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Basic Use And Process Of Article Submission.
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Basic Use And Process Of Article Submission.


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this PPT about Basic Use And Process Of Article Submission.

this PPT about Basic Use And Process Of Article Submission.

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  • 1. Basic use and process of article submission. Shilpa
  • 2. What is article submission.
    • Article Submission is the process of taking informational articles and publishing them to article directories. Informational articles are not self-promotional based, but give people actual valuable information regarding your industry.
    • It is an ethical tool used by the webmasters to get one way quality links to their website. The articles usually contain some promotional text that is relevant and so the people are encouraged to publish it with the specific link back URL.
    • Article submission means submitting your article to some article directories which increases your website traffic very fast.
    • Article Submission is the way to promote your website and link that produces real results almost immediately.
    • Two ways of submitting in Articles:
    • Automatic Submission
    • Manual Submission
  • 3. Difference between Automatic & Manual submission
    • Automatic submission involves downloading a piece of software which will automatically post your web site or service to multiple articles quickly
    • The advantages of automatic article submission are that it will save the submitter a lot of time compared to manual submission processes and services
    • Manual submission involves visiting every article one by one and submitting your web site or services manually over and over again
    • The advantages of manual submission is that the article entries will be of much higher quality and have a greater result of being accepted and indexed, which in turn will give you a higher quality and number of visitors
  • 4. Advantage of Article Submission Services
    • The Article submission services have the following
    • benefits which may it necessary for every website to use
    • these services:
    • Higher Ranking:
    • Low Competition in Links:
    • Multiple Links from the Same Article:
    • Longer Duration of Life:
    • Direct Traffic to your Website:
    • Immense Exposure for the Articles on the Internet:
    • Brand Equity:
    • Better Reliability:
  • 5. Various types of Article Submission method
    • Paid
    • Free/Regular
  • 6. Process
    • Selection of Web Directory
    • Search for Website URL
    • Creation of Valid Email Account
    • Create a login account and active a login account
    • Create a Penname
    • Selection of Proper Category
    • Filling of Article Submit Form
    • Adding in List of Directory Submission
    • Checking of Article Listing Approval
  • 7. Example
  • 8.  
  • 9.  
  • 10.
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