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Avoid Ill Fitted Golf Clubs.pdf

  1. 1. ==== ====get this product with special price at :http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003PMEF1U?tag=pdf-marketing-20==== ====Weve all found ourselves criticising our shots and swings for our performance at one stage in thepast - no matter how much time and effort you invest in perfecting your golf shots - youll neverachieve your ultimate targets if youre using unsuitable or substandard golf clubs.If you intend to purchase or receive a set of used golf clubs be sure to inspect them closely. Club-heads and shafts must show no sign of neglect from its previous owner - natural signs of wear canbe expected on the grip. If purchasing a used set of from an online advertisement - dont be afraidto request emailed confirmation of the exact contents of the golf set.More importantly research the Internet using shopping comparison websites likepricegrabber.co.uk, nextag.co.uk and shop.com for the latest prices on new golf club sets. Thecost of purchasing a brand new golf set can be more cost-effective than acquiring golf clubsindividually from various sources - where the addition of postage is charged per club. If youre abeginner the purchase of a new set of clubs will provide a degree of consistency and confidence -for example, the Chicago SGS golf set for beginners can be purchased in many variationsincluding 1" shorter, ladies and mens editions - each set of clubs offering the optimal match interms of shaft length and flex. Texan Classics produce a hybrid golf set in 1" taller (6 1"+ over)and 1" shorter (for players under 5 6") editions. Both brands can offer a complete set of 14 golfclubs with stand bag for under £90.Custom fitted golf clubs can offer the most practical solution in finding the best golf clubs to matchan individuals unique characteristics. Online custom fitting is the latest revolution to hit the golfindustry with manufacturers like Forgan of St. Andrews - the worlds oldest golf brand, offering oneof the most easy-to-use custom fit services. A player simply enters the following details: gender,dexterity, height, floor to wrist height, glove size and swing speed; the website then calculateswhich golf clubs are best suited to their game from shaft flex to lie adjustments.The type of golf club shaft can also help in predicting how well a player will progress in their game.Graphite and steel shafted golf clubs each possess their own characteristics -s steel shafts havealways been considered to be more durable than graphite for example; like all golf equipment thekey is to try out both kinds to determine which type best fits your swing. Graphite being a lightermaterial to steel can produce an extra 6-12 yards of distance. Steel shafts are typicallyrecommended for players of a mid to low handicap. Graphite shafts are therefore better suited toladies, junior and senior players - with varying degrees of flex to match the individualcharacteristics of each swing type. Given the increasing popularity and demand for graphite shafts- prices are typically higher compared to steel shafts.Online retailers offer the lowest prices on graphite and steel shafted golf clubs. The Sports HQ forexample supplies graphite shafted drivers from £6.99 and complete all-graphite golf sets
  2. 2. with bag from £89.99. Junior golf sets with graphite shafts can also be purchased from£29.99.Duncan White with Forgan Golf provides you best information of custom golf clubs includingcustom made and built golf clubs. He is expert in provide details about custom fit golf clubs andgolf clubs custom fitting.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dancan_White