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It’s important to understand that there is no way to guarantee that an image will not be stolen, but we would like to offer some tips on how to safeguard your images online. The more deterrents you add, the less appealing your images become to thieves.

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Image Protection Tips

  1. 1. The Internet has changed the face of global trade;Image Protection Tips it has also greatly impacted the use of images online. It is now easier than ever to promote products online-- organizing, editing and sharing images is just a few clicks away. Unfortunately, this also means that image theft through unauthorized use of photos is easier than ever. To put this simply, if you don’t want your photos stolen, don’t put them on the Internet. It’s important to understand that there is no way to guarantee that an image will not be stolen, but we would like to offer some tips on how to safeguard your images online. The more deterrents you add, the less appealing your images become to thieves.
  2. 2. Watermark your image: 1 This is the most effective and convenient way to prevent unauthorized use of an image. By placing a watermark on an image, you make it more difficult for someone to use the image without permission. For the watermark to be most effective, place the watermark at the center of the image to make it more difficult to remove. Some watermarks are even dispersed over the entire image. The more time consuming it is for someone to remove the watermark, the less likely it is someone will target the image for unauthorized use. a. b. (Free watermark online) c. (Software, try or buy) d. Watermark your images in Photoshop, the image editing software. This watermark can be “invisible”, hidden into the picture. 2 Use the image as a background: Place a blank file over the original image; the real image becomes unreachable unless checked from the source. When someone tries to right click the image, they will only be able to copy the blank image that overlaid the original background image.© Hong Kong Limited – Image Protection Tips Page 2
  3. 3. 3 Block right click/copy from your website: To make it more difficult for others to right click and copy an image from your website, you can use JavaScript to disable this function. This will prevent the option of copying an image that normally shows up when you right click on an image. The caveat is that IT experts can disable JavaScript on their computer and still copy the image.4 Use low resolution images: Use low resolution images to make it more difficult for others to reuse an image even if they used “print screen” to copy an image. Use flash format:5 Create and upload image files as a flash format (swf) rather than a picture file format (e.g. jpeg, png), to help prevent others from directly copying the file. This is less effective since it can be re-saved as another format and easily reused without authorization. Coding with .htaccess:6 A .htaccess file is a plain text file that can prevent others from using a web link of the image to make a copy. More details on how to use .htaccess files can be found at© Hong Kong Limited – Image Protection Tips Page 3
  4. 4. Disable print screen: 7 There is a way to disable Window’s “Print Screen” function, but even this does not technically prevent someone from stealing an image, because it is possible to write applications that can capture a window’s image pixels. To disable print screen, simply register a hot key to your app, which prevents others from copying an image with print screen. More detailed instructions on this process can be found online at 8 Monitor and report unauthorized use: If you do find unauthorized use of your images on, please contact us at to report stolen images so we can work with our web team to help resolve the issue. Sources: .htaccess coding: © Hong Kong Limited – Image Protection Tips Page 4
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