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Mad gamer review
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Mad gamer review


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Published in: Devices & Hardware

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  • 1. Mad Gamer Review By Ali Daoud Presents…
  • 2. Red Dead Redemption Release Date:17/05/10 Creators: Rockstar Games (GTA makers) Age Rating: PEGI: 18+ ESRB: M (mature/17+) BBFC: 18 Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360
  • 3. Contents
    • Plot/characters
    • Audio/cast
    • Film
    • Mad Gamer Review
    • Other Rockstar Games
    • The Verdict
  • 4. Plot/characters Home
    • Red Dead Redemption is story set in 1911 when the wild west is dieing. In the story you’re playing as a bad-ass cowboy called John Marston, a former out-law that is trying to go straight but his past simply wont let him. Carrying on in the story the government are blackmailing him by taking away his wife, Abigail, and his son, Jack. They wont let them go until John kills all of his former gang members. So he makes friends with the Sheriff and they create a posse of their own. They start to hunt down the gang. A character they find on there way is Seth, a man that is searching for a map of a unknown mystery.
    • Red Dead Redemption is a free world game, so you can roam the wild west. You can choose to be a nice guy that means no harm to others… or you can be a cruel, evil, manipulated murderer. But like in Grand Theft Auto if you kill someone you will be wanted, but in RDR, you can either kill or pay the witness to not tell the cops/sheriff.
    John Marston (above)
  • 5. Audio/cast Home
    • John Marston-Rob Wiethoff
    • Seth-Kevin Glikmann
    • Nigel west Dickens-Don Creech
    • Marshall-Anthony de Longis
    • Jonah-Brad Carter
    • Prisoner-David Scott
    • Bill Williamson-Steve Palmer
    • Music by Bill Elm and Woody Jackson
    • Produced by Rockstar Games
  • 6. Film Home
    • When the Red Dead Redemption video-game came out John Hillcoat and Rockstar games made a short 30 minute movie to go with the plot.
    • But there are rumours that there will be an actual box office movie of RDR with Brad Pitt starring as John Marston.
    • Click here to watch the 30 minute RDR movie.
  • 7. Our Review Home
    • Mad Gamer’s review of RDR is good. I was pleased with it because it is a 3 rd person shooter, Im not good with 1 st person shooters.
    • There is a new feature called Dead Eye where you do slow motion and you have time to aim exactly where you want to shoot the opponent. The online is also awesome.
    • But it would be better if they lacked on the amount of swears and graphic blood, there are loads of kids that would like this game but they aren't allowed by parants.
  • 8. Other Rockstar games Home
    • Other games by Rockstar is of course the famous Grand Theft Auto! There is also a sequel to RDR called Undead nightmare.
  • 9. The Verdict Home
    • + Dead Eye
    • + Online gameplay
    • + graphics
    • Bad language
    9.8 Great!!