Content marketing for doctors dentists and practices


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Content marketing for doctors and dentists is the buzz phrase of the year. Whether you’re looking to improve your search engine visibility, inbound traffic, conversions, brand awareness or improved social media profiles, content marketing can help you achieve your goal. You will experience and increase in patient count and be more in control of your online reputation.

This presentation is perfect for keynote presentation at medical conferences or use in decision making to expand medical marketing.

Al Lautenslager is a best-selling marketing author, speaker and consultant and is passionate about growing your business.

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Content marketing for doctors dentists and practices

  1. 1. TheDoctor - Patient Connection Your opportunity to connect with your patient community with your digital footprint
  2. 2. Emerging Patient Connection • Social Media Marketing • Content Marketing • Engagement
  3. 3. Connection – Old vs. New • No more yellow pages • Finding docs – a few clicks or a few friends
  4. 4. Today - A Few Clicks • Google • Facebook • Twitter • Blogs • Linked in • Other communities
  5. 5. Research & Information • Today: patients do research before setting up appointments – 80% find information online • Have a large thirst for information and knowledge • Exposed to a doctor’s electronic information first • First impression is very important; more so than before
  6. 6. Patients are Consumers • Today patients are consumers • Many choices today • Consumers shop, compare, refer and share
  7. 7. Ways to Create a Good First Impression • Creating and publishing high quality content on your digital properties: social media, websites and blogs.
  8. 8. Content Marketing Goal • Be visible to your target market in a positive, helpful, relevant, valuable way
  9. 9. Content Searched For Online • People who search online are looking for: • Relevant information that can solve their problems • Information to Teach them something new • Valuable Information
  10. 10. Examples of Content Searched For • Information on different medical procedures • Preparing for various kinds of treatments • What to expect from a particular healthcare provider • Information for self diagnosis
  11. 11. Providing Content • Is a competitive advantage, especially in a local setting • Allows for increased awareness and value with a higher number of potential patients • What’s this worth to you?
  12. 12. What is Content Marketing? • Information that is of interest that draws target market patients to you to get that information; usually online content • Distribution of the information – make it available • Engage with the audience – content = connection
  13. 13. What Content Marketing is Not • Bland, repetitive content written only for SEO • Sales pitches • All about me
  14. 14. Why Content Marketing • Caters to potential patient’s/patient’s desire for information they want (when they want it and in a form they like). • Search engines love it – relevancy • Lets your target market know who you are and why you are the preferred choice
  15. 15. Why Content Marketing • People choose Doctors based on: • Google search • Doctor’s website • Facebook/Twitter postings • Blog postings • Comments from previous or current patients
  16. 16. Benefit of Content Marketing • A steady, consistent, helpful, valuable stream of information linked to the practice/doctor can overcome any negative content by one unsatisfied past patient
  17. 17. Benefit of Content Marketing • You can control your online reputation more • Establishes expertise and positioning • Cost per lead is 30-40% lower than paid search • Value is cumulative
  18. 18. Competitive Advantage • A doctor/practice who wants to dominate online search and become visible to more potential patients who are doing research online rather than reading print media, needs to have a different mindset, approach and strategy. • Content Marketing is the answer to that
  19. 19. How to Market with Content • Establish a hub – website or blog • Subscribed and Shared • You own it (not like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn) • Establish social media accounts/pages • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest….yes I said Pinterest • Plan It
  20. 20. Content Marketing Plan • Define target market • Define what questions they have • Define what problems need solved • Answer questions in an interesting, compelling, valuable and engaging way • How do they want content delivered • What content that you have can be repurposed?
  21. 21. Content Creation • Decide on the content • Research information from on and offline sources • Responses to polls and inquiries • FAQ’s • Research competitive information sharing • Outsource content development – quantity, quality, consistency • Concentrate on the target audience – interesting and of value
  22. 22. Developing the Content • Write it • Repurpose offline and other content • Outsource the development
  23. 23. The Content • Accurate & Complete • Informative & Useful • Valuable & Relevant • Trusted – you are the “go-to” source • Understandable • Shareable
  24. 24. Other Content Marketing Thoughts • It’s a long term commitment and process • You cant do it all
  25. 25. Outsourcing Content Marketing • Al Lautenslager – Content Marketing Expert, Strategist and Enthusiast • • 630-740-1397 • • Available to Speak at Your Conference