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Corlina herrrera1

  1. 1. Carolina Herrera By: Ali
  2. 2. Childhood Carolina Herrera was born in 1939 in Caracas, Venezuela. As achild, Carolina grew up in a wealthy family that consisted of herthree siblings and her strict mother. She believes that because ofher strict mother it led her to have a successful career in thefashion industry. At the age of 13 Carolina went with her grandmato Cristobal Balenciaga, in Paris, France where she attended herfirst couture show.
  3. 3. About Caracas, VenezuelaCaracas is the capitol of Venezuela and has a population of over 4 million people. The Spanish colonial history of Caracas strongly influences its culture. The official language of Venezuela is Spanish but there are many other languages spoken in Caracas. Some of these languages include Chibcha, Arahuccas, and Caribes. Dishes in Caracas are often based around the ingredients of rice, chicken, bananas, and black beans. In Caracas you can find many museums and galleries.
  4. 4. When Carolina was OlderAt the age of 18 Carolina got married but shortly after she got a divorce. After her divorce she remarried. Then she lived in a house in Venezuela with her 4 daughters and her husband.
  5. 5. Introduction to Fashion Carolina had created a fashion collectionas a “Test” that some of her friends admired. In1980 Carolina’s “Test” collection was recognizedby fashion editor, Diana Vreeland. After thispositive reaction she moved with her family toNew York where she started Carolina Herrera,Ltd.
  6. 6. Her Style"Ilove the idea of elegance and intricacy, but whether it is in apiece of clothing or a fragrance, the intricacy must appear assimplicity" said Carolina Herrera. Her style is also sleek, chic, andglamorous. In other words Carolina’s style is beautiful, fancy, anddetailed but it must appear in a simple way.
  7. 7. InspirationIn 1997 Carolina got her inspiration CarmenMiranda. She used ruffles, platform shoes, andfeathers to create beautiful things that describedthis colorful 40’s film star. The film on the life ofEva Peron, “Evita” gave Carolina the idea to havegirls walk the runway in ruffled skirts, printedchiffon, and silk suits. She also had the girls hairpulled back in blond chignons or a coil of hair inthe back of their head.
  8. 8. Carolina Herrera, Ltd.In Carolina’s fashion collection you can find incredibly detailed creations demanded by specialty stores. You can also find suits, dresses, gowns, fragrances, and many other beautiful things.
  9. 9. CustomersSome of Carolina’s customers were famouspeople like Caroline Kennedy who wore one ofCarolina’s wedding dresses for her wedding. Otherclients include Oscar winners and actresses likeRenée Zellweger. Another customer ofCarolina’s was First Lady Laura Bush.
  10. 10. Some of Her Creations
  11. 11. More of Her Creations
  12. 12. Fun FactBella Swan in Twilight Breaking Dawn wore a dress designed by Carolina Herrera.
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  15. 15. Thank You For Listening Hope you liked it!