The 6th Azerbaijan Micro-finance Conference   3 Days Post Event Training Workshop on              Islamic Microfinance    ...
ABOUT AZERBAIJAN MICROFINANCE                                                           ASSOCIATION - AMFA                ...
Islamic Microfinance – an incredible tool to Alleviate Poverty!Contents of TrainingA Glance on Islamic Finance?Riba and Pr...
Islamic Microfinance – an incredible tool to Alleviate Poverty!Contents ofProfile Speakers Training  Qazi Abdul Samad     ...
Islamic Microfinance – an incredible tool to Alleviate Poverty!Contents to Participants Benefits of TrainingThe attendees ...
Registration Form                                  Three Days Specialized Training Workshop on                            ...
Shariah Compliant Solutions for Microfinance     Centre of Excellence in      Islamic Microfinance        Our Services in ...
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islamic Microfinance Workshop - Azerbaijan


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islamic Microfinance Workshop - Azerbaijan

  1. 1. The 6th Azerbaijan Micro-finance Conference 3 Days Post Event Training Workshop on Islamic Microfinance (Including Islamic Banking, Islamic Finance and Islamic Insurance) 8th – 10th October, 2012 in Baku - Azerbaijan Jointly Organized By Azerbaijan Micro-finance AlHuda Center of Excellence Association (AMFA) in Islamic Microfinance Islamic Microfinance – an incredible tool to Alleviate Poverty!An effective Workshop for Caucasus & CIS Countries
  2. 2. ABOUT AZERBAIJAN MICROFINANCE ASSOCIATION - AMFA AMFA exists to strengthen the capacity of micro-finance institutions and to promote effective collective action inTRAINING SUMMARY advancing the interests of the micro finance community. AMFAs Strategy to establish AMFA as a self-sustainingAzerbaijan has a population size of 9,493,600 with organization, through its 3 strategic pillars strategy. The1.017% population annual growth rate. 48% of the basis of AMFAs strategic pillars is closely tied to growingpopulation lives in the rural and 52% in urban areas. its unrestricted revenues, through innovative products11% live below the poverty line. Around 95 percent and services and strategic partnerships.of the population is Muslims. So, IslamicMicrofinance would be highly accepted there andwould ultimately help in reducing poverty ofAzerbaijan. ABOUT ALHUDA CIBEIslamic Microfinance is an emerging market in the AlHuda Center of Excellence in Islamicfield of Islamic finance, so there is an immediate Microfinance is an initiative of AlHudaneed to educate, train and conduct market study CIBE. AlHuda CIBE is a well establishedand awareness campaigns on this subject. The aim name in Islamic financial Market whichof this training is to provide edification and trainings is working in the field of Islamicto Microfinance & Finance Professional with an Banking and Finance from the last 7additional opportunity for their educational uplift years in Pakistan and around the globe. It is the pioneerunder Islamic financial system. An individual would organization to start effort for the promotion of Islamicbe able to learn new techniques and opportunities Banking and Finance in masses through Advisory andin this field. Consultancy, Education, Trainings, Awareness, Product Development and Publications.
