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Unilab Da Nang Profile
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Unilab Da Nang Profile


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Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. Univ Research Accelerator
  • 2. Outline Executive Summary ¨ Business Model ¨ Methodology ¨ Working Environment ¨ Init Project: LHD Simulator 4D ¨ Conclusion ¨
  • 3. Executive Summary UNILAB ØIntroduction ØVision ØObjectives Values ØCore
  • 4. Executive Summary uniLAB is a bridge between ¨ university and industry University & Industry (UNI) ¨ collaborations needed globally in R&D (Laboratory) UNILAB was officially ¨ established on March, 08th 2008 From DUT: Intel – research ¨ From NOVAS: Olympus ‐ donator, UW – partner, fresh manpower ¨ major market, experienced manpower, know‐how to commercialize
  • 5. Vision Pervasive‐effect coop. ¨ ¤ Vision of DUT: dynamic union of thoughts, world‐class programs, towards a well‐known research university in 2020 ¤ Vision of NOVAS: automation + outsourcing advanced systems Our Objectives
  • 6. Mission University & industry (UNI) collaborations needed ¨ globally in R&D (LAB) ¨ UNILAB is the essential key leading DUT become a research universities. ¨ We create customized simulation market on inevitable applications in developing country & region ¨ Industrial opportunities are now granted from Intel & Olympus. UNILAB make it happen àQuick implementation with High Quality “New normal” ¤ ¤ Global quality
  • 7. Objective To collaborate closely with industry ¨ To create high quality simulation by ensuring potential ¨ manpower & long‐term advisors worldwide To involve students/people in research to supply hands‐on ¨ experienced human resource to industry/community To achieve benefits for donators/investors (Intel, Olympus) ¨ To organize as a university corporate ¨ By year 2010: 100 researchers, with Dragon Capital investor ¨ By year 2012: 400 researchers, more share holders ¨
  • 8. Core Values The way we do business requires making choices, ¨ and the choices we make are based on our laboratory values, which are: ¤ Initiative ¤ Team work ¤ English
  • 9. Business Model ØStrategy ØOrganization ØTechnology
  • 10. Strategy To BE a well-known Research ¨ University is: HR: University ¤ Investing on high quality Education DUT ¤ Investing on R&D activities in University Technology the University Expertise: of International Corporation Research ¤ Developing the corporation International with Industry Market: Company
  • 11. Organization Rector Trần Văn Nam CEO Nguyễn Bá Hội Director of Engineering Nguyễn Khánh An Leader of Exploration Administration Assistants Mai Thu Thủy Thảo, Chương, Tài, (Khôi, Trân) Thư: HR Researchers: Team 2: Tuấn, Kiên, Trung, Trân Mẫn, Vũ, Gia Khôi,Tùng Team 3: Sơn, Phương, Anh, Cường Team 4: Thắng, Cần, Tùng, Khôi
  • 12. Technology Mining technology Distance Visual Market laboratory training Lean technology
  • 13. Methodology 3 key points of a researcher hired by UNILAB Ø Ø Regulations ØWho should join the Lab
  • 14. Methodology 3 KEY POINTS OF A RESEARCHER REGULATIONS Meeting every 2 days ‐ Bilingual HIRED BY UNILAB INITIATIVES ¨ ¨ presentation most encouraged to act as a “University ¤ Report daily, weekly, monthly & quarterly ¨ Research Accelerator” Incentives: frame to ¨ & TEAMWORK ¨ evaluate/self‐evaluate Internal slogan “YOU & I MOVE Initiatives (not limited) ¤ ¤ FORWARD” Performance (plan & solve), ¤ we all gain benefits n Teamwork (help, share, soft, fun, scarify) ¤ TEAMS Communication: oral and written ¤ ¤ English Confident yourself n ¤ Leveraged by world‐class professors, experts Activities: work life balance n ¨ think global, act local n Phone and Chat limited ¨ Fun, share, help n IT management for mission‐critical ¨ Well organized with clear policy/regulations n & ENGLISH ¨ ‐ English grows, opportunities come ¤ THEN, WE WORK FOR: HIGH QUALITY WITH LONG‐TERM VISION
