How to record desktop video


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How to record desktop video

  1. 1. How to Record Desktop Video?Are you looking for a smart program to help you record desktop video as a tutorial? Congratulation on that youhave found the right place now! This page will introduce the best Desktop Video Recorder to you and show youhow to take videos from desktop is a fast, reliable and easy to use tool to record anything that happens on yourscreen in a video file. You can set up the area to record, start, make your demonstration and stop according to yourreal circumstances.For recording videos from desktop more conveniently, here we offer the free trial of the professionalScreen Recorder to you. Please free download it and use it to record your desktop by yourself. The guide below willshow you the detailed steps on how to use it. Go ahead to free download it right now!Tutorial: How to Record Screen with Sound?Get Read to RecordInstall and run the Screen Recorder on your desktop, then click New Record, or hit on Record button on the toolbar.Set Recording AreaHere this software offers three recording modes for you to choose. After selecting recording mode, you can also setthe recording area by clicking and dragging the green rectangle.Tips: Full Motion can record all the changes on the screen; Application mode allows users to record actions on aselected application window; In Manual recording mode, you can take screenshots by pressing F7 while recording.Select Audio to RecordClick the Audio drop down arrow to select the audio resources you are going to record from. To test the audio, clickon the Audio icon to open the setting menu.Start RecordingWhen you are ready, click the red REC button to start recording videos from computer. There will be 3-secondcountdown for making good preparation before recording.Tips: To stop recording press F10 on the keyboard, or double click on the DemoCreator icon in the task bar. Whenyou stop your recording, a window opens and you can preview your demo, save the project and edit, or directlyproduce your demo as video.Now we have finished all the steps of recording videos from desktop with this easy-to-use Computer ScreenRecorder. Is that simple to operate? Whats more, if you are not satisfied with the video you recorded originally, youcan add some interactive shapes and objects to decorate the demo. Besides, there are many formats including Flashmovie and various video formats you can choose for you publishing.Whats are you waiting for? Its you wise choice to record desktop videos with great effect. Free download and try itnow