  3. 3. Islamic Microfinance – an incredible tool to Alleviate Poverty!Contents of TrainingA Glance on Islamic Finance?Riba and Prohibition of Riba?Economic Rationale for Prohibition of Riba?Difference between Islamic Microfinance & Conventional Islamic Microfinance Mechanism?An overview of Islamic Finance in Azerbaijan?Development of Islamic Finance in Caucasus & CIS CountriesShariah Foundation and Applications of Islamic Microfinance?Conceptual Framework of Islamic Microfinance?Islamic Microfinance – Characteristics?Isamic Microfinance as an effective tool for poverty alleviation as social development?Sustainability, outreach and Problems pertaining to Microfinance systemMicrofinance & its Product Mechanism?Islamic Microfinance as effective tool of poverty alleviation?Islamic Microfinancial Products Mechanisms & Compatibility with Conventional?Microfinance Products?Trade Based Modes of Islamic Microfinance (Murabaha, Salam, Istisna etc.)?Mechanism of Trade Based Product (Murabaha, Salam & Istisna)Islamic Microfinance Products?Partnership based of Islamic Microfinance (Mudarabah & Musharakah)?Rental Based Mechanism/Products of Islamic Microfinance (Ijarah & Diminishing?Musharakah)?Application of Partnership & Rental based modes in Islamic MicrofinanceDifferent Models & Deposit Management in Islamic Microfinance?Definitions, Concept & Uses of Waqf, Qarz-e-Hassan, Cooperatives & Zakat in Islamic?Microfinance system?Liability (Deposit) Management Techniques for Islamic Microfinance?Product Development of Islamic Microfinance Institutions.Micro Takaful (Islamic Micro Insurance) & Risk Mitigation?Definition of Micro Takaful. How MicroTakaful products works with Islamic Microfinance?Structure, Operation and Performance of Micro Takaful for Poverty Alleviation ?Opportunities and Challenges of Micro Takaful in Islamic Microfinance
  4. 4. Islamic Microfinance – an incredible tool to Alleviate Poverty!Contents ofProfile Speakers Training Qazi Abdul Samad Qazi Abdul Samad is a skilled professional with proficiency in Shari’ah advisory, In-depth knowledge of Shari’ah Microfinance, Innovative, commitment & pro-active approach to work, Strong communications & analytical skills and able to manage and train others. Currently, he is working as a Shari’ah Advisor of The Bank of Khyber - Pakistan. He is also a visiting lecturer of Islamic Financial System in Management Science Department of City University, Peshawar. He has been providing Shari’ah advisory and supervision in many organizations. He is an author of many articles and has presented articles in many International conferences. Muhammad Zubair Mughal Muhammad Zubair Mughal is a passionate and hardworking individual with a strategic vision in Islamic Micro Finance. He is a skilled Islamic financial professional and a keen learner of Islamic Microfinance and Islamic Micro insurance with good public speaking and training skills. He is currently working as a Chief Executive Officer of AlHuda centre of Islamic Banking and Economics. He has a professional experience Islamic Microfinance of over 10 years. He has development Many Islamic Microfinance Products which are being utilized in Pakistan, Middles East & Africa, he has also presented his research papers on Islamic Microfinance in many International conferences in South Africa, China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Kenya, Pakistan, U.A.E, Mauritius, Afghanistan, Turkey, Tatarstan, Jordan and Iraq etc.
  5. 5. Islamic Microfinance – an incredible tool to Alleviate Poverty!Contents to Participants Benefits of TrainingThe attendees of this training would have the following benefits:§ In-depth Knowledge of Islamic Microfinance, its concept, Models & Operational practices.§ Learn new Techniques of Poverty Alleviation, Social Development & Financial Inclusion through Islamic Microfinance.§ Shariah Principles and Mechanism about Islamic Microfinance§ Opportunity to gain knowledge about global practices on Islamic Microfinance through learned national and international scholars and experts§ Encouragement of practitioners/microfinance institutions/ donor agencies/ Government institutions about the mechanism of Islamic Microfinance system§ Provision of a Platform to start a dialogue with multilateral donor organizations§ Opportunities for collaborations/partnerships with donor agencies, Islamic banks and Islamic Microfinance Institutions/Networks.§ Learn new techniques of financing and opportunities in emerging Markets Method of the TrainingTraining would consist of the following methods:§ Lectures/Slide Shows/Multimedia Presentations§ Class discussions and experience sharing§ Individual and group work presentation§ Case StudiesTraining material will be provided as per the course outline which is being generatedby Experts. A detailed facilitation plan for each session of training course will bedeveloped including PowerPoint Slides and Printing copies of the material. Who Should Attend?§ Microfinance Professionals and Experts § Social Development Sector§ Microfinance Institutions & Banks § Govt. Development Departments§ Financial & Banking Institutions § Local and International Donors Agencies§ Rural & Agri. financial Professional § SMEs & Corporative Societies§ Community Developments § Academia§ NGOs and NPOs § Philanthropists and Investors§ Insurance Companies § Regulators and Govt. Officials§ Development Consultant § Shariah Scholars and Experts§ Management Consultants
