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  • Consistent with the literature suggests that physical health supports emotional and cognitive health, we measured resting heart rate and a physiological index of flexible stress response called Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Resting heart rate is also a reliable index of emotional stress.
  • Rebekah roulier muhammad ali

    1. 1. A Bio-Psycho-Social Assessmentof an Adjunctive Intervention for Youth in Alternative Schools Rebekah Conway Roulier, Ed.M. Doc Wayne
    2. 2. Doc Wayne• Doc Wayne is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that connects with youth through sports, utilizing our sports-based therapeutic curriculum, do the good® (DtG). o DW Therapeutic Sports Program (League) o Billable Group Therapy (Chalk Talk) o Leadership Program (Global Life Empowerment) o Training Program
    3. 3. Sport & TherapySport-based intervention which incorporates principles from: o Trauma-informed care o Positive youth development o Trauma-based components model (Attachment, Regulation and Competency Framework) o Stabilization model (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) o Attachment-based interaction model (Parent-Child Interaction Therapy)
    4. 4. Evaluation• Method: self-report, computerized games which assessed behavior, and physiological measurement• Participants: 53 (male and female)• Ages: 12-19 (serve ages 12-22)• Population: League and Chalk Talk participants compared to control group. o Victims of abuse and/or neglect o Sexually exploited and trafficked o Impoverished/underserved o Truant o Mentally ill (specifically survivors of complex trauma) o Differently-abled
    5. 5. Alarming Descriptors• Social Cognition - “Reading the Mind in the Eyes Task.” o Healthy youth 70%. o Adults on the autistic spectrum 50%. o Doc Wayne youth 37% of faces (SD = 15%, Range = 0 to 75%).• Physiology and Stress o Average resting heart rate for youth in this age group is 60-80 beats per minute (bpm). o The majority of youth (65%) had elevated resting heart rates, above 80 bpm (M = 85, SD = 15). o Five participants had extremely elevated resting HR, over 100 bpm. o May be reflective of psychological stress, poor cardiovascular health, or medication status.
    6. 6. Does Doc Wayne Help?Outcome(s) Measurements Group DifferencesSocial Conflicts Personal Distress and Small Perspective TakingEmotion Regulation Reappraisal; Suppression; Significant Shutting DownSocial Cognition “Reading the Mind in the Moderate Eyes Task”Physiology & Stress Ability to respond to Significant stress and challenges. Resting Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability
    7. 7. Multiple Season ParticipantsOutcome(s) Measurements Group DifferencesLife Goals Expected likelihood of Small achieving goalsSocial Conflicts Personal Distress and Moderate – Personal Distress Perspective Taking None-Perspective TakingEmotion Reappraisal; Small- Seeking support andRegulation Suppression; Shutting shutting down DownSocial Cognition “Reading the Mind in the Moderate Eyes “ TaskPhysiology & Ability to respond to Moderate – StressStress stress and challenges. None- Heart Rate Resting Heart Rate; Heart Moderate- Heart Rate Rate Variability Variability
    8. 8. Outcome Categories• Category A: Outcomes which change quickly, and continue to develop over time. • Shutting Down • Personal Distress • Social Cognition • Heart Rate Variability• Category B: Outcomes which happen quickly, and “top out” with continued participation. • Reappraisal • Perspective-taking • Heart Rate• Category C: Outcomes which take time to emerge. • Seeking Support • Career Goals
    9. 9. Conclusion• Effect sizes are consistent with the effect sizes of individual psychotherapies tested using Randomized Clinical Trials. o Effect size – the size of the difference between two groups. Is the magnitude of the differences between two groups clinically meaningful? o Most psychotherapy studies yield an effect size of .3.• Sport can be therapeutic and a form of therapy.
    10. 10. VideoImpact:
    11. 11. Questions?For 2009 and 2012 program evaluations please leave your card! Rebekah Conway Roulier, Ed.M. General Manager, Doc Wayne 617-233-0710 @DocWayneDtG @RLCRoulier
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