movie over the years.Some things become classics, such as the 1934 song Blue Moon, or films like Arsenic and Lace.Very few ever evolve into real life. Did the Helen Golay and Olga Rutterschmidt, the BlackWidows, watch the movie several times before they copied it? Some may have said the widowswere merely eccentric. For the victims it was a lethal nightmare, movie plot or not.Were Golay and Rutterschmidt extremely clever or quite mad? Did they act as morons with twistedlogic, lunatics who have no logic, or confused fools looking for entertainment? You be the judge.Dr Wendy and her husband are CEOs of YouMe Support Foundation and Child Trust Fund Through a Blue Moon Opportunity, world first, they are offeringSeachange Lodge Resort as an Internet Raffle. This could be your one chance to completelychange your lifestyle. It is worth a few minutes of your time to check it out at Win a Resort Source: