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Workshop Corporate Recruitment, Recruiters in the (st)age of Social Media by Alexander Crepin
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Workshop Corporate Recruitment, Recruiters in the (st)age of Social Media by Alexander Crepin


Corporate recruiters, overview of the roles and responsibilities in the fast changing world with social media. It is about People and understanding why & how your target talents use social media. If …

Corporate recruiters, overview of the roles and responsibilities in the fast changing world with social media. It is about People and understanding why & how your target talents use social media. If this is clear engagement has a change, establishing a life time talent relationship.

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 93% of companies are using and plan to use social media for recruitment in 2011.

    Companies like Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG, L’Oréal, American Apparel, P&G, PwC and 5000 others are successfully recruiting quality candidates on Facebook with the Facebook recruiting app ’Work for Us’:

    The app leverages Facebook’s scale, connections, and data-rich profiles. Recruiters can import jobs directly from their ATS or post them manually, as well as create statistically-optimized Facebook Ads for their jobs through our proprietary algorithms. Users can share jobs ’like’ and share jobs with their friends, and submit applications directly within Facebook.

    Below are some live examples:
    * Roche:
    * Deloitte:
    * KPMG:
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  • 1. Corporate Recruitersin the (st)age of social media
    Alexander Crépin Consultant, Coach & Interim Manager
    HR &Talent Management, CSR, Social Media,,,,
  • 2. Some recruitment basics ........
    - Corporate recruitment responsibilities
    • Corporate recruitment context
    • 3. Corporate recruitment strategy & organization
    • 4. Corporate recruitment roles & profiles
    • 5. Corporate recruiter metrics
    • 6. What is changing
    • 7. ...............
  • Corporate Recruitment?
  • 8. Corporate Recruitment Responsibilities
    Talent Pipeline Management
    Employer branding
    Campus Recruitment
    Target Talent Community Management
    Job branding
    Internship Programs
    Alumni Management
    Talent Recruitment
    Talent On Boarding
    Talent (Pre) Selection
    HR alignment
    Talent Assessment
    Talent Intelligence (Re) Search
    Candidate Relationship Management
    Business Account Management
    Recruitment Vendor & Partner Management
    Recruitment Operations Support
  • 9. Corporate Recruitment Context
    • Talent Strategy
    • 10. Type / level of hires
    • 11. Employee turnover
    • 12. Vacancies volume (outlook)
    • 13. Timing, when to hire?
    • 14. Location(s)
    • 15. Employment market situation
    • 16. Quality & quantity of talent pipeline
    • 17. Engagement & selection skills of hiring managers
    • 18. Talent scouting culture, in-company referrals
    • 19. Employer EOC position, quality of HR
    • 20. Pay & benefits
    • 21. Recruitment partners
    • 22. ...........
  • Corporate Recruitment Organization
    - Make or buy strategy
    What do you do yourself and what should be done by outside specialists?
    - Account strategy
    Internal client model, direct or via HR
    - Sourcing strategy
    Which sources and media to be used to get best recruitment ROI?
    - Service strategy
    Developing & maintaining a service model that fits to the ambition of the organization,
    one way or client driven, tailor made
    - Cost (allocation) strategy
    Cost effectiveness of operations and budget allocation & accountability
    - Operations strategy
    Execution of sourcing & selection processes, metrics, goals
  • 23. Corporate Recruiter
    all in one or different type of roles?
    Main Roles
    A: Talent acquisition
    B: Talent selection
    C: Service / operations
    D: All-in-one
  • 24. discussion
  • 25. A. The Talent Acquisition Role
    • Customer service mentality
    • 26. Great at working with people
    • 27. Networker, building & participating
    • 28. Excellent ambassador
    • 29. Referrals promoter
    • 30. Influencer & Negotiator
    • 31. Excellent phoning skills
    • 32. State of art sourcing skills
    • 33. ICT / Social Media savvy
    • 34. Creative, open to try
    • 35. Excellent time management, setting prio’s
    • 36. Project management skills
    • 37. Teamplayer
