Best free i pad photo editing app


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In this article, we will introduce the details of a free iPad photo editing app, Camera Dream. This free app will let your photos more fantasy on your iPad/iPad 2.

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Best free i pad photo editing app

  1. 1. Best Free iPad Photo Editing AppCamera Dream is an image app which dedicated to provide users witha single function. The purpose that the developer gave out this free appis to make your photos look even more fantastic. This free applicationcan be used by iPad users to make the scenery or objects in apicture seem more surreal or more fantasy.In order to achieve these effects, this 3.4 MB sized small app willincrease the brightness of the photograph, and carries on the fuzzytreatment. If you want to learn more details about this free photo editingapp for iPad, then just keep on reading now to learn if it worth you tohave now!
  2. 2. Free iPad Photo Editing App - Camera Dream• Since this free app is newly updated that it now requires you have your iOS devices updated to iOS 5 or later. Once you have newly got the new iPad (or maybe you prefer to call it iPad 3), then you have no need to consider this system compatible problem. If you are an iPad 2 user, then you should first ensure if your iPad is available to run this app.• If your iPad is compatible with this free app, then you can just use this application to take good photographs or directly import images to this app to make them more fantasy. This small freeware is enhanced with viewfinder grid options as well as Big Button (which allows the user to use the entire screen as the shutter button option). The important functions of this application can be rightly obtained in the Options menu. And once you import your target photos, this free iPad photo editing app will default process Orton effects on your input images.
  3. 3. Using this app, user can also restore the original parametersettings by single clicking on the screen. Once click again, thephoto will return to the states with the Orton effect. In addition tothe automatic operation of the Camera Dream, users can alsomanually adjust the saturation, brightness, contrast, and so on toprocess the images. When the user completes the processing ofan image, he/she can save it to the iOS device camera roll (theuser here can choose whether to replace the original photo) ordirectly share it in the social networking platform.Ok, thats all about the free app Id like to share with you here. Ifyou think this free picture editing app is suitable for your iPad 2 orthe new iPad, then you can just go to the iTunes App to get it. Bythe way, if you are interested in more helpful iPad apps or tips, youcan just go to the iPad tricks center to get more. As there, articleson iPad backup software, iPad book reading app and some otheravailable apps and tips are able to be found by you.