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Nifty Fifty State Project 2012 Vermont-Washington
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Nifty Fifty State Project 2012 Vermont-Washington


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Mrs. Smith’s 3rd graders used the Big 6 Research Model to learn about one of our great states!

Mrs. Smith’s 3rd graders used the Big 6 Research Model to learn about one of our great states!

Published in: Education, Travel, Business
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  • 1. The Nifty Fifty State Project Mrs. Smith’s 3rd grade class 2012
  • 2. Vermont Zyeronah 2012
  • 3. Vermont CapitalMontepelier Northeast Region
  • 4. Vermont State Flower Red Clover
  • 5. Vermont State Bird Hermit thrush
  • 6. Vermont State Nickname Les Monts Verts
  • 7. Major Crops The major crops inVermont are apples.
  • 8. LandformsIn Vermont the landforms are green mountains.
  • 9. Vermont Historical FactThe first British settlement was at FortDrummer (near Brattleboro).
  • 10. Historical FactWhen theRevolutionarywar washappening theBattle ofBennington wasin Vermont in1777.
  • 11. Special Information Vermont is known for thegreen mountains and maple syrup.
  • 12. Resources States
  • 13. Virginia Paytyn 2012
  • 14. Virginia Capital Richmond Southeast Region
  • 15. State FlowerFlowering Dogwood
  • 16. State Bird Cardinal
  • 17. VirginiaState Nickname Mother of States, Mother of
  • 18. Major Crops The major crops for Virginia aresoybeans, hay, apples, an
  • 19. Virginia Landforms The landforms are like North Carolina’s landforms. It hasMountain, Piedmont, and Costal Plain regions.
  • 20. Historical FactDid you know that thefirst black mayor wasfrom Virginia?
  • 21. Historical FactWhen the Civil War wason, over 10,000 peoplefrom Virginia were in it.
  • 22. Special InformationThere were eight presidentsthat were from Virginia.
  • 23. Resources StatesVirginia the book by Dennis Brindel Fraclin
  • 24. Washington Kassidy 2012
  • 25. Washington Capital Olympia Western Region
  • 26. State FlowerPink Rhododendron
  • 27. State Bird Willow Goldfinch
  • 28. Washington State Nickname Ever Green State, Chinook State, Emerald State
  • 29. Major Crops The major crops of Washington are seafood, dairyproducts, apples, cattle, wheat, potatoes, nu rsery stock.
  • 30. Landforms The landforms of Washington are OlympiaMt., rugged cliffs, coastline, Puget Sound, and volcanoes.
  • 31. Historical FactMt. Rainier isWashington’s highestpoint.
  • 32. Washington Historical FactMt. St. Helens erupted in 1980.
  • 33. Special InformationDid you know that the ice age dugholes in Washington when the icemelted , the holes filled withwater and then became lakes?
  • 34. Resources StatesWashington, By Dennis Brindell Fadin