  • B. The Talent Selection Role
    • Trustful, open
    - Ability to understand jobholders requisitions
    • Ability to understand skills & competencies
    • 38. Ambassador
    • 39. Excellent listening & interviewing skills
    • 40. First class assessment skills
    • 41. Methodical
    • 42. Very good in putting observations into words
    • 43. Able to make right go & no go decisions
    • 44. Integer
  • C. Corporate Recruitment Service Role
    • Customer focus, service minded
    • 45. Planning & organizing
    • 46. Alert
    • 47. Systems savvy
    • 48. Social Media savvy
    • 49. Telephone skilled
    • 50. Do-er, performance drive
  • D. The All-in-one Corporate Recruiter
    • Customer service mentality
    • 51. Great at working with people
    • 52. (online) networker
    • 53. Excellent ambassador
    • 54. Persuasive
    • 55. Inquisitive
    • 56. Excellent organizational skills
    • 57. Very good at assessing people
    • 58. Good in listening & interviewing
    • 59. State of art sourcing skills
    • 60. ICT / Social Media savvy
    • 61. Administrative skilled
  • A truly professional recruiter is always alert in finding the best candidates
    Talent engagement, scouting, networking never stops!
    It is a passion, a way of living …..
  • 62. Corporate recruiter metrics
    • Quality, quantity & diversity of hire
    • 63. Quality & quantity of Talent Pipeline & Network
    • 64. Response times, time to fill vacancies
    • 65. Amount of contacts required to make hire decision
    • 66. (In)Voluntary turnover in first 16 months
    • 67. Customer satisfaction / Complaints
    • 68. Fault proof processes
    • 69. Results of collaboration with HR & Marketing etc.
    • 70. Employer Branding Target EOC score
    • 71. Employee referral output
    • 72. Cost per hire
    • 73. Added value of new recruits in first 9 months
    • 74. Promotions of new hires in first 24 months
    • 75. .........
  • So far so good
    These are basics
    What is changing
  • 76. CliffShirky:
    “….. For any given organization, the important questions are:
    When will the change happen? &
    What will change?
    The only two answers we can rule out are
  • 77. Recruitment is still about People!
    People living & working
    - in the Information Age
    - in the Social Media Stage
  • 78. >>1,5 billion people online, no more fiction but fact
    As of 17 July 2009 the Earth's population is estimated
    by the US Census Bureau to be 6.772 billion
  • 79.
  • 80. Mental models are deeply held internal images of how the world works and looks alike
  • 81. These images limit us to familiar new ways of thinking and acting
    limiting us adapting to a changing world
  • 82. Recruitment
    in the Social Media Stage
    mix of:
    People Skills &
    Social Media Skills (Search & Networking Tools)
  • 83. A happy corporate recruiter
    Knows what makes candidates happy
    Shares with the jobholder how to get
    happy candidates
    Finds candidates who are happy in their jobs
    Shows them a different perspective, makes
    them feel not so happy
    Offers them a great opportunity that will
    make them happy again
    Makes the jobholder feel happy
    Everybody happy!
  • 84. traditional but still very powerful tool
    The telephone still outnumbers PC internet!
    In 2008 approx 4 billion (mobile) phones!
  • 85. The Web
    social media use is exploding
  • 86. T
    Corporate recruiter:
    a social media user
    or ..... more than that?
  • 87.
  • 88. Next year
    approx. 1,5 Exabyte's (1,5 x 10 )
    new unique information will be generated
  • 89. Social media enable / drive corporate recruiters
    to go global
  • 90. How to recruit effectively in the global online world?
  • 91. How to get the best talents?
    We are fishing in the same pool
  • 92. Corporate Recruiters: savvy online
  • 93. Recruitment is about People!
    People living & working
    - in the Information Age
    - in the Social Media Stage
  • 94. In 2008, 68% of all internet users around the globe joined via social media
    a kind of group or community
  • 95. Needs hierarchy by Maslow
  • 96. Cogitoergo sum(Descartes)
    IBlog, Tweet, Linkedin, Youtube, Flickr, so ….
    I am
  • 97. internet in our houses & lives, as a result:
    now includes also our online world
    Because there are also REAL PEOPLE to connect to and build relationships, share thoughts and ideas etc.
    social needs satisfaction
  • 98. People enjoy to be there
    and be a part of it
    Participate in something bigger than themselves
