Mrs. Arthur's Class 2011-12 - Butterflies of Lenoir County
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Mrs. Arthur's Class 2011-12 - Butterflies of Lenoir County






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Mrs. Arthur's Class 2011-12 - Butterflies of Lenoir County Mrs. Arthur's Class 2011-12 - Butterflies of Lenoir County Presentation Transcript

  • Butterflies of Lenoir CountyStudents in Mrs. Arthur’s first grade class of2011-12, studied butterflies, raisedbutterflies, researched butterflies fromLenoir County using the Super 3 ResearchModel, created their own slide about theirbutterfly and illustrated their writing.
  • Red AdmiralThey live in yards, gardens,parks, meadows, grassy places,swamps, fields, pastures. Thecolors of the butterfly arewhite red and black. They drinknectar. Butterflies can fly. Theydrink nectar with their tongue.They have wings. I got thisinformation By: Anna
  • Spicebush SwallowtailMy butterfly can live in yards,parks, and swamps. It eats thetiny flower called thehoneysuckle. Their colors areblack and white. I found myinformation By: Anthony
  • Cloudless SulphurThey live in gardens yards andparks. My butterfly eats leavesfrom trees. My butterfly is agreen butterfly. The size of mybutterfly is 2 ¼ inches to 3 1/8inches long. I found myinformation By: Bella
  • Cabbage WhiteThe name of my butterfly is theCabbage White. They live inyards, gardens and parks. Theydrink nectar from mustard,dandelion and red clover. Mybutterfly size is 1 3/4-2 1/4inches. The color of mybutterfly is yellow, gray andgreen. The website of mybutterfly By: Breanna N.
  • Question MarkThey live in wooded area.They eat rotting fruit. Thewebsite I used By: Colin
  • ViceroyThe colors of my butterflyare red, green, orange, blueand black.Butterflies can fly.Butterflies can drink nectar.Butterflies can sleep. Ifound my information By: Cortayvis
  • Gulf FritillaryMy butterfly is white, black,and orange. It’s name is GulfFritillary. It lives in gardens andopen fields. It lives in LenoirCounty. They drink nectar fromlantana. I got my By: Courtney
  • Carolina SatyrCarolina Satyr lives inwoodland and thebutterfly color is gray. Ilike when they fly. By: Dasir
  • Silver-spotted SkipperMy butterfly’s colors are brown,golden and white. There are1,000’s of butterfly’s. My butterflydrinks nectar from button bush,milkweed, pea, blazing star,thistles and red clover. The size ofmy butterfly’s it is 1 3/4 to 2 5/8inches. My butterfly’s habitat canbe open woods, foothills, streamsand prairie waterways. I found myinformation By: Duprell C.
  • Pearl CrescentMy butterfly’s name isPearl Crescent. Mybutterfly lives in pastures.My butterfly eats nectarfrom a flower. Mybutterfly’s size is 1 1/4-13/4 inches. My butterfly’scolors are black andorange. I found theinformation By: Gerardo
  • Little YellowMy butterfly is mostlyyellow, brown and black.Little yellow lives in dryopen areas. My butterflysize is 11/4-inches (3.2-4.4cm). It eats nectar fromaster and golden rods. Theinformation came By: Jacob H.
  • Cloudless SulphurThey live in yards, gardens, andparks. They eat nectar frommany different flowers. Thesize of my butterfly is 2 ¼inches to 4 3/8 inches long. Thecolor of the butterfly is green.The website I went to get myinformation from By: Jacob S.
  • American LadyMy butterfly’s name is theAmerican Lady. It lives in parksand drinks nectar fromflowers.They can be 3 ¼ inches to 3 5/8inches long. The Americanlady is red, black, white andgray. I found my By: Jakob H.
  • MonarchThe name is Monarch. TheMonarch lives in fields, weedyareas and roadsides. TheMonarch eats nectar from allmilk weeds. The colors of theMonarch are orange, black andwhite. The size of the Monarchis 3 3/8 – 4 7/8 inches. I foundmy information By: Jenna
  • Summer AzureThe colors of my butterflyare black dots with darkzigzag lines. The habitat ofmy butterfly is gardens,streams, and valleys. Thebutterflies drink nectar.Butterflies can fly so high.Birds can’t eat butterflies.They are 1 inch to 1 1/8inches long. I found myinformation from By: Julia
  • Eastern CommaMy butterfly lives in gardens,swaps marshes, mountains, woods,parks and even in the woodlandstoo! The colors of my butterfly isbrownish orange with dark spots. Ithas one dark spot at the centeredge of each wing. The size of mybutterfly is 1 ¾ to 2 ½ inches. Iteats rotting fruit and tree sap.I found my information By: Kacey
  • Pearl CrescentMy butterfly lives in openpine woods. It eats nectarfrom a great variety offlowers. The butterflyssize is 1 ¼-1 ¾ inches. Thebutterfly is black andorange. I got theinformation By: Makayla
  • Fiery SkipperThe size of my butterfly is11/4-1 ½ inches. The color ofmy butterfly is gold and blackspot . My butterfly eatsneezeweed. My butterflyhabitat is yards, meadows,and fields. I found myinformation By: Michael
  • Sleepy OrangeMy butterfly lives in gardens.My butterfly eats nectar fromshepherds needle. Mybutterfly is small. My butterflyis brown, black and yellow. Itlives in Lenoir County. I foundmy information By: Natalie
  • Palamedes SwallowtailMy butterfly’s habitat is wetwoods and broad leaves. Itdrinks nectar from pepperbush. The colors are orange,black, and yellow. The sizesare 1-2 inches. The web sitewhere I found my By: Ronaldo
  • Common BuckeyeThe name of my butterfly isthe Common Buckeye. It livesin a park and the garden. Iteats a different kind of flowerslike gum weed. My butterflysize is 5/8 to ¾ inches long.The colors are brown andorange. I found my By: Sanaa O.
  • Orange SulphurMy butterfly is cool because ithas two different dots. Theyhave antennas. It eats nectarfrom flowers likesneeze wood and milkweed. Ifound my information By: Seth
  • Red banded HairstreakThe Red banded Hairstreak eatsthe nectar of the flowers calledsunflower, sweet pepper bushand wild cherry. It lives in thecoastal hammocks. Its wingspan is 7/8 - 1 ¼ inches. Thecolors of my butterfly aregrayish and reddish. I foundthis information By: Shriya
  • Eastern Tiger SwallowtailEaster Tiger Swallowtail live indeciduous broadleaf woods,forest edge, rivers valleys,parks, and suburbs. They eatnectar from Wild Cherries, Lilac,Milkweed, and Joe-Pye. The sizeof my butterfly is 2 1/2- 4 1/ 2inches (6.2-11.4cm.) The colorof my butterfly is yellow, darkstripes black, blue, and red. Ifound my information By: Tony