How effective is the combination of your main


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How effective is the combination of your main

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. When making my music video, digipak and advert, I wanted to make sure all of them related to each other and was clear that they were from the same band/artist and that it was the same album and song they were promoting.I think that I was quite successful inachieving this. A number of reasonswhy is because, firstly, I used thesame typography for ‘Ivy and Gold’on the digipak and the advert. As youcan see on the next slide, eventhough they are different products,they still look related to the sameband.
  3. 3. My Media Products
  4. 4. I came up with the bands brand identity, by using Photoshop, I experimented with various fonts and colours, and kept in mind what I learnt from my research. I learned that most bands and artists keep their brand identity simple but noticeable and unique. Here I have kept it quite simple but as well as it being unique.I think the logo used as well, makes theproducts look professional and I am happyabout the outcome of the products.Also, using the same image in the advert andthe digipak, makes the audience recognisethe artist. Also as it’s such a striking image, itcan have an impact on the audience, hencewhy I used the image in both products.
  5. 5. Within my music video, myartist is wearing the same outfitand is in the same location sothe audience and quicklyestablish the band and artistand how the three mediaproducts. I have also carried thesame colour theme across thethree products to make surethey all look like the sameproduct from the albumfranchise.
  6. 6. • Within my three media products, I wanted to incorporate the theme of loneliness and isolationism. The song is describes how lonely the artist is, and wanted to convey this throughout my video and ancillary tasks.• As you can see below, I used a field to highlight her loneliness and how she is alone. I think using a field really provides a dramatic effect to the media texts and relate to each other.
  7. 7. In relation to question three of my evaluation, I used Survey Monkey, to find out whatpeople thought about my media products. One of the questions I asked is featuredbelow:Some of the replies I got are featured below: As you can see, these replies were from different people and they both that they thought the colour scheme and the font made the production task match together.
  8. 8. Conclusion I think it is very important that the three media productscorrespond with each of them. As from my Rihanna’sresearch of her album ‘loud’, she uses the same image andcolour scheme and typography, to make her different mediatexts relate to each other. This is what I have tried toaccomplish, and I think that I have succeeded in some way.