Nifty Fifty State Project 2012 Alabama-Delaware

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Mrs. Smith’s 3rd graders used the Big 6 Research Model to learn about one of our great states!

Mrs. Smith’s 3rd graders used the Big 6 Research Model to learn about one of our great states!

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  • 1. The Nifty Fifty State Project Mrs. Smith’s 3rd grade class 2012
  • 2. Alabama Jessica 2012
  • 3. Alabama Capital Montgomery Southeastern Region
  • 4. Alabama State FlowerCamellia
  • 5. Alabama State Bird Yellowhammer
  • 6. StateNickname Heart of Dixie
  • 7. Alabama Major CropsThe major crops are cotton,peanuts, corn and soybeans.
  • 8. Alabama LandformsTwo of the landforms are the Highland Rim and the Cumberland.
  • 9. Alabama Historical FactOne historical fact is the AllodiumIndians named the state.
  • 10. Historical Fact One other historical fact isthat Alabama had a gold rushin 1835 .
  • 11. Special InformationDid you know that Alabama has a space program for kids? Italso has a name for the citizens. They are called theAlabamians. Also, the state quarter is the 22nd quarterreleased out of 50 states.
  • 12. Resources StatesAlabamaThe south
  • 13. Reena2012
  • 14. Capital JuneauWestern Region
  • 15. State FlowerBlue Forget Me Not
  • 16. State BirdWillow Ptarmigan
  • 17. StateNicknameThe Last Frontier
  • 18. Major CropsThe major crops inAlaska are oats and potatoes.
  • 19. LandformsThe major landforms in Alaskaare glaciers, rivers, lakes, and mountains.
  • 20. Historical FactA historical fact about Alaska is the the nameAlaska came from the Russian to refer only tothe peninsula.
  • 21. Historical FactDid you know that theymined gold in Alaskalong ago?
  • 22. Special InformationSarah Palin is from Alaska and shebecame governor of Alaska.
  • 23. Resources StatesAlaska by Terry Dunnahoo
  • 24. Arizona Fendi 2012
  • 25. Arizona Capital Phoenix Southwestern
  • 26. Arizona State FlowerThe flower of the saguaro cactus
  • 27. Arizona State Bird Cactus Wren
  • 28. State NicknameThe Grand Canyon State
  • 29. Major CropsThe major crops of Arizona are cotton, fruit and beef.
  • 30. LandformsThe major landforms for Arizona are mountains, deserts, and the Grand Canyon.
  • 31. Historical FactIn 1878 the southern Pacific Railroadcrossed into Arizona from California.
  • 32. Arizona Historical FactThe Colorado River helped carve outthe Grand Canyon.
  • 33. Special InformationThere was a famous person thatlived his name is San Xavier Del Bac,he built seven missions in Arizona.
  • 34. Resources Statesbook
  • 35. ARKANSAS Madelyn 2012
  • 36. Capital LITTLE ROCKLittle Rock is really the biggest city in Arkansas. Southeastern Region
  • 37. State FlowerApple Blossom
  • 38. State BirdMockingbird
  • 39. Arkansas State NicknameLand of Opportunity
  • 40. Major Crops Rice and corn are themajor crops of Arkansas.
  • 41. LandformsArkansas major landforms arerugged hills and steep hills and valleys.
  • 42. Historical FactArkansas history is earthquakes butnot strong ones.
  • 43. Historical FactThere were CivilWar battles thatoccurred inArkansas.
  • 44. Special InformationThere is a national park inArkansas known for as thebirthplace of President BillClinton.
  • 45. Resources StatesArkansas by Elaine A Kule
  • 46. California Brady 2012
  • 47. California Capital Sacramento Western Region
  • 48. California State Flower Golden Poppy
  • 49. State BirdCalifornia Valley Quail
  • 50. State Nickname The Golden State
  • 51. Major Crops The major crops of California arenuts, grapes, vegetables and fruit.
  • 52. Landforms The landforms ofCalifornia are mountains and valleys.
  • 53. Historical FactIn California a museum has a spike ofgold, because it was the last one theyused when they built the railroad fromeast to west.
  • 54. California Historical FactIn 1963 San Francisco had aearthquake and then the citycaught fire.
  • 55. Special InformationThe attractions of California areseveral national parks , SeaWorld, Disney Land, and the GoldenGate Bridge.
  • 56. Resources StatesCalifornia in Words and Pictures
  • 57. Colorado Karrie-lyn 2012
  • 58. Colorado Capital Denver Western Region
  • 59. State FlowerRocky Mountain Columbine
  • 60. State BirdLark Bunting
  • 61. Colorado State NicknameThe Centennial State The Highest State
  • 62. Major CropsThe major crops of Colorado arewheat, corn and hay.
  • 63. LandformsColorado’s landforms are Rocky Mountains.
  • 64. Historical FactColorado means red in Spanish. Colorado wasgiven this name because it has a red color init’s river.
  • 65. Historical FactThere were dinosaurs in Colorado but theybegan to die out the same time that the RockyMountains were forming.
  • 66. Special InformationColorado is famous for their snowand for skiing.
  • 67. Resources StatesColorado
  • 68. Connecticut Emily 2012
  • 69. Connecticut Capital Hartford Northeast Region
  • 70. State FlowerMountain Laurel
  • 71. State BirdAmerican Robin
  • 72. Connecticut State NicknameConstitution State, Nutmeg State, Provision State
  • 73. Major Crops The major crops in Connecticut are forage, tobacco, apples, dairy cows,chickens, horses, beef, sheep, meat goats and hogs.
  • 74. LandformsThe major landforms in Connecticut are Appalachian Mountains, Bear Mountains, Canaan Mountains, Connecticut River, Twin Lakes, and Berkshires.
  • 75. Historical FactIndians in Connecticut grew crops that were corn, beans, tobacco. Plus they builtbows and arrows for hunting . Built canoes to go fishing.
  • 76. Connecticut Historical FactThere were dinosaur footprints and therewere bones found they were made over200 million years ago.
  • 77. SpecialInformationMy state is Connecticut it is an awesome state because they founddinosaur footprints. Plus they were in Connecticut over 200 million yearsago.
  • 78. Resources States Connecticut by Dennis B Fraden
  • 79. Delaware Dev 2012
  • 80. Delaware Capital Dover Northeast Region
  • 81. DelawareState Flower Peach Blossom
  • 82. Delaware State Bird
  • 83. DelawareState Nickname The Small Wonder State
  • 84. Major CropsThe major of Delaware are soybeans and corn.
  • 85. Landforms The landform ofDelaware is flat land.
  • 86. Historical FactDelaware was the first stateto join the United States.
  • 87. Historical FactThe Blue Hen was the mostfamous bird in Delaware.
  • 88. Special InformationDelaware is 49th smallest in theUnited States.
  • 89. Resources StatesFacts and symbols of Delaware