  • 99. People enjoy to participate almost anonymously
    People are social beings
  • 100. People like to work online together for a common / shared case like in the “real world”
  • 101. Teamwork is effective!
  • 102. Internet =
    Handy & practical
  • 103. Internet satisfies our need for
  • 104. King’s Quest
    Monkey Island
    Sam ‘n Max
    Gabriel Knight
  • 105. It is cheap & fun to be around
  • 106. Now you better understand why people are using social media
    So you can develop your strategy & skills for using social media for recruiting the best talents
  • 107. Social Media Revolution?
  • 108. Enthusiasm = OK but…….
    Don’t expect direct a long term solution for all talent recruitment challenges
  • 109. Social media are still new phenomenaExperiment, trial & error, explore, learn
    More bad news
    • Inherently messy
    • 110. No readymade solution
    • 111. It is / will be hard work
    Photo courtesy of RIPizzo
  • 112. Social Media Mindset
    Be open for ideas, experiences & opinions from others, learn
  • 113. Building Online Talent Relations is not a 9 to 5 job
    time, vision, commitment, passion & budget
  • 114. …. I work from 9am-5pm at my client site, and then 5pm-9pm it is time building our internal social media capability ……..
    Steve Radick Social Media Associate with Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 115. Social media 90:10:1 rule
    1% makes content
    10% enriches content
    90% consumes content
    variant on 80/20 rule
    Social media means hard working!
    Do it smart & efficient
  • 116. 8:00
    • RSS check, reader updates
    • Content creation
    • Twitter check
    • 117. Social Network check
    • E-mail
  • 118. 1-5 Hours per Week = Participant
    A participant is at the lower end of the scale. Participants can set up Participants can set up Linkedinor Facebook pages and groups, run a Twitter feed, comment on blogs, and/or upload images to a site like flickr. She notes that the most time-consuming aspect of Twitter is not the broadcasting aspect but finding followers who will read your content
    5-10 Hours per Week = Content Provider
    A content provider can start a blog or a podcast. Both activities require slightly more advanced technical skills and a larger time commitment. Bloggers should aim for a minimum of at least one post per week, but two or three would be better, she says. Podcasts can be as infrequent as once per month.
    10-20 Hours per Week = Community Director
    A community director is much more involved with social media. Here, her advice is more narrowly aimed towards museum staff, but still the overall suggestions hold up. Community directors can get involved in community web sites, work comment boards. Basically this category involves getting involved in larger scale activities, but, once launched and running, they don't require full-time management.
  • 119.
  • 120. How to get the best talents?
    We are fishing in the same pool
    - Understand & learn by doing
    - Be(come) better, work smarter
    - Make a more interesting offer
    - Don’t think you can do it al alone
  • 121. Corporate Recruiters: social media savvy
    • Make sure you understand social media, why people
    are using them and how they are using them
    • Know how to use social media and continue to learn how to
    • 122. Make sure you have something to offer, share & participate
    • 123. Ensure you have an image people would like to be connected to,
    to be part of
    • Ensure you’re offering in the right way, at the right places & time
    • 124. Be there where your talents are or get your talent ambassadors
    and scouts to be there
    • Build your online talent scouting network
    • 125. Plan your time online, make choices, set priorities
    • 126. Understand SEO and use SEO
    • 127. Develop & keep improving your talent search & engagement skills
  • Always remember
    Recruitment is about People!
    ….The best recruiters I know are people whose candidates come back to them each time they want to make a career move ……
  • 128. Be aware, some line managers are very skilled in talent engagement & branding
  • 129. Start with social media recruitment
    Think big
    Start small
    Act practical
    Grow & enjoy
  • 130. Success!
  • 131. Questions ?
  • 132. Like or not?
  • 133. Time to improve corporate recruitment?
    Starting with social media?
    Alexander Crépin
    + 31 (0)653 641 905
    www.twitter/talentspotter (in Dutch) (in Dutch)
  • 134. End!