Rene John-Sandy HHLF presentation


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Rene John-Sandy HHLF presentation

  1. 1. Mission Statement:The Hip-Hop Loves Foundation (HHLF) co-producesworkshops, seminars and events that create a space fordialogue and exploration centered on the themes ofsuccess, youth empowerment and social justice throughHip-Hop within a global context.We look at Hip-Hop as the cultural intersection of manyvibrant forms of expression, including dance, sports, visualarts, and technology. We are unlimited in terms of how wecan impact underserved communities globally in ouroutreach. We work with grassroots organizations,universities, state and federal governments as well ascompanies that recognize the value in empowering youth.
  2. 2. Goal:HHLoves seeks to strengthen U.S. relations with foreigncountries like Brazil, by linking artists and NGOs thatfacilitate programs that positively impact the underservedcommunities. These artists have agreed to invest time andenergy in helping to build a cultural bridge that will beongoing and sustainable.We believe that the most important aspect of ourorganization is creating impact both abroad as well as inthe United States by using Hip-Hop culture, sports andcurrent technology.We are creating a network of U.S. student organizationsand University administrations to facilitate ongoingworkshops and events, to continue the dialogue centeredon how the Hip-Hop medium can contribute to empowerunderserved communities internationally in a sustainableway.
  3. 3. Initiatives:We have established an on-going project with HarlemChildren’s Zone since February 2010, where we haveoffered MC, Djing, Graffiti and Music Productionworkshops on monthly basis, facilitated by working artistsand industry pros. Two of these workshops were hosted byTekserve (NYC Mac shop) where Sadat X (Brand Nubians)& Dres (Black Sheep) were guest facilitators. Hip-Hop Loves Rio - December 2009Our first international event took place in Rio, Brazil.The 3 day event were hosted by various local non profitsLUB (Liga Urbana de Baskete), Luta Pela Paz (NGO)& The University of Rio. Included a Basketball tournament -Sneaker donation by Bobbito, Dance & DJ workshops,panel discussions & a concert feat. local artists MS Bom,START and Assassin (France). 2010 Events & SeminarsHip-Hop Loves Ottawa (Canada) Feb., 2010In association with 3 Dreads and a Baldhead (NGO)Workshops & concertHip-Hop Loves Harlem Children’s ZoneMonthly workshops since of February 2010.DJ, Graff, MC & Music Production workshops.
  4. 4. 2011 WORKSHOPS:MC WorkshopInstructors: Punchline (NYC) & GuestsPunchline will discuss and introduce basic rhyming techniques,flow and styles. Participants will get a chance to show their skillswith short freestyle session. Followed by a Q & A. period.Boxing WorkshopInstructors: Vanessa Chakour (NYC) & Christophe Mendy(France/NYC).A professional female boxer and ex champion, Vanessa will host ahand on workshop and showcase various boxing techniques.Christophe Mendy is an ex-professional boxer. Competed in1996 Olympic games and held various belts during his career as apro.R.P. M. Workshop (Recording, Promotion, Marketing)Instructors: Siba, René (HHLoves) & Guests12 week program where members of HHL as well as guestfacilitators and industry professionals will introduce youth groupsto the entire process of making a record. Recording, mixing,promoting and marketing. Youths will engage in making theproduct from start to finish.
  5. 5. To inquire about sponsorship opportunities andpackages, please contact us:Rene John-SandyCo-Founder, Sponsorship Liaison(347) 445-0508rene@hiphoploves.comSebastian Bardin-GreenbergCo-Founder, Artistic Director(646) 824-1163sibagiba@hiphoploves.comSheila HugueninProgram Director (Rio de Janeiro)(55) 21 92 73 93 10sheilamagdah@hiphoploves.comwww.hiphoploves.comFacebook/The Hip Hop Loves FoundationYoutube/hhlfoundation
  6. 6. Who Are We?:HHLoves was founded by:Sebastian “Siba” Bardin-Greenberg(Musician, producer, and event producer)Born in Paris, France.Triple platinum & Grammy nominated producer withEverlast (House of Pain). Has collaborated with MaceoParker, Lester Bowie, Daddy-O (Stetsasonic), Sadat X (BrandNubian), IAM (France), Khaled, Main Concept (Germany),Samy Deluxe (Germany). Co-authored “Freestyle” with hislate mother D.Bardin, published in France-1992. A book ofinterviews and photos of international Hip-Hop artistsincluding Public Enemy, KRS 1, Rock Steady Crew,Afrika Bambaata, G.M. Flash, MC Solar, IAM among others.Rene John-Sandy(Artist and tour manager, XM satellite radio programmanager and music marketing consultant)Born in Harlem, USA.Managed Pharoahe Monch during 6 years, has workedand toured with Mos Def, Common, Talib Kweli, Dead Prez,Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, Kanye West, J-Live & DaveChapelle.Bahiyah RobinsonCo-Founder- Inactive
  7. 7. HHLoves Partners L’Union Fait La Force ™