  • 15. Who should join the Lab who has passion on research ¨ who want to proceed graduate ¨ or simply who want to improve ability including soft ¨ skills, then look for bigger opportunity
  • 16. Working Environment ØEnvironment ØFacilities
  • 17. Working Environment
  • 18. Working Environment PCs and equipment Lab (40 PCs + 1 server) ¨ Laptops ¤ ¤ 1 Logic analyzer, 4 Osc., 10 func. Gen, 20 Multimeter, 2 Spectrum analyzer ¤ 2 huge All‐In‐One machines, 2 fax machines, 4 projectors, headers, Photocopy, fax
  • 19. Picnic
  • 20. Init Project: LHD Simulator 4D ØInitiate ØGoal ØResource
  • 21. Init Project : LHD Simulator 4D LHD Simulator is a system simulate the LHD ¨ Machine. This simulator allows people learn how to control a LHD machine in visual environment. Olympus (Canada) is our customer who lists the ¨ requirement & supply the budget for this project UNILAB make it happen ¨
  • 22. Initiate Cockpit with all controls (pedals, levers, buttons, meters, lights, ¨ switch), 3‐D visual/sound Real driving feeling ¨ Basic operations: start‐up, warming‐up, brake‐test, driving (including ¨ boom up/down, bucket up/down) stop‐park High quality lessons on different surfaces/situations, with obstacles ¨ around Walk‐around; In‐tunnel; out‐tunnel; up‐hill; down‐hill; smooth‐surface; ¤ rock surface; soft load; hard load; fire; tunnel fall; sidewall hit; operator posture and maximum visibility; maximum vehicle path; other emergency cases User guide with bilingual Vietnamese and English languages ¨ Option: student assessment + advanced instructor, vibration cockpit ¨
  • 23. Milestones Test: September (1 month) Build: July 15 – August (1.5 months) Design: May – July 15 (2.5 months) • Algorithms + Sketch, System Purchasing: 2 weeks design: • Demo + Simple Strategic prototypes: 2 weeks Technology + Specifications: • Pseudo-code + April (1 month) Technical drawing: 6 weeks Requirement
  • 24. Team Profile Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam – Well‐known DUT professor – Who is going to sign/stand for joint research agreement – University Commitment Nguyen Ba Hoi – Master in Microelectronic Eng. & Bachelor in EE – uniLAB Acting Chair – DUT Professor Nguyen Khanh An – Bachelor in Czech in Automation Eng. – 20 years in software and automation development – uniLAB engineering manager
  • 25. Team Profile Mai Thu Thuy EE Nguyen Thi Mien Thao Secretary ECE Nguyen Thi Anh Thu EE
  • 26. Team Profile Tran Quang Son AU Nguyen Hung Cuong EE
  • 27. Team Profile Hoang Minh Phuong EE Le Quyet Thang ME
  • 28. Team Profile Nguyen Ngoc Huyen Tran Vo Van Trung Nguyen Van Chuong IT IT IT
  • 29. Team Profile Le Thanh Tung EE Dinh Duy Khoi ME
  • 30. Team Profile Do Anh EE Do The Can ME
  • 31. Team Profile Truong Anh Tuan EE Nguyen Trung Kien EE
  • 32. Student Research Tran Ngoc Tai Hoang Thien Man Ho Cong Thuan
  • 33. Our uniLAB researchers with Mike Lambert – Bentley Cop. Electrical System Manager
  • 34. Partner Michael Luong ¨ ¤ Intel Production & High Volume Modeling manager
  • 35. Consultancy University of Washington ¨ ¤ PROF. BLAKE HANNAFORD ¤ PROF. NT HAI ¤ PROF. JAMES PECKOL
  • 36. Consultancy Board of trainers for LHD project ¨ ¤ David Craggs, Olympus Engineering Manager ¤ Rolly, LHD training manager ¤ Sony, Tunnel Mining Manager
  • 37. st Skilled worker in the 21 Century
  • 38. Conclusion and I move forward ØYou ØUniversity n Industry Laboratory ØUnion Lab
  • 39. uniLAB is a bridge between university and industry
  • 40. Version Control No Version Author Date Theme 1 1.0 VC 18/06/2008 Unilab Profile Draft 1.1 Ba Hoi 24/06/2008 Check and adding content