  6. 6. Registration Form Three Days Specialized Training Workshop on Islamic Microfinance 8th – 10th October, 2012 in Baku - AzerbaijanPlease complete and return by e-mail, regular mail or fax.Please note that the name and title you give here will be printed on participants’ list and on certificates.Participant InformationTitle______________________________ Prof. Dr. Other: _______________________________ Mr. Ms. Mrs.First name__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Last name___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Organization ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Address______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Postal/Zip code________________________ City: _______________________________________________________________________________________________Country: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Telephone: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Fax: _____________________________ E-mail:___________________________________________________________________________________________________Event you wish to join (Conference/ Workshop): _______________________________________________________________________________________Conference FeeTraining fees include admission to training sessions, tea/coffee, lunch, registration materials and Certificate. Event Name Fee for Azerbaijan Participants (US$) Fee for Intl Participants (USD) Three Days Specialized Training Workshop on For members 630 AZN US $ 850 ISLAMIC MICROFINANCE For non members 670 AZNAdditional Instructions Account details form paymentvPayment Information Registration forms must be You can proceed your fee by cheque you can also transfer your fee accompanied by full payment in order to be processed. wire transfer. Banks detail is as under:vFull payment is due on registration Payment for local participantsvRegistration will not be confirmed until full payment has received Benefisiar (Receiver): Azerbaycan Mikromaliyye Assosiasiyasi Ictimai Birliyi Account (AZN): 380394400111773601vConfirmation Please allow 3 days for e-mail confirmation TIN: 1000440631 of your registration. Bank: “Bank Respublika” ASC Narimanov filiali Correspondent account (AZN): AZ27NABZ01350100000003014944 Code: 508182Cancellation Policy SWIFT: BRESAZ22v Cancellation of participation must be received in writing and before September 28, 2012. TIN: 9900001901v If the cancellation is received before the deadline, then it will be accepted and half amount of fee will be refunded. Payment for international participansv The amount could not be refunded if the cancellation received after the deadline. ntermediary Bank: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., New York, USAv Registration cancellations will be subject to a $90 service fee. SWIFT code: PNBPUS3NNYCv After the cancellation deadline, no refunds will be granted. If you are unable to attend, you 2000193004380 Account number: may substitute another individual in your place at no extra charge. Beneficiary Bank: Bank RespublikaBy sending in this registration form, I acknowledge that I commit myself to the immediate SWIFT code: BRESAZ22payment of the full Workshop fee. I have taken notice of the cancellation terms on this form. Beneficiary (Receiver) : Azerbaycan Miromaliyya Assosıasıyası Ictımaı Bırlıyı Account number (USD): 3813840 00111773602 ** Please state the Training name and the full name of the participant on the reverse of the cheque. Payments should be made in AZN & USD.Date:_____/_____/_______ Signature: _______________________________
  7. 7. Shariah Compliant Solutions for Microfinance Centre of Excellence in Islamic Microfinance Our Services in Islamic MicrofinanceIslamic Microfinance Product Research and InnovationDevelopmentTraining & Capacity Building Publications & ReportsShariah Advisory Networking and Awareness Visit us: w w w. a l h u d a c i b e . c o m / i m h d GLOBAL ISLAMIC MICROFINANCE FORUM Organized by December 08, 2012 - Dubai, U.A.E Post Event Workshop: December 09 & 10, 2012 Islamic Microfinance – An Incredible tool for poverty alleviation For Registration Please Contact Azerbaijan Micro-finance Association (AMFA) Vusala Garayeva Network Coordinator 44, Jafar Jabbarli Street, Caspian Plaza 1, 5th Floor, Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1065 Tel: (+994 12) 437 16 45 Fax: (+994 12) 437 23 39 Cell: (+994 50) 432 48 55 Skype: vusala07 E-mail: Web: