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Math test maker

  1. 1. Math Test MakerMathematics is rightly a compulsory course thatstudents have to learn since it is an essential tool inmany fields. There is no quick access to improvestudents math knowledge and ability. The only way isto have more practices in the real world. A math testwould be a good way for teachers to examine howmuch math knowledge learners have grasped andknow whether the students have had improvement inmath after a period of learning.
  2. 2. • With the help of the Wondershare QuizCreator, you are able to create math flash quiz and hold an examination online now rather than make test with the simple and traditional math paper. This Test Maker software is rightly powerful enough that you can use it to easily create Flash-based quizzes with images, sounds, and even videos. And the equation editor in this app also supports you to enter texts, symbols and equations for math flash quiz in minutes without all the usual hurdles.• Tips: If you want to create a vocabulary test for your students or children, then you can just refer to the how to make vocabulary quiz tutorial to create one.
  3. 3. 做 Tutorial: How to Make Match Test?Step 1: Download, install and open up the Math Test Maker recommended above. Hit "Create a New Quiz" from the first screen to get started for making math flash test.
  4. 4. • Step 2: You can create the math test with various question types. Choose any question type you want to create your math test from to type in the question and answers in the corresponding areas.
  5. 5. • Tips: If you want to enter the equation in the question or answer, you can click Equation on the main menu to open Equation Editor. Select the symbols or equations and click them in Equation Editor, and you see your selected objects in the field.
  6. 6. • Step 3: You are supported to create feedback to each question for the test takers. You can just hit on the Feedback group to set proper feedback.
  7. 7. • Step 4: After all, you can close the Question Editing window by clicking "Ok". At this time, your created questions will be saved. If you want to create more questions for the math test you can click on the "New Question" option at the bottom to set more questions.
  8. 8. • Voila! Its really easy to use this math test maker to create math quiz. What are you still waiting for? Come on to free download this great software to enjoy yourself with it now!• More Tips: Create Vocabulary Test, How to Make PowerPoint Quiz• Follow us on facebook:!/applediscount• Twitter:!/pdftodxfconvert